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My Husband in Diapers - II

I left Asia sooner than Chris because he was there for almost another month. We spent a weekend in Hong Kong together doing some sight seeing before I left and then he was leaving to fly back to Shanghai and I was heading home to Chicago. We both love Hong Kong but it is pretty hot there and not exactly comfortable to be in a diaper. So, Chris had one on when he needed it and he insisted on putting me in a diaper at night before we went to bed. I loved it! When I left for Asia a third of my suitcase had diapers in it, mostly for Chris, but some for me as well and now it was almost empty to I had lots of room to bring home souvenirs. At the airport in Hong Kong we found a family changing room and Chris insisted on going in with me right before I had to go and get ready to board my flight, he had a couple hours to wait. After locking the door, without saying anything, he lifted me up and put me on the changing table. It was so sexy! He took my pants and panties off and put a thick abena x-plus under me before covering me with some powder. He made sure I was diapered well before pulling my pants back up. Then he walked me to my gate, gave me a long deep kiss and a hug and then we said goodbye.

When I got home, I decided to make myself busy with some surprises for Chris when he got home in three weeks. I hired a contractor to turn a spare bedroom into a secret room that you could get to from our master bedroom. Basically I had them seal the former door off from the hallway and drywall and paint it, and had them put a new secret bookcase door in the wall from our bedroom. I had the room painted baby blue. Then I went shopping again! I went to some special medical supply stores and ordered some things online to create our new secret nursery. I had an adult wall mounted changing table installed, I got an adult sized actual changing table, added a nice comfy queen bed with some rails on all sides so it was essentially a crib. Then I order a bunch of diapers from Bambino and Abena and stocked all of shelves.

One afternoon I stopped by Target to get some baby wipes and changing pads and while I was browsing the diaper section I found Pampers - Cruisers in size 7. I wondered if they would fit me and thought I would give it a try. I couldn't wait to get home. They fit! They were a little tight but I thought they looked pretty great. Chris was getting home the next day!

I picked him up at the airport in a cute little black skirt and a white top. When Chris walked out of the terminal to car I gave him a big hug and a deep kiss! He hopped into the passenger seat and I started to drive home, letting my skirt slide up my thighs just a little. Chris took it as an invitation to rub my inner thigh until his hand reach my pampers... He was so incredibly excited! I couldn't wait to get him home and show him the rest of my surprises.

After we got in the house I invited him up to the bedroom and he thought he was just going to get lucky. When we got to our room he noticed a new bookshelf and commented that he liked it. Then I slide it to the right and revealed his nursery, I took his hand and said "let me change your diaper, you must be very wet after your long plane ride" I told him to get up on the changing table and told him that from then on every weekend he was going to be in diapers 100% and only I could change him, no matter where we were. He was so excited he was speechless! I got him cleaned up and in a fresh diaper, only a diaper no clothes.

We had a fantastic love making session and he asked me how often I would be willing to wear pampers. I told him I would wear them every weekend as well and that he was responsible for changing me but only when I needed it and that 99% of the time I was in charge. He excitedly agreed and a whole new chapter of our fantastic relationship started!

After a while we became less and less cautious about the fact that Chris was in diapers. We would have friends over all the time on the weekends. At first we used to try and sneak away for a couple minutes so I could change Chris. Then after awhile I would excuse myself occasionally to say I had to help Chris change real quick, and then eventually that turned into me saying I had to go and change Chris. I don't know why but we never thought our friends really "got it", and it was fun for us. Well, out best friends, Jennie and Clinton were on to us.

One Saturday I met up with Jennie to get pedicures in the afternoon and while we were soaking our feet she asked me why Chris needed to wear diapers. I was shocked and at first I thought about denying it but then I figured why bother. I told her the whole story, how he hurt his back and needed the protection and then how we both started to like to have him in diapers and everything else that happened over the past year. I could tell that Jennie was intrigued. That was when she made the craziest comment and she said that if I ever needed help taking care of Chris she would be happy to change him or babysit and that she needed to start getting Clinton in diapers! We made some pretty exciting plans.

That night we met Chris for dinner and then went back to our house for some more wine and some deserts. Clinton was out of town for a work event. After Chris poured us some wine Jennie looked at Chris, grabbed his hand and said, "hey Chris, come on lets go up to the nursery for a minute, you probably need to be changed after all that water and those martini's you drank at dinner." At first he looked shocked and terrified and just looked at me and so I told him he better get going before he started to leak. He let Jennie lead him up to the nursery and he got up on the changing table. She took her time changing him and talked to him about work and the weekend while she was changing him as if it were the most normal thing in the world. She told me he was rock hard while she was changing him, which we expected and were hoping for... She cleaned him up with my favorite Huggies wipes and slowly rubbed some diaper cream on him, just enough to get him more excited, and then put a fresh diaper on him and brought him back downstairs. He was so excited but nervous at the same time. I think he was afraid I would think he was doing something wrong.

After we were too tired to drink more wine I announced it was time for bed and that Jennie was staying over in one of the guest rooms because we didn't want her driving home after all that wine. So Jennie and I led the way upstairs to the nursery again and I decided to take out the Pampers. We made Chris sit in the crib in just his diaper while he watched Jennie and I take turns putting a fresh diaper on each other and some sexy teddies. Then we both changed his wet diaper and Jennie said goodnight and went out and down the hall to the guest room. Not long after we could hear the new vibrator Jennie and I had bought after our pedicures and we could hear her moaning. Then Chris and I crawled into bed together and he curled up behind me while I was laying on my side. I reached behind me and slowly, gently, loosened the tapes on his diaper pulled his rock hard cock out of the side of the diaper. I put a little ky on him and rubbed his cock for a little while. He was rubbing my pussy through the Pampers from behind me and then slide the diaper aside and slowly fucked me from behind while we were cuddling. It was amazing! Then he lifted me up and over to the changing table in the nursery and started to clean me up with some wipes which only made me hot again. I pulled him to the crib, pulled down his diaper and got on top of him. I fucked him pretty hard until we both came again.

This time I was too tired for a third round and so we took turns cleaning each other up and I put a fresh Bambino on Chris and he put a Pampers on me. As we walked back into the bedroom Jennie knocked and came in, I told her to come along that I would change her. Jennie had a couple orgasms herself with her new toy! Chris lifted her up onto the changing table and I slowly, teasingly, changed her into a freshPampers and then led her back to the guest room to tuck her in. Then Chris and I snuggled all night and I told Chris that Jennie was going to be coming in tomorrow morning to change him while I made use some French toast for breakfast.

It was the start of a whole new level of being best friends! To be continued!

The best part of this story is that it is non-fiction!

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