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Wet Day Out

It was a very nice Saturday for the first day of Spring and after chatting on-line and meeting some new friends. I needed to go out and run some errands.

Having drank several cups of coffee and I a couple of glasses is water, I put on an absorbent diaper and a booster pad. Being in a really good mood and not caring what anybody saw, I put on my tightest pair of jeans over the thick diaper. Checked myself in the mirror and thought that it was not too obvious. But I didn't care.

My first stop was the bank and like usual it was not busy. Took care of my banking and decided that I needed more diapers and some lunch. I drove into the city for the diapers. Since there is on street parking, I decided to park about a block away and walk to the pharmacy. Just my luck a brand that I like was in stock.

After taking some time to look everything over and making my selection, I was off to my next stop. There was a little side trek to get more water along the way. It wouldn't be right to wear a diaper and have an empty bladder.

My next two stops were about eight blocks apart. So I parked closer to my second stop and decided to walk a few blocks to get to pub. The walk was uneventful. I don't think anybody noticed my thick diaper under my tight jeans during the walk.

I arrived at the pub and it was fairly empty. That's when all the trouble started. The bartender offered me a couple of beer samples to help me make up my mind. I ordered lunch then spent some time talking to the bartender. She was great company. After I had two beers, my plans took another turn.

Another gentleman sits down next to me and we have a few drinks and talk about sports cars and racing. A couple more drinks mysteriously go down my throat and my bladder can't handle the pressure anymore. So while talking and drinking I start filling my diaper and enjoying the conversation even more.

After about an hour goes by, I say my goodbyes, pay my bill and try to walk to my next stop. Feeling tipsy with a full bladder and wet diaper I walk to my next destination only to get held up at a fast food place to re-hydrate. My bladder is really getting full and I'm feeling desperate. No problem just empty out a little bit.

I get a refill of water this time and continue my journey to the video store. The streets are busy with the usual nice weather traffic and I continue drinking and peeing into my now sodden diaper. About I block before the store I throw away my cup and continue on my way.

Upon entering the store, I exchange greeting with the lady behind the counter and begin to browse. Soon I noticed that discomfort in my bladder was increasing rapidly and it only took a couple of seconds before I could not hold back any longer. I started wetting my diaper and enjoying the feeling of an empty bladder and warmth spreading all over.

Still browsing and looking for my selection, I noticed that I had starting wetting myself again. Having made a selection, I did not look around much longer. As I was walking up to the counter, I could feel that the backs of my legs were damp.

After paying for my purchase and leaving I could feel my jeans were riding a little lower on my hips than when I walked into the store. Normally this would bother me but I didn't care because the alcohol continued to have it's way with me.

Upon reaching my car, my bladder suddenly let go. I stood in the parking lot, peeing in my already leaking diaper as people were driving by. There was not much I could do but finish and get in the car. Fortunately, the car has leather seat and I had a plastic bag. The bag didn't do much to help, but I had it on the seat none the less.

On the drive home, I could manage to hold my pee but my diaper was losing it's contents all the way home. Fortunately, I was able to pull the car in the garage so the neighbors wouldn't find out what happened to me.

Before getting more than a couple of steps into the house, my bladder decided it could not hold on any longer and abruptly let go. What a great feeling to have a cold diaper warmed up and not have to worry about who may be watching.

I had soaked myself so much that my shirt was wet too. So I am back in a thick diaper, re-hydrating and hoping for some more fun.

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