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Disclaimer: This story features adult characters in sexual situations. Diapers and scat play are described.

I'm tied to a chair wearing a thin film of sweat on my head. This is Jeannie's doing. She opens the bedroom door and smiles at me sitting there. She walks inside and my mouth drops open in shock: she's wearing the hottest skin-tight leather ensemble this side of Japan. She closes the door behind her with an evil grin on her face.

It's crazy dating Jeannie. We met during my sophomore year at college. Now we're living together. Jeannie's wild, brilliant, and crazy. She's also sex-crazed. She's horny and demented and good. She's so good. We do it everywhere: laundromats at midnight, the janitor closet at town hall, in graveyards, behind stairs. We role-play, we top, we bottom. We do it all. Chortling to ourselves like a bunch of high school punks as we pull up our pants and scramble for the fire exit.

Lately things have been kinda weird, though. Jeannie divulged a particularly bizarre fetish - diapers - and I can't say I wasn't galled at hearing what she wanted me to do. But I wore them. I refused to do anything babyish but wear them and tried my best to ignore them as she went about domming my diapered ass. I have to admit it was pretty hot when she forced me to cum by making me rub my diapered crotch on her foot. I came so hard it sort of hurt afterward. Then Jeannie wanted me to shit in the diaper. Uh uh. I called banana-foot (our safe word) and told her I was having none of it. Jeannie understood, although she looked sort of listless afterward. The scene just sort of petered to a stop. I asked her if she was angry and she said no. But I couldn't help feeling a little bad; Jeannie never looks disappointed after sex. Still, that was too tall an order.

I felt it lingering the next day: that unsaid something lurking over our conversation. But then Jeannie made a dirty crack about the British Prime Minister and I snorted milk out my nose. We laughed hard. Things are good again. Soon after dinner (consisting of some awesomely made burritos) Jeannie pulls me into the bedroom and lashes me onto a chair. Sort of a tenuous move right after eating Mexican but I can't deny the bulge pulling at the fabric of my crotch.

Jeannie pulls the front of my t-shirt over my head and loops it behind my neck. She begins her dirty flirty teasing dance, sucking on my nipples before pinching them lightly between her teeth. She makes her way down to my crotch and frees the erection from my pants. She pulls my dick through the opening of my briefs and begins to deliver what is a surprisingly spirited blow job. My eyes roll up to the ceiling. Thank you, Jesus.

Satisfied with my fully lubricated erection, Jeannie settles herself on my lap and begins to ride me like a horse. She grinds until I'm at the peak of cumming then lifts herself up completely, wearing her evil Cheshire cat smile.

"Oh god, please!" I gasp, desperately trying to thrust myself deep inside her again. She beams, wicked and evil, giving me kisses and biting my neck.


"Mmmmm?" she purrs before settling back down.

"Oh god! Yes! Oh god!!!"

She tenses, the muscles in her arms and shoulders brim and taught about my head. She's cumming. She goes quiet when she's cumming. I furiously hump as best I can. Screaming obscenities and a string of vowels.





We came together! Gold star! Jeannie eyes my stupid open grin with a look of exhausted satisfaction. Her eyes dewy and gentle with that post-orgasmic glow. I think I just may want to marry this woman.

We breathe together, silently congratulating one another with slow contented smiles. Five minutes pass. Jeanie gets off and begins to readjust herself.

"Hey babe, could you untie me? I gotta take a crap."

"I know." she says, pushing her boobs about her black leather death-girdle.

"Great, well I'm glad you've developed crap intuition, but I kinda gotta go fast, so..."


"Soooo..." I say again.

Jeannie smoothes her hair.

"C'mon Jeannie, this isn't funny." I say in a far more sobering tone.

"I didn't say it was." She quips.

"Jeannie, seriously, let me out!" I yell, thrashing about in the wooden chair she's bound me to. In all the excitement, I didn't get a chance to notice the newly-acquired cuffs and corresponding chains she put me in. Oh fuck.

I turn to her, ashen-faced.

Jeannie swoops down, giving me an eyeful of that bountiful cleavage, which I would admire if my eyes weren't riveted in horror on her face. She's got that look again. The look of a serious person. That steely-eyed determination with fanatical-like fortitude lurking just beneath the surface. Oh god.

"Don't...Jeannie.." I whisper.

"You're going to shit yourself, right here. On this chair. In your pants. Now."

"NO!" I cry.

"God you're insane! Get me out!"

"Remember when you wouldn't crap your diaper like a good little boy?" She smiles with cool, wicked contempt.

"JEANNIE!!!" I seethed, kicking, thrashing about in the chair.

"Well now you'll just have to mess your big boy pants, so we can see what a little baby you really are."

I can't believe this is happening! She's evil! Evil conniving bitch!

"JEANNIE!!" I can feel the mass collecting in my bowels, "LET ME GO!!"

"Ssssssh," she hushes, stroking my forehead, "Don't fight it. Let it all pass through."

"Noo!" I cry, squirming in vain. She fingers and pinches my nipple. This launches me into a rage, and I thrash wildly, screaming to be released.

I suddenly come to a stop. The pressure is heavy in my lower abdomen. It's beginning to grow increasingly uncomfortable. I pinch my asshole tight.

"Uh oh, looks like the laxative just kicked in."

"Uh! No!" I cry, eyes wide, arching my back as if I could somehow detach from my ass, "Please Jeannie! Please! Please don't make me shit my pants!"

"Uh uh." her perfect even tones: feminine, cold, and crisp. She circles me like a wolf.

"You have to say it like a good boy."


"C'mon Benji," she knows I hate that name, "talk like a good widdle boy."

She blows the words into my ear. Instantly my cock shoots to attention, furthering my humiliation. It makes me angry - her and my stupid cock. I feel hot pin pricks behind my eyes. Oh please don't -

"I don't want to." I say in a small tight voice, I feel a kick from my stomach. I can't hold this in much longer.

"Oh please Jeannie, let me go!"

"Oh pwease, Mommy, let me go." she calmly instructs.

I swallow. Face red, sweaty and contorted. Tears mounting under my eyes.

"Oh please-"

"Oh pwease."

"Oh pwease, Mommy, let me go." I gasp, burning in shame. My dick beads a smoky drop of pre-cum.

Jeannie takes my chin in her hand and kisses me on the lips.

"Nuh-uh-uh, naughty boy." she teases.

"Guh-UUUUUUUURGH!" I cry as fecal matter hits my pants. Tears pour over my cheeks. Jeannie won't let me look away. She watches the humiliation and horror pass over my face with a hungering interest upon her own. I feel revulsion as each buttock is smeared with warm rolls of shit. I sob as I continue to mess myself.

"Auuuh-huh-huuuuuu! Auuu-huuuu-huuuu!"

"Ssssh. There, there." She strokes my wet sticky cheek, "Ssssh."

It finally begins to subside. A large mass of squishy reeking filth cakes my ass, running up my taint. I can't stop crying, lip covered with snot and eyes swollen with shame. Jeannie takes a tissue and wipes my upper lip.

"You're a very brave boy." She says. I can't look at her. I say nothing, sniffling and hiccuping, feeling the tears abate. She uncuffs me. I sit there, helpless in my own filth. The tears may return but then Jeannie takes me by the arms and lifts me to my feet.

"C'mon, I've got it all worked out. We'll get you cleaned up in no time." She leads me over to a large padded mat that was hidden behind the bed.

"What's this?" I croak.

"Ssssh." She coos, gently laying me down upon it.

" more. Banana-foot, Jeannie, I don't want to play anymore."

"Sssssssh Ben," She soothes, her words soft notes to a song, "Ssssssssssh."

"Jeannie!" I moan as I hear the telltale crinkle of a diaper, "No more!"

"Ssssh, you'll like it. Sssssh. Relax Ben, just relax."

Want part 2? Too bad! There is no part 2! Jeannie and Ben were immediately forced to enlist in the Intergalactic Space Army (ISA) fighting the Plutonians for sovereign power over the Milky Way Galaxy! What? You didn't know this story was based in a sci fi universe? Well it is.

Ha ha ha!!! They're my creations and I can place them in whatever stupid predicament I want!

"Do I still have to wear diapers?"

What? Who are you?


What?! No you're not! Get out of here!

"Can't you just answer my question?"

....Fine. A Plutonian shoots you in the ass. Complications arise in surgery on a battlefield far from the luxuries of Earth's atmosphere which secures you in space diapers for the rest of your life.


But the horrible thing was Jeannie who shot you.


Bah ha ha ha haaaa!!! Wheedle-e wheedle-e wheee!


Bah ha ha haaaaa!

", I don't live in a universe with the Intergalactic Space Army. Mean Mommy is just insane. If you'd like to hear more about my humiliating escapades (and I'm sure you do...) please email MM at the address below and hopefully she'll do something about it. Maybe."

I'll at least be inspired to have a good ass-scratching while thinking it over.

"'re disgusting."

Says the boy with SHIT in his PANTS.

"Okay guys, enough. Let's go Ben, I'm hankering for a bagel."

"Um, Jeannie, I still do have shit in my pants."




After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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