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My name is B.W. which is short for Brandon Williams and i am 16 yrs. old 4'9" 90lbs. i live in MD. i have a dwarfsyndrome and i get bullied and made fun of at school everyday all day, but when i am at home i am always in my bedroom on my computer searching for ab/dl and sissy baby sites. My mother doesn't know about my secret fantasy of being a sissy baby girl, and i am afraid my mother will not understand and send me to an institution. One day, my worst fears came alive while i was in my room reading a sissy baby story, when all of a sudden my mother walks in on me. I was wearing my sissy baby clothes which consists of a pink baby bonnett, a pink sissy baby party dress with alot of petticoats, a cloth diaper and pink rumba plastic panties, white ankle socks, and pink Mary Janes shoes. Mom just asked,

"what on earth are you doing"? I froze up looking at her about to start crying my eye's out. Then mother came over to me and said, "meet me in the living room and do not remove any of your clothing". Then walked out of my room. I got up, after getting over the shock and panic, went down to the living room and sat on the couch next to my mother. I started to apologize but she cut me off saying "tell me the truth, do you like dressing as a sissy baby girl"? I just nodded my head "yes" and kept looking down at the floor. Then she asked,"why? Is it because you are picked on and bullied?" I again nodded "yes" with tears in my eyes getting ready to cry again. My mother looked at me and said" Shhh it's ok. No need to cry. I understand baby". I just looked up at her shocked and said" you don't mind"? My mother then shook her head "no" then asked me" Why didn't you come to me and tell me?" I said" I was scared you would yell at me and send me to the funny farm." Then my mothere shook her head and said" No i wouldn't, you are my son and i love you no matter what you do" Then she asked the one question that i dreaded answering," Are you gay? It is ok if you are but since i am your mother i should know about these feelings." I had no choice but to say," Yes mother i am gay. all i want to be is treated as a sissy baby girl." Then for the first time that evening i saw her smile, then say" i want my baby back but as a sissy baby girl. i will order everything a sissy baby girl needs."I smiled and hugged her and said," thank you mother!" She said ,"you can now call me mommy or Ma Ma." I said" Ok MaMa. First my mama stuck a finger in my diaper and said," Good girl. Where is your diaper supply?" I told her i only have to ones i am wearing and i didn't expect to wet them. she said," Ok then go and get in the car we have some shopping to do." I was a nervous wreck when i walked to the car. I was about to get in the front seat of my mothers Ford Expidition when she stopped me and said," No, babies ride in the back seat!" Thats when my mother pulled down the flap to open the child seat thats built into the seat. I climbed into the childs seat and mommy fastened the harness over me. We left the driveway and headed to the store. When we got there she placed me in the child seat of the shopping cart and proceeded to the baby section. When we got there, mommy asked me," Pampers, Huggies, or Luvs? I said excitedly," Luvs!! i love the barney charactors on them" Mommy then grabbed 5 cases of Luvs and a case of wipes, baby oil, baby lotion, and baby powder. A few baby bottles, pacifiers in pastel colors (including pink), a rattle and other baby toys were placed in the cart. We headed to the checkout and payed for everything and the cashier said," what a cute little baby girl you have there!" I blushed as mommy said," thank you she is 1 1/2 years old." We left and loaded the suv and went to Babies R Us and bought a wardrobe of baby girls outfits for me and since i am small and skinny for my age they all fit me with room for a very thick diaper. Mommy even bought some cloth diapers and mor rumba plastic panties. When we got done, we headed home and unloaded everything into my room. All of my boys clothes were boxed and bagged up to go to the Salvation Army. While i was putting my new clothes and supplies away, my mommy was on the computer and ordered me a whole nursery which will be delivered the next day while i am at school. There is one problem though, i can't go to school dressed as a baby girl. My mommy said i can wear a set of big boy clothes on my last day of school. I said," last day? what are you talking about? This is the beginning of December?" That is when she told me she is pulling me out of school and is homeschooling me from now on. Mommy went on to say," We need to give you a new name, because Brandon Williams is not a girls name." Mommy thought for a few minutes and said," Your new name is now Brenda Lee Williams." I smiled and said," I love it ma ma. It was getting late by now and my mommy changed my diaper and put a fuzzy pink footed sleeper complete with mittens on me and said," Good night my sweet baby girl." i smiled and replied," nite nite mama."

I fell asleep right away all happy and content. Mommy put a binky in my mouth and i started to suck on it right away. The next morning i woke up and started to get undressed but mommy stopped me telling me babies don't know how to undress themselves. I said," I sowwy ma ma." with my head down and tears welling up in my eyes. Mommy just kissed me and said,"It's alright Baby Brenda, i'm not mad at you." I just smiled and said," fank you ma ma." Mommy said,"Lay down on your bed sweetie." I layed down on my bed and she undressed me and took me in the bathroom and started a bath. As the tub filled up with warm water, mommy tested the water and had me hop in the tub. Then mommy started washing me and when i was clean, i was then dried off in a fluffy pink towell. When i was dry, i was told to lay back down on the bed. After i laid down on the bed, mommy placed a disposable diaper under me and i asked," Ma ma i can no wear a diapee to school, with a pout." Thats when mommy said i wasn't going to school. i was going over to a friend of hers house for a few hours. I said," Otay ma ma." Mommy then dressed me in my pink sissy baby dress white plastic panties white tights pink anklets and my pink Mary Jane shoes, with a pink baby bonnett. Mommy took me out to the car and put me in the child safety seat and drove over to mommys friends house Mommys friends name is Charles. When mommy left his house, Charles took me upstairs and started to tie me to his bed. I got so scared i started to squirm and fight him but i was to weak. Then i started to scream for help and he taped my mouth shut by wrapping duct tape around my head. Charles then blindfolded me, pulled my tights, panties, and diapers down around my ankles. I felt some lube on my backside and i cried as hard and as loud as i can. Then i felt the tip of his dick pushing in my rosebud and i screamed bloody murder cause it hurt so bad. I was kept there for awhile. Before mommy was due back he pulled my diaper, panties, and tights back in place. then he untied me while saying," Don't tell anyone about this or else. i just shook my head in the affirmative. When mommy came to pick me up she was worried cause i was silent with tears in my eyes. We pulled in the garage and i got out and ran up to my room and shut the door and quietly cried my heart out. Just then mommy came in and asked whats wrong? i told her everything and boy was she pissed off. I heard her on the phone to the police and they were on there way. Before they got here mommy changed my clothes over to boys clothes. The doorbell rang and mommy answered the door and said hello detective. Mommy escorted the detective and the forensics team up to my room. When they came in they asked questions all the while mommy was holding and hugging me. Then they took pictures and collected semen samples from my rosebud. They left and the detective went over to Charles house and arressted him for raping a minor. Meanwhile back at home mommy changed my clothing and gave me a sleeping pill and a baby bottle of apple juice so i can calm down and get some sleep. While i was asleep, mommy called my best friend which is also my boyfriend and asked him to come over, and that they need to talk. My boyfriends name is Jack Weston. Jack came over and rang the doorbell. Mommy babswered the door and said come in Jack. Jack then came in and sat on the sofa and asked," Whats wrong Mrs. Williams?" Mommy explained everything to Jack. His eyes was wide open with shock that Mrs. Williams knew he was Brandons boyfriend, but even more worried about Brandons attack. Jack was asked to spend a few weeks at Brandons house and was told he can sleep with Brandon/Brenda. Jack walked into Brenda's room and helped Mrs. Williams move Brenda into his new nursery which was right next her mommy's room. He was sitting in a rocking chair when Brenda woke up and got scared because he saw Jack, his boyfriend, sitting in the rocking chair and realised he was in his sissy baby clothes. Brenda started to cry in shame. Jack stood up and went over to Baby Brenda and calmed her down while explaining everything. They hugged and kissed each other and Baby Brenda said," Baby Bwenda wanna suck daddies ba ba!" Jack then said," You can Baby Brenda." When Mrs. Williams walked in, she just smiled and said," awww, you two are so adorable that i am happy my Baby Brenda is awake and feeling better. They both just smiled a huge smile. Mrs. Williams walked over and checked Baby Brenda's diaper and it was soaked. Mrs. Williams announced that baby's diapee is all wet and messy by the smell of it. While Baby Brenda sucked on Jacks cock, Mrs. Williams changed Baby Brenda's diaper. all the while Baby Brenda was blushing a dark red in embarrassment. After Baby Brenda's diaper was changed it was din din time. By that time Jack shot his load in Baby Brenda's sissy baby mouth. Mrs. Williams place Baby Brenda is her high chair while Jack tied her baby bib aroud her neck. Then her mommy started feeding her, her baby food and baby bottle full of formula. After Baby Brenda's luch it was her nap time and Mrs Williams asked Jack if he wants to put Baby Brenda down for her nappy poos. Jack readily accepted and kissed Baby Brenda on her forehead and said softly," Daddy will be right here when you wake up ok baby? Baby Brenda said," otay da da me go sweepies fwo you. Jack placed a baby bottle of water in baby's mouth and clipped her pick pacifier to her outfit and left the room. Baby Brenda drank the water and then stuck her binky in her mouth and fell asleep dreaming of sweet sissy baby dreams.

In the morning i woke up and started crying again. This time it was at 2:30am. I was sweating alot and i was scared. Mommy and Jack came running in my nursery and asked "Whats wrong Baby Bwenda?" I looked up and said," I i scared ma ma. dat man was after me again cause i told on him!" Mommy was worried and said in as calm a voice as possable," its ok baby. He not after you. it was a bad dweam sweetie." I just hugged my mommy and continued crying until i calmed down. Then Jack took me off of mommys hands and rocked me in the rocking chairand rubbed my back. Jack asked me if i can trust him and i said of course dada i twust you. He checked my diaper and found it wet and messy so he took me to the changing table and took my diapers and plastic pants off and cleaned my tushie and my clitty. Then Jack picked me up and laid me down on the bed on my tummy. Jack said," Ok baby please trust me i won't do anything to hurt my baby girl ok?" I said," Otay dada me twust you." Jack then softly lubed up my hinny and his cock and gently pushed it in my hinny and he was very gentle and even asked if i was allright and i said that i was. then my daddy slowly and lovingly made passionate love to me and i was grateful that he was gental. I was startled to find out that i had tears in my eyes. The tears were happy tears. After daddy finished making love to me, he rediapered me and placed a baby bottle in my mouth and placed me back in my crib and said,"Nitey nite Baby Brenda." i continued sucking on my baba and fell asleep. While I was sleeping, the house alarm went off cause that man who hurt me came back. Mommy and Jack ran up to my room and stayed with me until the cops got there. that way he can't hurt me again. Charles came up to my room and entered. Jack was off to the side where Charles can't see him while the door is open. I saw that when he entered, he had a handgun. and took aim at me and fired the gun but my mommy jumped in front of me and was shot and killed. Charles took aim again and my daddy hit Charels over his head and knocked him uncontious. I was crying so hard cause my mommy was shot. Jack come over and checked my mommy for a pulse and then looked up at me with tears in his eyes. I just started crying even harder now. I was still in my crib while all of this was happening. The cops finally arrived and arrested Charles for breaking and entering, attempted murder, and murder. A detective named Sgt. Wood came over to me and hugged me and said he is sorry for my loss. I said," Thank you Sgt. Wood. What am i gonna do now?" Sgt. said," You will be able to go and live with Jack now cause your mommy named him your legal gaurdian." I smiled as much as i can being that i lost my mommy. Jack and i filed a law suit against Charles for $20,000,000,000.00 and we won and Charels was sentenced to death by leathal injection.

While i was asleep at home Jack went and bought a nice country house with 300 acres surrounding the house. Jack then moved everything over to the new house while i was sleeping and when i awoke i was scared and started to cry again. Jack came in and asked,"Whats wrong Baby Brenda?" I said,"Where are we? i don't recognize this house. Then Jack said he bought us a new house and you will be my sissy baby girl 24/7 365. I was speechless and was also smiling and said,"Weally me can be a baby fwo da west of me wife?" Jack was laughing and said," You bet precious. After that we lived happily ever after as daddy and baby girl.


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