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Maria's Regression

Part 3

"You're becoming a young lady," Christina joked at Maria's frustration over her developing incontinence.

"Well maybe a little too young."

"That's not funny!" Maria snapped, tears streaming down her face she rushed down the steps and stood by the doors crying.

Christina rushed after her distraught daughter and caught up with her at the entrance. Christina held Maria close and wiped her tears away. After Maria calmed down the last few people filtered out of the theater while they waited for a break in the line to make their exit.

As the last few people walked out Maria recognized a familiar face, "Taylor?!" Maria called out shocked and mortified.

"Maria!" Taylor gasped embarrassed to be caught at a Rugrats movie. Taylor then noticed Maria's appearance compared to her low cut shirt, skirt and hidden diaper; Maria was dressed like a naughty school girl, her shirt was a size too small, her skirt was only 4 inches long and didn't do anything to hide her sagging training diaper. Her mother Christina looked even younger than her daughter her half shirt and skirt were merely a side show to compared to her bulkiness of her clear plastic pants covering her flooded cloth diapers.

"Taylor, it's not what it looks like," Maria tried to reason to her friend.

"Maria, I think you're having an accident," Taylor pointed at the puddle forming between Maria's feet.

"It's ok though; there is something I have never told you. I've got a very weak bladder, I'm incontinent." Taylor hiked up her skirt and revealed a slightly used pullup diaper.

"That's great, come with us we were about to get some baby stuff from the store on our way home." Christina commented.

"I'd love to!" Taylor said excitedly.

Plan decided Taylor followed Christina and Maria out of the movie theater and drove off to the drug store near Maria's house. Pulling into their parking spaces Taylor followed her friend and her mother to the baby aisle. Christina selected various packs of diapers, pacifiers, bottles, diuretics, baby food, baby powder, formula, baby wipes and diaper doublers. With their various items purchased they headed back to Maria's house and proceeded to rip open their items excitedly. Each of the infantile adults had a pacifier and were suckling contentedly. Maria was getting her soggy training diaper changed by her mother and put into a fresh baby diaper with slits cuts from front to back and then a pull up with slits front to back as well. Christina then slid an extra thick overnight diaper under her daughter's pull up diaper and in between them she added a few diaper doublers.

"There that ought to do you for the night." Christina added satisfied. Christina put Taylor into the same protection as Maria both of them could only crawl from the bulkiness between their thighs. Christina changed herself into a single overnight diaper and went into the kitchen.

"You know Maria I've been thinking that dream might be your subconscious wanting to be a baby again. We should indulge that desire for a while maybe the problem will resolve itself." Christina handed each of them an extra large bottle the size of a two liter full of baby formula.

"I guess, I'll give it a try not like I have much of a choice." Maria said trying to look on the Brightside.

Now off to bed you too its way past your bed time. Christina walked the two girls to Maria's room. Before Christina closed Maria's door leaving the two regressed teen babies to sleep she reminded the two, "remember good little babies finish their bottles."

After Christina closed the door to her daughter's room she text messaged Kiley who said she would be over in a few minutes. Christina told Kiley she had a big baby that needed a change and a little discipline. Christina waited excitedly for her baby sitter to arrive.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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