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Thadeus and his girlfriend Ana had been going out for about 9 months. They have been slowly starting to experience new things with their sex life. They started small with just talking dirty and then with belts and ropes and restraints.

One Thursday night Thadeus and Ana were hanging out at Ana's house watching TV. They decided since Ana's mom went out to dinner with her new boyfriend that they would get a pizza, have a few drinks and just enjoy the night at the house. They ate the pizza, then they put on American Pie and grab a 18 pack out of the fridge. They finished the first movie and most of the beer when they decided to put on the second American Pie. We finished the beers and Thadeus started to rub her nipples through her shirt, Then she turned and they started to make out. This lead to the bedroom where they had pretty traditional sex. When they finished up they laid together and cuddled. They started off the conversation with the typical nonsense. Then Ana said that she wanted to try something new and that if he tried her thing then she would do anything he wanted to try. After hesitating to think about his answer he reluctantly agreed. He did not have a problem trying new things. Actually he was excited to try something new but he was unsure if he should ask for what he really wanted.

Something you need to know about Thadeus is that since he was 14 he has been interested in AB/DLs. His interest sometimes included wearing diapers but he never had the opportunity to try and was OK with that. He really wanted to be a daddy to a girl his age. This could be his chance.

"So what do you want to do?" he asked Ana. She explained to him that she wanted to have sex in the woods near her house. Then she continued that she wanted to cuddle in the woods afterwards. When she finished with what she wanted and asked what he wanted. Thadeus hesitated before saying "well there is something I really wanted to try for a long time but I've been to embarrassed to bring it up to anyone. If I tell you will you promise to keep it before us?" Ana has never been good with secrets but agreed because it obviously meant a lot to him. She gave a nod of her head and he continued. He explained about his fetish. He said that he wanted to diaper her, and role play and if she was willing then to use baby toys like pacifiers and bottles.

Ana just stared at him for a second. He stumbled over his words, "well if you don't want to we don't need to. I just was curious. We can uh do something else." She smiled at his uncomfortableness.

"A deal is a deal" she said.

"My mom is going out of town next weekend with her boyfriend and we can have the house to ourselves,"

On Saturday they woke up early and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. On their way back they stopped and got breakfast at a small diner. After they ate and paid the bill they decided it was time to go to the woods for some fun, They brought with them 2 sleeping bags. They found a nice soft spot and put the sleeping bags down. They spent some time just watching nature and then when the time was right they made love. Afterwards like promised the cuddled and continued to watch nature. When Ana's tummy started to rumble they decided to get dressed and go and get some food. They got lunch and spent the rest of the day just hanging out,

The next week seemed as if it took a month to go through. Thad was so excited to get his chance to take care of a baby for the first time. Friday night finally came and Thad got off work before giving Ana a call saying he was going to run to the store to get stuff for tonight. He asked what he should get her. She told him that he should just get diapers, powder, and wipes. He was a little disappointed that she would only be in a diaper and not use other stuff as well but he wasn't going to complain because he was at least getting this much. He went to the aisle and got Pampers size 7. He researched the size the night before. Lucky for him Ana was tiny. He also grabbed some chips and soda and other snacks. He went and checked out before going to going to Ana's house.

When he got there she was just watching TV as if it was any other day.

"Are you excited?" she asked. Thad was doing his best to hide and just smiled.

"Before we start can we go for a walk in the woods?" I changed from my work clothes and she went into the kitchen and drank a large cup of water. She grabbed 2 water bottles and locked up the house and they went for a walk. The walk was killing Thad. He wanted so badly to be back at the house putting a fresh diaper on Ana's petite butt. They talked about the quick rules of the night. Ana said " If I say we need to stop then we need to stop and if you think I might not like it just ask. Maybe I will and maybe I won't but its worth asking." They decided it was time to go back to the house and start the night. Ana started to walk faster.

"You getting excited? You walking kinda fast." Thad said with a grin on his face.

Turning around to look at Thadeus who was falling behind and said "hurry up I gotta pee really bad. I probably shouldn't have had that extra water bottle." By the time they got to the house she was practically running and Thad kept up right behind her.

"Hey wait up I need to grab a few more bags out of my truck before we can start. Can I get a hand?" She turns and makes a face but runs to the car and takes a bag of soda and a bag with the baby supplies in them. By this point she is running to the door and is fumbling with the keys when Thad looked over and her body seemed to have died. She was standing there like a zombie so he rushed over with a bag of Pampers in his hands to see if she was OK. Ana was standing on the front porch of her house with a wet pair of short and a puddle of pee under her feet. Ana looked up with a puppy dog face and said with a baby voice" I guess that I need to be in those", pointing at the pack of diapers. She followed the statement with a wink. Thad gave her a kiss on the cheek and said "It's OK baby girl, lets get you inside and get you cleaned up."

They went inside and took off Ana's wet clothes in the foyer. They went upstairs and got Ana in the shower. Thad used the lufta to gently clean her body. When she was done showering she said "I want to go to my room and do my hair. Thad agrees and goes to the kitchen to grab a drink of water, After a minute or two, Ana called from her room that she was ready. When Thad walked in she was laying in the bed with a pacifier in her mouth and her chickenfeet stuffed animal in her hands. She was laying atop the towel she wore from her shower. Her hair was in pig tails and as always she was shaved in the pubic area. Thad put down the bag of diapers and put the powder and wipes on the nightstand.

"I guess you did a little shopping too?" He asked the naked baby girl laying in the bed. She nodded her head up and down and gave off a little giggle. Thad ripped open the bag more then needed due to excitement. He grabbed a diaper and unfolded the soft clothe. He lifted her legs in the air with her assistance and slip the diapers under her bottom. He grabbed the powder and added the white dust to her wet pussy. You could tell that she was as excited as he was but she wouldn't admit it. He pulled the front of the diaper over the rest of her naked crotch. He fastened the tapes and rolled her over and gave her a little pat on the butt. Ana then pointed to the large white dresser, still with the pacifier in her mouth she said "open". Thadeus went over to the dresser and went to open a drawer and little baby Ana started to smile and nod. She was bursting with excitement.

Soon Thad found out when he opened it to find it was full of baby stuff. There was a couple of pacifiers with different cartoon characters on them, baby oil, baby cream for diaper rash, jars of baby food in all different flavors, bottles with small cans of formula next to them, a bib with Ariel on it and a copy of her favorite kids movie, the Little Mermaid.

"Are you hungry my little baby Ana?" Thad asked in the same voice you would talk to a one year old. He grabbed some jars of the baby food without looking at the labels and the bib. Baby Ana was laying on the bed in only a diaper with her little breasts still showing along with the rest of her petite body. Thad put the Ariel bib on Ana and grabbed her hand to lead her upstairs to the kitchen.

"Baby must be hungry. You haven't eaten all day." Ana nodded her head in agreement. That open the jar of beige baby food and grabbed a spoon from the draw. That took the pacifier from Ana's mouth. He replaced it with a spoonful of the banana nut baby food. In a few more spoonfuls the jar was empty and Thad opened another one up. This time it was mashed peas. As he placed the spoon in baby Ana's mouth she spit and drooled the green mush down her face. Thad decided that maybe peas wasn't a good idea but said that she would get a piece of chocolate if she ate all her dinner. Making gross faces 18 year old baby Ana ate the whole jar of gross mashed peas. Well most of it made it in her mouth anyway, the rest was on her chin or her bib.

After dinner was finished Thad cleaned up the baby and the dishes.

"Daddy, I'm thirsty and I want my chocolate." Ana started to whine. Thad responded quickly with, "How about we bring you downstairs and put on some cartoons. I'll get you some chocolate and a drink while you sit quietly on the couch. OK? Ana giggled and smiled with the pacifier in her mouth.

Thadeus went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle and filter out of the bag he brought from his car. He filled the bottle with a red wine and pour himself a glass as well. He then took a piece of chocolate out of the bag and a box of chocolate laxatives. He opened the chocolate bar and split it in half. He then put an equal part of the chocolate laxative to make it look like a regular chocolate bar.

Thad went back downstairs to see baby Ana caught up in the episode of Flapjack. Thad grabbed her pacifier from her mouth and she let out a little whimper until she realized that he had chocolate.

"Would baby Ana like some chocolate?" Thad asked her already knowing the answer. She smiled a big smile then opened her mouth as wide as she could. He put a piece of the laxative in her mouth and chewed it taking big bites opening her mouth all the way with each bite. When she finished the piece she left her mouth open wide waiting for another piece. She did this for 3 more pieces before Thad wouldn't let her have anymore. She started to whine about how he was unfair and how he didn't share. He grabbed the bottle and put it in her mouth. She started to suck and nipple and her mood was suddenly calmed. When she finished her bottle Thad quickly refilled it and lay down on the couch with her. He was underneath and she lay cuddled up in his arms in only a pacifier, a diaper and a Little Mermaid t-shirt.

After laying still watching cartoon for another half hour or so, Ana started to squirm. Thad noticed this and squeezed her tightly. She resisted him and tried to ignore her rumbling tummy.

"Is everything OK baby?" Thad asked already knowing that the laxative was kicking in.

"My tummy hurts daddy." Thadeus started to rub her belly.

"Maybe you need to go potty? Do you think that could help?" She started off shaking her head no with a big pout on her face. He continued to rub her tummy and her squirming sped up.

"Baby if you need to go potty its OK. Thats why we put you in the diapee."

"I DON'T NEED TO GO. . ." She stopped partway through the sentence. She stopped squirming and tears came to her eyes.

"Daddy I'm sorry, I couldn't stop it." The smell of her poopy diaper filled the room.

"Like I said baby girl, you have a diaper on cause you aren't big enough to use the potty. Now how bout we get that smelly diaper off you and get a clean one on."Ana stood up only wearing her diaper and her Ariel shirt. Looking from behind Thad could see the back of the diaper dyed brown from the baby's accident. Ana stood in the middle of the room crying as Thad went and got an old towel, a fresh nappy, wipes, powder, cream and a plastic grocery bag to put the mess into. When he returned to the room baby Ana was still bawling her eyes out. Thad grabbed an almost empty baby bottle with a bit of wine left in it and stuffed it in her mouth. She stopped crying almost instantly, not so much from the bottle but from the sense of protection daddy was providing. Thad laid the towel on the ground and held Ana's hand as she laid down trying not to squish the diaper too much. Thad held her legs up and undid the straps on the diaper and left her messy butt in the open. He wiped the poop off off her cheeks and the rest of her messy ass. He grabbed a clean wipe and cleaned her wet pussy before rubbing her pussy with the baby cream before rubbing some around her butt hole. She giggled still holding the bottle's nipple in her mouth. Thad grabbed one of the diapers and cut a slit in the middle of diaper.

"Daddy why did you do that?" Ana asked.

"You'll see in a second baby girl. Just trust me." Thad responded in an adult voice.

"OK daddy I twust you." Ana replied still laying naked on the floor. Thad lifted her up and put the diaper on her nice and tight. She started to stand up but Thad held her down. She didn't say anything but had frown on her face.

"You're not ready to get up yet baby girl." Thad grabbed another diaper and cut a slit in the middle and put it on top of the already secure diaper. Again she tried to stand up but got pushed back to the ground.

"Baby do you think this will hold if you wet during the night?" She shook her head back and force with a big baby pout. He then grabbed the final diaper from his side. He didn't cut this one and it barely fit around the other 2 diapers. He then grabbed her hands and lifter her up. Standing next to a bag with a poopy diaper and wipes in it was a full grown teenager in an ultra thick diaper and a Little Mermaid T- shirt.

"I'm going to go throw away YOUR mess and then we can get you ready for bed.

"Otay Daddy. I'll wait on the couch."Ana said as she waddled over to the couch. Thad ran outside and put the dirty diaper in the trash can. When he came back inside he went to her room and grabbed a onsie that she got for Christmas from her mom. It wasn't intended to be for a baby girl but it fits the scene perfectly. He went to the living room and baby Ana was laying on the couch with her thumb in her mouth almost asleep already. Thad lifted her legs into the pjs and she sat up to help with the rest. He lifted her t-shirt off and showed her little breasts in the open. Together they put the rest of her onsie on. He lifted her up and carried her to her bed. He laid her down and lay next to her.

"Good night, baby Ana." Thad said as she faded off to sleep.

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