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Maria's regression

Part 1

Maria walked slowly down the long stone hallway toward a light at the end when suddenly she stopped walking forward and began to walk backward. With each step back she felt younger and younger soon she didn't feel seventeen anymore. Her clothes began to change with her mentality instead of her normal clothes she was dressed like a young girl. In a few steps Maria was thinking like a toddler and dressed like one wearing padded training panties. Still in reverse Maria began wetting herself immediately her training diaper was leaking and sagging heavily.

Maria awoke with a start to find herself still wetting her soaked bed.

"What am I doing!?" Maria screamed as her uncontrolled flow stopped. Sobbing she rushed to her bathroom sitting on the toilet she tried to calm herself down. After taking a few deep breaths she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror at her petite five foot tall body. She wiped the tears from her round baby face and smoothed her shoulder length blonde hair. Sighing, she removed her C cup bra and soaked panties; she tossed her soiled clothes in the hamper and turned on the shower. Stepping into the warm water she cleaned off and washed herself thoroughly. Quickly drying herself she opened the door to go get dressed but she was blocked by her mother Christina holding her soaked bed spread with a disappointed look on her young face.

Christina observed her adopted daughter's naked form while holding the soaked bed spread she discovered.

"What happened honey?" Christina asked her daughter her tone was of concern and confusion.

Maria, still naked she began to cry, she rushed into her young mother's arms. Christina was new to being a mother, having adopted Maria only 7 years ago she wasn't sure what to do. Christina was only 29 she was taller and had more curves than Maria. Her black hair was in a pony tail and her robe concealed her nakedness. She held her naked daughter close and waited for her to stop crying. Once Maria calmed down and realized she had to get ready for school. She couldn't explain why she wet the bed so suddenly all she remembered is having an odd dream where she was walking down a hallway then started walking backwards. The last thing she recalled before she woke up was that she was wearing padded training panties with princesses on the front and the end was a blur. She told her mother of the dream as Christina drove her to school.

"I'm not sure baby," Christina said regretting her poor choice of words.

"I'll set up an appointment with our therapist tomorrow."

Maria sighed depressed and confused as she walked into her first period class. She sat next to her best friend Taylor a tall slender girl with an ass and breasts that most girls would kill for. Beneath her long brown hair and innocent façade was very bold in her sexuality and was a DL but Maria didn't know that. Taylor did keep some secrets from her best friend especially the diaper hiding her best kept secret: she was never completely out of diapers; her bladder was too weak to hold in what she drank for more than a few minutes.

"What's wrong Maria?" Taylor could see her friend was down.

"Nothing just tired I guess," Maria returned not wanting to divulge anything. Maria tried to act normal and pay attention to their teacher.

Minutes passed and soon Maria's mind was on the night before she tried to remember the rest of her dream. Time slipped by and class was nearing dismissal when she had an epiphany. As she walked backward and her thoughts became more childlike she remembered her training diaper and how when she began to wet herself the diaper became instantly full, leaked and sagged. After the realization something else got her attention she had to pee desperately. The sudden urge confused her but she wasn't about to wet herself in front of her class. She excused herself and rushed down the hallway. Racing to the bathroom she made it inside and locked the door, but that was as far as she got. She froze her control was outweighed by nature and soon pee trickled down her leg. In a few seconds the trickle became a flood, when the flood abated it left Maria in tears calling her mother to pick her up.

When Maria got into her mother's car her skirt had a large stain as well as her socks, shoes and panties. They drove home in silence neither was sure what to say. Christina walked her daughter to her room and sat her down on her now clean bed.

"Now, Maria I know you probably won't like it but I think you should wear these," Christina said holding up a training diaper like the one in her dream.

"Mom! No!" Maria begged not wanting to go back to diapers.

"Honey, it won't be so bad it will be only until your sure you can control yourself." Christina tried to console her daughter.

"Easy for you to say, you're not the one who has to go back to wearing a training diaper!" Maria retorted at the unfairness.

"I know I'm sorry baby..." Christina stopped she had a brilliant idea to make her daughter not feel so alone and enjoy a deep seated desire she has had for years.

"Maria what if I told you that you wouldn't be alone," Christina asked hinting.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Maria asked confused.

Christina didn't respond to Maria's question. Maria saw her mother shut her eyes for a few seconds then have a sigh of relief on her face. Maria was then sure of her answer as she saw a puddle start to form at her mother's feet. Christina looked down at her soaked clothes then looked at Maria.

Tears welled up in Christina's eyes, "Sissy I had an accident." She whined then started sucking her thumb.

To be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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