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I woke up in my boyfriends bed, I was staying over at his place again. I woke up from a dreadful nightmare, where I was almost drowning in water. I woke up and screamed.

"Shhhhhh. Debbie its ok, it was only a dream". David said as he held me tightly as I cried onto his shoulder. I wasn't until then I knew I had wet the bed, I stopped crying when I felt the warm urine on the bed and that was soaked through my pyjamas. David noticed me stopping crying and knew something was wrong.

"Sweetheart what's the matter?" He asked sounding worried. I then started to cry again, I tried to control the sobs so I could tell him, so I took his hand and placed it over my pyjamas. Then he looked at me, sympathetically not angry at all.

"Hey its ok love, it will be easy to get cleaned up". He said as he took my hand towards the bathroom. He undressed me and ran the shower, then he look off my pyjamas and placed me in the bath so I was sitting down. He then began to shower every part of my body, and my hair. He placed shower gel all over my body and cleaned me gently. Once he was done, he picked me up and carried me though to the bedroom and dried me and dressed me.

"Thanks, I feel better now". I said with a smile.

"No problem sweetheart, come on lets go to the mall and grab some food along the way". He said, so we got ready and headed to the car. Once we got to the mall we grabbed something from McDonalds and began to look through the DVD shop.

"Oh babe, you want to buy this one for tonight?" He asked, holding up this film called "The Ring" I looked pretty scary.

"Yeah sure, you no how I like my horrors". I said in a dirty voice. David laughed, I guess he was glad that we had put the whole wetting the bed situation behind us. Whilst we were looking through the DVD collection I the felt the sudden urge to pee, but I figured to just ignore it as we were almost going to head back to his anyway. About ten minutes later the urge grew stronger and I thought I'd better go.

"I have to use the bathroom". I whispered to David into his ear.

"Ok I will come with you". He said as he took my hand. It was so hard to walk with this bad urge to pee, David saw the distress on my face and the way I was walking that I was desperate so he quickened the pace. Finally we reached the ladies bathroom.

"I will wait for you out here". He said with a brilliant smile, I loved him so much, we have been in a relationship for three years now. Once I went inside the ladies bathroom, there was a massive queue, great I thought to myself. So I stood at the back squirming on the spot, then I began to hold myself tightly and fiercely, just as one woman came out I felt a bit of pee escape, I never thought I was going to make it, so I went around the corner where no one was, which were right round by the old unused sinks. I squatted down and peed right in my black skinny jeans. I must have sat there until everyone left, it was about thirty minutes.

"Debbie, you still in here". I heard David say, I then started to cry. He came rushing over to me.

"Sweetheart what's the matter". He asked me, sounding very concerned.

"I-I-I n-n-ever m-a-d-e- I-t". I said through my sobs.

"Shhh baby its ok". He cooed.

"Come one lets get you home". He said as he helped me up. He put a news paper under the car seat so I wouldn't get it wet. I sat there feeling like a child, in fact like a toddler who just had her first accident. Once we got back to his place, he undressed me and rubbed me down, then he put lotion on me so I wouldn't get a rash. He then put my underwear on and a pair of shorts. We sat in the living room watching some telly, we put on American idol, we were both so into the show. I had about three cokes, when I felt the urge to pee.

"I have to pee". I said worried. He then quickly carried me to the bathroom, and took off my panties and shorts and placed me on the toilet, and I peed. Once I finished I wiped then washed my hands.

"There we go, good girl". He praised me sarcastically I hope. We both then went back down to continue American Idol, I grabbed another coke. About ten minutes into the show, I felt warm liquid spreading between my thighs and crotch, I then screamed when I realised I was wetting myself. David noticed then and stood me up and ran me through the downstairs bathroom. He out me on the toilet with my shorts still on, once I was finished, he look me up stairs and ran the bath. Once he finished drying me and dressing me into my pyjamas we went back downstairs.

"Did you not know you were peeing sweetheart?" He asked me sounding worried.

"No". I said and I began to cry again. David hugged me and I cried onto his shoulder. He stroked my hair and cooed me, then I fell asleep.

I woke up the next day, and I was wet again. I woke up David.

"David, I'm wet". I said to him.

"Ok baby, let me run you a bath". He said casually, he carried me to the bathroom cleaned me softly and dried me. Today I was wearing a denim skirt and a pink tank top.

"Baby I need to pop out for like ten minutes, will you be ok by yourself?" He asked not wanting to offend me.

"Yeah sure". I said smiling at him, then he kissed me tenderly and said goodbye. I then went downstairs to watch some cartoons. The rugrats was on so I decided to watch that. Once that was done David walked through the door. He turned off the telly.

"I need to talk to you about something". Said David, he walked towards me and took me hand.

"Don't get upset, but I bought these for you to ware". He said, as he pulled a packet of medium training pants out, something that toddlers would ware when they were starting off potty training.

"I hope your ok with this, its just that I don't want to clean up anymore sweetheart and this way if you do have an accident at college or something when I'm not there, you wont be embarrassed". He said, he was right so I nodded in agreement he knew I agreed. So he took me up to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. He lifted up my skirt and took off my panties, then he put lotion on my crotch and butt, the put on some baby powder which felt very comforting, and I kind of liked it, then he stood me up and slip on the training pant, it was white with Disney princesses on it.

"Are the comfortable". He asked.

"Yeah they are fine". I replied. He smiled at me and kissed me softly on the lips, we then went downstairs and ate breakfast.

"I better go have to catch that train to college". I said as I went for the front door.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He said, as he stood in the way of the front door. I looked puzzled at him.

"Go to the bathroom". He said as he led me to the bathroom, he helped me get my training pants off. After I was done he kissed me goodbye and I was on my way to college, he put two training pants in my bag hidden away thank god. I then reached college and greeted all of my friends, I hope their wasn't a bulge. We sat in class, I was so bored and I felt the urge to pee, I figured I would just hold it until break but I felt the warm urine spread through the training pant, it felt kind of nice. It was the break, so I went to the bathroom to try and change my training pant, but I didn't no how, so I left it on until I got home. I must have peed in my training pant twice, when I got home the training pant was very wet and was hanging down very low and was very heavy. I walked into the front door.

"David!" I shouted.

"I'm in the kitchen sweetheart". He yelled back, I went over and he kissed me softy he was making dinner.

"How was college?" He asked as he stirred the spaghetti souse.

"It was good". I said as I stood there feeling embarrassed as I needed him to change me.

"Could you em..". I began to say, I was too embarrassed to ask.

"You want me to change you baby". He asked as he turned around and felt my training pant.

"Ohh baby how many times did you pee?" He asked like I was a child.

" A few I think". I said looking down embarrassed.

"Its ok baby, come on lets get you nice and clean". He said as he took my hand and took me upstairs. Once we got to his bedroom, I noticed there was a changing mat there.

"Yeah I bought this today, I didn't want to get anything on my bed sweetheart, I hope your not mad". He asked me, he was waiting for me too shout.

"No its ok I understand". I said agreeing.

"Good". He said smiling at me as he placed me on the changing mat.

"Lift ". He instructed, I did as he said. He took off the soaked training pant and disposed it, into the trash can. The he rubbed lotion on my crotch and butt, and put loads of baby powder on me, the he on the training pant.

"There we go". He said smiling as he lifted me up and patted my butt, I giggled. We had a nice dinner, the spaghetti was very filling though, I couldn't eat it all. Once we were done, we went through to the living room and put on the telly, we were watching family guy. I really had to pee, David noticed me squirming.

"Baby do you need to pee?" He asked me.

"No". I said too quick.

"You sure? Because if you do we could always pause family guy". He told me nicely.

"Ok". I said as I ran to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom trying to get off my skirt, but my skirt got caught in the training pant, I was desperate I was crossing my legs and bouncing, was moaning and holding my crotch with once hand.

"David!" I shouted, I then heard him running upstairs, he saw how desperate I was.

"Its ok baby let me get that for you". He said, he finally managed to get the skirt and the training pant off, by then a stream of pee came out, David pulled up the training pant quickly, only a bit got on the floor.

" Oh no". I said, then I started to cry.

"Shh its ok baby, you never made it this time, but next time you feel the pee just tell me ok?" He said calmly, I nodded.

"I want Henrietta". I said as I still had a few sobs in me.

"Ok baby". David said as he went into his room and brought back my teddy, I then hugged my teddy, and David held my hand as we went back through to the living room.

"Aren't you going to change me?" I asked him puzzled.

"No sweetheart you aren't wet enough yet". He said as he stroked my hair. David handed me a coke, I drank that very fast. We were now watching American Dad, when I felt pee again. I started to fidget a lot, I didn't want to disturb David. So I tapped him on the shoulder. He looked at me, and saw that I was holding my crotch. He then smiled, and lifted me up and took me to the bathroom, he quickly took of my training pant and sat me on the toilet. I sat there for two minutes but nothing came out.

"Do you need to go baby?" He asked.

"I thought I did". I said sounding confused.

"Come on, maybe next time eh?" He said as he lifted me off and pulled up my training pant, he decided to keep my skirt off so he could see the stars disappear, and that means I went pee. We sat back down stairs and watched the telly, when I felt a bowl movement, when I realised I really had to poop. I stood up, but that was a huge mistake and the poop just came rushing out. I fell to the ground and began to cry, David came rushing over to me and hugged me, he knew what I did.

"Its ok baby it was an accident, I don't mind cleaning up after you". He cooed to me a he stroked my hair. So he took me upstairs to the table and laid me down, I lifted up my legs and he took off the training pant, and disposed the pooey pant, he then noticed that I was holding my crotch.

"I have to pee". I said in a distressed voice. But I couldn't holding it in, so whilst I was still holding my crotch I peed through my hands onto the training mat, David quickly grabbed a bowl so I could pee init. After I was done, he carried on wiping me with baby wipes, too make sure all the poop was cleaned up, then he put on lotion and then baby powder. He put on two training pants, so I wouldn't leak during the night. Then I yawned.

"You tired baby?" He asked nicely. I nodded to he put my too bed and soon enough I was asleep. I woke up the next day, and made my way to the bathroom so I could brush my teeth, when I noticed there was a pink potty on the floor, this must have bee for me, in case I was in a hurry like last night. Plus I was only 4 foot 1, so I was tiny, and very skinny. I went downstairs to find David eating breakfast.

"Morning sweetheart, did you see the potty I bought for you"? He asked, as he kissed me softy on the lips.

"Yes thanks so much, its pretty". I said as I sat down and made myself some cereal. I ate nice and slowly then I had a glass of coke, since that was the only juice in the house, and I hated water.

"Can I check you training pants"? He asked he as he stood my up. They were very wet, I'm surprised they never leaked.

"Baby I'm going to need to change you". He said as he took me upstairs.

"Can I go potty first". I asked.

"Yeah come on". He said as he led me into the bathroom.

"You want to use your new potty?" He asked me, like I was a toddler, but I loved it.

"Yeah please". I said, I felt the pee come out a bit, he must have noticed me holding on tightly to my crotch, so he took off the training pants quickly, then he set me on my new potty. I big pee came out, and echoed throughout the bathroom. When I was done, David look me through to the changing pad and laid me down, and wiped me and put lotion and baby powder on me. He then dressed me in skinny jeans and a tank top.

"Lets go to the zoo today". He said, I got very excited about this and started to jump up and down, David giggled. It was an hour and a half drive to the zoo, would be very long. David packed a bag, that had five training pants, wipes, powder and lotion.

"You want to go potty before we go"? He asked as he felt inside my training pant to see if I was wet.

"No I'm fine". I said smiling at him, I didn't want to waste a minute of today. When we got into the car, I noticed that there was a car seat at the back.

"Baby you have to sit in that". He said, as he lifted me up and placed me in this huge car seat for toddlers and babies. He buckled the straps and went from over my crotch and the straps form my arms, that met in the middle with a buckle. He also left a bottle of coke for me to drink in case I got thirsty. It was only thirty minutes we had been from the house, and I had already finished the coke. I then felt an urge to pee, but it wasn't that big so I ignored at.

"I'm going to get gas, you need the potty"? He asked me nicely.

"Nope". I said confidently, although I did I could hold it until the zoo. About another thirty minutes from the gas station the urge grew stronger. So I grabbed hold of my crotch, there was an extra force as the buckle was digging In as well. Then I started to squirm, David looked into the mirror and saw me squirm with my hand holding my crotch.

"Baby you need to go potty?" He asked me.

"Yeah, real bad". I said, I sounded like a child.

"We are almost there I'm sure you can hold it in". He said calmly. The I started to moan because I was in pain now.

"Baby just let it go, I don't want to see you in pain". He said concerned.

"Ok". I said, then I realised myself, but my hand still on my crotch. He pulled over and came round the side I was in. He then began to change me but making sure no one could see. Once I was changed he then strapped me in and we only had ten minutes until we were there so it was all good. When we reached the zoo we went to get our tickets. The security guard then stopped us.

"Sir your going to have to put your little girl in a stroller so she doesn't get lost, it's a part of the law sir so don't argue with me". He said as he handed us a stroller. So since David couldn't argue he then placed me In the stroller and strapped me in. I didn't mind this, and neither did David, in fact we both rather enjoyed it. We were at the lions and the restroom was right in front of us, I really had to pee.

"Sir, I think your little girl needs a tinkle" Said the woman who was in front of us.

"Do you have to pee baby?" David asked I nodded desperately.

"Thank you m'am". David said, the woman just smiled. He took me into the changing room where there was a yellow potty there. He then took me out of my stroller, I was still holding my crotch at this point and then he quickly took of my training pant and placed me on the potty where I peed into, after I was done we wiped me and pulled up my training pant again then placed me back into the stroller. We were in the middle of watching the sea lion show, when I needed to poop.

"I need to poop". I whispered to David, it was getting easier now to tell him when I needed to go potty.

"Ok baby the shows almost over, poop isn't hard to hold in". He said reassuringly, I nodded in agreement. It was about fifteen minutes into the show when I felt the poop slide out, I was still sitting in my stroller, so it was hard to hold the poop in.

"I have to go poop". I said almost crying.

"I'm sorry baby, there's a potty room over there, come on". He said as he strolled me over to the potty room. But once he stood me up the poop slid out, and I began to cry.

"I went poo poo". I said through my sobs.

"Shhh its ok baby". He said as he cooed me and placed me on the changing table, his gentle words and soft touches on my pussy weren't working so he gave me Henrietta, I then stopped crying when she was in my arms. He got rid of my poopy pant and realised there was no training pants left.

"Oh shit". He said under his breath.

"What is it?" I asked feeling worried now.

"We have run out". He said.

"Ok can you be a big girl and tell me straight away when you need to go potty?" He asked me. I nodded in agreement but I was scared then I had an accident. Once he put me back in the stroller with no under wear or training pants on, I felt naked and I felt frightened. The next stop was the zebras, this was my favourite bit I loved the zebras, plus this was the safari bit where we were in the forestry area. It was very quiet here, no one was around, so we basically got the whole forest to ourselves. He was strolling me down the path, when I felt myself needing to pee, I figured I could hold it until we found a rest room. But about ten minutes later I really had to pee. I began squirming and held my crotch with both hands, and dropped Henrietta, David came round the front and picked her up for me, the bean to push the stroller again he never noticed I was desperate. Then I moaned.

"I need a potty!" I said.

"Ok baby". He said so he took me out of my stroller whilst I was grabbing my crotch and he stood my up on the ground be behind a tree, then he took of my jeans and picked me up, he held my back, and legs so I could pee on the ground I managed to do this with making a mess. Once I was done he ran and got a baby wipe and wiped me clean, then pulled up my jeans again. He then took my hand and buckled me into the stroller.

"Well done baby, you managed to hold in pee and you told me when you had to go". He said, I found this praise very good and smiled at him then he kissed me softly on the lips. We decided to go back home, so we handed back the stroller.

"Baby you want to go potty before we leave?" He asked me nicely. I felt my bladder and realised I had to go, so I held my crotch and he knew I had to go, so he took my hand and we went into the potty room. He locked the door, whilst I stood next to the potty still holding my crotch, I felt desperate now, so at the same time I started bend my knees and squirm. He came rushing over to me, but he couldn't get the button from my jeans out, I then started to cry a bit, he tried to sooth me. I was squirming and holding my crotch when warm urine escaped through my jeans. I started to cry.

"Its ok baby, I will ask someone if they have a diaper we could use". So he went out the door too find a medium diaper. A few minutes later he came back with one . He then lifted me up onto the changing table and began to wipe me, then he put on this thick diaper, that bulged. He then carried me out to the car, on the way to the house he stopped to get more training pants, once he came back we headed home. When we got in we decided to stick on a movie with popcorn and sweets and loads of energy drinks, it was Friday which meant no college the next day. As he stuck on "The Ring" I munched on the sweet popcorn we bought and gulped at juice, it was so refreshing. About six minutes into the film I felt the urge to pee, but I didn't want to move I was enjoying the film. I taped David on the shoulder.

"Can I potty in my diaper please?" I asked, I hoped he said yes.

"Yeah sure baby, you need to use that diaper up anyway". He said agreeing with me, I nodded and let the pee flow on the diaper, this felt better than the training pants, but I still wanted to use them. An hour passed and I needed to pee again, but I just let this one go as well, I figured he wouldn't mind. I went through about three cans of energy juice and so did he. I needed to pee again, but I wanted to use the bathroom. I was desperate though, so I held my crotch and squirmed. David noticed this.

"Baby time to use potty"? He asked in a cooing voice. I desperately nodded my head. So I stood up, and peed right there in my diaper, but the worst part was that it leaked. I began to cry. David carried me to my potty room trying not to get any pee on his shirt, he placed me on the potty so I could finish. Once I was done he gave me Henrietta and cleaned me up, then put two training pants on me.

"This is just in case you leak again, now I want you to tell me when you have to use the potty so I can take you". He said kind of seriously, I nodded in agreement. So we went back down stairs to finish the film, once it was done we put on another horror called "One Missed Call". About thirty minutes through the film I then felt desperate to pee.

"I have to go potty". I said, in a childish voice, I don't even no if it was put on or not. David carried me upstairs, and stood me up next to the potty. He saw me holding my crotch and squirming, so he quickly took off my training pants and placed me on the potty, and used it and I was so proud. He praised me. I soon fell asleep when we were in the middle of the horror film.

I woke up the next day from the phone ringing I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said in a crockery voice.

"Hi Debbie its Sarah from the college, its not on today as the heating isn't working". She said in a hurry.

"Ok thanks for letting me no bye Sarah". I said, then she hung up. Since I was up, I went through to the bathroom to brush my teeth, then I headed down stairs for some breakfast.

"Hey baby I made you some breakfast sit down". He said as he lifted me up into a high chair.

"Why am I in this?" I asked puzzled.

"It just saves you from having to put books under your chair". He said with a smile, I smiled back. He then handed me my cereal , in a plastic bowl with a matching pink Disney princess spoon.

"I know how much you love Disney". He said with a huge grin, I giggled back and got excited.

"I finished my breakfast, can I watch cartoons now?" I said, hoping he would say yes.

"After I change you, and you go potty first". He said in a serious tone. So he lifted me out of my high chair and took me to the potty room, it was called that now because when I got in their was a changing table, plastic steps going up to the sink and a pink potty, it was on the ground floor now. He took off my training pants and placed me on the potty whilst he disposed them in the trash can next to the changing table. Once I was done, he lifted me up onto the changing table and put lotion on me and baby powder, then he put another two training pants on me, they felt good. He put me in a tank top and just left me to run around in my training pants. Then he set me down on the living room floor and put on cartoons.

"Baby I have work today but your friend Greg from college is going to look after you, I told him everything and he's cool with it". He said, as he got his shoes on. All of a sudden the door bell rang.

"That must be him now". David said as he went to answer the door.

"Hey Debbie I bought you a lollypop". Said Greg as he came over to me and gave me the candy, I hugged him and began to suck on it. David kissed me softly on the lips and went away to work. Me and Greg sat and watched cartoons then I felt the urge to pee, but I was too embarrassed to say. About ten minutes later the urge grew stronger and I began to hold my crotch and rock back and forth. Greg noticed this.

"You need to go potty?" He asked as he put his hand on my shoulder, I nodded sheepishly. Greg then carried me to my potty room. He took off my training pants and carefully placed me on the potty. Once I was done he wiped me then put my training pants back on. He then carried me back through to the living room and places me on the rug so I could continue to watch cartoons, he also passed me over Henrietta, I smiled at him. I sat watching the telly for about another hour.

"Greg I'm hungry". I said.

"Ok I will make you something". He said smiling at me. He then carried me through to the kitchen then sat me on my high chair.

"You want some soup". He asked me as he showed me a can of lentil soup. I nodded my head I was very excited for my soup. I then banged my elbow on the high chair, and for some odd reason I began to cry.

"Aww Debbie, what did you do?" Greg said as he lifted me out of my high chair, then he saw that my elbow was red. He began to hush me and bounce me up and down but I wasn't settling so he went into the drawers and found a pacifier, it was pink, he then put it in my mouth and I immediately stopped crying.

"There we go, all better". He said as he placed me back into the high chair once I was settled. About three minutes later, by soup was ready.

"Be careful now its very hot". He said as he set the soup down in front of me. I picked up the plastic spoon and put a mouthful of soup in my mouth and spat it back out as it was too hot.

"Here, before you burn yourself". Greg said as he lifted up the spoon with a small amount of soup in it and blew on it then put it in my mouth. Once he was done, he just kept on doing it until the soup was done.

"You thirsty?" He asked as he put the bowel and spoon in the dishwasher.

"Yes pweese". I answered through my pacifier. He then got a baby bottle and filled it with milk and gave it too me, I took my pacifier out my mouth and replaced it with the bottle.

"Here I will take you though to the living room". He said as he carried me through. He then turned on the telly and let me watch my cartoons whilst he done some homework for college. I was going to ask Greg to take me to the potty but he was on the phone to his girlfriend out in the garden. So I sat the bouncing up and down holding my self fiercely. Greg then came through to the living room and sat down.

"You need to go potty?" He asked me.

"No". I said, I didn't want to go potty I was too busy watching cartoons.

"You sure, it looks like you do". He said slowly. I shook my head and was still bouncing, until I felt my pee come out of me. Then I stopped bouncing and watched the telly again. I heard a giggle from Greg.

"What". I said as I sucked on my bottle.

"You went tinkle didn't you?" He asked slyly.

"No, I can hold it". I lied.

"Ok". He said, he didn't believe my lie. So I turned around and continued to watch my cartoons again. I finished my bottle.

"You want more milk". Greg asked me.

"Yes pweese". I replied through my pacifier. He then came back a few seconds later with more milk and handed it over to me I began to drink my milk very fast. About fifteen minutes later I got bored of watching telly.

"You bored?" He asked me. I nodded my head.

"Want to go for a walk to the park?" He asked me nicely.

"Yes!" I yelled I then stood up and started to jump up and down clapping my hands.

"You need some clothes on first". He said, as he took me upstairs to change my clothes. He dressed me in a frilly pink dress, with white tights and black buckled shoes. Once he got his shoes on and packed a diaper bag, we headed out the door. Greg held my hand all of the way on the walk to the park, and once we got their he sat on the bench and began to read a book whilst I played on the jungle gym with other kids.

"Are you wearing training pants?" One of the little girls asked me.

"Yes, why are you?" I asked her.

"Yeah, your eighteen aren't you?" She asked casually.

"How did you..". I began to ask.

"Because I' am too, and I have to go potty, see you". She said as she left, I saw her go to a boy about her age, she then began to squirm so the boy took her behind a bush, kind of like what David did for me, I missed David. I was playing in the sand pit, when I felt that I desperately needed to pee. So I ran to Greg as fast as I could.

"Are you ok darling?" He asked me concerned.

" I need a wee wee ". I told him as I help tightly to my crotch and began to squirm.

"You want to go potty behind a bush?" He asked me as he stood up and took my hand, I still had my other hand on my crotch. I shook my head I was too embarrassed.

"Just go in your diaper then". He whispered to me. I began to cry a bit.

"I need a wee wee". I said crying.

"Shh Shh, its ok darling, just go wee wee in your training pants, I will change you when you want to go home". He cooed to me. He then picked me up and bounced me up and down.

"Ok I'm going wee wee now". I said as I began to pee in my training pant. Once I finished I felt better and the pant didn't leak.

"You done?" He asked me nicely. I nodded my head.

"You want to go home, or do you want to play more?" He asked me.

"Play for a bit". I said, he smiled and me and let me play in the sand pit for a little longer. I then suddenly needed to poop, I had to tell Greg this so he could take me home, so I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He bent down so I could whisper in his ear.

"I need a poo poo". I told him, he then smiled at me and picked me up. Soon enough we were home, finally. He then placed me on the potty and disposed the wet soggy diaper. Once I was finished I stood up on the plastic steps to wash my hands, then Greg came through and wiped my butt. Then he placed me on the changing mat and put two training pants on me. Once he was done he put me on the floor and gave me some of my old toys to play with, whilst he got me a bottle of milk. I was having fun playing with my toy horses. I had already finished my milk so he got me another one. He was watching telly happily. I then began to squirm a bit and knew I needed a wee wee.

"I...". I began to say, but too late I already went potty in my training pant.

"Never mind". I said then began to play again. I peed again in my diaper and it was beginning to get uncomfortable. Greg noticed me moving a lot. So he came over and stuck his fingers in my training pant.

"Someone needs a change". He told me, so he picked me up and took me to my potty room and placed me on the changing table. He then took out a diaper.

"Now David told me to use these, since you have went wee wee in your training pant more than three times". He said, I nodded, I didn't mind this.

"But you can still use the potty, you just don't have too". He smiled, as he began to wipe me then spread lotion around my crotch and butt, and then he put on the powder, after that he put on two think diapers. He then stood me up, I waddled back to the living room, it was hard to walk with a really thick diaper on. Just then David came through the door, he ran over to be and picked me up and hugged me tightly then kissed me softly on the lips. Greg was on his way to the door I said goodbye and we hugged then he went home.

"Did you have a good day"? David asked as he placed me on my high chair for dinner.

"Yes! We went to the park and but I have to ware a diaper now". I said. He then began to feed me, I couldn't do it anymore as the food was always to hot for me and I always forgot to blow. Once I was finished he gave me a bottle of milk to take through to the living room, we watch a movie, when I felt pee come into my diaper. I ignored it and watch the film again, Half way through the film I then felt poop come out of my butt and go into the diaper. David smelt it.

"Come on lets change you". He said as he carried me through to my potty room and placed me on the changing table. He then took of my dirty and went diaper and disposed it. The we wiped me gently, then rubbed lotion on my crotch and butt and put on powder as well. He then put two diapers on, he then carried me up stairs as I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was soaked my diaper was very saggy and wet. David came into the room as he heard me moan.

"Hey baby morning, you need a change". He asked I nodded. He then gave me a quick change.

"David, I want to be potty trained". I asked him.

"Ok baby, I will put a training pant on and you have to tell me when you need number ones and twos". He told me.

"How will I no?" I asked him.

"You will feel a tingle when you need wee wee's and you will feel cramps or a sudden change when you need poo poo's". He told me, I nodded. After he gave me my breakfast he gave me a bottle to drink whilst I watched the telly. I then felt a tingly feeling.

"I need to potty!" I Told him urgently. David ran me to the potty room, and took of my training pant while I was holding my crotch and bounced up and down. He then sat me on the potty and I managed to pee. Once I was done he whipped my crotch and pulled up my training pant. He then took e back through to the living room.

"I need to go to the mall to get a few things". He said, I nodded. He then took me up to my room and dressed me in jeans and a top.

"I bought you a stroller I know how tired your legs get". He told me as he out me in my car seat. Once we were at the mall he buckled me in my new stroller and we went into the mall at the clothes bit. I was bored so I sucked on my pacifier and played with Henrietta. I then felt the urge to pee so I held my crotch and tried to get David's attention. He turned around and saw me holding my crotch he then took me to the potty room, where the was a blues and red potty their, he then quickly took me out of my stroller and took of my jeans and training pant then placed me on the potty. Once I was done he praised me and wiped me then placed me back into the stroller. We grabbed something to eat then we went back home. We were back at home.

"I need a wee wee ". I told him as I began to bounce up and down.

"Ok baby". He told me as he took my hand and took me to the potty, once I was done he then pulled up my training pant and took me upstairs. We just spent the whole night watching films until we fell asleep and I made it to the potty with David helping me everything time I needed. We both fell asleep, and I woke up in the middle if the night desperately needed to pee. I managed to wake up David.

"What is it baby, you ok?". He asked still half asleep.

"I have to wee wee". I said as I made the bed shake with my bouncing up and down. He then grabbed me and took me to the potty, and thankfully I made it. The next morning, I was dry for the first time in a while. We both woke up at the same time.

"You need to potty?" He asked me. I nodded my head, I went before him and managed to take off my training pant all myself and wipe myself. David then took me by the hand, and gave me a pair of big girl pants. I was ready for this I thought to myself.

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