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Nicholes vacation

After a long year at collage Nicole decided that she would take a long vacation. You see this year was a long year for her she had to double up on all her classes in order to finish up with all of her classe she needed and finals had wore her out. Being a young girl of

21 she was very cute. She was small for her age about 5'4" 95 lbs with shoulder length blonde hair and small lushes breast. Nichole decided that she would go to Flordia for the summer before looking for a job. So she packed up what she needed and headed for the airport to catch her late night flight. When she got off the plane she was so tired. She made her way to the baggage pickup and waited for her bags but she never saw them. After waiting for what seemed like two hours she decided to go the the lost luggage area where she ask the attendant about her bags. The attendant went through her computer looking for the missing bags and found they were put on another flight and that they would not arrive since they had been put on the wrong plane. Damn she said to outloud although she has all her personal items passport ID and other important items but all her clothes and stuff was in her luggage. Nichole walked off mad at the world for loosing her bags and went to get a cab to the hotel. When she got to the hotel she walked up to the front desk to check in and found out that the hotel was overbooked for the night and they didn't have a room for her to stay in that night but she could check in tomorrow.

What else can go wrong she said. I can't believe my luck first my luggage now this. She walked out into the street thinking she would find another hotel to stay the night in. The street was dark and there was no one around she heard someone moving around behind her but when she looked around she saw nothing. She continued to walk checking behind her at every chance. A chill ran down her spine as she heard the noise again and looked around to see a shadow getting closer to her. Nichole looked around her and the only thing she saw lit up was a small pub on the corner. She made her way into the pub and sat at the bar watching behind her hoping she would loose her follower. As she sat there for a moment, and the bartender ask her if she wanted a drink and she anwsered yes she would take a margertia. The bartender went and made the drink and sat it down in front of her and said the drink is on her pointing to the lady who was sitting down the bar from her. Nichole looked at the lady and thanked her for the drink and started to drink it. The drink was good she complimented the bartender on making such a good drink. When she neared the bottom of the glass the lady from across the bar came over and sat by Nichole and order another margertia and a mojito for herself. Nichole looked at the lady as she introduced herself. Hi my name Karen your not from around here are you she ask Nichole? Nichole looked at her. She was a nice looking woman in the 30's with long brown hair about 5'10" tall with a slinder frame and medium size breast. Nichole anwsered her with a simple no and thanked her again for the drinks. Karen begain making small talk asking her what she does for a living? Nichole anwsered by telling her that she just finished up with colleage and was taking a vacation for a few months before taking a job. The two talked and drank for a while longer Nichole telling her about school all the classes and the stress of her finals then about the airline loosing her luggage and then about how her holel overbooked and how everything was all messed up. Being a little tippsy from all the drinks Karen had been buying her she started to cry. Karen reached out and hugged the crying girl holding her tight Karen told her that it would be ok and that if she wanted to that she could stay with her. Nichole looked at Karen and said really. You would do that for someone you don't know.

Of course Karen said with a smile. Becides it looks like you need a friend and a place to stay for tonight. Come on Karen insisted.

Nichole agreed and they walked out of the bar togather and to Karens car. While she rode Nichole could feel the alcohol was working on her and she started to nod off.

She woke up a while later not knowing where she was she looked around and could see she was in a crib in what looked like a nusery.

As she looked around she saw a changing table dresser closet and a play pen in the room. Her head hurt and she remembered last night and all the drinks she had. She remembered geting in the car with Karen and leaving the bar and nothing after that. She looked down at her self and saw that she was wearing a diaper and onsie. She let out a squeel and started trying to get up. It was then she realized that she was tied down to the crib. She strained against her bonds but was unable to release herself. Karen was standing at the door watching her every move and Nichole hadent even noticed her standing there. Karen walked over and said it's ok baby you will be fine. I'm not a baby Nichole shouted let me go she yelled pulling against her bonds Karen calmly walked over to the changing table and opened the drawer and got somthing out. Nichole noticed the lady a lot more today than tonight.

Karen was wearing a long black dress with high heels and her breast were almost popping out of the top. Karen walked back over to the crib and put a pacifier in her mouth securing it In her mouth with a leather strap around her head. Listen Karen said you told me that you came here for a vacation that you were stressed out and needed a break. Now I'm gonna give you that break so you might as well enjoy it. I don't have many rules but the ones I have are very imporntant and you will obey them. Number one you will wear and use your diapers just like a baby does. That means no potty for the baby.

Number two you must talk like a baby and act as a baby would.

Number three is you will do as your told weather it be me telling you or someone I put in charge of you.

Number four you will call me mommy for the remainder of your stay here. Violation of there rules will result in you being punished so i suggest you be good. Do you understand these rules. She nooses un sure what to do. She didn't want to upset Karen. I'm going to give you a shot to help with some of these rules Karen said. You will notice that you are weaker and your mussels will relax. You will loose control of you bladder and bowels. It will make walking hard without help, and it will also make it hard for you to speak due to it mussle relaxing.

Nichole looked at her in horror she didn't want to be a baby she tried to say but the paccifier kept her silenced. She watched as she pulled a syringe out of the changing table and come toward her. She started to pull on he bonds more. She pulled hard with all her strength but couldnt get loose. Hold still Karen said. This won't hurt and everything will be ok. With a prick Nichole felt the drug being injected into her. She tried to tell her captor that she wanted to leave but again all that came out was a muffled wimper. As the drug started to take affect she drifted off to sleep thinking how her life had just changed.

When she awoke she found that she wasn't bound any more and that she was laying on a blanket in the floor in the living room she looked around the room and saw the couch a rocking chair a tv and a coffee table. Karen was sitting on the couch and noticed her moving around and said hi baby girl. Did she have a nice nap. I looked up at her and tried to tell her to let me go but all that came out was a bunch of babble. The drug had done a number on her voice. She tried getting up but couldn't get any further than all fours. Awww is the baby gonna run away Karen jokingly said to her picking up the small girl. Come to mommy she said as she sat her down in front of her.

Picking up a hair brush she started pulling her hair back into pigtales. Nichole tried to pull away but a quick swat on her leg stoped her. Now you be good little girl or you will end up with a red bottom and you don't want that do you. Nichole agreed that she didn't want a spanking so she sat there while Karen brushed her hair into pretty pigtales with little pink bow's in them. Karen sat Nichole on the couch and told her not to move that she would be right back and went upstairs and got her some clothes from the closet. Nichole sat there quietly not wanting to be punished until her new mommy returned.

She was carring some clothes Nichole tried to see what they were but couldn't. Karen laid Nichole on the couch and pulled a pink onsie out of the pile of clothes she had. Sitting Nichole up she pulled the garmant onto her head. Then laying her back she snaped the buttons in the crotch. There we go Karen said. All dressed. All dressed what's she talking about Nichole thought. I'm not dressed I can't just wear this. She tried to complain but again the pacifier attached to her mouth pervented it. Awww does the baby want her bottle? Karen cooed. I shook my head no. Yes you do Karen says that's what you just said wasn't it. You hold still I'll go get you one. Karen got up and went to the kitchen and returned holding a bottle full of what looked like milk. Come here baby girl Karen said. Time for your baba she teased.

She tried to get away but was pulled in tight be her captor. Karen adjusted herself so she could hold Nichole and reminded her of punishments if she was bad when she removed the paccifier out of her mouth. Nichole nodded and agreed to be good and Karen removed the pacifier from her mouth. Nichole streched her mouth glad to not have it filled but that feeling was soon lost when Karen stuck the bottle in her mouth. Nichole started sucking on the bottle and Karen placed her hand in the crotch of Nicholes diaper and started rubbing her lightly. Nichole enjoyed the taste of the sweet liquid and the feel of Karen rubbing her, but she would never admit it. She lay there thinking while nursing the bottle about what had happened. She wanted so bad to leave but inside she enjoyed being babied. Her train of thought was broken when Karen said " uh oh the baby just wet her diaper big" Nichole stoped sucking on the bottle horrified cause she didn't even know she had to pee. Karen could tell that she was scared so she reached down and kissed her on the head and told her that it was ok that's what the diaper was for and began rubbing her pussy hard through the diaper. Waves of extacy ran through Nichole as Karen fondeled her through her now soaking wet diaper. Nichole loved the feeling of the wet diaper rubbing against her. She starred sucking hard on the bottle as she got closer to a orgasam. She was sucking on a dry bottle when she suttered and added more wettness to her already wet diaper. She collapsed in Karens arms content as she could be.

Karen picked Nichole up and said to her time for a dry diapee and carried her to the nusery and laid her on the changing table. She unbuttoned the onsie and started removing the tapes on the diaper.

Slowly pulling the front of the diaper back she looks down and smiles at Nichole laying there and says such a pretty baby. She takes a wipe and carefuly wipes her off paying special attention to her clit and rosebud. Nichole twinged when karen wiped her off the wipe was cold but she enjoyed the feeling it gave her. Karen pulled the wet diaper out from under her and replaced it with a thick pink diaper. She rubbed diaper rash cream all over and sprinkled a generous layer of baby powder on her. When Karen pulled it up and fastened it Nichole couldn't believe how thick it was she couldn't even close her legs.

Karen fastened her onsie and told her how cute she was.

After changing Nicholes diaper, Karen laid Nichole in her crib pulling her covers up says You take a nap baby girl. She went to the changing table and opened one of the drawers, and pulled out a pink pacifier and walked back to the crib where Nichole was laying. Looking down at her new baby Karen reached down to run her fingers through her red hair. Placing the pacifier in her mouth Karen says I won't be here when you wake up Lil one, still running her fingers through her long hair. But I have made arrangements for a babysitter. A look of horror struck Nicholes face. A baby sitter she thought Oh no who could it be.

She started sucking on her pacifier without realizeing it. Nichole couldn't believe her ears she was leaving me. Nichole felt a small prick in her shoulder and was asleep In seconds hearing her say I'll be back soon.

When Nichole awoke she had hoped it had all been a dream, but when she looked around her it was all to real. She didn't see anyone or hear anyone and she remembered Karen said she was leaving and there was going to be a babysitter. A chill went up her spine when the thought of who it could be. I've got to get out of here she said to her self. She looked all around her and tried to stand up but she fell back down onto her diapered butt. Sitting there she could fell the wetness around her butt and realized that again she had wet and did not know when she had did it. She remebered the first shot he got and figured she was still weak from that. She sat up and grabed the top of the crib and pulled herself up. Ok she thought all I have to do now is pull myself over. Trying as hard as she could to get her leg over she fell with a plop back into the crib with a loud thud. Sitting there trying to figure out what to do she felt her diaper getting warm and wetter I'm peeing my diaper she thought and tried with all her mite to stop the flow but was unable. Frusterated and defeted she started sucking on the pacifier that she still had in her mouth.

Hearing someone walk up the stairs down the hall and to the door. She was going through her thoughts of all the people she thought it could be she just didnt know The door opened with a creek and walking through the door was was a beautilfu woman in her 30's with long brown hair and big lushous breast. Oh no it who is this she thought and then she heard her voice saying wook at the wittle helpwess baby in a babyish tone. Im Aunt Tina she said while walking over to the crib where Nichole was sitting Tina reached down and and started to rub her back. Nichole looked up at to and all of her worst fears came true. How could Karen do this to me. I don't even know this person. Tina looks up and points to the corner of the room she says to Nichole there's a camera right there and I saw your little escape attempt and you don't think I can let that go unpunished do you. Now you just sit right there while I get everything ready and she left the room. Oh no Nichole thought what is she going to do to me. She thought about all the possiable punishments she might have to indure. With all these thoughts running through her head she had not noticed that Tina had come back In the room carrying a tray with two bowls and a bottle on it. Tina walked over to the corner of the room and opened a door and pulled a highbchair out of a big closet and went to the middle of

the room and set it up Nichole watched in horror and she saw Tina

straighting up all the belts and buckles on it. When Tina was finished she went over and picked up Nichole and placed her In the highchair.

She fought the best she could but she was very weak and was easily defeated by Tina and was fasened into the highchair. Awwww look at you so helpless and such a cute little baby in your diaper and onsie Tina chanted as she picked up one of the bowls and a spoon and went to feed her. Now you be a good baby and eat all your food or your punishment will be much worse. As the spoon came toward her mouth she thought this must not be the punishment and that she might get out of being punished if she was good and becides she was very hungry. She eargerly ate the first bowl of oatmeal and started on the second bowl which was some kind of fruit mix. It didn't taste bad but it did have a twinge to it she looked up at Tinas face and saw a smile starting to grow on her face. Eat up baby eat it all gone she said in a very jokingly manner as the last spoonfull goes in her mouth. She picked up the Bowles and moved them and unfastened the tray on the highchair she looks a Nichole and reminded her of her punishment if she wasn't good and stared to unfasten the buckles. She picked up Nichole and sits down in a rocking chair holding Nichole In her arms and starts feeding her the bottle. Sakura started sucking slowly the fruit mix had Made her mouth dry so she invited the sweet milk into her mouth. As she sucked on the bottle Tina looked down and said to her that she was such a good girl for eating all her food althogh she had to tell her that the oatmeal was laced with a fast acting laxative that would probably have you messing your diapers before you finish with your bottle and that the fruit was full of prunes and laxatives that will keep you messing constaly through the night. However the bottle is a suprise you will find out how it works when it starts working. Nichole froze. She didn't know what to do she thought the punishment was going to come later. Just then a pain hit her in her stomach and before she could even try to do anything about it she was filling her diapers with soft warm mush. Tina smiled down at her and beagn to laugh and started to pat her butt through her now filled diaper. The drugs in the bottle are working faster than I expected she laughed patting her butt even harder spreading the mess all around in her diaper as she pulled the empty bottle from Nicholes lips. She sat the bottle down and put Nichole on her shoulder and stared patting her back. Nichole squirmed in her messy diaper and many thoughts ran through her mind there and was nothing she could do to stop it. She tried again to get out of Tinas grip but to no avail. All she accomplishes was adding more mess to her diaper with the strain. She could feel the mess spread all around her diaper up the front and back throughly filling the diaper. Awww poor widdle baby just is not going to be able to keep her diaper clean is she, she cooed to Nichole. When she burped Tina said to her such a big burp for such a litle baby and carried her over to the changing table. I bet the baby want her nasty diaper changed don't she as she pulled some diapers out of the changing table and laid them on the table. Nichole nodded yes because she was uncomfortable. Tina laughed at her I bet you would like them changed she said with a diffeent tone but that wouldn't be a punishment now would it. She started by cutting a slit in a disposable diaper and laying it under her. She then takes the siccors and carefuly cuts a slit the the soiled diaper she is wearing. Taping up the first diaper over the messy diaper and then unfolded three soaker cloth diapers pacing them under her and pinning them tightly. Nichole now has tears running down her cheaks frearing how long she is going to have to stay in this messy diaper. She was worried about the rash she might get because it was already burning a little bit. Then she saw the plastic panties for her to wear they were pink with ruffles on the butt and were huge. She watched as Tina pulled them up and made sure the diaper was inside the plastic pants as she did that Nichole let out a loud wet fart and put more wet mess into her diaper. The mess goes all over the inside of her diaper creapin up into her pussy. As Nichole finished messing her diaper she heard a click from behind her back. We don't want baby geting out of her diapers do we Tina cooed with a deceptive tone.

Locked into her very messy diaper she was placed into a playpen in the middle of the room. Sitting there in the playpen she started to play with some of the toys. She couldn't believe all that was happening to her. How did i wind up like this she thought as she wet and messed her diaper helplessly. She tried to get up and fell back on her diaper and the wet mess spread everywhere all over her butt and pussy stimulating her. She sit there squirming back and forth in her messy diaper spreading the mess all around. She liked the feeling she got when the messy diaper rubbed her so she laid back and reached down with one hand and tried to rub herself through her diapers but the were so thick she couldn't do anything so she got up on all fours and started rocking back and forth. The diaper rubbed her and she moaned in extacy as she got close to a orgasam just before she got her release she felt a hand grab her diaper covered pussy from behind and give it a hard squeeze and pushed into it. Caught you didn't I she heard the voice say as she turned to see Karen.she was so onto what she was doing she didn't even hear her come in. She smiled when she saw her but then realized what she had cuaght her doing and started crying trying to tell her she was sorry but only gibberish came out.

While Karen still had her hand on her diaper she gave it a squeeze and starred rubbing it. Sakura moaned with pleasure and got closer and

closer to a orgasam she squirmed into her diaper pushing into Karens

hand. As she eploded into her diaper she filled it with another load

of runny mess and another warm stream of pee. Aww poor baby Karen

says to Nichole. I bet you need to be changed she said as she picked her up and put her on the changing table. She unlocked the plastic pants and removed the diapers. Wow your a messy baby you need a bath.

She took a wipe and wiped off just around her butt hole. She pulled out a drawer on the table and put on a rubber glove and put some lube on it and also pulled out a inflateable buttplug and put a liberal amount of lube on it. She looked in horror as Karen started lubbing up her butt hole. We don't want you messing in the tub as she worked her hole looser and looser and pulled her fingers out of her and carefuly pushed the plug into her baby. She winced as the plug was pushed into place and inflated pluging her tight. Karen picked her baby up and carried her to the tub placing her in the tub while she turned on the shower washing all the stinky mess off her privates and then running her a bath and washing her all over. Karen dried her off and took her back to the changing table rummaging through a drawer and pulling out a dildo it wasn't that big but it was long and shaped like a penis. Karen pushed it deep inside her saying that since you like cumming i thought i would make you do it when I want you to she said jokingly while fastening in place. Karen got out fresh diaper placing it under her and rubbed a liberal amount of desitin on her and sprinkled some baby powder on her. Without removing the plug deep inside her butt she securly fastened the diaper on her. She made sure the valves for the plug were outside of the diaper for easy acess and begain to dress her into a pink onsie with ruffels on the butt and a short skirt that didn't cover anything up. Karen pulled her hair into pigtales and carried her to a stroller fastend her in and puts her paccifier in her mouth and they start toward the door.

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