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The Best Diaper is a Free One

I'm your average 20 year old guy. I'm in college, have a wonderful girlfriend, and just trying to work my way through this rough economic time. Because of the lack of money, I've had to put diapers to the side. I've always known what I was, and that I'd love to wear diapers 24/7, but for now I have to save my money for other things.

While doing an internship for my degree, I was sitting around waiting for the guy I was working with that day when I got bored and started to go through the abandoned filing cabinets, since the building is kind of run down and no one uses it for much anyway. After going through a couple I open one on the bottom, and sitting there is an open pack of about 12 adult diapers. I couldn't believe my luck!! When the came back I jokingly said, "You have some incontinent worker here or something??"

When I told him about what I found, we had a laugh, and then he realized he had locked his keys in the locker room. He said, "By the way, we moved to this building about 5 years ago and we share the building with some other people so it might be one of their guys' diapers." So while he went to a co-workers house to get their keys, I quickly grabbed a diaper and ran up the stairs to the bathroom. It was a Depends with 3 tabs. I'd used Depends before but didn't like them, but since I didn't buy them and it had been a while since I bought some I wasn't about to be picky.

I put it on, and was immediately in a state of utmost euphoria. It fit perfectly and crinkled quite a bit. The best part was once I pulled my pants up, they muffled the sound of the diaper so no one would be able to tell what I was wearing. I decided to take the chance and wore it all day.

We went about our business, and I had wet the diaper a couple times and the diaper held it all. When we got back to pack up and leave he said, "Oh I found out that those diapers have been there a while, so they're free for the taking." We both laughed, but I couldn't help but think he guessed more than he was letting on.

So while he was in the locker room changing, I quickly grabbed 5 or 6 of them and put them in my bag, said goodbye and walked out the door. Once I got home I quickly stripped down to the gym shorts and undershirt I always wear under my clothes. Then, deciding no one would come in and check, I stripped down so I was just wearing the diaper and undershirt. Then I thought about how great it would be to take a nap in just the diaper. So I hopped into my bed, and sleep caught me quickly. It was the best sleep I'd had in months.

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