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Our First Apartment

This is a true story... it really did happen! The names have been changed to spare my wife and friends.

Back in August of 2006, my fiancé and I got our first apartment together. I have been a diaper lover all of my life, but I had kept that from Holly out of fear that it would creep her out and she might leave me. I told her that I had to wear diapers from time to time because of stomach problems and intermittent kidney and urinary tract infections (which was true, but she didn't know that I liked wearing them too!)

It was a Thursday night, and I didn't get off work until 11PM. By the time I got home and my friends Chris and Joe got to my house to help me move, it was already after midnight before we started loading up our cars and trucks. We got to the apartment and started taking things up to our 3rd story apartment. I took one box up and went back down to my Dodge Magnum to get another box.

The light in the stairwell had burned out, and as I made my way down the darkened stairwell, I took a bad step and fell. I twisted my left ankle and fell against the railing. Holly and Chris heard the commotion and came out and helped me back inside. It took a few hours for them to get the cars and trucks unloaded and we went to the hospital. The doctor said I had a 3rd degree sprain and they bandaged my ankle up nice and tight and gave me a prescription for some pain killers.

The next day Holly, Chris and Joe went and got the rest of my things. I was pretty much out of it because the pain medicine made me sleep like a baby. Before Holly left I asked her to put a diaper on me just in case I had to go to the bathroom while she was gone. I was unable to stand and I was in and out of consciousness because of the pain meds, and I didn't want to risk falling again while I was alone. She got a diaper out of my duffle bag. She pulled off my gym shorts and underwear and I lifted my butt so she could place the diaper under me. She gently brought up the diaper between my legs and secured the tapes to a snug fit. She gave me a kiss and said she would be back as soon as she could.

Before Holly left, she hooked up the VCR to the TV and I watched "My Cousin Vinny" I slept through most of the movie. I woke up a few times to wet my diaper and went back to sleep. I remember waking up thirsty, so I crawled on my hands and knees to the kitchen and got a bottle of water. I felt like such a baby crawling around and wearing a diaper.

After about 4 hours, Holly came back. I remember feeling her hand on the crotch of my diaper to see if I needed to be changed. I was very wet so she cleaned me up and put a fresh diaper on me. I went back to sleep while she helped Chris and Joe bring more boxes and furniture up the stairs. Once they were done, and Chris and Joe had left, she took the diaper off of me and I spent the rest of the evening in my t-shirt and gym shorts. That night I wore a diaper to bed so Holly wouldn't have to get up and help me to the toilet. She diapered me for bed and I drifted back off to sleep, cradled in her arms.

I remember waking up around 4AM having to pee again. I laid there for a minute while my bladder muscles relaxed and I slowly wet myself. I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the warm ecstasy of my wet diaper. I woke Holly and told her that I was wet. She cleaned me and put a fresh diaper on me. I was enjoying every second! I tried my very best not to get an erection. Luckily she changed me quickly. We went back to sleep and slept until 9AM.

We both woke up and laid there for a few minutes holding each other and gently kissing. I felt Holly's hand slowly make it's way down between my legs. She started to rub and caress my cock through my diaper. I had wet again during the night and she cupped and squeezed my wet diaper. She sat up, unfastened the tapes and took off my diaper. She grabbed the baby wipes and gently cleaned me up. Then, to my delightful surprise, she began to stroke and suck my rock-hard cock. Just when I thought I was about to cum in her mouth she mounted me, and gently guided my hard cock into her warm, wet pussy. I laid there and watched her take pleasure from my body as her long silky red hair cascaded over her firm, young breasts. I caressed and gently squeezed her breasts as we kissed. I love kissing while fucking! She rode me until I exploded inside of her. It wasn't 10 seconds later that she came too and I could feel that warm wetness gushing out of her onto my cock and balls. In spite of my sprained ankle, that was the best weekend of my life... and it's all 100% true!

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