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The Pee Your Pants Slide

It all started one day when Kristal was babysitting. She was taking care of a two year old girl, and a twelve year old boy named Neal. Kristal herself was nineteen, she had dark hair, green eyes, a gorgeous body, and a very stubborn attitude. She thought she knew it all and used her good looks to get what she wanted. She even tried to intimidate other girls and steal their boyfriends away, just because she could. But that was all about to change. As she was babysitting, Neal, the young boy, came into the house. Kristal looked at him and noticed that he had wet his pants.

As he walked past her, Kristal said to him "What happened Neal?" Neal stopped and turned to her. He blushed a little and responded "I was at the school playground, and I had an accident because I went down the pee slide." Kristal looked a little confused, and proceeded to ask "What's the pee slide?" Neal then began to explain what the pee slide was.

"The pee slide is the green slide in the big kid's playground. Anybody who slides down it wets their pants before they even reach the bottom." As Kristal looked on, a doubtful look on her face, Neal continued.

"..and if they go down it a second time they pee AND poop their pants before they reach the bottom. If you're stupid enough to go down a third time, you lose all control of your bladder and bowels. At that point, you're like a one year-old baby, and you have to be put in diapers and re-toilet trained."

"That is the biggest line of bull I ever heard. There no such thing as a pee slide that makes you pee or poop your pants. It's all made up." Kristal said this as she looked up at Neal.

"Oh yeah? Then explain how EVERY kid that goes down it wets their pants!" Kristal shook her head and responded "They probably had to go to the bathroom before they went down the slide and in the excitement of going down the side real fast they, wet their pants."

"You're probably right..." Neal said.

"Go upstairs and change Neal, you don't want your little sister to see her older brother in wet pants, do you?" Kristal said this with a giggle as Neal raced up the stairs. After a few minutes, he comes back down the stairs, a new pair of pants on. As he reaches the living room, Kristal speaks up again.

"You know, if you keep having accidents, I'll have to put you in diapers just like your little sister, so try to act your age bud. Big kids don't have accidents." Neal looked at her and said "It was an accident!" The next day Neal, Kristal, and the two year old sister went to the playground where Neal had his accident. Kristal was changing the younger sister's diaper when she heard something from around the slide. All the kids were gathered around in a circle, making fun of a young boy at the base of the slide. They were teasing him pretty bad, calling him a baby, asking him if he forgot to wear his diaper, it was ruthless.

Kristal stood up and yelled over to the kids "Leave him alone! He had an accident, how would you like it if one of you had an accident and everyone made fun of you? So the kids stopped picking on him, and Kristal looked over at the kid who had been getting teased and noticed that it was Neal. She walked over to him and immediately smelled his offense. She asked him "What happened?!" to which he replied "I went down the slide again and I had an accident!" Neal was crying his eyes out at this point, and Kristal had no choice but to take the boy and his sister home.

Once at their house, Kristal got upset. She laid Neal's little sister down for a nap and went back to Neal. She said "There is NO SUCH THING as a 'pee slide' and if you have one more accident, I'll call your mom and you'll be back in diapers like your sister little man." Neal nodded and ran upstairs, and the night rolled on uneventful. As Neal eventually went to sleep, Kristal got up and left the house. She walked to the playground and looked around a bit. She eventually came to the famed green slide. There was a small room under the top of the slide, and within it were wet and messy diapers and soiled underwear. She plugged her nose and walked around to the base of the slide, and saw a puddle at the bottom. She looked at it, and after a moment realized that it was pee.

Kristal proceeded to the top of the slide. She looked down the dark tunnel and thought for a moment. She looked down the dark slide once more, and seemingly made up her mind.

She sat down, and pushed herself down the slide. After getting about half way down the slide, she felt a warm sensation between her legs. She thought herself "No! This CAN'T be happening!" but as she stepped out of the slide, she was helpless as the large wet patch began to form on her shorts. She put her hands between her legs and pushed her legs together, trying to stop herself from doing the childish act, but it was no use. The deed was done. She felt the pee run down her leg and began to cry. She sat back onto the bottom of the slide and bawled, unable to believe that she had just wet her pants, just like Neal did. Kristal ran back to the house and changed her clothes, getting herself into a pair of dry jeans and clean panties. She grabs a towel and runs back to the playground. She walks to the slide, seeing the slightly larger puddle of pee at the bottom. She steps over it and onto the slide. She takes the towel and begins to wipe up the slide. She goes all the way up, removing any evidence that she had wet herself that night. As she reaches the top, she loses her footing and begins to slide back down on her stomach. She tries to stop herself from sliding, but it doesn't work, and she slides all the way down the slide. As she reaches the bottom, she feels the wet feeling between her legs again. She stands up, trying to stop it once again, but again, it's no use. As she holds her hands between her legs, she feels another sensation.

She feels a push from her bowels, and before she can react, she helplessly fills her panties with poop. She falls to her knees, tears streaming down her cheeks. She's humiliated, not wanting to think about how she just soiled herself, just like a baby...just like Neal. Kristal sat there for a moment, thinking back to earlier in the day when she yelling at Neal for having an accident, and now here she was, sitting in her own mess. She slowly stood up, finding solace in the fact that there were no kids there to laugh at her, like there had been for Neal. She walks around the slide, to the spot below the top where the soiled underwear and wet/messy diapers were. She stripped her pants off, and then her panties. She threw her soiled panties onto the pile of old diapers and underwear, and then ran back to the house. She took her soiled clothes and threw them into the washing machine. She then jumped into the shower and cleaned herself up. After she got out of the shower, she went to the bedroom she was staying in and went to sleep.

The next day Kristal and the kids went to the playground. As they got there, Kristal looked at Neal and said "Don't go down that slide again, I don't want to have to change another baby's diapers." Neal looked up at her and responded "I'm not even gonna go near that slide." As he ran off to play, unbeknownst to Kristal, a girl she had tormented in high school was preparing to play a game. The girl, who Kristal had made wear adult diapers during Freshman Hell Week, had set up speakers all throughout the playground. She then began to send subliminal messages through the speakers. The first message said "When you go down the slide, it's ok to pee your pants." The second said "It's fun to soil your pants when you go down it a second time!" The last message says "When you go down a third time you'll lose all control of your bladder and bowels, and will become a diaper wearing BABY!" Kristal was changing the baby's diaper when Neal came to her. He said "If you don't believe in the pee slide, why don't you slide down it and prove to everybody that it's not real!" Kristal, in an attempt to back out of it, said "I don't need to prove anything to you kids." After she said this, Neal spoke up, the rest of the kids circling around the two.

"I think you're just scared that you might pee your pants!" Kristal felt backed into a corner, she had no choice but to walk over to the slide. She climbed up to the top, and stared down the dark slide. She gulped as she heard the kids yelling for her to go down. She turned to them and said "You guys wish I would wet my pants, because I have to change most of you little brats into clean diapers." As she says this, the girl she tormented in high school pushed her down the slide.

Kristal began to scream, trying to stop herself from going down the slide, but again it was no use.

As she reached half way down, she began to wet herself, just like the night before. As she reached the bottom, she was in tears. The kids began to laugh as she stood up, a large wet spot on her pants. As she got to a standing position, she felt the poop fill her panties. She started bawling, only causing more laughs from the kids. Eventually, the girl that pushed her down the slide came around to the bottom of the slide, a grin on her face.

"Who's the baby now, Kristal?" As the girl got closer, she smelled the poop from Kristals panties. She began to laugh, and pulled her bag off of her shoulder. She rummaged through it, and eventually produced an adult diaper.

"I just KNEW I was gonna get my revenge today! Man this is gonna be fun!" As the girl said this, Kristal's eyes got wide. She tried to back away, but some of the kids came and held her down. The girl, whose name happens to be Tina, pulled down Kristal's pants and panties. She threw them to the ground and grabbed baby wipes from the diaper bag Kristal had brought for Neal's baby sister. She cleaned Kristal up and then powdered her with baby powder from the diaper bag. With the preparations complete, she finally puts the diaper on the nineteen year old babysitter. She tapes it on and steps back, admiring her handiwork.

Still being held down by the kids, Kristal could only cry and think back to when she was changing the baby's diaper, and how her life was practically over. Eventually the kids let up, and Kristal got up. Before she could do anything, Tina pushed her into a baby stroller and straps her in. Kristal tries to break free, but she simply can't break out. Neal begins to push her to the house, and she musters up all the anger in her body and screams at the girl who had just diapered her.

"I swear to you, I WILL get you back, you'll REGRET this! I swear to you! I-" Before she can finish, the girl stuffs a pacifier in her mouth. She cries, unable to speak or move. As Neal pushes her towards the house, she shamefully feels the warmth of pee filling the inside of her diaper, she was wetting herself! As Neal got her to the house, he unstrapped her. She jumped out of the stroller, tears streaming down her face. She spat the pacifier out and turned to Neal, who was putting his sister in the crib.

"Why did you let her do that?!" she yelled. Neal looked up at her and responded "I couldn't have helped much, and you know it.

I figured I would push you home, and I'll help you get revenge on her. I know where she lives." Kristal smiled.

"Thanks bud, now..I need to go get more diapers." Neal looked confused.

"But, we've got a whole pack of diapers for my little sister." Kristal frowned.

"I know bud, but they're not for her. The other night, I went out to see if the slide really did make you pee your pants. I went down once and wet my pants. I was humiliated, but I had to clean up so nobody would see that the slide was wet in the morning. As I was wiping it up, I lost my footing and slid down again, and pooped my pants. When Tina pushed me down the slide earlier, it was my third time down." Kristal couldn't finish, she just kept crying. Neal patted her back.

"It's ok, we can go get more diapers, and then we'll plot on how to get Tina back.."

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