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Maria's Regression

Part 2

Maria stood in front of her mother watching her pee still slide down her long legs while sucking her thumb. Maria was speechless at the demonstration of her mother's commitment. Christina dropped her infantile tendencies for a moment and was a mother again.

"Since you're so against wearing diapers to make you feel less insecure I'll wear them too and ill even be your little sister." Christina said trying to hide her excitement. Maria reluctantly agreed to her mother's plan.

"Great, let's go to a movie!" Christina said excitedly.

Christina bounced off to her room to change her soiled clothes and dress more appropriately. Maria was left to her own devices and realized her soiled skirt wasn't the appropriate thing to wear outside. Maria stripped down naked and cleaned the mess she made. Standing in front of her mirror naked she looked like an attractive young woman. Her thoughts soon turned to the protection she needed to wear, reaching down she grabbed a training diaper. Maria pulled the training diaper over her shaven pussy. Taking a second look at herself she looked much younger wearing the thick absorbent panties. She felt very secure and safe wearing the training diaper.

Maria's daydreaming was quickly interrupted by the shocking form of her mother now in the mirror next to her. Christina's appearance didn't indicate the responsible young mother she was now she looked like a year old baby standing next to her daughter: hair in pigtails, naked from the waist up, from the waist down her cloth diaper covered by her plastic pants was thick and protruding. Christina's predicament was obvious to anyone who wanted to look. Christina stuck her thumb in her mouth and began to suckle on it.

"So, how do I look sissy?" Christina asked childishly. Maria was speechless all she could do was hug her infantile mother around her bare breasts.

"Wait, where did you get that diaper mommy?" Maria asked curious. All Christina could do was blush at the question and Maria had her answer.

"Mommy you can't go out to a movie dressed like that." Maria commented on her mother's half naked body. Christina realizing this rushed quickly back to her room and came back quickly wearing a tee shirt with a pacifier on the front that only covered half her breasts, her nipples were still visible under the thin material.

Christina helped her daughter get dressed in a school girl's uniform, her skirt wasn't even long enough to cover her training panties. Christina put on an identical skirt out of modesty, but it too did little to hide the situation. Christina satisfied with her and her daughter's appearance rushed them excitedly to the car. Christina buckled her seat belt and drove to the movie theater.

Christina parked the car and walked with Maria up to the box office. Being a Tuesday afternoon it was a slow business time and Christina bought them two children's tickets for the new Rugrats movie. Tickets in hand Maria and Christina walked to the refreshment counter deserted for all but one employee.

"Wow, you two must really like Rugrats to dress like that," the employee said giggling.

"Yes miss lady we wuv wugwats," Christina said in her best baby talk. Christina ordered both her and her daughter extra large sodas and they leisurely went to their theaters sipping their sodas until their movie started.

As their movie progressed both of the regressed women sipped their sodas and watched the movie mesmerized. Thirty minutes into the movie Christina's bladder was about to burst and she hadn't finished even half her soda. After only a few seconds of resisting she relaxed her bladder and began to flood her cloth diaper. What had built up over hours was released in almost a minute, relieved she was glad she didn't interrupt her movie experience. Christina and Maria continued to sip their drinks and watch the movie. Maria by contrast to her mother didn't feel a pressure build up in her bladder she was not aware that as she watched the movie she was slowly filling her training diaper.

Near the end of the movie Christina had finished her soda and wanted a refill, standing up she walked back to the refreshment counter where the one employee was still there. She politely acknowledged Christina and took a careful second look at her.

The girl refilled her soda and walked around the counter and pressed Christina close against her.

"You're not just a Rugrats fan, I can see where that soda went little girl." The girl slipped her hand into Christina's soaked diaper the jostling caused Christina to dribble on the floor while the young cashier fingered her gently. After a few seconds the girl removed her fingers and gently spanked Christina's padded ass the spank against the wet diaper caused an audible pop sound.

"My name's Kiley, anytime you need a change, or a little discipline you give me a call." With that Kiley was back to work and a stunned Christina took her refilled soda back to the theater with her daughter.

Christina took her seat and was soon again absorbed in the movie with her daughter. Maria finished her soda in her mother's absence and had barely realized her mother was gone. When the movie concluded the other few people left the theater leaving Christina and Maria. Christina stood up first; Maria noticed the sagging of her mother's now yellowed diaper.

"Mommy, looks like you had accident or two." Maria said snickering at her supposed elder.

"I wouldn't be so fast to judge, Baby Maria." Christina said emphasizing baby as she pointed at Maria's diaper.

Maria stood up and noticed her diaper was full to capacity and had been leaking on her seat, she drank all her soda and it went right into her diaper.

"What's happening to me!" Maria cried out.

To be continued...

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