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My Little Reo

Part 1

By: - (This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email.)

"Hannah, you're going to be late for school!" Hannah's mother Reo yelled up the stair case. It was six am and Reo, Hannah's 31 year old single mother, was trying to keep her from being late again. Reo shifted impatiently from side to side her wet disposable hung heavily from her waist under her robe. Reo didn't have to be anywhere today since she inherited a large sum from a relative she didn't have to work anymore and her free time led her to rediscover an old desire of hers to wear diapers and involve them in her sexual fantasies. Since she had rediscovered this urge she had become bolder with her sexual endeavors she even kept some of her things in her car. Reo was getting impatient and knew she would have had the time to change into a fresh diaper but she foolishly hoped her 16 year old daughter would be punctual. Reo didn't ever mention her desires to her daughter and tried to keep her baby things hidden.

Finally there was a thumping as Hannah bounded down the stairs she came into her mother's view as she tightened her robe to conceal her flooded overnight diaper.

"Ok let's go," Hannah said smiling as she descended. Hannah was barely awake and almost fully dressed in short shorts that showed off her ass, and low cut top showing her large D breasts for her age. Her shoulder length brunette hair complimented her beautiful face. Hannah was gorgeous and she knew it, she got it from her mother. Reo's features were that of Hannah's but her curves were more exaggerated and Reo's hair was longer and black, they often were mistaken for sisters. Reo walked with Hannah to their car and drove to school.

Arriving at Hannah's high school Reo was soon caught in the gridlock. They sat in the same spot for ten minutes time dragged on and Reo's bladder, weakened from years of wearing diapers, was not holding up well under the pressure. Reo was doing her best to keep from flooding her diaper again but it was a losing battle and soon she was dribbling like an infant. Hoping it wouldn't leak, Reo wasn't quite ready to explain to her daughter why she was wetting herself, she shifted nervously. Hannah was using her new phone to surf the net and wasn't really paying attention to her mother.

Hannah typed rapidly making sure her mother couldn't see her screen. She was nervous even though she knew she wasn't watching her. She was going through pictures from a teen baby online magazine she subscribed to which had articles and sections from a range of topics including: how to change her own diapers, how to wear and use them without getting caught, which pacifier was the best, how to hide diapers under your clothes, how to tell your parents you like diapers, and even stories fact and fiction. Hannah flipped through picture after picture of women wearing diapers in erotic positions each one stirring more warmth and wetness in her diaper area. Hannah didn't have much money because Reo bought whatever they wanted. She wasn't very well going to ask her mother for money for diapers, so she wore disposables to school and used towels and safety pins at home. Hannah barely paid any attention when her mother dropped her off, she was to enthralled in an article she was reading about wearing diapers while having sex, so much so she bumped into her friend Sierra. Snapped to attention Hannah apologized and they went to their first period.

Reo, relieved to have dropped off a very distracted Hannah off at school, pulled into the back of the parking lot of Hannah's school. Reo quickly made sure no one was around and untied her robe to reveal a very soaked overnight disposable, it was warm, squishy and it felt amazing whenever she moved as it stimulated her pussy. Sucked into the moment Reo reached under the driver's seat and pulled out a case opening it and taking the pacifier shaped vibrator inside of it she slipped it over her eager lips and it began vibrating sending waves of ecstasy over her. In a hidden compartment in her car she retrieved a slightly enlarged pacifier, about fifty percent larger, from it and popped it in her mouth. Sucking happily on her pacifier she looked at herself in her rear view mirror, she looked very young for 31 in a yellowed disposable diaper, sucking happily on a pacifier she looked more like she was closer to 3. Reo happy with that age she decided whenever she wore diapers, which coincidentally was almost all the time, she would be 3 years old going on 4. She giggled at her childish summations. Reo again suddenly felt the throws of pleasure burn in her as she climaxed. Satisfied for now Reo thought to herself she turned off her vibrator and relaxed in her warm diaper sinking into her seat. Reo thoughts soon turned to her age again she was 31 and had Hannah at a very young age, she had been forced to grow up early and she always thought that's why she had a fixation on baby things. Reo smiled to herself at the thought that she would be lying if she said she never wore Hannah's pampers size 6. Reo tried to potty train Hannah at the age of three but she didn't get over incontinence and was in pull ups until she was 10 she would probably hate diapers Reo assumed. On that thought she realized she better get back home and in a fresh diaper before she got a rash.

Hannah sat down in her first period French class she tried to listen to her teacher for the first few minutes but her mind was soon elsewhere. She wondered what the French word for diaper was and decided to look it up. Searching through the internet she found quickly it was couche, she liked it soon she was back on the magazine page reading more articles. Scrolling through the list in the new magazine one caught her eye and soon scoffed at it, the article was titled "how to tell if friends or family also like to wear diapers," the absurdity she thought. She thought of anyone she even considered a possibility, her mother was from her list. Getting bored she started to read an experimental article titled "How I almost got caught in second period chemistry", the new true title interested her it just so happened her second period was chemistry as well. The article was a five part series that was written by a sixteen year old teen baby and how she is testing the limits of how much she can get away with without being caught. Hannah began to read on about the article as class progressed and on through to the bell and the start of next period the article elaborated on how she is nearing the fourth attempt out of five to not be seen and the more Hannah read the more familiar it sounded. She soon realized that the girl writing the article was in her class and her next test was today. Mentions of students in her class by name and her instructors name gave it away the teen baby's name was Brandy and she sat in front of Hannah every day Hannah was too absorbed on the internet to notice her tests. Brandy's test today was her attire she wore a short skirt that bulged slightly and a t shirt cut off above the belly button with a care bear on it. Hannah thought she was the most adorable sight in her care bear baby tee and puffy terrycloth diaper that she saw as she sat down, Hannah's thoughts soon turned to more lustful things trying to clear her head she saw that no one was really paying attention to Brandy. Class started soon and Hannah began to play on her phone reading Brandy's other work impressed by her prolific writings ranging from reverse potty training to tips on how to masturbate with a pacifier needless to say Hannah was very excited and soaking wet. As her professor spoke Hannah heard the faint sound of water soon she realized that it was actually Brandy wetting her diaper, and from what Hannah could tell it was involuntary because she didn't move. When Brandy finished soaking her diaper Hannah leaned forward and whispered into her ear "that was really sexy baby Brandy," and soon was back in her seat, Brandy seemed as though she was in shock.

Once Reo had gotten home and into a fresh diaper she got on her computer and checked her email. Soon Reo's mind started to wander and she began to flip through pages of adult baby sites. Searching for several minutes she stopped on one that sounded interesting. It was a magazine made for teen babies in high school. Fascinated she purchased a subscription and was soon reading article after article. Totally absorbed Reo sat and read at her computer until she realized it was time to pick up Hannah. Rushing she went and threw on a skirt and tank top to hide her sagging yellow diaper. Within five minutes she was pulling into Hannah's school.

Hannah followed Brandy out of chemistry and into the girl's bathroom, Hannah smiled at the irony of their meeting place. Hannah was so excited to have met someone with the same desires that she had.

"So how long have you been wearing diapers?" Hannah asked casually breaking the silence as she unbuttoned Brandy's skirt to reveal her saturated diaper.

"I started wearing them again when I was 13 and have been hooked since." Brandy said blushing as Hannah examined her form.

"I just started wanting to wear them around then too!" Hannah exclaimed excitedly, happy to finally have someone to talk to.

"Hey Brandy would you change me?" Hannah asked half embarrassed.

"Sure," Brandy said helping Hannah up onto the changing table in the handicapped stall. Hannah who was caught up in the moment lied down without saying anything getting wetter at the thought of Brandy changing her diapers. Brandy with the practiced hand of a pro had Hannah out of her soaked pull ups and into another fresh dry one. Sad that the warmth of a sagging diaper no longer stimulated her she could only lay there and fantasize about her. Brandy satisfied with her job helped Hannah down and traded places. Hannah would be lying if she said she could wait to get into Brandy's diapers. Quickly Hannah had Brandy out of her warm soaked terry cloth diaper and into a fresh dry terry cloth. Hannah sighed thinking Brandy wouldn't like her the way she hoped until she noticed Brandy's hand was sliding into her diaper. Hannah almost came right there as Brandy caressed her lips with her fingers. Hannah could only try to return the favor. They sat there exploring each other's diapers drawing them closer to an orgasm when finally Hannah gushed first to a loud moan and soon had Brandy doing the same.

Reo waited patiently for her daughter sitting in her warm diaper for several minutes, when finally Hannah came into view. Hannah wore a big smile on her face as she got into the car with her mother.

"How was class baby?" Reo said amused at her phrasing.

"Great," Hannah replied not wanting to divulge any more information to her curious mother.

"How was your day?" Hannah asked trying not to appear too distracted from the present as they drove.

"Uneventful, just spent the day on the computer." Reo replied vaguely. Chatting as they drove they soon were back home and back to their own devices. Reo after dwelling on what Hannah said earlier she was starting to suspect Hannah was hiding something from her. 'I'll just spy on her and see what she's trying to hide from me,' Reo thought to herself while she sat in her room, watching cartoons wearing a pink baby diaper with princesses on the front and nothing else but her pacifier, with the door locked of course. Reo covered herself with her robe and put her pacifier in the pocket, she walked up stairs and up to Hannah's door. Reo knocked and heard shuffling from behind the door.

"Yah, mom?" Soon came a reply from the other side.

"Hey I've got a surprise for you so don't come out of your room until I say so." Reo shouted at Hannah through the door.

"OK," Hannah shouted back relieved that her mother had not come in to see her crawling on the floor playing like a baby, wearing a towel as a diaper and pacifier in place.

Reo satisfied Hannah wouldn't come out popped her pacifier back in her mouth and removed her robe setting it on her bed. She smiled through her pacifier and got ready to spy on her daughter. Ascending the stairs she gingerly pressed her ear against Hannah's door, she heard slight rustling. Curious she tried to see through her key hole but couldn't see anything. Frustrated she tried to think of a different way to go about it. She sank down against the wall and was reminded of her soaked diaper by the squish sound it made.

Reo stood up and decided to change her sagging baby diaper. Walking down the hall to the guest room she went into the closet and found her hidden bag of pampers size 6, grabbing one she sighed as the smell wafted into her nostrils. Reo put the diaper bag back in place and walked back down the hall towards the bathroom to get changed. Reaching the door she noticed Hannah left her bathroom light on again, Reo sighed at her daughter's carelessness and walked in. Reo stepped through the threshold and stopped dead in her tracks. Reo's mix of feelings froze her in place as she took in the sight before her; in front of her laid her daughter on the bathroom mat, on her back, in the middle of what looked like changing a pseudo diaper made from towels and safety pins.

Hannah was speechless laying on her back saturated towel hanging around her waist, her mother, Reo, had just walked in on her changing herself. To make matters stranger neither of the two looked like the parent. Hannah took in the sight of her mother wearing very puffy piss saturated baby diaper around her waist, fresh diaper in hand and an extra large pacifier in her mouth. She couldn't believe it. Hannah came to her senses and spoke before her infantile mother.

"Mommy will you change me?" Hannah asked blushing.

To be continued...

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