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Tyler's Diaper Discipline

Chapter 1: The Plan

It all began with a phone call to my girlfriend Molly. I was 19 years old it was currently the beginning of summer in the month of June. I was living with my girlfriend at the time, Molly; I guess you could say that our relationship was going pretty well. At least that is what I thought. I had just moved in with her, and her mother for the summer until college began in the fall. Molly was a sweet girl age 18 with blond hair and blue eyes about 5'4" tall with an athletic build. Molly's mom, Jane, was a bit older around 40 years of age and a bit of a feminist. Along with having problems with the male species Molly's mother always had issues with always being in control. I guess that is why her father moved away years ago. Although I couldn't deny she was attractive I really despised her and could not stand the idea of living with her for the whole summer. Any way concerning Molly and its relationship we were getting very serious and her mom couldn't stand the idea of it. This is where things I think began to go wrong her Mother started planting the seed of doubt in Molly's mind and about how I was just doing whatever I wanted and when I wanted. She tried setting a curfew for me at the beginning of the summer to which I disobeyed every chance I got. So as I said in the beginning it all began with a phone call to Molly.

Molly: Hello?

Tyler: Hey babe what's going on?

Molly: Oh.... not too much just doing a little shopping with mom. Whatcha doing?

Tyler: Oh boy I bet that's entertaining. Nothing much just driving around town.

Molly: Mom quite it's Ty..........what time are you coming home tonight? Mom wants to know.

Tyler: Whenever I feel like it what's it to her? You really got to let her quit bossing you around you know.

Jane: Hey Molly... what kind of diapers do you think he will wear?

Molly: I don't know, maybe Huggies.

Tyler: Say What?

Molly: Huh...Oh nothing. Hey look I can't really talk right now. Mom needs my help picking out something. Just be home by 5:00pm for dinner all right?

Tyler: Love ya. I'll talk to you la...............

Molly: Gotta go bye.

At that time she practically hung up on me. Well that conversation felt rushed but I just figured her mom was being a bitch like normal.

So how's our little boy doing? Jane said. Mom I think he heard you. You have to be more quite when I'm on the phone! Oh Molly you'll never learn, will you? He's controlling your life and you don't even know it yet. You shouldn't be worried if he heard you or not anyway it won't matter by tonight. It's our house and our rules and if he doesn't like it then that's just too bad. You have to learn to start trusting your mother! Now then, what diapers do you think will fit him good? You know his waist size. At that moment Molly was staring at her mother as they walked down the baby isle of the store and realized that maybe her mother was right. Tyler had been more distant and demanding in their relationship. The demanding part she really couldn't stand. Always being told, "I want to do this" and "I want that" It was like her feelings didn't even matter. He was always getting his way and now she realized it and with that thought Molly just kind of smiled and told her mom "I think something like Pampers or Luvs would be right for Baby Tyler. Something with a babyish print on them..... Oh mom let's get these." With that comment Molly held up a package of Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 featuring Sesame Street characters.

"Now you've got the idea. He's going to look so cute." Jane said with a smile.

Later that evening around 6:30pm Tyler came pulling up in the driveway. Gee only an hour and a half late for dinner she thought.

"He really does whatever he pleases doesn't he mom?" said Molly.

"I told you Molly he'll be cheating on you bye the end of summer if you don't get control of him now? Just remain calm and stick to the plan" Jane Stated. At that moment Tyler walked through the door and immediately caught a glare from Molly and her mother from the living room.

"Well hello Tyler we were starting to get worried about you. I mean didn't I tell you to be home at 5:00pm tonight. Where were you?" Jane said in an overly nice yet sarcastic tone.

"It's none of your damn business where I was and besides I don't answer to you." Tyler snapped back.

"Now that's not a very nice way to speak to an adult or a big person sweetheart." Said Jane.

"Fuck you bitch" Tyler replied.

Molly no longer being able to hold her temper interrupted." That's it I've had it with you, I'm tired of your language towards us and you just doing whatever you want all the time. You just come in here like you own the place and then just expect everything to be given to you and for us to take care of your every want and need. You've been acting like a spoiled baby. So if you want to act like a baby then I'll treat you like one. So for starters you're grounded until further notice. That means no going out unless I give you permission. Got It?" Stated Molly.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha that's real cute babe, you almost sounded like your Bitch mother." Tyler said while laughing, as he was obliviously not taking Molly's words seriously.

At that moment all the anger inside of Molly had erupted into one solid smack across the face of Tyler. It was at this time when Jane emerged and began to grab him from behind while being caught off guard. Tyler started to fight her but Molly quickly intervened as Jane dragged the defiant boy over to a chair and sat down.

"Molly hold his hands behind his back. There you go. Keep them there. Now you keep on fighting that's just fine it's makes this all the better knowing that the two of us can control you." Tyler again fought back with another bought of anger but was not able to break the hold of the two ladies. Jane then opened up his jeans and yanked them down. Followed by his boxer shorts. Jane and Molly then forced him to step out of his pants and then took off his T-shirt. Tyler was now completely naked in front of his soon to be Mother in law, while his girlfriend held his arms behind his back. Then Molly pushed him forwards as he placed over Jane's lap. Being bent over the lap by one of his most hated people in the world Tyler couldn't stand the idea of it. He also began worrying now realizing that she had the upper hand. Tyler began kicking violently with his legs as Jane forced them under her own legs to help contain them. Then continued to hold him down with her left arm in place.

The first smack landed on his bottom forcing him to cry out in pain. Jane raised her hand again and began to spank him severely. Tyler was now crying uncontrollably begging her to stop and promising to be good.

"Molly, now it's your turn."

"I spanked him for myself now I want you to discipline him for yourself. This will help teach him who is in control."

As Jane held Tyler with both hands Molly prepared to discipline her spoiled brat of a boyfriend.

Tyler was crying so hard that he didn't even realize that Molly was about to spank him. Molly's first smacks were soft and did not cause any pain, but after ten smacks she started to spank harder and soon her spanking stung more than her mother's. Tyler felt too much pain to be embarrassed now. After about 30 hard smacks Molly stopped. Kneeled down in the face of him and looked into his face. The boy was crying uncontrollably and begging for mercy he would have given into anything by this time.

"Now I think we can trust you not to resist again against your punishment right?" With that another slap landed on Tyler's already sore bottom, causing to whimper.

"As I was saying you are going to grounded until further notice that means doing anything we tell you. That also means when being grounded I want you to properly address us. My mother you will call Nanna and you will address me as mommy from now on right?" Tyler's head just nodded.

"Good boy, now I want you to come to the bathroom with me, come on." With that Tyler was let up off of Jane's lap and was lead bye the hand down the hall naked to the bathroom by Molly and her mother.

Once in the bathroom he had no idea what was going to happen.

"Stand here and don't move a muscle until I say so got it?" I stood there in front of Molly and her mom with tears streaming down my face, nose running, and my butt feeling like it was on fire. I held my hand in front of me in an attempt to cover myself up a little. As her mom began running the Bath water as Molly instructed for me.

"Now come over here next to the tub. And don't be so concerned with covering yourself up with your hands, little boys your age don't know any better." Well, at that moment I didn't care and I didn't want her mother seeing me naked.

"Hey mom or I mean Nanna" Molly said with a menacing grin on her face," Could you hand me that container of Nair over there on the countertop?" At that moment she applied a large amount in the palm of her hand and began to rub it in all over my body. My private area was the first followed by my legs, arms, and underarms. I realized that I would have no body hair left. She again instructed me to stand there for about ten minutes while the bath water as getting warm.

"Molly why are you doing this to me?" At that moment Jane came at me with another smack across the bottom.

"Now, you speak to us nicely, what did we say? You will always call her mommy and never doubt her words or commands! Understood Ty Ty?" Jane said.

"Excuse me, I believe Nanna asked you a question, do you understand little boy?" Molly asked. I caught my breath "Please don't do this and call me that Molly." Not thinking another whack came across my butt this time from Molly. Her hand connected with my already Red Blistered Bottom, as I yelped out in pain.

"What did I say? Oh and I will call you that since it's appropriate for your behavior. Now I'll ask you again, and this time address me properly! Do you understand little boy?" I nodded very quickly and said, "Yes Mommy"

"Good I am your Mommy and you will obey me. Now get in the tub." So I did as I was told and got in the bathtub and preceded to be washed by not only Mommy but Nana as well. Sitting in the tub I began crying even more as the Nair took its effect and all of my body hair was being washed away down the drain. It was especially hard for me when it came time to wash my private area. I kept desperately trying to cover myself to the point that my hands were blocking me being bathed.

"Ty your hands are getting in the way of mommy getting you clean."

"Put you hands on your head please because they only seem to get in the way." Said Molly. I hesitated and Jane then instructed, "Hands on your head now or else." I then gave in and was being bathed by the two women fully exposed. Crying vehemently as my pubic hair and manhood was being washed from my privates.

"There we go all nice and clean. Now get out of the tub so we can dry you off." Said Molly.

I was then removed from the tub, dried off and then about to be taken to the living room.

"Hey Nanna could you go to the living room and get his "things" prepared." Said Molly.

After a few moments I was then dragged off to the living room where her mother was setting on the floor next to a large shopping bag with a huge smile on her face from ear to ear. She seemed to enjoy what was about to take place.

"Now we get to the main part of your punishment. I want you to kneel on the floor next to Nanna and me." She finished leading me next to the couch and I kneeled on the floor while the continued to sit on the couch. Looking up at them made me feel smaller. I knew this was a way for them to intimidate me as I tried not to let it bother me.

"Well let me explain, as of today you are grounded and are no longer 19 years old. You are now two years old. Since that's about the age of the way you were acting I think it's appropriate for you to be treated like one. So then you are to be a two year old. You can walk and talk, but still have to rely on your mommy and others to take care of you. We will be taking care of your every need."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and in a state of total shock. I then began to look at Jane with lots of anger as she just smirked at me the whole time with that I win look on her face.

"Now then I think where ready to get you more properly dressed for the evening." Jane stated.

With that comment she pulled a large Green package out of the shopping bag. This was revealed to me as I read the label.

"Pampers Baby Dry Size 6."

"I am not wearing diapers you fucking bitch." Using excessive language to show my resolve. Again my mouth reacted before my brain. Before I knew it I was rolled over onto my stomach receiving additional whacks from Molly. It hurt so but I couldn't cry anymore. She rolled me onto my back again facing up towards her and her mother.

"You are not listening to us Tyler." Jane stated as she was face to face glaring at me.

"You are only two years old. You are a baby. TWO YEAR OLDS DO AND WILL WEAR DIAPERS. YOU ARE A TWO YEAR OLD BABY AND YOU WILL WEAR DIAPERS. WE WILL NOT TELL YOU AGAIN. You are two years old, you are our baby, and you will be treated like a two year old until you learn to behave properly. GOT IT?"

I was beaten both literally (butt wise) and emotionally. I knew there was no fighting them anymore so I reluctantly agreed.

"Yes Nanna."

This brought a smile to her face, and she ordered me to lie down on the changing mat that Molly had spread out for me while her mother was lecturing me. I did as I was told mostly out of fear of another spanking.

While lying there all I could do is close my eyes as more tears came pouring down my cheeks. I then felt baby oil being massaged into my crotch and butt area paying especially close to my butt hole. This was followed up with baby powder being smoothed all over my private region butt also spread onto my stomach and chest. It almost felt good despite the fact I could only think maniacal thoughts about the person putting the powder on me.

Once this was done, I only heard a crinkling noise. I didn't dare open my eyes, knowing that seeing it would only make it harder on me. But even still, I wasn't stupid I knew what was coming. I peeked just for a second and saw the package of pampers lying next to me on the floor with Mommy holding my arms above me and I looked down to see Nanna getting my diaper ready. I immediately closed my eyes and began crying out loud. The person I hated most in the world was now placing me in diapers. Nanna lifted my legs in the air quite easily much like any adult could do to a real baby. I could then feel the diaper being slid underneath my butt. I was let back down on top of it and Nanna pulled the sides around to the front. The diaper's rustling didn't make it any easier. It was a sickening reminder of what was happening to me. There was no escaping it. Finally, the diaper was pulled snuggly into position; I could hear the tape being latched onto the sides. I then felt the diaper become soooo tight around my waist.

Nanna began digging in her bag of items once again and this time pulled out a slightly oversized pacifier. At first I refused to open my mouth. Mommy then warned me, "Tyler, open your mouth NOW! All crying babies suck on pacifiers to help calm them down and you're no different. Open you Mouth!!!"

Frightened I obeyed allowing Nanna to place it in my opened mouth.

Nanna Added, "Now if we see that you don't have that pacifier in your mouth, then we'll have to punish our baby.

At that moment Mommy began helping me up to my feet. The diaper was so thick between my legs I felt off balance while standing. Nanna began examining my diaper placing her hand between the elastic and then gave me a couple pats on the butt and stated "We'll it looks like Pampers fit's him just fine. You would think they were made just for him. Of course he does have a small waist." Jane said admiring her diapering job. Mommy then looked at the clock and stated "8:20 pm already it's waaay past your bedtime. Come on let's go it's sleepy time for all babies. Come on." With that she led me down the hall bye the hand while I was waddling along her side. Nanna followed behind us all the way to the room I was staying in. Mommy then helped me into bed and stated, "Ok baby its time for you to go night nights. My little boy needs all the sleep he can get... and tomorrow, Nanna and I will tell you all about your new rules. Goodnight Baby Boy." With that they left the room.

"Well honey I think you handled that very well." Jane said.

"Thanks mom, I was just so angry with him." Replied Molly.

"You took a big step today in gaining control of him. Women should control Men not the other way around. I dealt with plenty of spoiled brats before honey and he's no different. Just remember the more you treat him like a baby the more respect you will get. So just treat him like any other two year old that you've baby sat before. Okay?" No problem mom although I have to admit mom this is kind of fun being in control of him for a change." Said Molly. Just wait until tomorrow then the fun really begins." Jane said with a wicked grin on her face.

I lay there in bed for hours unable to fall asleep. The diaper was so thick and it made that crinkling sound every time I moved a muscle. I had spit out the pacifier a long time ago in a useless attempt to gain some pride. The smell of baby powder filled my room. Then I realized I had to go pee. Not really thinking, I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. From the hallway I heard Nanna...

"And just WHERE does the baby think he's going?"

I was surprised by instantly responding to her question and she referred to me as "the baby".

"Ummm... to the bathroom to go pee." I said as I looked into the living room to see her sitting on the couch. Molly must have already gone to sleep. Her mother on the other hand was one of those people that didn't sleep very much at night only a few hours, which made my predicament worse.

Nanna sarcastically put her finger on her own chin.

"How many babies do you know of that use the potty?"

I hesitated before answering. I had a dozen of smart-ass comments going through my head, but all I could answer was "None I guess."

"That's right. NONE. If baby needs to go pee pee, then he can go in his diapee. Understand?"

"Yeah", I grumbled.

Nanna made her way up towards me, standing right in front of "the baby". Nanna then picked me up into her arms like a real baby on her hip and carried me back to my room wearing nothing but my diaper. She laid me down in the bed and replaced the pacifier in my mouth and sternly warned me about not having it in. God I hated that woman I had to figure a way out of this. My thought was suddenly interrupted by a sudden ache in my bladder. I wiggled around a bit, trying to find a "safe" position that would ease the pressure of my bladder and to keep me from peeing my pants. I was determined not to use my diaper. For a short time, the pressure subsided. In my own mind this was a moral victory over Molly and her mother. Then, the pain kicked in once again...worse than ever. I gritted my teeth, squeezed my legs together and writhed in total discomfort. The fight was over, as my bladder released urine, flowing into my diaper like a fountain. I felt the warm pee fill my crotch of my diaper and then be absorbed. In my mind I couldn't possibly feel any more infantile. I had still wet my pants after putting up such a fight. I felt exactly like a helpless infant. Being totally exhausted from the whole ordeal I fell almost immediately asleep.

I woke up in the morning to a cold wet damp feeling coming from my diaper. Nanna was in the room cleaning up and packing boxes. She then looked over at me.

"Good morning, baby boy. How are we this morning?"

I wanted so badly to knock her the hell out at that point, but I could not win on any account. So I tried to act like I didn't hear her. Of course, Nanna was onto this little tactic.

"Answer me! How are we this morning?" Nanna gritted through her teeth.

I was too frightened of another spanking from both her and Molly so I just stated, "I'm okay."

"You know I think that maybe you should... well..." she paused, pondering something for a moment." It can wait for a little bit, since you'll be learning all he rules in a few minutes anyway."

Nanna then began to examine my diaper "Baby DID wet last night, didn't he?" She cooed almost mockingly at me.

"You should ask your mommy to change you this morning?"

"Well let's get you ready your mommy is waiting on us." Nanna dug through the bags she had in the room and pulled out a really short blue t-shirt. She instructed me to reach for the sky as I did she placed the shirt over my head. Now realizing that the shirt she put on me was really short as a matter of fact I was hoping it would cover my diaper up somewhat but it did not. I looked down at myself and noticed it only came down to the top of my diaper. The lettering on it read "Baby Boy" I began to get a bit teary-eyed Nanna was right on top of it with my pacifier right to the mouth. She then fastened it to the top of my shirt with a ribbon.

"Now keep your binky in you mouth sweetheart." She finally put a pair of white socks on me and that was it.

"Now come to the living room your mommy is waiting on us so you can learn your new rules." I followed waddling along due to the extremely thick and soggy diaper. This was so humiliating. Nanna actually had to lead me bye the hand to make it down the hallway in my awkward state. Once we rounded the corner Molly gave me a wide smile as if seeing me as a real baby. She was sitting on the sofa and motioned for me to sit on her lap. I complied reluctantly.

"How's the baby this morning? You look so cute." She said.

"Molly there something the baby wanted to ask you?" Jane stated then looking at me hinting.

I couldn't believe it she was really going to make me ask her to change my diaper.

Molly looked at me and then looked at her mother.

"....." I tried to speak but nothing came out. How could I ask her to change my diaper? Especially with my mortal enemy instructing me to do so.

Molly looked at the pathetic little boy and asked, "What does my little boy want?"

"I... uhhh... I... kinda... need... my... diaper changed." Feeling a strange relief spitting it out."

"Oh sorry, baby, but Mommy thinks the diaper can hold out until later. Now sit here and be good while we talk about your rules."

After all of that I still had to sit there in a soaking wet diaper and that baby shirt on mommy's lap I looked over at Nanna she was enjoying this way too much.

Molly talked in a calm voice much different from the night before.

"As you know you will be spending your days and nights as a baby, a two year old to be exact, without exception. So I think, it's only fair to let you know all of the rules you'll have to obey."

"Rule number one... you will not be allowed any toilet privileges. You are now a baby and babies can't use toilets. You will always be in a diaper and if you ever need changed, you'll have to find an appropriate way to tell us like Baby Talk. If you choose not to tell us you will have to wait until we do a random Diaper check on you, which can be performed by anyone at anytime when we think you need changing."

"Rule number two... you will speak in baby talk only. If we hear so much as a single word that sounds like a big kid without permission, then you will be punished.

Rule number three... you will always obey any adult or older kid who we put in charge of you during our absence. SO anybody older than two years old has got say so over you. IS that understood?

I agreed my head in shame.

"Rule number four... you will not feed yourself unless instructed to do so. A big person will feed you. If, by chance, we do let you feed yourself, you will do it with your hands. No spoons. No forks."

"Rule number five... as mentioned earlier you will always call me Mommy and My mother Nanna. Anybody else that wants you to address them properly you will do so.

"Rule number six... no taking off anything we put on you this includes Diapers, clothing, or even pacifiers. You must wear them no matter where we are even in public."

I didn't even think about that as I cut her off "everybody else will laugh at me!!!"

"First of all, you should have thought about that before you acted like such a brat to begin with! Second of all, that was not baby talk."

Nanna took my right hand and gave it five hard slaps, turning it bright red. I nearly cried, but my pride allowed me to suck it up.

"Rule number seven... the most important rule of all... Nanna, or anybody else who baby-sits you will have the right to make up any other rules based on the situation."

With all of these rules finally soaking in, I began crying uncontrollable. Molly lovingly pulled me close to her and started stroking my hair. Without really thinking I buried my head into her "Mommy's" shoulder, bawling... like a baby. As I begged "Please Mommy I don't wanna be a baby don't make me do this." I sobbed in her ear.

"Oh nonsense. Nanna and I know all about two-year-olds and babies. You'll see I'm good with babies. Just give it some time sweetie."

"I guess he is a little cranky today, Nanna"

"I'll get his bottle ready" I heard Jane say.

Molly replaced the pacifier into Tyler's mouth, as he was now too weak to fight anything. He had been emotionally drained to the limit. So there he sat in his wet Pampers Baby Dry Diaper and extremely short baby t-shirt. Sucking on his Pacifier. Removed of all body and pubic hair the night before. Setting in his mommies lap bawling his eyes out while his feminist mother in law to be went to the kitchen to prepare his bottle. Just imagine this was only the first day of his punishment.

Chapter 2: The Morning After

"Breakfast is about ready." Called Jane from the kitchen.

"Alright mom we'll be out in a minute." Said Molly. With that she was leading me into the kitchen where I noticed one of the chairs was modified a little sitting next to the dinner table. I winced at the sight of it. She helped me up in to the chair.

"Put your hands on your legs, sweetie," molly requested. As I did she put the tray over my arms and locked them in place, snug against my body.

"Just keep your arms under there for right now." Not that I had much choice, I would have to squirm quite a bit to get them free.

Nanna then came over and tied a yellow bib around my neck. It had baby bears in diapers on the front.

"This will help keep your shirt clean" she said. She then went to the counter and brought back two bowls and handed them to Molly. Both of them sat in the chairs right in front of me and took a spoonful of the one with oatmeal.

"Open wide" Mommy smiled. She had used a larger type-serving spoon. It wouldn't go completely in my mouth and as I tried to close it around my lips I could feel it dripping off. Looking at Nanna I realized that she had done this on purpose as after a few spoonfuls I had oatmeal all over my mouth. The other bowl contained cereal to which she alternated. I like the cereal but the teasing from Molly made it terrible. She would say, "Does baby waby wove his wittle alpha bets? Oh YES HE DOES! YES HE DOES!" When she gave me the last of the food I was rewarded with an "All Gone!" just like you would say to a real baby as she removed my bib. She then got a warm washcloth and wiped down my face. Nanna then warmed up a tippy cup of warm milk in the microwave and came back, sat down and held it to my mouth for me to drink.

"I like having a baby around the house again mom." Molly stated to her mother. I tried to turn my head to comment to get the cup away from my face but she wouldn't let me.

"No, finish your drink, be good now, ok?"

So there I was I had to pee and I began to let it flow, since my diaper was already wet from last night, sitting there in a high chair being fed by my Girlfriend and her control freak of a mother. I also put my hand on my diaper, since they were trapped under the tray anyways, and I could feel my diaper expand even more.

As much as I hated it I couldn't help but feel different about the way she was treating me. I couldn't put my finger on it. I could however feel the warm pee from soaking my diaper. I could feel my diaper go from cold to warm within seconds. She let me down and then had me go into the living room where she sat with me until Nanna was finished cleaning up the kitchen.

Once in the living room I noticed a playpen set up in the corner for the first time. It was probably set up earlier but with all the stress from everything I most likely did not notice it. She had opened the gate to the playpen and told me to crawl inside. I did as I was told with her closing the gate behind me. As I stood up in the playpen I noticed the sides came up to about my armpits just tall enough for me to struggle if I had to climb out. Especially tough with me still being off balance and not used to wearing diapers. The flooring of the playpen was made of plastic cloth, most likely so that if my diaper leaked it would be an easy cleanup.

"Now your mommy and I have to do some chores and get some other things ready for you. So you be a good baby and just play with your toys." I spent the rest of the morning through the afternoon in the playpen. While Molly and Jane went back and forth past me and down the hall doing chores and carrying boxes to and from the hallway. They would check on me every few minutes. I was left with a small Teddy Bear, and some teething rings to play with. I held them and bit one of them just for something to do. I asked "Mommy what are you doing with all those boxes?" Out of curiosity.

"Oh just doing some cleaning up honey. You'll see."

"Don't worry about that right now let me turn on the TV for you while we finish up." Nanna came in right behind her and reminded her that I could only watch programs that were age appropriate.

"Hmmm let me see what's on? Oh look Tyler it's your favorite show." I looked to the monitor and noticed that she turned on Sesame Street.

"That's not my favorite show Molly and you know it." This was complete bullshit now I couldn't watch any good programs. Thanks to her Mother once again.

"What did you call me? I don't think that was Baby talk now was it Nanna?" At this point Molly came over to me and smacked my bottom Three times, which was padded but still hurt. I began to whimper.

"Now what do you say? To Mommy." Nanna said.

Struggling out of fear I tried to gather the words.

"I... sorry mommy... please it not happen again."

"That's right it won't, know you sit here and watch your favorite show."

"But mommy it's not my favorite show." I whined

"I'm only going to say this once these are the only kind of shows that a two year old can watch! Besides I know it's your favorite show!" Molly said.

I shook my head no.

"Well if it's not your favorite show then why do you have Big Bird on your diaper huh?" Smirking at me.

I was stunned again reminding me of my punishment. I looked down and it was as if Big Bird himself was smiling and laughing at me. I began to get emotionally upset. I almost began going into a trance like state of mind just staring at Big Bird on my Diaper. I was then interrupted with Molly putting her hand on my crotch.

"That reminds me how is your diaper holding up?" she said.

"What are you do..." I was interrupted Bye my pacifier being placed in my mouth again.

"There we go I've had enough of the back talk. I'm just doing a diaper check to see if my baby is dry. Hmm let's see WOW you really went pee pee didn't you? Ok... I'll change you in a little while. Until then keep your Binky in your mouth ok? Or I'll have to give you another spanking."

"There you go just sit back and watch your show. Good Baby." As Molly walked away singing "Sunny day sweeping the clouds away..."

It was around 2:45pm when Molly and her mother came and let me out of the playpen.

"Come on soggy bottom boy. Let's get you changed." Molly teased as she started to take me bye the hand. We got to my bedroom where to my surprise I had finally seen the end result of all their work this morning. My room had been totally done over.

"Surprised Baby Boy." Mommy said. It didn't even resemble my room anymore. The whole area had transformed into a Nursery. In it was an oversized white crib that had a locking top. The dresser that was in the room had been replaced with one that had Characters on it from Winnie the Pooh to go with the decor of characters hanging on the wall. I wasn't too sure I wanted to see what was inside of the dresser. Perpendicular to my crib was a very large changing table. I noticed that the shelves were stacked high with disposable diapers and even more packages of Pampers Baby Dry Size 6. With yet again Sesame Street characters on them. I was very dazed and even more confused at this point, as Nanna grabbed my hand, I didn't even put up any resistance, as she lead me over to the changing table. She then instructed me to get on top of it, which I did, still bewildered that she would go through all of this trouble. This was going to be harder to get out of than I originally thought. I lay on my back as Mommy pulled my shirt off exposing my wet diaper.

"It's diaper changing time. Oh yes it is. Yes it is." Molly said in baby talk.

The then proceeded to undo the diaper tapes and then Nanna lifted my legs up in the air. While Mommy removed the diaper very quickly, Nanna then put my legs back down.

"It'll take some time to get used to this honey. Just remember he's no different than any other baby." Nanna said.

Molly then grabbed a baby wipe form the container on the shelf with the diapers and thoroughly cleaned my crotch and butt. She then very generously applied baby powder to my behind and diaper region. Then wiped the remainder on my thighs and tummy. Nanna then grabbed one of the diapers from the shelf and handed it to Molly saying "Make sure it's nice and tight so that he doesn't leak." In the same way they lifted my legs to remove the old diaper, they lifted my legs once again, and laid the diaper opened beneath my butt. This diaper seemed to be much thicker for some reason. My legs were then replaced and spread open to bring up the front of the diaper. Mommy then pulled it tightly over my crotch and then tightly fastened the tapes. I tried to sit up butt was pushed back down with her hand.

"I didn't say we were done yet." Mommy spoke.

As she continued to hum the theme to Sesame Street I looked down at myself to notice yet another Sesame Street character on my diaper.

Began to cry form the embarrassment "Mommy please all of this is going too far."

"There, there. Settle down while mommy diapers you." She said.

While Nanna commented "I thought you liked Cookie Monster, darling." As she stroked my hair for comfort.

It was at this time that Mommy took clear plastic tape and wrapped it around the top of my diapers keeping them more in place.

I was then instructed to get off of the table and stand there, which I did. Nanna then put her hand around the waist of my diaper and began feeling the fit while I just stood there filled with anger. After admiring her daughters diapering job she then said "Well honey I'm impressed you've definitely know how to diaper a baby." As she patted my butt.

"Yeah well I've had practice from babysitting and a good teacher." She said happily.

Nanna then noticed me getting fussy so she presented a different pacifier, with two strings hanging from either side, and stuck it in my mouth. She next pulled the strings behind my head, and tied them tightly. She then carried her baby...err, Tyler, over to his crib, and dumped him inside. I grabbed the bars of the crib as my mom closed and locked the top firmly.

"I Hope Baby Ty Ty likes his new bed; Nanna told me how you got out of your old bed last night."

It was then that I realized that all of the crib was in full view of the window, and I was wearing was a diaper, and a pacifier, neither of which I could get off.

"Come on mom let's take a break. He needs to take a nap anyway He's getting kind of cranky."

Then, Molly and Jane left the room, closing the door behind them.

I tried furiously to get the Diapers off, but couldn't. Pulling and tugging, but extra tape made them fixed to my waist. I then tried to remove the pacifier, but couldn't do that either. Next, I looked to the top of the crib, and tried to open it, but it was locked very securely, as if it were specially made to imprison me. So I did the only thing that I could do bury my face in my hands, hoping that people would not be walking by see me in a diaper through the window. I then cried furiously, but couldn't make much noise, because of the pacifier in my mouth.

Molly and her mother were in their kitchen engaged in conversation about how the whole plan was going into effect.

"Well honey I think everything is going pretty well. You think he likes his room?" Jane said mockingly.

"Oh most definitely mother. Besides I love the nursery, it's just so cute and age appropriate." Stated Molly.

"Do you think everything is going well?"

"Pretty good except he hasn't really been pooping and peeing like a baby should be. He still has control of his bladder. We'll handle that tomorrow. I've got some techniques we'll use to solve that problem." The two talked for about another hour and then decided to go wake the baby from his afternoon nap.

About an hour after crying and being emotionally upset Molly returned to the Nursery to check on her baby.

"Tyler" she began, looking at me with a stern look. I immediately stopped crying and looked up at my mommy with longing eyes. She ignored the look and continued: "I just wanted to let you know that I don't think you'll be going back to college in the fall. Something like this might take a little while to get a grasp on. Possibly around five or six months, but we'll see how good your behavior is until then." It was June now that meant I would be in her control until DECEMBER!!! I was shocked she really meant this to be a long time. Molly wasn't like this maybe I could talk her out of it if I was Good as she said.

"Instead of being a student you will become the baby you wanted to be, which you have showed Nanna and I you wanted to be by your behavior we talked about. Also, this isn't just your punishment, baby boy; it's your life right now. My cute Little Two Year Old Toddler. You will always remain my little baby. Your behavior deserves no warning especially since you've already had two accidents today anyway. Soon you'll probably lose control of your bladder, but that doesn't matter, as there aren't any Two-Year Old boys your age that can control their bladders are there?" She continued " Now let's go out to the kitchen Nanna is preparing your dinner."

She then began leading me by the hand down the hallway once again to the kitchen where I was placed once again in the High chair and fed my dinner. After dinner it was around 6:00pm and I was cleaned up and taken to the living room and played with by Molly and her mother after they cleaned up the kitchen. So there I was laden in a super thick diaper with Cookie Monster on it being tickled and cooed at by my Girlfriend and her Mother. I was made to crawl around on the floor and play with Baby toys. After about an hour of this I Nanna left the room and came back with a Bottle.

"Ok sweetie crawl up here to mommy." As I did what was instructed and she began to feed me the bottle of warm milk. I was lying there cradled in the nursing position looking into Molly's eyes. It took awhile to get used to the sucking motion but I soon got the hang of it.

"Drink up for mommy sweetie." She said, as I was encouraged to finish while she patted my diapered bottom. Once I finished my bottle I looked up to see Nanna holding a one-piece footed sleeper.

"Time to get you ready for bed, look what I made for you." She announced. Yet another decent into babyhood, I looked at the clock it was only 7:10pm. There was no way I could fall asleep this early. I looked back in her direction and said, "I just want a T-shirt and some pants, and I'll wear the diapers but not this too." I was soon over Molly's knee once again receiving paddling for my resistance.

"That was not baby talk young man, and furthermore you are not being very polite to Nanna." When she finished she turned me over and stood me up. Nanna had handed her the sleeper and I knew better than to object, and once she had my arms and legs in she zipped it up to my neck. I looked into the mirror and seen the sleeper was made of a thin blue material and did nothing to hide my diapers. The bulkiness around my private area and butt was very obvious. Next Nanna took a small luggage lock and fed it through the zipper and locked it so I couldn't remove the sleeper. I was then notified that I had twenty minutes before my bedtime. I was then instructed to play on the floor like a good baby. After a few minutes went by I began to have a slight pressure in my tummy. I felt like I had bad gas. I then realized I had to get to a bathroom fast.

"What's the matter Hun?" Mommy asked me as if she didn't know.

"I have to go to the potty." I whined remembering the baby talk rule.

"Then Go..." mom responded.

I assumed she meant I could use the bathroom so I scooted by only to feel her hand grab my shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going?" She growled.

"I, I, I" I stammered only to be cut off.

"I meant go ahead and use your diapers, that's what they are for." She snapped.

BY now I was hopping from one foot to another hoping the urge would pass.

"I have to Poo mommy." I pleaded with her.

She tightened her grip on my shoulder. Nanna then came around behind me and began to put her right hand on my tummy and massage me.

"Do you need a little help Tyler? I understand... don't worry. It's not that easy wet and mess your diapers from one day to the next."

During this time Mommy lectured me.

"I told you before Ty that for the next few months you are going to be restricted to diapers on a full time basis. That means I am going to treat you like an infant, dress you like one, and lastly there are no bathroom privileges. Yes, I wasn't kidding when I told you that you would be using your diapers for everything!"

"No you can't do this mommy, Pleeeease." I screamed.

Mommy then told me to mess my diapers. I shook my head in objection while the pressure was getting worse from Nanna rubbing my stomach "Come on be a good baby and make a stinky for us." Nanna cooed as she kissed my cheek.

I resisted for maybe another minute by clenching my butt cheeks tightly but the pressure finally gave in. I started to cry immediately as the poop was forced out of my butt slowly and then quicker with a huge load of semi-hard poop filled my diaper in all directions. My crying immediately became bawling as I was taken back to the nursery and placed into my crib.

"It's 7:30pm, time for all babies to go sleeping." Nanna said. I could feel the heavy load in my diapers when I shifted my weight.

I immediately called out for my mommy after a couple hours and when she appeared she refused to change me and told me to stay in bed until morning. She then placed the pacifier back into my mouth and connected the straps.

"Now I want you to go to sleep and get rested up, here you go wittle one..." Molly handed me a Teddy Bear to sleep with in which I accepted into my loving arms realizing it was probably one of the only friends I had left. She then left the room after kissing me on the forehead and said "Goodnight stinky boy."

I was helpless and all I could do was lay there and until she decided it was time to get up. It was so humiliating to lie there in a messy diaper, and every time I moved it spread around even more. God, how could I spend the entire summer like this?

Chapter 3: Unpotty Training

Morning came finally and I was let out of my crib and taken to the kitchen for breakfast and then allowed to watch some television. It was only Molly here this morning and her mother wasn't home. Thank god maybe I could talk some sense into her without her crazy mother not here to interfere. Of course after breakfast all I was concerned with was getting this messy diaper off of me. Mommy finally took off the footed sleeper and then proceeded to change my diaper. The smell seemed to get worse and worse as she pulled back the diaper.

"Mommy if I'm a good boy can I have my big boy pants back tomorrow?" I figured it was worth a shot at asking while Jane wasn't there.

Molly just grinned at me, "No, Tyler, I don't think you understand. You're back in diapers now. You don't even need to worry about big boy underpants yet. You've got quite a ways to go before your ready to say goodbye to your didees."

She yanked up the sides of my new diaper and then escorted me back to the playpen in the living room. I was left in the playpen for a couple hours to wet my diaper. It was just after lunch when molly's mother came home from shopping. Molly and her talked in the kitchen for a while and then made their way out to the living room.

"How's the baby today hmmm?" Nanna asked.

"I'm good Nanna."

"Well I've been shopping for our little boy all morning." She said.

This worried me, but then again how could it get any worse.

"Hey Molly, his Pampers looking pretty soaked do you want to get started now?" She called down the hall to her daughter.

"Yeah, that's fine mom just bring him back to the changing table." She responded.

"We are going to step back a little further in your training, since Baby Tyler still doesn't understand who he is yet." She said as I was escorted to the Nursery.

Following her instructions I laid on the changing table on my back as she began to take off my wet diaper. It was at this time that Molly came into the room. I looked at her; she had another menacing glare on her face. Molly then took my hand and folded my fingers and placed my thumb in my mouth.

"Here baby this will give you some comfort." At that moment I felt Nanna shove something into my butt twice with her finger. She applied ointment all over my bottom and then raised my hips and slid another diaper under me, pulled it between my legs and taped the sides up extremely tight. I began too sit up, but was pushed back down with her hand. Molly's mom then next grabbed a pair of plastic pants, with elastic leg holes and an elastic waistband, and put them on me.

"These will help with your un-potty training" she exclaimed. I was then let down off of the table and told to stand there. Neither of them had spoken yet. Then I could feel Molly's mom go behind me and I could feel the pressure on my waist tighten. I then heard a click and reached behind me to the back of the plastic pants and felt a padlock in place. I felt both trapped and resentful at the same time. The plastic pants made me feel even more trapped in my predicament. It was pure humiliation to let her put me in these; I immediately dropped and sat on the floor of the nursery feeling defeated. As I did the plastic pants billowed out like a balloon as all the air was pushed up and out by my movements. I was given two pills, and she made me take them with water from a baby's tippy cup. As I tried to put my legs together I could feel the bulk of the diaper between my legs. I couldn't quite touch my knees together. Once I was made to stand up by both of them grabbing each arm and lifting by the hand I could feel the inside of my thighs squeezing the diaper bulk together.

Once they were done teasing and making fun of me I was placed inside of my crib and they left the room as they locked the door behind them.

"It's nappy time." Was the only comment I heard on of them speak.

I laid there for a while trying to figure out a way out of this, but it was a complete waste of time. Not even an hour later I had to poop really bad, I wanted to use the toilet but I knew I was locked in the room. I held it as long as I could but soon I had strong cramps followed by several squirts that filled my diaper. The feeling of pooping myself was disgusting to me, and I started to cry. I hated the sticky glob in between my crotch and anus. Molly must have heard me crying, because she came in the room. She put her hands on the back on my diaper and proceeded to check me. I told her I needed to be changed, almost begging.

"No sweetie, I'm not going to change you when you need it, for the next week. I'm only going to change you when it's convenient for me." She then pushed her hand against the back crotch area to smoosh it in. It felt really awful. Molly then smiled at me seeing the discomfort on my face.

"I want you to get used to the feeling of a full and wet diaper. And you remember those pills Nanna gave you?"

"Yes, mommy."

Well, one of those was a strong laxative, and the other was a diuretic, which helps you go pee pee. I've also been putting diuretics in your bottles. I want my baby wetting and pooping himself as much as possible until we are sure you're thinking and acting like a baby. You'll stay in your diaper right now. Don't worry the plastic pants are just until we get finished with your un-potty training. Then it will be just regular diapers, with your favorite characters, just like any other baby."

I realized I was in for a bad experience, and started to cry again. She had me sit up (I could feel the poop oozing around my cheeks and in my crack.) and take some more pills, this time three. Molly hugged me, and kissed me on the forehead.

"This time you got a laxative, a diuretic, and last one was a sleeping pill. It will help you sleep during your afternoon nap just like a baby. You'll have a little something to eat when you wake up." She then closed the crib turned away and left the room, once again locking the door.

It took awhile before I fell asleep, but once I did I went out cold. Molly came in as the afternoon sunshine was fading and woke me up. She got me to the Chair in the nursery and started to give me a bottle full of milk (or so I thought at first.) My first taste told me it was most likely formula. It tasted warm, thick, and blah. I started to push it away.

"Now, now... babies must have lots of good formula filled with vitamins. You need to have good things to eat and drink to drink to make you strong and healthy." She pushed the bottle firmly between my lips.

"Drink up, sweetie."

After a few swallows I began to get a little used to it. I could feel my diaper oozing between my legs and over my bottom; it was cold and sticky. Thank god for the plastic pants I thought or I would leak for sure. What was I thinking? I was actually having an appreciation for being in diapers. As I got near the bottom of the bottle I nearly fell asleep again. The sleeping pill was way too much for me. Molly had to keep shaking me gently and coaxing me to finish my bottle. When I got through I thought she'd let me sleep again; I was so tired still. However, Nanna came in with another warm bottle and placed the warm wet nipple between my lips. Molly fed me a second bottle of formula all the while shaking me and patting my bottom to keep me awake until I finished.

Finally, with her support, she had me walk over and get on the changing table. She pulled off the plastic pants and the smell from the diapers overwhelmed the room. She un-taped my diaper, washed me thoroughly in front and all between my legs and my entire bottom. She had me pull my legs up and apart, while she pushed yet two more suppositories in to my butt. She then spread baby powder all over me once again. At least it was better smelling than before. Once satisfied with her clean up she brought out yet another Diaper. I noticeable groaned at the site of Elmo.

"Ohhh, is baby Tyler still having tummy cramps, hmmm, sweetie?" she said.

I thought I would play it smart and address her properly.

"No, mommy. I just thought I could wear my underwear again."

She smiled at me like any adult smiles at a two-year-old.

"Oh, sweetie. You aren't old enough for big boy pants yet or even training pants. Pampers are just right for you so you don't make messes. Like I told you earlier, you will get used to these, because you will not use the potty until you're old enough for it."

Being so tired from the whole day's ordeal, I began to whimper once again. She began to coo at me while continuing to pull the diaper under me. The more she cooed the more I cried. I couldn't help it, I felt like I was falling in to a deep hole and wasn't going to be ever able to climb out. Then she taped the diaper up into placed tightly and pulled on the plastic pants (imprisoned again), and leaned over to hug me.

"There, there. You'll be all right, mommy's here. I'll take good care of you." She said

Jane then walked in the room and added more to the situation in order to calm me down.

"You look so pretty in your nice clean diapers and cute plastic pants." Jane said.

I began to settle down and rub the diaper with my hand. Feeling the bulk around my body, down between my legs. At least my diaper was clean for now that was the upside. She fed me two more bottles of formula and then a few more pills; I was then put back in the crib. I vaguely remember them coming in later and repeating the whole routine again. They had wanted me pooping like a baby and now I was a pooping machine.

I did not see either of them that night. I was left in my crib alone, to wet and mess myself throughout the night. I slept very deeply until my tummy would cramp and wake me up. I would poop or pee some more then go right back to sleep.

Chapter 4: After Unpotty Training

After about two weeks of this treatment Molly and her mother where talking in the kitchen. They planned and plotted about their progress with me and their future plans.

"Molly, honey, how do you feel about our advances with Tyler?" Jane asked.

"Well mom to be honest I definitely see results, but I feel like I need to find other options until Ty is under more control."

"What do you mean? Don't you love him anymore?"

"Of course I do mom, but a girl has needs too maybe just a few nights out would help. Don't get me wrong I love all the work we are doing with him. I just need to explore some other options while I wait. I miss the thrill of dating. You know what I mean?" Molly asked.

"Of course dear, a woman has needs and you can't get that right now from our little baby. It's a different kind of love. I understand why don't you make plans this weekend with Megan? I'll baby-sit." Jane suggested.

"Are you serious? You're the greatest mom. Wait a minute don't you have plans this weekend?"

"It'll be all right. I just have my dinner party tomorrow night. It'll be no problem. Remember I have plenty of experience with dealing with babies. Now let's talk about our plans today. I think it's time for our next step into humbling and embarrassing him." Jane said.

"Oh I can't wait to hear. What do we have in store next for Baby Tyler?" Molly asked with enthusiasm.

Morning came pretty early that day. Molly came into the room, unlocked the crib, and pulled me from the crib. I was back to regular diapers now without plastic pants since I was un-potty trained for about two weeks now. Mommy told me that she would attempt to trust me to continue to use my diapers and not resist my punishment. If I showed any signs of not pooping and peeing then I would be reintroduced to the whole diaper training once again. She said she would stop giving me pills as long as I was taking my naps. Although she still said she would use the special baby formula with added stuff to help go poop and Pee. I was so grateful at this that I thought maybe she was letting me start to "Grow up" again.

Mommy got me out of the crib and placed me on the changing table, and removed my plastic pants. I was then placed in another diaper, thank god I thought. I never thought I would see the day when I would be happy to be put in diapers by my girlfriend. She left me there and went to the dresser and returned with some items. First she placed a green long sleeved shirt on me bearing a picture of Big Bird on the front; she snapped the buttons on the crotch. Then she removed from the dresser a pair of Oshkosh B' Gosh brand overalls, which looked just like the kind they made for toddlers, and put them on me. They fitted nicely, which made a bulge in my butt and crotch that made it very obvious that I was wearing a diaper. Next, she placed a pair of socks on me, and a pair of Velcro shoes, featuring Bert and Ernie form Sesame Street on the sides. Sesame Street I thought when will she give up on the sesame street stuff. I didn't say anything because I was trying to be good.

After getting dressed she lifted me from the changing table and taken my hand. With Molly (err, Mommy's) help, I toddled into the Master bedroom, where Molly sat me in front of the mirror. Staring back at me is not the mature, muscular adult I am used to seeing, but a slightly drooling, happy toddler wearing diapers, overalls and Sesame Street clothing. Then I realized this is the way every else will see me. I am a Baby in all appearances. From my Diapers, Hair removed body, baby clothing, to the way I was being treated by Mommy and Nanna. Talk about being in shock.

I was marched out to the kitchen and given my breakfast. Nanna commented on how well my outfit fitted me. She also thought it was great how I am wearing clothes from my favorite TV show to match my diapers.

"He's just accessorizing mother. Aren't you?" Molly said.

"Sesame Street clothing with matching Pampers I love it." Jane said excited while smiling at me. I was still in too much of a shock to retaliate back.

Mommy took me to the living room and sat "Little Tyler" down and retrieved a diaper bag and plunked a pacifier in my mouth.

"Honey, are you two about ready?" Jane asked from the kitchen.

"In a minute mom. I'm just packing his diaper bag." Molly replied.

Then it dawned on me...


Leaving the pacifier in my mouth and grabbing the diaper bag, Mommy led me by the hand out to the car. She helped me into the car and fastened my seatbelt in the back seat. It was time to go and my embarrassment was really about to begin.

Chapter 5: Public Outing

While riding in the car I had some time to reflect on my situation. I realized during that time why Mommy had taking the time to show me my reflection in the mirror. It was basically a mind game to show me what everyone else would be seeing today. Within a half an hour, we all arrived in the parking lot of the Great Northern Mall. It was the closest mall to our town, and it was crowded as usual. Feelings of anxiety splashed about in the pit of my stomach, all the While Molly and her mother where chatting in the front seat, discussing getting me a car seat. I barely noticed the conversation at all. I was in my own little world of mental anguish.

Then, the car stopped. My heart skipped a beat as I suddenly realized it was time for me to get out of the car... in front of all those people in the parking lot. Maybe I could just try to blend in. If maybe I play the part of a Baby maybe no one will notice. Maybe I won't attract too much attention if I stay quite, I thought. Nanna opened my door and helped me out of the car. On shaky legs, I stepped out and became aware of everyone looking at me. Well, not many people noticed but my paranoia, I certainly thought they were.

I heard Nanna tell Mommy that they can't spend more than an hour or two in the Mall, since they had other plans today as well. We entered the jam-packed shopping mall. I could hear my own disposable diaper making their characteristic crinkling noise. My notice was only introverted, noticing only things about myself. Still as I waddled through the mall I noticed a group of Goth looking kids and came to the realization that nobody seemed to notice. Everybody else was into his or her own shopping and socialization. This put me at a little ease. Although with school being out everybody was at the Mall for the summer. Some passers did take notice of me dressed in baby clothes, with a hot eighteen year old girl like Molly holding one of my hands while a forty year old good looking Mother type holding the other hand. I half expected them to laugh or make rude comments, but all of those who noticed simply stared and whispered to their friends. This was turning out better than I thought it would.

Molly and Jane dragged me through several stores, trying on outfits and such, as Jane bought Molly some new clothes and a few other luxuries. By the time I entered the fourth store I was a little more relaxed, so relaxed in fact that I didn't even notice myself Pee in my diaper. Once I did realize it, I became embarrassed. How could I NOT know when I had to urinate I thought. This was definitely not good.

Being wrapped up in my own state of confusion, I failed to see a person coming right towards. It wasn't until Jane said, "Look, there's Jenny." That I knew she was there.

Another spurt of Pee escaped me, soaking my diapers even more as the horror of seeing Molly's sister seeing me like this. Jenny spotted us and started waving with a smile. Jenny was Molly's 25-year-old sister, and also very attractive with dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. Good looks ran in this family. Jane and Molly went over there, with me in tow. What would her sister say? What would she do? Would other people related to Molly find out? This was way too much!

I ducked my head the best I could. Then it hit me Jenny didn't react at all. It was as if everything was just normal. But, why wasn't she acknowledging the way I looked? This was really baffling me as finally when her sister (who was a good 12 inches taller than me) crouched down, looked at me and said," This must be the baby we heard so much about? Where going to have to come visit soon. It'll give your cousins a little one to play with. We just love babies in our family. Especially little boys that need to be controlled like you Ty." She knew. Molly's mom had told her. This is why she didn't react differently. How many other people did that gossiping bitch tell? I thought.

"Tyler, that's not how to properly greet your Aunt Jenny." Nanna said.

"Hi", I muttered, obviously embarrassed.

"How's my little nephew?" Jenny asked, tweaking my nose playfully.

I didn't reply. I just couldn't bring myself to answer a question from Molly's sister. It was a pride thing.

"You answer your Aunt Jenny little boy. NOW!" said Molly said sternly.

"AND in baby talk." Jane added.

"ME is good, Jen." I managed to say.

Jenny friends approached us and started genuinely going on and on about how adorable I was. I had mixed emotions. ON one hand I was embarrassed, here were these other girls I didn't know treating me like an infant...but on the other hand, I felt kind of warm inside, glowing from all the compliments. I guess it didn't matter that much because it was someone I really didn't know.

Jenny knelt down again and kissed her "little" nephew on the cheek and whispered into my ear.

"Be good for my mom, she controlling all of this."

Suddenly it made sense. I had to convince Nanna to let me out of diapers. She was the puppet master behind the whole thing.

Jane sniffed. The smell of urine was strong.

"Uh-Oh... I think the baby pee-pee'd in his diapee. We need to take him to the girl's room and get him changed. With the diaper bag in hand, they led me off to the restrooms, while waving Bye-Bye to Aunt Jenny and her friends."

Once inside the restrooms, Molly looked thoughtfully at the changing table and then the floor and said the floor should do just fine. After spreading out a blanket I was then told to lay down on the floor.

"Please not here mommy, someone might see." I pleaded.

"Shh Shh Shh. It'll be okay." She replied.

"Mommie Pleeeease, not here." I begged with as she proceeded with my diaper change.

Just as my clothing was being taken off two girls exited the stall and chuckled on their way out. They washed their hands and watched while I was exposed down to my diaper and then exited the restroom laughing.

I was then re-diapered by Mommy while Nanna was cooing at me.

"Mommy's little baby likes his diapers don't he? Don't worry diddums we'll get you fixed up in no time."

By this time I was on the cold bathroom floor crying a great deal getting my diaper changed. I looked as infantile as I could have ever gotten. As I was getting my clothes put back on Nanna placed a pacifier into my mouth.

"That's what crying fussy baby's get." One of them said.

I was then lead by the hand back out into the Mall crying of embarrassment. On the way out of the Mall we passed the two girls from the restroom. I could hear them telling their other friends and pointing in my direction "That's the little boy that was getting his diaper changed, in the restroom." I'm sure more people noticed me this time, but I didn't care. Once in the car I was strapped back into the seat, and then we where on our way home.

"Calm down, baby. You'll love our next stop." Mommy said. I was then given a bottle for the ride closer to home.

Chapter 6: The Park

After about a 30 minute ride back Mommy announced we're almost there.

"We're going to the park now kiddo." There was a park about five minutes from their house. I was very concerned with it being closer to home that I might recognize someone I know. I decided it was best to once again play along with acting like a baby. I need to talk toddler if approached or not talk at all. Once we pulled into the park I was let out of the car and placed in a sandbox to play.

"Play here awhile sweetheart." As Mommy handed me a bottle of apple Juice. I decided to drink it since I was thirsty. I then looked around in the sandbox. It had buckets and shovels for the toddlers to play with. I decided to play with them as if I was an actual toddler to avoid suspicion. I began to build a sandcastle. I spent a half-hour doing this and looked up. I was horrified to see that one of his classmates was in the park and looking in my direction. He started walking in my direction. He walked up directly to me, "Don't I know you?" I felt myself soiling.

"I make poopy in my diady," I said in his most infantile voice.

"Ewe, gross", he said as he walked away. I did it I actually pooped my pants in public. Nanna heard me and came and picked me up and placed me on the backseat of the car. She pulled off my overalls and felt to see if I was wet. I was but she also noticed I was soiled by the smell.

"Did baby do his business?" she said as she removed the dirty diaper. She then wiped my diaper region and powdered it. I felt more then a little embarrassed at being changed and diapered out in the open but felt making a scene would only make it worse so he remained quiet. I also wondered where Molly was? I found out she was talking to some other people our age. I wondered who they were. Probably someone from her high school I thought. Definitely don't want to make a scene.

"There you go, clean and dry", she said as she buttoned my shirt up. She then placed me back in the overalls and sent me back to sandbox with a pat to my diapered rear. I still had the pacifier strapped to my overalls so I put it in my mouth to look even more to the role of a baby. After about another hour or two later Nanna came back over and said it was time to go home. I was walked to the car and overheard Molly saying bye to someone.

"Oh I would love to but I'm babysitting right now, but maybe later we can hook up. Call Me." With that comment Molly left her conversation and joined us at the car.

"Did baby enjoy his play time?" She asked.

"Did you enjoy yours her mother asked her?" her mother asked her daughter almost sarcastically.

We went home and into the bathroom and they washed my face and hands and then back to the kitchen and placed in the high chair with arms locked in place. Nanna told Molly to go ahead and get ready and that she would take care of the baby. At this point I was not sure what to expect. To my surprise, the dinner was macaroni and cheese, peas, and ham. She also supplied me with a bottle of formula. She cut my ham up for me and supplied me with only a spoon. I ate my dinner and sucked away at my bottle while she had her dinner.

"Thank you," I said to her trying to get on her good side.

"You are quite welcome, little angel, but now it is time for your bath or you will smell bad." She then removed me from the highchair and took me to the bathroom. She removed all of my clothes except for the diaper and then took and placed them on top of the closed toilet. She then proceeded to fill the tub with warm water. She filled about 2/3 full and then she removed my diaper and placed me in the tub. She bathed me for about an half an hour then she washed the suds off, dried me off and took me back to the nursery and put me on the changing table, and placed a crisp brand new Pampers Baby Dry on me and taped it up. I was then giving another bottle of special formula to help my bowel movements along. After which I was taken to the Living Room once again to watch some TV in just my diaper. When I got to the living room I noticed someone put up a child's gate entering the kitchen. There were also several placed throughout the house now. I looked at them for a moment.

"We can't have our baby getting into something and hurting himself now can we?" Nanna said.

It wasn't until after 6:30pm that I saw Molly again. She came out and joined us wearing a nice pair of tight jeans, a pure white club style type shirt that showed off her breast very well. She had her hair and make up done as she was all dressed up. Man she looked good I thought. I wonder what made her do all of that? I thought. She just sat there with me in between her legs while watching TV. Nanna was in the single chair on the other side of the living room. I soon got my answer to why she was all dressed up. As doorbell rang I wondered who it was? Molly must have been expecting company and answered.

"Come in it's open." In through the door walked Megan. Megan was Molly's best friend from High School. The two of them were always together and getting into some kind of trouble. Megan was about 5'4 and had a small frame. She was also a cheerleader back in high school. As she walked towards the living room child's gate at the doorway I noticed that she was also all dressed up.

"You ready girl?" Megan asked.

"Oh yeah definitely. I can't wait to get out of here." Said Molly.

I looked back at Molly as she got up and hugged Megan. Molly then proceeded to grab her jacket and an over night bag.

"I can't wait till we get there this one guy is so hot." Megan said.

A little worried I asked Molly.

"Wait where are you going? You just can't leave me here Molly. That's not fair."

"Aww look at Baby Ty. So cute! I can't believe he is only two-years-old." Megan said in a babyish tone.

"Excuse me!! I believe the name is Mommy to you mister." Molly said as she gave my hands a few solid smacks.

"Yes mommy. I'm sorry." I said rubbing my hand.

"Now my little one Mommy is going with Megan for a girls night out. We won't be back until tomorrow night. Nanna will be babysitting you and in charge. You better do whatever she says or your diaper punishment will be extended. Got it?" Molly demanded.

I looked back to Nanna with a huge smirk on her face I knew this was going to be a rough ordeal. Just the thought of Molly going out ... just then I remembered the guys in the park Molly was talking to.

"Maybe we can hook up later call me." Was what she said? I couldn't believe it Molly was going out with not only Megan but also other guys. I immediately begged.

"Please Mommy that's not fair. You can't leave me with Nanna."

"Now Nanna is very capable of taking care of a two year old." She replied.

" please don't do this to me mommy, PLEASE. It's not fair." I was now crying uncontrollably mostly out of hurt. Kneeling next to the child gate with my arms in the air reaching for my mommy or Megan to pick me up and take me with them.

"Aw the baby is going to miss his mommy. It's ok I won't let her be too bad. This weekend." Megan said.

"No not fair is having to baby-sit all summer with no fun of my own. This is your punishment not mine, Tyler. Now if you're good and supportive of me going on a date. Maybe I'll let you out of diapers a little sooner. Then you and I can go out ok?" Molly explained.

I nodded my head yes.

"Good Boy, now why don't you go poop." I looked at her in shock.

"Come on make a big mess for mommy and her friend." I was crying even more.

She was mocking my situation as if she didn't even care.

"Oh and Mom..." looking at Jane "Make sure he has one more bottle tonight ok." Said Molly.

"Don't worry sweetheart, you just go out and have fun, forget all about the baby for a night he's in good hands." Nanna commented.

"I know Mom call if you need anything. Love you. Bye." Molly said to Jane.

"Bye-Bye Baby. Be good and make stinky pants for us." Megan said as she waved bye to me.

So there I was crying kneeling at a child gate watching the two girls grab their bags and leave. To go to a party with guys they already met earlier. I was broken. I had to get in good with Nanna. The woman I hated the most in the whole world I had to befriend. Through her was the only way I could ever be allowed to grow up again.

"As they walked out the door I heard Megan comment to Molly.

"I swear Molly why don't you just get rid of that boyfriend of yours and get a real man. Why are you so nice about it?"

"Think about it. We are going out on the town and the only thing he has to look forward to tonight is a warm bottle and getting his diaper changed by Nanna. If you ask me I'm starting to get control." Molly said as she laughed.

"Well I guess he does make a cute toddler." Megan replied as they walked out the door

Chapter 7: Weekend With Nanna

As I stayed there kneeling at the child...s gate I just gazed at the diaper between my knees. The thick bulgy feeling to where I couldn...t push my knees together. The Soft fabricated material that kept me dry but also sagged in between my legs. The shining glossy tapes holding it together keeping it on me. All the way to the Sesame Street characters looking back at me. Super Grover, I honestly felt anything but super at that moment. I was trapped and I couldn...t do anything. My daydream was broken off bye Nanna...s voice.

... Ok sweetheart you need to crawl over here to Nanna so that she can finish getting ready for bed. going to bed early tonight because you didn...t take a nap....

I obeyed her command and began crawling over towards her. ...Good now wait here while Nanna goes and gets your Jammies....

I sat there while she left the room and then the urge hit me. I had to go poop. I was stuck there was no way I wanted that witch to change me, not right now. Not after what just happened. I stood up and leaned against the couch and then I began to go. My butt released a thick sticky glob into the back of my diaper. That's what happens you're un-potty trained. What was I going to do? Maybe if remained quiet, she wouldn't notice. At least that would buy me time until morning.

Jane came back into the room. Carrying a pajamas, a brush, and a NEW DIAPER. Could she have seen me squatting or was she expecting me to need changed before bed. I was paranoid a little bit. I still decided to play it quite.

...Come here and sit down so I can brush your hair....

I did what she said. I went and sat in between her legs on the floor while she sat behind me in a chair. I was watching TV getting my hair brushed when the infamous question was asked? ...Wow, what stinks,... asked Nanna looking down at me.

...I don...t smell anything... I replied obliviously trying to hide the fact of my dirty diaper.

...Tyler, did you just poop in your diaper? Do you need to be changed?... she asked.

...NO... I responded quickly.

She continued to brush my hair. Whew that was a close one I thought. At least she didn...t find out. After she was done brushing my hair. She then announced that it was time to get my ...jammies... on. Perfect I thought once I have those on it will cover up the smell.

... but first...the baby has a poopy diaper and needs to be changed.... She said in a mean tone. I was shocked she really knew the whole time and was misleading me.

...I'M NOT A BABY.... I shouted.

...Anybody who poops in his diaper is definitely a baby.... Jane said. ...Now lay down so I can check your diaper!... With that she flipped me around laying on my back and got down on the floor on her knees in between my legs as she spread them apart. It happened so quick I didn...t even realize which way she turned me until I was flat on my back getting a diaper change. ...Do you really think I couldn...t tell? Huh? I could smell you from the end of the hall.... She hollered. She took off the diaper and cleaned me up then spanked me. It hurt like you wouldn...t believe. I cried and cried. ...I...ll give you something to cry about, just wait.... She then retrieved the diaper that she brought out and put it on me. She pulled the tapes around my waist so tight I could barely move any muscle and then fastened them shut. Laying there crying after just having my diaper changed. I was then given a bottle of formula and told to drink it in ten minutes. I downed it as fast as possible. I laid there and cried some more as she left the room.

When she returned she had another bottle in hand and picked me up and placed me on her hip. I was carried all the way down the hall bawling and then placed in the crib with the bottle and told to drink and have it finished by morning.

...Stop your crying I...m sick and tired of it. You might as well get used to being a baby because I...m going to keep you in diapers and baby clothes until think grown and start respecting woman like me and my daughter....

...No Nanna please give me a chance. I...m not a baby.... I screamed and laid in my crib kicking my legs in the air and crying. Actually I looked much like the baby I was so vehemently denying. She then stepped back and raised the top of the crib and locked it shut. ...Wouldn...t you like some of your friends to see you acting like such a baby?... Nanna asked. ...Maybe I should invite them over to watch me change your diapers sometime.... She said as she left the room.

It was awhile that night before I could go to sleep. One I was really upset at the incident, which told me I was about to have a hard weekend. Two I still had a bottle of formula to finish, and my stomach felt almost bloated from the previous three bottles.

The morning Nanna came in, opened the curtains as usual, and then changed me. I was wet and a little poopy from the night before. After my morning diaper change she carried me down the hall and into the living room with my legs around her waist as before.

...Look who...s come to see you sweetie,... She turned her body so I could see over her shoulder. Standing there was her other daughter Jenny once again. Being dressed in just a diaper on her mother...s knee I was even more embarrassed to see her. It was a little different at the mall with clothes on. I tried to hide my face in Nanna...s neck and shoulder.

...Ohhhh, he...s being a little shy today,... Said Nanna ...It...s okay Aunt Jenn Jenn came here to see us today.... As I was made to stand in front of Jenny who was way taller than me. While she made small talk with me. ...HUH is that Big Bird on your diaper? It is? I didn...t know you liked Big Bird....

Nanna returned with a bottle from the kitchen. ...Time for breakfast....

I spent most of the morning sitting in Aunt Jenny...s lap. Drinking my bottle. They talked and chatted among each other while I was expected to play with my toys in the middle of the living room. So there I as in nothing but a diaper in full view of Molly...s sister told that...s how I would stay. As Aunt Jenny was about to go she said she wished she could stay longer but she must go, and with a touch of my behind she said ...Oh-baby needs a dry diaper want Aunt Jenn Jenn to change you?" And laughed. I was so angry I could do nothing about the whole situation. Nanna left me in the Den downstairs to play with the toys. At least she left me alone for a while. Maybe she would forget I was down there I thought during the party. Before long it was time for her dinner party. The bell rang and the guests were arriving. I stayed in the den hoping I could hide until her party was over. Bye now my diaper was very wet and saggy, but what could I do? As they arrived one by one I panicked more and more hoping that nobody would came downstairs. Suddenly Nanna was in the den with a NEW DIAPER.

As her and I stood there, me wearing a soaking wet diaper, and her angry and holding a new diaper for me to wear, the whole situation began to sink in, I became scared. She obliviously meant business, and with her friends in the house potential for embarrassment was huge, and about to turn real. I was then offered a choice: Either stay in my obviously used diaper for all to see and go say hello to the guest, or get changed into the dry diaper, then say hello! ...No way I won...t do it.... I shouted, but then she said "Yes you will, again you wanted to wear diapers so now you are and that...s that.... I will never forget those words. I couldn...t believe she said that, I never said I wanted to wear diapers. Was she spreading lies about me to her friends, and if so then who else? My thoughts were broken by her words once again.

...Time...s up Tyler I guess you...ll stay in that wet diaper.

Now I have one more choice for you. You can either wear this T-shirt up there or go wearing nothing....

I quickly responded for the shirt this time. She then placed the shirt on me as I was hoping it would somewhat cover my diaper, but it did not. It barely went over the top of my belly button.

As I stood up I began to waddle a bit, she got angry and took another smack at my bum and said come let...s go. She then took me bye the arm back upstairs. I started to protest once we got upstairs, but she just told me not to make things worse, I pictured me over her knee and just said ...okay....

When we got upstairs the first of the ladies said hello. I stammered ...hello... back. Then they all started to realize how I was dressed-very thick soggy diaper and a baby shirt- they all stared. I started to go but Nanna just held me there, and finally a neighbor who never really liked me spoke. She said, ...A boy your age in diapers - one of my boys was a slow trainer, but not this bad.... She then just sort of snickered, as did some of the others, probably out of nervousness.

At this point I couldn...t hold back. I said, ...It...s none of your damn business what I wear, and maybe I don...t have to wear them. Maybe I do it because ...... and then realized what I had pretty much just said. To which Nanna then said, ...Tyler was very naughty and is now living with the consequences.... But she then said with obvious anger on her face ...but we have to go deal with his little tantrum-excuse us for a few minutes.... She led me away to the kitchen and I knew what I was waiting for me.

She went to the wall where a small cutting board, about as thick as a ping pong paddle hung as decoration. She grabbed the cutting board off the wall and then sat down on a chair still having me bye the arm. ...You have been just so bad that I...m not waiting for your mommy to come home.... Nanna (as if talking to a toddler) will punish you now. With that she pulled me over her knee to paddle my diapered bum. I started to cry, as the entire guest could hear the spanking and said, ...I...m too old to spank! Stop!... but I guess the diaper took care of that argument, and she kept on spanking. Spank, spank, spank, went the paddle, all the while my butt starting to hurt, even with the padding of my diaper. She kept spanking for a long time, and I had to imagine what I looked like, diapered and being spanked over Molly...s mothers knee. I felt so embarrassed since everyone in the house knew I was being spanked. I had been so scared I had even pooped in my diaper a little bit, but she didn...t care, as it was still in the diaper. At the end she stood me up and marched into the living room, and told me to go apologize to our guest, and to make sure I understood she took a couple more swats to my behind.

While I was being spanked she said a few things to me about growing up and not being such a baby, but as I was wearing a diaper while over her knee, and struggling and crying with every spank, I guess I sounded a lot like a baby. With my Bum very soar, I went into the living room and say I was sorry. At the dinner party I only recognized a few one other person and that was Aunt Jenny. The rest of the night consisted of the guest laughing and teasing me. Nanna made me toddle around in my diaper while she took pictures. ...These will be perfect to add to my collection, along with the ones taken of you in your sleep.... She said. One of her friends was very nice to me her name was Kelly. A neighbor from a few doors down. She was about 5...5... about 150 pounds with below shoulder length black hair and green eyes. I hung out with her and Aunt Jenny most of the night. Kelly then noticed my soaking wet diaper and made it public business. ...Hey Jane, I think the baby needs his diaper changed.... She yelled across the room and then looked back at me smiling. Jane walked over our way and said, ...Come on let...s go.... I replied ...Huh... She then said again ...Come on let...s change your diaper.... I was angry at the situation and complained. ...I don...t want Nanna to change my diaper....

...Do you want me to change your diaper?... Kelly offered. I was caught off guard by that comment. Looking at Kelly as she was motioning for me to come to her with both hands.

Jane then spoke up ...With Two-year olds you have to give them a choice. Tyler you can either come with me and get your diaper changed or have Kelly change your diaper?... Then she left the room.

...I don...t want Nanna to change my diaper.... Is all I could respond almost pouting?

...You want me to change you. Come on over here.... Kelly suggested smiling.

About this time Nanna came back with a clean diaper in hand and came towards me. ...Ok I guess Kelly is going to change you out here in front of everyone....

I never thought of that ...Noooo... is all I could say as Aunt Jenny grabbed me from behind below my arms and guided me over towards Kelly who was now kneeling on the floor. Once I was standing right in front of her Aunt Jenny then started pulling me backwards laying me down right in front of Kelly.

My legs were spread wide and Aunt Jenny held down my arms. Nanna handed the diaper to Kelly and just smiled as she said ...You said that you didn...t want me changing you so this was your choice to be changed by Kelly.... Not like this in front of everybody I thought.

My diaper was taken off and myself exposed for all to see in no time.

...Wow Jane really outdone yourself this time.... Almost laughing. ... He really is a baby, no body hair what so ever.... One of the guest commented.

Just then Kelly was finishing up my diaper change. She taped up the sides and patted me twice on the front and playfully said ...There, all done.... Aunt Jenny released my upper arms and Kelly helped me up. ...There that wasn...t so bad was it? Are you a happy baby now? Hmmm....

Finally the entire guest left, Nanna told me to stand in the corner for a while. Then she left the room and said for me to wait until she came back. Just then Molly came home with Megan and they entered the house they giggled and made fun of me standing in the corner. I started to cry again, and could not hold my tongue at Megan anymore, and started to swear at her. Just then Nanna came back into the room and she heard everything I had said. ...Have you learned nothing? I thought one spanking would be enough!...

... I guess you...ll be staying like this for a lot longer than we thought. Just to think I was going to let you out of diapers next week.... Said Molly.

I began to speak and defend myself but Molly just told me to be quiet. She said she didn...t want to hear my excuses. I was also told that this kind of behavior would cause me more time in diapers. She said that she would add more time to my punishment and tell me later and that Nanna would also get to add time of her own. I looked at Nanna and said I was sorry, hoping to get in her good graces.

...Thank you.... Then looking at me with stern eyes. ...Three more months in diapers.... Said Nanna.

I began outing immediately. ...That...s not fair, Nanna....

...You heard her. I will give you my punishment on top of that.... Mommy said.

...By the way mom I...m just here to pick up a few things then I...m staying the night at Megan...s. So you better be good for Nanna while I think about your punishment....

...We need to get you ready Tyler. We have to go to the store this evening.... Nanna said.

...Actually could I go with you guys to pick up some things for tonight?... Megan asked.

...Sure no problem. Molly do you need anything as well.... Jane responded.

...No mom, Megan knows what I need. I...ll just catch up with you at your house. I have to finish packing my stuff. Ok?... Molly asked.

...Sounds good Molly We...ll see you later.... Jane hollered.

Nanna left the room and then came back with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and put them on me. Well the bright side was at least she let me put on some clothing and didn...t drag me into public just wearing a diaper. After that moment Nanna, Megan and myself were all packed in the car and headed out to the store.

Chapter 8: Diaper Shopping

During the car ride their Megan was talking with Jane, I rode in the backseat.

...So what are you shopping for? Didn...t you just go to the store a couple of days ago?... Megan asked.

...Yes, Megan, but I need to get some more things for Tyler....

...Like Diapers?... Megan asked excitedly.

...Yes, like diapers. Since we just extended his punishment he is going to need more diapers to help keep him dry and happy.... Jane said.

On the way to the store I was angered and paralyzed with fear of what else could happen. Plus the fact of going to Wal-mart on a Saturday night also scared me. My sweatpants didn...t actually do anything to hide my diaper at all. It actually accentuated the bulkiness of it if anything. But that didn...t stop Megan to talk about me.

...What kind of diapers does Tyler where? I mean those one...s with the Sesame Street characters were just adorable. Where those Pampers that he was wearing?... Megan asked.

...Yes they were.... Stated Jane ...Tyler...s a pretty small baby so diapers like Pampers fit him best. That means no leaks.... She said as she looked back in my direction. At that moment I began peeing in my diaper. It made that hissing sound I hope their conversation continue so they wouldn...t hear it.

...Jane... Megan said, ...I think the baby just peed in his diaper....

...It...s ok Megan, I...ll change him when we get home....

After arriving at the Store, Jane took me by the arm and we headed straight to the Baby isle. I could feel the wet inflated diaper swishing between my legs. Every step I was made to take made that infernal crinkling sound. While being led by the hand making all of these sounds I couldn...t help but realize everyone staring in my direction at my extremely bulky padded crotch and behind. On the way, we ran into a Close personal friend of mine from high school. Walking down the isle towards us was Erin and her Mother. Erin and I were very close; she was practically like a sister to me. To describe her one might say that she was around 5...8... Tall and 145 pounds. Her features consisted of a well-toned body, blue eyes, and brownish blonde hair.

...Hi Tyler, what brings you here?... asked Erin.

...Oh Uh nothing just doing a little shopping.... I replied realizing that she didn...t even notice my bulky pants.

...What are you shopping for?...

...The biggest box of Diapers we can find... Interrupted Megan, ...because he can...t stop going potty in his pants....

My face turned crimson red with embarrassment as Megan and Erin laughed out loud.

...Are you wearing a diaper right now, Tyler?... asked Erin looking down at my waist.

At this time Megan patted my butt to make a crinkling sound that diapers make.

...You bet he is Erin. Can you hear the little Baby...s diaper?... Megan asked as she laughed once again with Erin.

...Well, good luck Ty, I hope your diapers help keep you warm and dry at night.... Said a giggling Erin.

As we entered the baby isle Jane began examining the many packages of diapers available hoping to find the same kind I was used too.

...Let...s see now Pampers, Pampers, Pampers Baby Dry, here we go.... She said. ...Oh great there all out of Size 6. What are we going to do? No Sesame Street Characters....

YES!!! I thought maybe this would end all this ridiculous Diaper Discipline I was given. Megan could almost see the happiness on my face growing.

...We could try another store?... Megan said. I worried for a moment.

...No it...s too late for that, plus were already here. There has got to be some that fit him at this store.... Jane said.

...Oh great, these Luvs fit the same waist size as his Pampers I bought so they should fit just fine. However just to be safe......

Jane then opened the package of Luvs, took out one diaper and opened the diaper up. She then placed it around the outside of my sweatpants in an attempt to determine if it was big enough for me. I was thoroughly embarrassed to be standing in the middle of Wal-mart while Nanna placed a disposable baby diaper around the outside of the crotch of my pants.

...Oh even better than Sesame Street, Luvs features Barney. Oh you have to get them. He...ll look so cute in waddling around in his Barney Diaper.... Megan said.

...It...s hard to tell if they fit with this other diaper on him. Maybe I should put one on you just to be sure.... Jane said to me.

Just then Jane spotted a store employee. ...Oh Miss, can you help me. I...m buying some diapers here for my little boy to help him with his accidents and I...d like to try and see if one of these diapers fit him before I buy the whole package. Is there some place I can change him in to this diaper?...

...Sure..., the employee said with a smile on her face. ...There...s a restroom in the back with a changing station in it but I...m not too sure it can handle a baby the size of your son....

...That...s ok, we...ll make do.... Replied Jane.

Nanna then grabbed me by the arm and marched me to the restroom, diaper in hand. Once inside, she picked me up and sat me down on the changing counter.

...Ok honey, lay down so I can get your pants off of you to see if this diaper fits. As a matter of fact you need changing anyway.... Nanna said.

...No... I exclaimed. ...I...m not going to wear a diaper anymore-I...m not a baby....

"Then why do you Pee in your pants like one? If you don't cooperate now you'll wish you did."


In a fit of anger, Nanna scooped me up and sat down in the chair next to the changing counter. Placing me over her knees, Nanna then began to pull my pants down and began spanking me fiercely on my diapered behind. I was unable to take the pain, I began crying and begging for Nanna to stop spanking me.

...Now are you going to be a good little baby and let me put your diaper on?... asked Jane.

I nodded my head yes. Satisfied with the response, Nanna lifted me back onto the changing counter with my pants dangling around my ankles. She then removed my diaper.

...Say bye-bye to Big Bird sweetie. Do it!... she commanded.

...Bye Big Bird.... I said still crying and waving my hand to my disposed diaper.

She then raised my legs up in the air and placed the brand new Luvs underneath me. My legs were then lowered back down and she brought the diaper up over my genital area, taping the sides firmly in place. The Luvs were only slightly smaller than my Sesame Street ones and fit me tighter in the crotch. I couldn...t help but notice the Barney print designs on the front of my diaper. Nanna then pulled off my pants from my ankles and lowered me to the floor.

...OK, Tyler, it looks like Luvs fit you just fine. Let...s go out and get you a couple of packages. Don...t worry I...ll get you more of your Sesame Street one...s next time I promise. You got at least three more months to go....

...But I need to put my pants on first.... I pleaded.

...Nonsense, going to wear just that diaper until we get home as a punishment for how you acted earlier. Now let...s go....

Nanna then grabbed me by the hand and forcibly led me back into the Baby isle where Megan was waiting. I was petrified of seeing anyone else I knew in the store, after all, I was wearing nothing but a Barney Baby Diaper and a t-shirt that left half of my baby diaper exposed for everyone to see.

Upon seeing me in my clearly diapered condition, Megan began laughing hysterically. ...Doesn...t the little baby look cute in his Luvs!...? Cried Megan.

Although angered at Megan...s comments I could do nothing but stare at the floor. After grabbing two large packs of Luvs for Baby wipes as well as some baby powder, Jane led us to the checkout line. Unfortunately for me, Erin and her mom were already there.

...Oh mommy, look how adorable Tyler is in his diaper.... Cried Erin.

...Yeah,... replied Megan, ...and believe it or not, he...s had it on for over five minutes and it...s still dry....

The two girls laughed at my situation adding even more embarrassment me my predicament.

...Bye Bye Ty, be good for your mommy now. Good luck with your Potty training when you get the chance to grow up.... Erin said.

...Oh it will be awhile before that happens. He usually doesn...t even know when he...s wet his diaper. Molly and I are constantly checking him so he doesn...t get a diaper rash.... Nanna said.

The girls then paid for their items and we carried them out to the car and left the store. The ride home was silent for me we then dropped off Megan at her house were Molly was already waiting inside. Megan then left the car saying to me. ...Bye Bye Ty, try to keep Barney Dry, and don...t worry about Molly I...ll make sure she ends up happy.... This comment made me even more upset about Molly and I...s relationship. got to be allowed to grow up fast.

Chapter 9: A special visitor

That evening after I was put to bed. Molly and her mother engaged in another conversation the next morning before waking me up.

...How was your weekend?... Jane asked.

...Real good. Megan and I went to this party and we met up with those really cute boys from the park the day before. It was so much fun just doing my own thing. By the way how was the rest of the weekend babysitting for you?...

Jane filled Molly in on her weekend with the Baby. She talked about my bad behavior and how she decided about keeping me in diapers even longer. Jane also suggested to Molly think of her part of the punishment and presents it to me at a later time.

"Molly if you don't mind I would like to utilize Kelly this week a little bit to help with our goals for little Ty. I think Kelly could give us some suggestions on how to pursuit getting the respect we deserve." Jane said.

"Oh Mom I really don't see the need for that. Can't we just continue the way we are? However today I do have a special visitor that's coming over to see the baby. Let's go ahead and get him up." Molly said.

"Alright Molly I agree, but only if you let me test him out for you?" Jane said.

"What do you mean?" Molly said.

"Let's just call it a little test of loyalty. If he stays loyal to us, then no more diapers and he can be a big boy again. If he does not then it's diapers full time for baby? Sound good?" Jane said. Molly agreed and they walked down the hallway.

The two of them came in my room got me out of the crib and changed me and then took me to the living room where I was to play in the playpen until later.

"Mommy," I asked, "I was wondering what my punishment would be for being bad?" I wanted to know what she had in store for me in addition to the three months added on in diapers from Nanna.

"Don't you worry my little baby, just let mommy handle that you'll find out when I tell you." Molly said.

I was let out of the playpen and Molly had me crawl into the kitchen and got me in the high chair again, hands on my knees. She put a bib around my neck, and started feeding me my lunch. It was rice or something mushy with creamed peas and creamed carrots as yummy side dishes. During the middle of my lunch the doorbell rang. Mommy went to answer it leaving me in the chair with food all over my face. I heard her talking for a minute and then shut the door. She came back into the kitchen and right behind her was my best friend Erin. I was shocked and embarrassed once again. I just sat there staring at her; for one thing she looked incredibly gorgeous. She had on a light yellow sleeveless cotton top and a pair of blue jeans cutoffs. Erin just smiled and said Hi.

"Mom," I whined.

"Don't let Erin see me, pleeeaassee?"

"Erin has been calling everyday to come see you. I know I couldn't keep her away forever, then she seen you last night so she called me, so I told her about you being a baby again. Since she already knew about the diapers, she agreed about your situation and decided to come visit you today."

Erin looked at me "I'm still your friend. Your mommy said I could see you everyday if I wanted. I miss you, you're my friend."

"Thanks" I mumbled. Molly finished giving me my lunch with Erin watching. I had to pee but I couldn't do it in front of Erin, even if she wouldn't really know. Once I was cleaned up mommy had me get down and crawl to the living room. Back on the couch she gave me a lunch bottle and Erin went to the kitchen and came back with another special bottle. At first she began to hand it to Molly, but Molly then asked if Erin would mind giving it to me. They switched places and I laid in Erin's arms.

"I feel stupid like this," I said to them.

"Forget about it, Tyler. I've got to clean up the kitchen and Erin can help me with you. She can be a big help with everything around here. She gets to see you and I'm giving her a little money for helping out."

So that was it my friend was to become my babysitter.

"But, Mommy," I began and stopped immediately. I could see Molly's hand as she patted it against the top of her thigh. I knew what she meant and I didn't want to be paddled in front of Erin. I shut up and waited for Erin to give me the bottle. Molly helped her how to hold it correctly and how to hold me still while I was fed. I begin sucking and Molly left for her chores. Erin began to coo at me a little and giggling some and I couldn't help but smiling up at her since it was so ridiculous. She smiled back and we were soon hugging each other. She told me how she was surprised when she saw me at the store. She made a deal with Molly so that she could still hang out with me. She began telling me about some other people we knew when she immediately stopped.

I asked her why she stopped, talking around the nipple. She said that they didn't matter anymore and she promised my mommy to talk about toddler stuff to me, about growing up and about being loved. Oh, boy, this didn't seem like fun either. I finally couldn't hold it anymore and started peeing. Erin noticed me fidgeting and asked what was wrong? I told her I am peeing and she put her hand on my crotch to see if it was warm (which it was). It felt funny everyone putting their hands on my privates. Erin told Molly that my diapers were wet and She had me crawl into the nursery. Erin stood by watching and asking questions again as mommy diapered me. As she finished she told Erin "There, next time you can change him and I'll watch." I began shaking my head no but Molly ignored me and put a baby shirt on me.

...Mommy can...t Erin just visit me? It...s weird if she changes me too.... I asked.

...Listen Tyler, Erin is here to help out with you. I...ll need her help with anything. So, get used to it, she already knows what a baby looks like, she used to change her baby brother a few years ago, remember?... I nodded but wasn...t satisfied.

...But I...m not her baby brother....

...Yes, but she has babysat before and it...s no different. If wet or messy got to be changed. It...s part of being a baby. We...ll take care of you for now.... and that was the end of that.

Erin came over every other day, changed and fed me bottles while chatting with me about Barney, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Teddy Bears, and things like that. I was just so happy to have someone to talk to other than my girlfriend and her crazy mother.

Later in the week I tried to talk some sense into Molly once again to see if she maybe would end this diaper punishment. had enough and needed to be allowed to grow up again.

...Mom, can...t we talk about all of this. About me, about wearing diapers and things?...

...Tyler, you aren...t old enough to discuss this. Now let...s go to the living room.... She replied.

I was determined to end this. ... Mommy, please. I need to talk about this, I don...t want to wear diapers....

...Ty, no more now.... She warned.

I kept up my pleas, ...Mom, I...ll be a good boy for you....

...That...s enough.... And she grabbed something form one of the drawers. It was the large pacifier with the straps that hooked around my head. She turned me around and fastened them and pulled them tight. Now I couldn...t talk at all.

...Ty, done giving you paddles every time bad. You...ll wear this all day today except to eat. I...ll take it out tomorrow morning. If you talk back any more you...ll get it again....

How many ways could she think up of defeating me? I pulled at it with my fingers and she quickly slapped my hand. ...No playing with your binky. Leave it alone and crawl to the living room....

I was depressed the rest of the day. Erin came over and ended up talking with Molly most of the day since I couldn...t talk. They talked around me like I couldn...t understand anything. They talked about how I was doing and what I liked and didn...t like. I felt like I was eavesdropping, listening to people talk about me.

Chapter 10: A Normal Life

A few weeks Later Megan stopped over and was going to babysat me for the weekend while Mommy and Nanna went out of town. I settled into my baby role quite well. With the whole weekend away from mommy and the party girl that Megan was I knew I was in for an adventure. ...Don...t worry about a thing Molly, Tyler and I are going to have so much fun.... Megan said. ...Alright you be good for Megan and do whatever she says or I...ll make your punishment worse got it?... Molly said to me."Oh yeah and if your good" Molly then followed up with a long French Kiss to my lips.

"There's plenty of that where it came from." With that comment they were out the door.

Megan proceeded to gather up lots of items for me and we went out the door and into the car. She let me put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt over my diapers. Much to my surprise this was the closest thing to adult clothes that I wore in some time now. While driving in the car I was still made to ride in the backseat. Megan told me that we were going to pick up some of her girlfriends for a ladies night out. Oh great I thought this can...t be good. ...Maybe we can hook you up with a decent girl. Huh. You know good I am with setting up dates.... Megan said. This comment hurt me a little but she seemed very sincere about getting me a date. The girls met up at Megan...s apartment and we all piled into one car. have you been Megan?... a cute blond asked her. She was driving comfortably, looking out into the road through the two dice that hung from her rearview mirror. She had a yellow on that looked great with her blue pants, which gave her a warm, spring, healthy appearance. Her white Bra strap was evident and hanging over her shoulder, as it wasn...t perfectly lined up with her shirt strap. She glanced in her rearview mirror to hear Megan...s response.

...Oh, been good... A little tired, but good.... Megan said.

...Who do we have with you? Is this your baby boy?... she asked in a flirty passion. I glanced up and blushed a little bit. I was trying to keep to myself for a couple of reasons. One I had no idea if Megan even told them about my diapers. Two I didn...t want anybody to notice I was in diapers underneath my regular clothes.

...Yeah I...m her friend.... I choked up. I looked to the drivers seat and saw her response with a smile. It was as if she knew but didn...t want to say anything. Paranoia began to set in just a little bit. Had they heard the crinkling sound coming from my pants. No it couldn...t be they were talking too much. I just remembered the grocery store incident with Megan and Erin and how she enjoyed teasing me in my predicament.

...Megan kept saying she was going to be babysitting. All of us thought you...d be a little baby in a car seat.... She said in a perky tone. ...I lovvvvvve little babies... she added. I choked out a weak chuckle to acknowledge the blond...s comments.

...Oh I...m Katie by the way. Jamie is wearing the cat shirt...she likes kitties or something, that is Kristen, and Nikki is sitting right next to you.... She said. I looked over at Nikki and she did the same thing she made a smile.

We arrived at the theater and stood in the back of the dark room, waiting to exchange our tickets. The four girls and I finally proceeded to the stage and were looking for tables. We were slightly late and the show was near full. There were only two tables left, one that sat four people and one that sat two. The girls began discussing were we should sit. I didn...t say much still feeling out of place and nervous. Nikki, with her short black hair with red highlights, glanced over at me and added to the conversation.

...I want to sit with the Baby.... She said.

I looked towards Megan. ...Ok she said that will be fine.... She said as she gave me a glance.

...How are you?... She asked.

...I...m ok...heh.... I said still feeling inferior by her baby comment.

The lights dimmed and I began to feel a little better. Nikki was sitting next to me looking at the stage. I took the opportunity to look at the side of her face. So Beautiful, she was petite and as complex as a gorgeous as could be. The show was on Nikki not the performers. I thought of Molly but quickly pushed her out of my head.

The show was interesting, but the fantasies of my mind were more fascinating. I was in a haze of nervousness, excitement, arousal, and embarrassment all because of the ...Babysitter... sitting across from me. Could she be the one that Megan was trying to fix me up with. Maybe this girl had some kind of attraction to me I thought.

During the intermission we all finished eating our desserts. At that moment Nikki stood up abruptly.

...Come on, come outside with me!... she pleaded.

...Well...Why?... I responded dumbfounded.

...Let...s talk or something...I want to get away from the crowd for a little while.... She said.

...Ok but let me use the bathroom.... I really wanted to get rid of this diaper I was wearing especially if I was going to be alone with her watching stars. I began to head in the direction of the bathroom. Just then I heard Megan...s voice call out to me.

...Were do you think your going?... Megan asked.

...Uh you know to the bathroom, to go Pee.... I stammered.

...You know better than that, just because we are having a night out doesn...t mean you don...t have to follow your rules.... She responded. ...Don...t make me go into more detail.... She threatened.

...Do you need a diaper?... Nikki giggled. I choked immediately and stood rigid and was extremely humiliated.

...Oh I...m sorry...that was stupid, wasn...t it Megan? I...m soooo sorry,... she pleaded once again. I stood silent waiting for further responses they had to of known. I decided to play along at that moment and see where the conversation was going. ...So should we go outside?... I responded.

After this conversation took place Nikki then lead me by the hand to the outside. Walking next to Nikki I might add that she was actually a lot taller that me. Though, that didn...t matter to me with her deep dark tan and green eyes. She then influenced me to sit down with her, while still holding my hand. Completely scared, and slightly confused I looked at her as if to question her. I had already peed in my diaper twice during the show filling it to the limits. I could feel the urge coming on again. This thought was interrupted by a large opened mouth kiss coming my way from Nikki. At first I thought of Molly and then I realized well since she doesn...t want anything to do with me then fine. I began kissing Nikki back.

After the show we were all walking to the car when I had to speak to Megan.

...Megan can I talk to you for a moment?... I asked.

...Yeah what is it? Are you and Nikki getting along alright?... She said with a smile.

...Perfect, but I have a problem I have to go the bathroom still and...... I was cut off.

...Umm I think you should still use proper language because little boys don...t use the bathroom.... Megan said.

...Oh right. Well anyway I still have to use the potty because my diaper is too full and I really like Nikki a lot so...... I asked.

...Aw that...s so cute the little baby got a crush on Nikki.... Megan then just laughed. ...Well I guess you better hope that diaper holds out until I can change you. Remember I...m still babysitting tonight.... She said.

The car ride home was torture for me. There I was setting with four beautiful women and having to go to pee and not able to for fear of being embarrassed in front of my new crush. About 10 minutes down the road I began to squirm having to release my bladder and not knowing when my next diaper change would occur.

Megan caught on really quick and decided to play a game called hostage in the car. The other girls quickly agreed that I should be the hostage. I could care less about the game as I had to go to the bathroom real bad. The other played along with Megan and followed her lead. ...Megan can we stop somewhere please?... I begged. ...I...m sorry Tyler but we just don...t have time to stop. You...ll have to wait until we get home.... She said. I began squirming and grabbing my private area just to keep myself from peeing. Megan then proceeded to play hostage and handcuffed my hands behind my back.

At this time Nikki then grabbed my crotch and said ...Is this the part were we do whatever we want to our little hostage?... Then she just paused as she looked down at my waist. She was once again feeling my crotch looking confused and asked Megan ...IS he wearing a diaper?...

...I told you girls I was babysitting tonight. He is to be treated like any other two-year old ok?... Megan said. At this time I was trying to cross my legs. Nikki then interrupted and cuffed my legs to the floor of the vehicle. ...Is little baby Ty going to go Pee Pee?... She said as she began teasing me. ...It...ll be ok. I promise. Want me to change you?... She said as she began laughing.

...You really thought we didn...t know?... Katie said. ...I mean Megan...s our friend she tells us everything. Not that we couldn...t tell with all the crinkling noises and the bulkiness of your pants.... Said Jaime. Not able to hold out any longer I released my bladder and overflowed my diaper. My wet soggy diaper began leaking and the warm pee ran down my legs of my jeans completely soaking them.

I just sat there and began crying at the accident I just had in front of these four great looking girls. How could I have honestly believed Megan she is Molly...s best friend and always teased me while I was wearing diapers?

...Awe don...t cry we...ll change you when we get home. Well so much for us going out to the club? That was the only clean Big Boy outfit I had for him.... Megan said.

...Wow Baby did wet didn...t he?... Nikki Commented as she looked at my lower body. ...Awe it...s no fun having to sit in a wet squishy diaper is it? We can change you when we get home? I...m really looking forward into putting you into your new diapers. I...m told you...ll like them.... Nikki finally said.

...I could stay home and watch him girls. I really didn...t want to go out anyway. I...m looking forward to the party.... Nikki said.

...Alright then it...s settled we...ll all go out clubbing. Nikki you...ll stay at the house with the baby until later.... Megan announced.

Once we got to Megan...s place. I was taken out of handcuffs and marched into the house.

I froze, unable to say or do anything other than pee my pants. Both her gaze and mine fell to my crotch simultaneously as we each confirmed that I was indeed peeing in my pants yet again. She put her arm around me and led me inside her house saying, ...Its OK.... She led me to the bathroom, taking the box of new diapers from the living room, ...Now let...s get you cleaned up and take off your pants so I can put a new diaper on you.... I pulled down my pants to reveal my saggy wet diaper, stained yellow and soaked with urine. I gave my soaked pants to her and she put them in the washer. Next, she opened the bathroom door and led me to the living room and made me lie on the floor. I noticed that she had opened my box of diapers and had one in her hand. As soon as my butt hit the floor she pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs and fastened the tapes noting how well they fit me. ...There you go.... she said.

After Megan changed me in front of the other girls they were off to the clubs and waved bye- bye to the baby. ...Be good for Nikki, I just love little babies. There so cute.... Said Katie.

I got up and sat down beside Nikki on the couch. We sat together for a couple of minutes in awkward silence before she spoke, ...I want to ask you something,... she began, ...Now you don't need to wear diapers do you? I nodded in agreement. ...I thought as much.... she confided. ...I still think your cute. Even if your wearing diapers? I...ll still be your girlfriend.... I looked at her in disbelief, ...Really?... I asked. ...Of course. I don...t mind being your secret girlfriend / babysitter.... she replied. ...Actually, would you mind watching TV for a little bit by yourself while I go to the store?... ...OK.... I replied. Nikki gave me a glass of juice and patted me on the head before she left. I drank the juice and watched cartoons until she came back.

...Did you miss me?... Nikki asked as she walked in carrying a shopping bag and another box of Pampers. After putting down her shopping, Nikki asked me to stand up. She stuck her fingers between my diaper and my thigh. When she saw the confused look on my face she said, ...Sorry, I was just checking to see if you were wet.... Nikki went to put my clothes in the dryer. While she was gone I felt a strong urge to pee, I was just about to get up and go to the washroom when I remembered I was wearing a diaper.

I relaxed my bladder and moments later I was rewarded with a small trickle of pee. I closed my eyes so I could concentrate on the sensations. As the flow grew I could feel it running down my tiny scrotum where it was absorbed by the diaper's padding. I opened my eyes and looked at my crotch. A dark, yellow patch was spreading across my diaper. I loved the warm, damp, squishy feeling that my diaper now had along with the aroma that only Pampers has, combined with the faint scent of urine. I was still peeing when Nikki came back. ...How are you doing?... she inquired as she came over and saw the condition of my diaper. ...Oh, wet I see. Well come lie down and I'll change that wet diaper for you.... she said, kneeling down and patting the carpet. ...I'm still peeing.... I told her. ...Oh, well. Why don't you lie down anyway? You can still finish peeing.... I got up and waddled over to her and lay down pissing myself the whole time. Once I was lying down and she was kneeling between my legs I finally stopped peeing. ...I think we'd better wait a second to make sure that your diaper has absorbed it all. We don't want any leaks....

After about a minute she ripped the tapes open and slowly pulled down the front of my diaper. She wiped my crotch with a couple of wet-naps, unfolded one of the Pampers from the open box and switched it for the wet one I was lying on. ...Lift up.... she asked, so she could clean my butt. She produced a large container of baby powder, ...Don't want you to get a rash...... she commented as she sprinkled me with it. She rubbed it in before drawing the front of my diaper up between my legs and taped it snugly in place. ...Stand up and let me see how it fits....

I did as I was told and turned around so she could get a good look. ...I can't believe how well these diapers fit you. You'd almost think that they were made for little boys your age.... There was a full-length mirror nearby, so I took a good look at myself. I looked like your typical 2 year old. Instead of shorts or pants the gleaming white plastic backing of Pampers greeted my gaze. >From the waist down I looked like a big toddler, my diaper bulged out in the back and the thickness of the padding prevented me from closing my legs and made me waddle when I walked. The sweet smell of Pampers and baby powder surrounded me and they crinkled loudly every time I moved. I loved the way they felt against my skin, I was in pure baby heaven. The only negative thing was the only real girlfriend I had now treated me like a two-year old. Actually she seemed to be getting off on the idea of babying me even more. So there I sat gazing in the mirror at my diapered self-staring at Cookie Monster laughing on the cover of my fresh clean diaper. Nikki then walked up behind me.

...Do you like Cookie monster boopy? I heard Sesame Street was your favorite show.... Nikki then led me over to the couch as I waddled along the side of her and proceeded to give me a bottle of formula. I was allowed to put on a Pajama top but no bottom she said that she wanted to see my cute little diapers. I agreed to let her keep me this way. So there I laid on the couch being fed a bottle by my new girlfriend. I was starting to get used to being a two-year old.

Chapter 11: Familiar People

Later that evening the rest of the girls came home to Megan...s house. Megan announced that the real fun was about to begin as guest should be arriving any second now. I was cuddling on the couch with Nikki almost forgetting about my appearance. I immediately became nervous and begged Nikki to not let the other guest see me like this. ...Wow that almost turned me on.... Nikki said. She then proceeded to let me put on my pajama bottoms at least. The diaper underneath was still quit obvious, but I at least felt better that my diaper was not in plain view. ...Don...t worry I wouldn...t embarrass you that much baby.... Nikki said in a loving tone and then followed up with a kiss to my lips. ...Awe does little Tyler have a girlfriend? Do you need her to change your diaper too?... Katie said teasing. The rest of the girls just laughed. At that moment the doorbell rang.

When Megan answered the door two guys entered the room. Their Names were Mark and Paul. Immediately entering Paul had looked at me and had a weird look on his face. Then looked towards Megan for an explanation. ...Oh don...t worry were just babysitting tonight.... Megan said and then led Mark bye the hand to the kitchen. ...No problem, I just didn...t think he would be here tonight. That...s all.... Paul said looking at Megan as she left. What could he have meant by that? Did I know this guy or something? He didn...t seem too surprised by my situation but rather surprised by me being there.

As the night continued to develop more people came into Megan...s Apartment for her party. Not that she would notice being so tied up in making out with Mark, who looked oddly familiar. I spent the night on the couch with in my pajamas with Nikki watching cartoons. My curiosity finally got enough of me when I asked Nikki a question. ...Nikki who are Mark and Paul? How does Megan know them?... ...Oh, Well Mark is like Megan...s boyfriend. She met him at a club or party awhile back. Paul is his Best Friend who is dating one of Megan...s friends. Why do you know them or something?... Nikki said. I thought about it for a while and answered ...Oh no reason they just look familiar that...s all.... After talking with Nikki and some more thought I finally put it together Paul and Mark were the guys from the park that Molly was talking too back when this first all began. I was too shocked to do anything. So if Mark was Megan...s boyfriend and Paul was dating one of Megan...s friends that could only mean ...

Chapter 12: The Set-up

Yes, that was it. No wait it couldn't be please I honestly hoped not. Could Molly have been the friend that was dating Paul? Just then the doorbell rang and Megan interrupted my thoughts "Oh Tyler," she chimed.

"There's someone here to see you." Into the room walked Molly and her mother Jane. I was in total shock. I hadn't expected to see her until a few days later. Molly took a commanding tone while Jane just stayed behind her and watched the entertainment I was about to be put through.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered in her ear as she came closer to me, "I didn't know you'd be here, too.

"I would ask you the same thing but I could already tell. You were right mom. I guess he failed your little test." she said to me glaring towards Nikki.

"Have you found yourself a little girlfriend?" She said to me in a babyish tone.

I looked back towards Nikki to just see her gleaming with pleasure. In a perky tone she said, "I just love little babies."

"It's time," Jane replied.

"For what?"

"For your punishment."

"Please," I whispered, blushing.

"Not here. Not in front of them." Then I begged again: "Please."

Molly grasped me by my chin and gazed into my blue eyes.

"Why don't we take a vote?" My face reddened.

Clapping her hands to quiet the crowd, she announced loudly, "Baby Tyler has been very bad and needs to punished. I will leave it to you. Should he be spanked?" The guests laughed.

"Yes, definitely," Nikki said enthusiastically.

"With his pants up or down?" Molly asked.

I blushed and shut my eyes in humiliation.

Inexplicably, I felt myself becoming aroused.

"Down!" Megan exclaimed.

"Very well, then," Molly replied.

"Who wants to volunteer their belt?" Paul was the first to hand Molly his heavy leather belt.

Molly looked to her surprise.

"Oh hey sweetheart didn't see you there." As she took Paul's belt and gave him a swat on the butt and grabbed it.

"Stand there," Molly said, nodding toward the center of the room, "and take down your pants." She commanded to me.

With an expression of abject despair, I walked to the designated spot and, turning my back to the guests. Closing my eyes in embarrassment, I pushed my pants down over my thighs as far as my knees, exposing my delicate white diapers.

"Grab your ankles," Molly ordered me.

Swallowing hard, I bent over and held my ankles, thrusting my diapered butt toward my fascinated audience.

Taking up a position behind me, Molly stuck her shoe between my thighs and nudged them apart until they tugged on my pant legs. The inexplicable excitement from the embarrassment that I felt grew stronger.

"Ten lashes will be sufficient," Molly said. She brought the belt down violently on my padded bottom, filling the room with the loud slap of leather against fabric.

I cried out, flinching slightly, and struggled desperately to maintain my balance.

Nine more times the belt descended, each time producing the same response. With the last lash, I nearly lost my balance.

"Because you flinched," Molly said with a smirk, "we will have to start again from the beginning. This time, with your Diaper removed, as well." Blushing furiously, as Molly's mother came up from behind me and removed my diaper, completely baring my shapely bottom and thighs. I tried to pretend this was not happening. Yet, at the same time, the humiliation that I felt made her incredibly excited.

Molly administered the next nine lashes even more harshly, bringing violent sobs from my lips.

"For the last one," Molly said, "you will hold your cheeks apart as wide as possible."

I began to sob as she placed her hands on my bottom and submissively spread the cheeks, exposing my pink anal orifice.

Molly drew the paddle down hard, oblivious to my cries, not just once, but three times in rapid succession.

"Don't stand up. You will continue holding your cheeks apart," Molly said, lowering the paddle, then produced an enema and crammed it right up my spread butt cheeks. I yelped in pain as I heard Molly state "There that will get you acting more like your age." Red splotches appeared on my smooth, round buttocks, forming a wide streak, like a brushstroke, across my pink anal orifice. I sobbed without inhibition, hearing the female guests giggling quietly.

"You can get up now," Molly said after awhile.

I rose, grasping my pants, but before I could lift them, Molly blocked the garment with her shoe.

"No," she said sternly.

"Since you were so reluctant to display your bottom, your pants will remain at your knees for the rest of the evening." Stifling a sob, I let go of my pants and stood upright.

There was widespread laughter, as I struggled to hold back tears. ... Oh the baby is going to cry. Mommy better do something." Said Katie.

"Of course," Molly added, "you will be entirely dependent on others to dress or undress you."

"Why do I have the feeling," Kristen said with a grin, "his pants are going to stay down indefinitely?" Tears of humiliation streamed down my face. giggled, glancing at the men, who were leering intently at the my exposed lower body.

"He's such a cry baby," Kristen said.

"Yes, isn't he?" Molly said.

"Well, if you're going to act like a baby," she said to me, wiping my miserable cheek with a tissue, "then you'll be treated like one from now on. Tell me, Tyler, would you rather be punished like a baby or like a big boy and get more spankings or worse?" I immediately responded like a baby.

"Alright girls let the record state that he chose to be treated like a baby and what do babies wear?"

"Baby clothes...?" I asked tearfully.

"What do babies wear under their baby clothes and before they're big enough to wear any clothes at all?"

"Diapers..." I replied, sniffling.

"Right. So what should you wear from now on, little baby boy?"

"Diapers," I said, blushing.

"Ok you wanted diapers, then that's what you'll get. Just so you know there will be no more chances or deals until Mommy says so. That means you'll wear diapers without argument from now on and if you don't you will be punished.

Okay? Molly questioned me.

"Yes, Mommy." I replied.

"Beg me to diaper you." Molly said sternly.


"Please may I wear diapers from now on? Please, please..."

All the girls giggled with laughter.

"Ok then lay down so mommy can diaper you." Molly said.

I was laid on the floor. My legs were lifted by the ankles and widely parted. I heard the crinkling sound of diapers being unfolded. With despair, I saw Molly fasten the diaper around me, securing the tapes.

"But babies don't dress themselves," Molly said.

"You must not touch your diaper at any time," she said to me.


I nodded.

"I won't, I promise. I'll be good mommy."

"Only another person can pull it down or pull it up, or take it off, or put it on. Anyone will do."

"Tyler, come here, please," Molly said.

"Crawl on yourknees." I obediently made my way to Molly on my knees, keeping my eyes fixed on the floor.

"Look me in the eyes," Molly ordered.

I raised my face, my blue eyes twinkling with fresh tears.

"It's time for your feeding," Molly said, "Work your way across the room. Beg Jamie to feed you her milk. Be sure you swallow every drop. Your obedience and performance will dictate the severity of your punishment afterward."

A tear trickled down my cheek. Yet, secretly, she was incredibly excited. What was happening to her, she wondered? "Well," Molly said impatiently.

"Get going."

Submissively, I crawled over to Jamie and knelt at her feet.

"Please feed me your milk," I begged. My eyes were filled with distress.

"Please, please..."

"Oh, all right, if you insist..." Jamie replied with a laugh.

She then had me crawl into her lap and she pulled up her shirt exposing her breast. After I was finished feeding from Jaime, I then was made to crawl over towards Megan and was given a baby bottle full of warm milk.

"Now then tomorrow we will go shopping in just your diaper. Just like any other baby. You will be lead by the hand and pushed in a stroller up and down the baby aisles. Diaper in full view." Molly stated.

"From now on?" Paul asked with bemusement.

"Absolutely," Molly said, smiling as she winked at him.

"As far as I'm concerned this is a permanent, full-time thing.

"From now on, he will be diapered and live as a baby. He is forbidden from touching his diaper at any time. He will be diapered only by others and undressed by others. If his diaper gets wet, by any means whatsoever, he will immediately be stripped, spanked, and changed. No matter where--on the sidewalk, in a department store, in a night club. That means if it rains and his diaper gets wet, or if someone spills a drink on his diaper, off it comes then and there, and his little butt gets blistered for any signs of refusing to have his diaper changed."

"That will be happening constantly tonight, I should think," Katie said with a giggle.

"People will be spilling drinks all over the place."

"I might spill a few myself," Nanna said, smiling, "just for the amusement value." Addressing me, she added: "This is your new position in life. Do you understand?"


"If you disobey, or even hesitate to obey, you'll be severely punished.

The rest of the night I remained on the couch in just my diaper, which was pretty well soiled. I was made to just sit there in Nikki lap while Molly made out with Paul. I wanted to fight back put thought of my position being out numbered and did not want to be punished again. I just sat there in a pit of dismay watching Molly have her fun with me. Later that evening she told me that the party was my punishment for being so naughty and not remaining loyal to her. I was told about the deal she made with Nanna and that now it was being done her way.

Chapter 13: Severely Punished

Just about the whole next week they took me over to Kelly's house for babysitting. I think Mommy and Nanna had other things to do like work and errands to run. As Kelly announced she would be glad to help out, for the week. I would go over to Kelly's house in the morning and it would be even worse she would treat me even more infantile than they already did. Kelly even took it a step further and made me eat babyfood while I was being watched along with some other things.

The first morning Molly forgot my diaper bag and mentioned it to Kelly. Kelly replied that it was no problem and said she had another solution if needed. Molly nodded and was off to work. After about an hour I began to squirm around. Kelly noticed immediately and asked "What's the matter, Hun?"

"I have to go potty." I replied.

"Well just go potty in your pants and I'll change you." Kelly suggested.

"I can't mommy forgot my diaper Bag and I don't want to be in a soggy diaper all day." I protested.

"Don't you worry my little baby; Kelly will take care of everything." She responded

I tried to hold it as long as I could but then I began to wet myself.

"Good Baby!" Kelly said.

"I told you to wet yourself and you did."

Then putting her hand on my bottom she said "Uh Oh, did you go poo poo?"

I was a little embarrassed I guess holding it made it worse on me. She then put me in the playpen at her house and said she would be right back. Upon returning she laid some items on the end table. Then left the room. I was in the playpen after about 45 minutes I wondered when I was going to be changed. My diaper sagging between my legs and the messy feeling on but behind was starting to itch. Kelly then came back in to the room and stated if the little baby needs his diaper change he has to let me know. I began to speak to her but was cut off.

"If babies want their mommy's or anybodies else's attention they have to cry." Kelly said.

I took the hint and started Bawling.


"Okay" she said.

"What's the matter baby?"

Once arriving over to the playpen before I could even say anything she said "PU! WOO! You stink baby! Does the wittle baby have some messy pants?"

I just shook my head while bawling still hoping to get changed.

"Now nobody likes a screaming poopy baby."

She picked me up and carried me back to a room and placed me into a crib. I began to protest.

"Wait. Aren't you going to change me first?"

"While you are in my house you will follow my rules or be punished, I think you can wait until after your nap for changing." She said.

I then noticed the crib had hand and leg restraints.

"What are those fo... I attempted to say as a huge pacifier was strapped into my mouth and tied around the back of my head. It was the same pacifier that Nanna had bought for me when I was being mouthy. I tried to struggle but was strapped down in under five minutes.

"The restraints are here so I don't have to keep an eye on you 24 hours a day, just rest until I come to check on you," she said as she wrapped a blanket around me and left me there. I tried to move my hands and feet but found I could not move them as my hands or feet as they were securely fastened down. I then tried to scream out but found that all that came out of my mouth was, "Mmph... mmm... ,mmmmph..." I eventually laid my head back and fell asleep.

I awoke to begin to feel the effects of my soiled diaper. I looked down to see Barney smiling at me once again My butt was really stinging now as I could feel the diaper rash setting in and getting worse from a few day earlier. I also felt that I was about to go again. I looked up to discover that Kelly had returned. I tried to communicate to her that I needed changed and was about to fill my diaper to the limits. All that came out was a muffled whimper.

"Awe, baby needs a bottle." Kelly said as she proceeded to fill a bottle with formula. She removed the dummy that was gagging me and I proceeded to try to say, "I am about to poo..." when I was forcefully interrupted by having the bottle inserted into my mouth. As I was sucking away at the bottle I felt the contents of my bowels fill the back of my diaper.

"Smells like someone needs a diaper change." She took my bottle, unstrapped me and placed me on the changing table. . She cleaned and powdered me "Now for that little solution of mine for your mommy forgetting your diapers." she said and then placed five cloth diapers together, pulled them up and pinned them. She then pulled a blue pair of plastic pants over them. I was confined, constricted, and couldn't even stand on my own. They were so tight and so thick that I walked off balanced and bow legged with the help of Kelly.Following me as I walked she placed her hands under my arm pits.

"Walk for me sweetie." My legs couldn't even touch they were spread like a good 12 inches apart.

"There, there. All better! No more stinky pants! Yeah." as she clapped her hands together.

I was left in my cloth diaper for the remainder of the day. Also once Nanna came to pick me up Kelly told her to leave me in it until tomorrow and she would change my diaper then. SO I was not to be changed until around 24 hours later the next day. I was going Poopy and Pee Pee all day and night thanks to the Baby food Kelly decided to make me start eating. That evening Molly didn't really even come around me or play with me at all because I stunk so bad.

"Phew Mom he really stinks. Why can't we change him? I can barely stand the smell." Molly said.

"This is part of his training Molly. If you can't stand to be around him why don't we just put him to bed?" Jane suggested. So I was put to bed early and then taken to Kelly's the next day where I gladly accepted a diaper change by any means.

Later that week Molly and her mother announced that they were going away for the weekend. I couldn't help but wonder were that left me in my predicament. At first I thought that maybe I was going with them but then the doorbell rang.

"Come in." Jane hollered. Behind the door came Kelly all smiles and ready to babysit.

"Hello Jane, are you excited to get away this weekend." Kelly said excitedly.

"Most definitely, we are running a little late so we got to get going." Jane said.

"Don't worry about a thing I have lots experience babysitting." Kelly commented.

"I have a pizza for you guys in the fridge this weekend," Molly said to my babysitter as she slung her bag over her shoulder.

"Have a good time, Kelly, and don't let Ty eat too much junk!" Mom then bent down, kissed me, and scurried outside to where Nanna was honking the horn. A whole weekend, trapped with Kelly, which this couldn't be good. If I could just stand it from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, I'd be alright. Kelly smiled at me, looking me in the eye. For such a wicked 32 year old, she was beautiful, slender with small yet firm breasts and long Black hair that ran to the middle of her back with a slight wave throughout it, and large, warm, dark green eyes.

"Tyler, I'll make you a deal. If you can be a big boy and not wet your pants until 9 o'clock, no diapers this weekend! You can do it." Kelly said.

"Are you for real?" I asked, staring up at her. I couldn't believe it this could finally be my chance to get out of diapers. There must be a catch I thought.

"Yep, no diapers." Standing next to me she took off my diaper and put on just a pair of sweatpants since I had no underwear anymore. It felt so great to be out of diapers once again. Maybe I could get used to Kelly watching me.

We were laughing and having a great time, but then I got the urge to go Pee Kelly could see me squirming around and I began to grab my private area to stop myself. Then she began to tickle me saying that she was the tickle monster. I laughed and tried to ball up so the feeling wasn't so intense on my tummy, but she began to chant, "Oh, baby's going to go peepee in his pants," again and again. Eventually, my bladder caved in and urine ran down the legs of my pants. Kelly pretended to be aghast.

"Baby went peepee, so it's diapers for baby!"

First she sent me to the bathroom, popping me on the bottom as I walked by.

"You stay there until I clean this up," she said, pointing to the urine on the floor. I must have waited for an hour in my wet pants. The urine began to sting a little and I began to squirm. Then without realizing I had to go Pee again and did so while sitting on the toilet seat wetting my pants even more. I couldn't believe that I couldn't control myself when giving the chance to be a big boy.

Then Kelly walked in and stripped me.

"Now, time for baby's spanking for being sooooo naughty!" she squealed. She spanked me nude without washing me off first, as I leaned against the bathroom wall. This made it hurt more. Whipped into submission after 50 strokes, I lied crying on the bathroom floor as she administered an enema and put me in diapers once again. Pulling out a crisp Brand new Barney Diaper.

"Live, learn, and then get Luvs. So true." Kelly commented. She put a tee- shirt on me and informed me we were going to the local playground to show all my friends my new diapers. Barney was even worse than Sesame Street I thought. Not that it made much of a difference a diaper was a diaper. I dare not complain against it, for fear of more spankings. In mere seconds it seemed I had to poop, but she told me to hold it.

We managed to get out the front door, she in her tight-fitting Daisy Dukes and crop top, so apparently adult and diaper-free, and me, in my Barney diapers and a tee-shirt that clearly displayed my diapered bottom.

"I REALLY have to poop," I complained, as we began our journey down the sidewalk.

"Well go poop," Kelly smiled.

"Would baby like it if I held you so you could squat while you poop?" I nodded with tears in my eyes and she grabbed either side of my chest while I bent my knees and let the liquid waste pour into my diaper like a gush of hot water with chunks of meat mixed in it. It smelled horrible, but Kelly had brought no extra diapers and refused to go home, so down the street I walked with this obvious load in my diaper. When we reached the playground, most of the kids laughed and pointed at me, and none would play with me, not even the three year olds. Plus, I hated feeling the squishy load when I sat on a swing or slid down a slide.

Even adults stared, and Kelly informed them I was just being punished for bad behavior. She picked me up as I wailed helplessly, rubbing my butt and rubbing the feces further in the back of my diaper. A woman she had been talking with asked Kelly if she could play with me a minute, as I seemed so lonely. Kelly said yes, but as she prepared to put me down, she said in a low whisper to me, "When that lady holds you, I want you to wet your pants. If you go poop, there'll be a treat for you." I knew I would get spanked if I didn't, so I toddled up to the lady who picked me up and smiled, and she began to talk to me. I immediately wet my pants, and this didn't alarm her as there was no leak, and the old poop didn't effect her, so I began to strain until my face was red, forcing more poop out of me.

"Oh my!" the lady exclaimed, smiling.

"Are we okay?" She put me down and pointed me over to Kelly. Kelly assured her we were going home for a diaper change, but I knew different.

Aren't you becoming the good baby? For your reward, we get pizza! Don't you like that, Tyler?" She began to preheat the oven.

"I don't have time to change you right now though... How about something to drink?" I sadly agreed, knowing it would be out of a baby bottle, but then, I heard a car pull up, and all of a sudden, my Molly and her mother walked in! I cried out for them and ran to them, my diaper sagging.

"Please, Nanna, Mommy, I don't want to wear diapers! Make Kelly go away!" Nanna smiled at me.

"That's what we need to talk to you about Honey. Remember when I added on 3 more months punishment."

I shook my head up and down.

"Well, sweetie, I still didn't give you my punishment for you while you were misbehaving for Nanna. Mommy will tell you now." Molly said. Molly then positioned herself kneeling next to me as I faced a gleaming smiling Nanna and Kelly.

"We've actually hired Kelly from next door who actually specializes in disciplining naughty children. She does this throughout the state, and she gave us some tips on how to make you an even better boy by treating you like a baby."

"We've decided with all your personal growth through regression, it's diapers fulltime." I began to shake violently. A couple pats were given to my bottom.

"What does this mean?" I said in shock and anger. Mom looked at me with a little smile.

"You're going to be a baby for the next year. This will make you a better boy! The first thing they did was strap me in the Highchair.

"Dinner time!" Mom chimed.

"But no more adult food for baby, only baby food." Kelly presented a jar of baby food meat, a jar of baby food vegetables, and a jar of baby food fruit. She popped open the fruit jar, mixed a little bit of powder in, and left as Nanna handed her a check. Mommy force fed me every bit, and as I finished the fruit, it was nearly 8 o'clock. Two hours of struggle. My bowels began to rumble, and as soon as I was taken out of my chair, I peed and pooped in my already wretched diapers. I was carried to my Nursery as they both grinned.

"It's too late to change you now, sweetie. Time for bed." They put me in the crib, messy, wet, screaming, and locked the top to the crib. Then they flipped out the lights. As they left, I heard my mom sardonically utter, "Goodnight, baby."

Chapter 14: Conclusion

After putting me to bed that night Molly, Jane, and Kelly engaged in conversation.

Kelly: Well all in all I say everything went very well. I tested him out this week for you and he's definitely a few short weeks of being a complete baby once again. Just stick to the plan I gave you guys and there should be no problems.

Jane: You do great work Kelly. You should have seen how much he disrespected Molly when they were dating. How do you feel about all of this now honey?

Molly: I feel kind of bad that we had to resort to all of this just to get him to respect me more. Although I do love this new sense of power I have over him. I'm finally seeing why you say women should be in control over men. I'm beginning to think that we should never let him grow up again. Besides you have to admit he does make a cute Baby.

Jane: Well it's already settled that he will be a baby for at least the next year. Believe me he deserves more if you ask me. Don't worry though we will make it fun.

Kelly: As I said earlier he has pretty much lost all control of his bladder. The other day I tested him out by telling him I would let him out of diapers if he could keep his pants dry. You should have seen it he was trying so hard to be a big boy. Grabbing his crotch trying not to go potty. I suggest continuing with the special formula and suppositories to help with this process. You can test him out anytime you feel you want to stop this treatment. Just tell him that you are going to potty train him and if for some reason he can hold it just find a way to make him go in his pants.

Jane: I loved the cloth diapering you did the other day. It made it so he couldn't walk or do anything on his own. I also think we'll use things like that as even more punishment. For example cloth diapers, pacifiers, and I got some other items as well.

Molly: The thing is mom I like keeping him in regular baby diapers like Pampers and Luvs. I think they are more embarrassing for him as well. I mean him waddling around in Barney and Sesame street characters just brings a smile to my face every time. I know that he hates them.

Kelly: Well ladies just use both on different circumstances. If you need anymore ideas just call me. I have to get going so I hope everything goes well with your little one.

Jane: Bye Kelly thanks again.

Molly: There is something I want to talk about.

Jane: Yes dear?

Molly: Well when I went out the other night with Megan I had a really good time. With the boys that I met at the park awhile back. I guess I'm just feeling a little guilty.

Jane: Oh honey you shouldn't feel guilty at all. After all Tyler is just a baby now. You still have to have a life right? I think you really need to start taking the role of Mommy more serious and stop looking at yourself as the girlfriend.

Molly: I mean that's what I figured I just want to be sure. I'm starting to have a different kind of love for Tyler. I'm finding myself not being turned on anymore. I mean the other night, when he pooped his pants, he smelled so bad it was so unattractive and yet cute in the same way. I think that's when I realized that he was just another little baby boy in diapers and nothing else.

Jane: I think that's perfectly acceptable. I mean he is nothing but a baby and should be treated no different. We are going to have lots of fun with him still. Just wait and see. Kelly even gave me a bag full of items and ideas for him to accept his role even more.

Molly: Thank you mom. Thank you for everything. I'm so glad to be a free woman once again. I guess I'm going to have a talk with our little guy when I get the chance.

The next morning Molly was very distant with me we went through the whole routine of diaper changes, feeding, and even Erin came over and played with me. Later that evening while I was sucking on a pacifier being put to bed Molly had a conversation with me. She told me about how she felt and what she wanted out of me. Basically she was breaking up with me until I would become a "big boy" again, as she put it. Then she emphasized on the mommy role that she needed to play with me in order for her to accept me again. I couldn't respond. I couldn't say anything. All I could do was cry and cry, which resulted her immediately going into mother mode and checking my diaper. I couldn't believe it. I've lost everything. She expressed to me that when she looked at me all she saw was a little baby in diapers, and not a man.

"Don't get me wrong. You're still cute... Just a different kind of cute, sweetie." She said. That night I fell asleep crying.

The End

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