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Jack's Morning Accident

Hannah looked across the table at Jack. His consumption of his breakfast cereal had slowed, and he seemed to be squirming.

"Something wrong, kiddo?" she asked.

Jack was her boyfriend, sort of. They loved each other and lived together and weren't related, and there were romantic and sometimes sexual sides to their relationship. But Jack didn't often act old enough to be Hannah's boyfriend. He was older than her, technically, and was in some ways quite mature, but the fact was he acted like a young child; an eight year old, perhaps, and an immature one at that. He was good with words, when he wanted to be, but he was more comfortable speaking like a kid. He was shy and clingy, and still wet his bed every night. Hannah didn't punish him for this, but when he had an accident during the day he was gently disciplined; after all, he was beyond much too old to be wetting his pants, even if he didn't act it.

Jack looked up at her, his head still down.

"I had an accident, Hannah," he said quietly.

She sighed.

"Finish your breakfast, Jack. When you're done, put your bowl in the dishwasher, and go stand with your nose in the corner until I come and get you." He nodded, sniffled, and resumed eating. He wasn't looking forward to his time out, but it was better than sitting here eating soggy cereal. Hannah stood and cleaned up her own breakfast before heading into their bedroom.

She was tired of his accidents. She didn't like punishing him, she didn't like washing his pee soaked clothes, and she didn't like him having to take baths in the middle of the day, sometimes several times. So she'd decided to put him back in diapers full time. He was already wearing them at night, so it wouldn't be that much of a change. And it would probably make him happier, too, not to have to worry about making it to the toilet. Hannah hoped she was right as she lay things out on the bed. A changing pad, two disposable diapers, powder, baby wipes, a pair of corduroy overalls, and a striped long sleeved t-shirt. She then went to the bathroom and began drawing a hot bath. When everything was set she went back into the kitchen to find Jack standing obediently in the corner, crying quietly. The insides of his pant legs were soaked to his ankles, and he was shivering slightly.

"Turn around, Jack," Hannah said sternly.

"Follow me." They walked into the bathroom and she began to undress him. She pulled his shirt over his head, noticing that it was wet at the bottom. She tossed it into the hamper. She began to undo his belt, slapping his hands away, and pulled his jeans to the floor. As he stood before her in pale yellow tighty-whities, she was sure she was making the right choice. She pulled them from him and put them on the floor next to the hamper.

"Get in, kiddo," she said. He climbed slowly into the tub, relaxing as Hannah began to bathe him, paying special attention to his groin and legs. He squinted as she rubbed baby shampoo vigorously through his hair, careful not to get it in his eyes. When he was totally washed, she let most of the water out of the tub, so that there were just a couple of inches at the bottom. She reached into the cupboard and produced a razor and shaving cream. He sniffled slightly, suspecting what she was going to do. She let some of the white foam into her hand and began rubbing it across his crotch, covering his scrotum and above his growing erection. Slowly she drew the razor across his skin, removing the soft, curly hair. When she was done she sprayed him with warm water, washing away the cream. Hannah pulled the boy to his feet by his armpits and dried him off with a towel.

"All done, kiddo," she said, brightly. He glared at her, but she brushed him off.

"Come on, Jack," she said, a little more reservedly, and he followed her morosely into the bedroom.

Upon seeing what was laid out Jack began to cry.

"I don't wanna wear diapers," he whined.

"Jack, I know you don't, but you've been having a lot of accidents and I'm getting sick of it. Besides, you'll be much happier when you get used to them. You won't have to worry about getting to the potty, and you won't be in time out all the time! If you have an accident it won't be a big deal, and when you have to pee you can just let it go in your pants and I'll change you. Now lie down on the bed, kiddo." She knew he'd get used to it and realize she was right - probably in a couple of hours - but he was still crying as he lay down on the changing pad. Hannah sighed. Today was going to be tough.

She grabbed his pacifier and held it against Jack's lips. He scowled at her but opened his teeth and let the nipple into his mouth, quieting as he began to suck. Now that he was shushed she could begin. She covered his groin in baby powder and slid the first diaper under him, then quickly taped it up nice and snug. He started to shift, thinking she was done, but she pushed him gently back down.

"We don't want any leaks, now do we?" Hannah said, revealing to him the second diaper. He whimpered as she slid it under his already padded butt and taped it up over the first. He squirmed, barely able to touch his knees together.

"Okay, up!" Hannah, cooed, grabbing his hands and pulling him into a sitting position, his legs out in front and bent gently at the knees, his pacifier still bobbing back and forth in his mouth. She smiled to herself, thinking how adorable the poor kid looked.

"Arms up," she said, pulling the childish shirt over his arms and head. She pulled the chords up his legs and to his chest, then lifted him to his feet. He'd stopped crying, and she pulled the pacifier from his mouth; she felt bad for him, but in general he was too old for it, even on a casual Sunday morning.

"You probably have some homework, huh?" Hannah asked the child standing before her, who nodded.

"Okay, why don't you start doing that, and when you're done we can watch some TV," she asked, rhetorically. He nodded again, and waddled over to his desk, sitting down with his heavy backpack at his feet. He wriggled a little, unused to the diapers, but eventually got comfortable and got to work.

Hannah came back in a couple hours later. She stood behind the child, looking over his shoulder at the heavy calculus textbook he was studying and smiled. Without saying a word, she unbuckled his overalls and let the front fall to his lap. He looked back at her quizzically as she slid a hand down his pants and wiggled a couple of fingers under the leg band of his diapers.

"See, wasn't it convenient not having to stop studying to go potty?" she asked, courteously not stating directly that he'd soaked his diapers. He nodded quietly, though it resembled a twitch as much as nod.

"I thought so. Now finish up your work and then come get me for a change." She walked quietly out of the room. Jack squirmed against the dampness. He was disturbed that he hadn't actually noticed he'd wet himself until she pointed it out, but was glad that he was still enjoying his calculus instead of standing in the corner with cold wet denim against his skin. Deciding the latter fact was more important, he went back to his work, ignoring the hot diapers against his crotch.

Fifteen minutes later he was done. He waddled into the kitchen where Hannah sat reading. She looked up at him.

"You ready, kiddo?" He nodded sheepishly. Ten minutes later he was back in dry diapers, sitting on the couch next to his Hannah. She turned on the TV and flipped it to Barney, wondering how Jack would react. As she expected, he pulled the remote from her hand and switched it to a Tevoed episode of House he hadn't seen yet. As it started he lay his head down in Hannah's lap and popped his thumb into his mouth. He looked down the couch at the bulge in his overalls and realized he was already wet again.

"Ah well," he thought to himself, shifting to get more comfortable.

"Hannah can change me after House."

As the episode ended, Hannah brought back up the Tevo menu, and set it to play another episode of House. They had both seen it, which was good, because Hannah did not plan on paying much attention. She pushed Jack's head slightly, and he moved it, not quite understanding why. When he was clear of her lap she began unbuckling her belt. He looked at her and tried not to smile to broadly, and she returned the look with one of slightly intimidating excitement. He knew what that meant, and it made him grin broadly.

By the time he had positioned his knees in front of the couch and his head about six inches from her lap - and at six inches he could easily feel her heat - her pants were at her knees and on their way to her ankles. Her smell was intoxicating for him, and he stared intensely at her pink cunt, and his tongue begged for the comfort of its wet folds. His cock throbbed almost painfully inside his soaked diapers, and though he found it increasingly difficult to restrain himself, he did so nonetheless, knowing that he would have for only moments more.

Hannah grabbed the back of his head, leaned in close, and whispered into his red ears, "Don't cum before I tell you or you'll spend a good long while over my knee, okay?" He nodded, so she slid her hips forward to the middle of the cushion, and leaned back, pulling his head firmly towards her pelvis.

She didn't have to. Having been given the single, Jack practically dived towards her. He folded his arms behind his back and began to lick her furiously, thrusting his tongue as far as it would go. He rubbed her clit with the tip of his nose and she pulled harder against his head. He fought back enough to reach her little button with the tip of his tongue and tease it vigorously. She was breathing heavily and he felt more and more wetness seeping outward, and he licked it and swallowed it eagerly. It tasted slightly salty, and thinner, and the thought crossed his mind that she was peeing a little and making him swallow it, and he loved her all the more for that extra bit of loving abuse. He licked more vigorously and more urine spilled into his mouth and he swallowed it without hesitation. It didn't taste bad. In his daze of submission he enjoyed her piss and that realization sent him into an intense orgasm. Hot cum spilled into his diapers to join his warm urine, and as it trickled down his still erect cock he continued to lick, to swallow, to please, and though it no longer aroused him, it made him feel obedient, and that brought him a satisfaction much deeper than sex.

When Hannah had had four powerful orgasms, she released his head and he leaned back. She gestured for him to stand and turn around, and then pulled him into her lap. Reaching down, she grabbed the front of his pants, and found the warm bulge, but no hardness. She squeezed and felt only squishy wet diaper, with his flaccid cock somewhere in the middle. She inserted two fingers down the front of his diapers and found the little sticky puddle near the top. She reached beneath it and scooped much of it out, bringing her fingers up to Jack's lips. He opened them reluctantly but without real hesitation, and obediently sucked his cum and pee from her fingers. He didn't swallow, having not been told to explicitly.

"I told you not to cum, Jack." He nodded.

"You can swallow," she said, and he swallowed awkwardly. She pushed him slightly, and he stood up.

She unbuckled his overalls and let them fall to his ankles, revealing his now absurdly bulky diapers. She sat on the edge of the couch and he felt himself being pulled down across her thighs. Her hand appeared and covered his mouth firmly, and he let his entire body go limp.

The first blow came suddenly, and it was very hard. He started to cry, but her hand tightened its grip on her mouth. She continued to hit him every three seconds, alternating cheeks with even rhythm. After a minute of this he was practically bawling into her soft palm. Suddenly she stopped, and reached down to grab the front of his diapers, which were now cool and itchy. She squeezed them gently for several seconds before stopping suddenly and delivering ten rapid blows to his burning behind. Again she placed her hand on his crotch and caressed it, feeling that he was beginning to be aroused. Ten more stinging swats, and she felt him again, this time he was quite hard. With incredible speed she pummeled him twenty times more before stopping rather suddenly.

He was in agony, but as the firm hand on his groin seemed to point out, he was aroused. The hand on his mouth released him, and he felt that forearm firmly across his back. He bawled for five minutes, but the hand did not return. Instead, he was held tight while his cock was rubbed firmly but pleasantly through his diapers, which were themselves getting very uncomfortable. In his daze his sense of self dissolved and he was left with four simple sensations: the burning in his buttocks, the itchiness of his cold diapers, the pleasure in his exhausted cock, and the soft sound of Hannah's cooing. The last was only just audible over his own sobs, but he was only vaguely aware that he was crying. By far the most important thing, in Jack's mind, was the increasingly intense sensation in his member. It soothed the pain of the spanking, it eased the discomfort of his diapers, and it mingled wonderfully with the sound of Hannah's voice. He continued to sob, yet he was no longer unhappy; he simply felt no particular need to stop.

It came suddenly, and he had to stop crying to gulp for air. His body tensed, and in an instant the pain was gone, the itching was gone, and the sounds were gone. His cock ached, but it was wonderful, and when it was over he felt no need to dwell on the pain of his long punishment, or to squirm in the discomfort of his cold, wet diapers. He was lifted to his feet and ushered to his room. He saw the changing pad being spread out on the floor and he gratefully lay on it, staring at the ceiling while he was lovingly wiped clean and taped snuggly into the softest, thickest diapers he'd ever imagined. The pad was pulled out from under him and a blanket thrown over him. He rolled over and fell asleep on the soft carpet, and Hannah left to do the shopping for dinner.

Jack woke up an hour later, still on the floor, the blanket piled up next to him. Just seconds ago he had been standing waste deep in a luke warm pool and had felt the urge to poop. Now awake, he realized that the urge was real, and quickly got off the floor, his enormous diapers weighing him down considerably. When he got to the door of his room he found it locked.

"Hannaaaah," he yelled, but he heard no other sounds in the house. He went to the window and looked outside. Not seeing Hannah's car, he squirmed nervously and sat on his bed, sucking his thumb. The urge was strong, almost painful, and he had trouble physically holding it in. He had nothing to do, and no way to know when Hannah would be home. He tried to go back to sleep, but he couldn't. Finally he opened the door of his closet and crouched inside. Without any effort he let the enormous mess slide into the seat of his diaper. The smell hit him immediately, and he felt disgusting. The poop was uncomfortable, and he couldn't ignore the sensation. In desperation he sat down hard on the rug and flattened the mess all over his bottom. It was more comfortable but the smell was much worse, and Jack had never felt so helpless. He began to sob and cry for Hannah, and when he was too exhausted to continue, pulled the blanket back over himself and fell asleep.

As soon as Hannah opened the door of Jack's room she could smell the mess he'd made. She went to him and woke him up with a squeeze on his shoulder.

"Wake up, darling," she said softly. He opened his eyes slowly and almost instantly blushed, hiding his face in his elbow. Hannah kissed his cheek and pulled the blanket up from his ankles to his waist. The smell got even stronger, and she put a hand gently on the lower part of his butt, almost between his legs. He rolled over quickly and she pulled away. Jack was glaring at her, tears in his eyes, his face red.

"Where were you?" he asked. His voice was not very childish, and hearing it coming from him, coming from the toddler on the floor in front of her, almost frightened Hannah.

"I'm sorry, honey, I was just shopping for a few things. I didn't mean to scare you."

"I wasn't scared," he said, softening slightly, "but I didn't like having to soil my diapers!" He was still mad, but having Hannah back seemed to be bringing the toddler back out of him.

"Why did you have to lock me in my room?"

"You know I don't like you wandering around the house alone." Jack frowned.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. But you don't have to be embarrassed; I know it wasn't your fault. Now, would you like me to change you or do you want to sit in your poopy diapers until you get a rash?" He glared at her when she used the word "poopy" but agreed to a change, and she led him to the bathroom. While the bath was being drawn she cleaned him up on the tile floor, and by the time he got in the bath Jack was pretty much his normal self. Hannah washed him thoroughly all over and he was very relaxed and submissive, even seeming to enjoy it when she probed his anus with one and then two fingers.

After his bath Hannah left Jack in just his diapers and a t-shirt for the rest of the evening. He was very wet by bedtime, and he seemed to greatly enjoy his change. By the time they were climbing into bed, he seemed to have forgotten his anger. She let him be the big spoon, and she smiled at the sensation of his padding against her bottom.

"I love that silly boy" was her last discernable thought before she fell asleep.

Jack woke up halfway through his morning diaper change.

"Hey cutie," Hannah said when she saw his sleepy smile.

"I can tell you slept well," she joked, pretending to weigh in her hand the diaper she'd just pulled off of him. He half scowled at her but didn't say anything.

Jack had been in diapers 24/7 for two months and had stopped being very much bothered by it. He was still sheepish when comments were made about how wet he was, and he still became very embarrassed when he soiled himself, but the daily routine of wet diapers and being changed didn't phase him.

Hannah was, for her part, satisfied with the situation. Jack was very childish, to say the least, but deep down he was not immature, and they understood each other very well. And of course, when he had to be in public, or with their families, he could manage with a discrete pair of training pants, so neither of them felt any unmanageable humiliation. And of course, they were both sexually satisfied to say the least.

"Dan's coming over tonight," Hannah said casually, and watched as Jack's eyes lit up. He'd admitted to having a crush on her friend Dan, and since he was one of the few people who knew what a baby Jack was, and lived several hours away, getting to see him was a treat.

"I thought I'd prepare a surprise for him."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I know how much you like Dan," Hannah continued.

"And he's told me he likes you too, but he's straight. So I thought, if you were okay with it, I'd dress you up and let you be a little girl for him. How does that sound?"

Jack looked pensive. He was a boy, and had never had any interest in being anything else. But he did want the attention Dan would give him if he were a pretty girl.

"Okay," he said finally.

"What am I going to wear?"

Hannah walked to the closet and pulled out a green satin dress. Jack sat up on the changing mat to look at it. It had short, puffy sleeves, a flat, round collar, and a belt which tied at the back. It was cut to just reach the knees. After laying it on the bedroom chair, Hannah returned to the closet and produced two hangars: one with several petticoats, and one with a stark white pinafore.

"It's beautiful," Jack said, beaming.

"It's all yours, Elizabeth." The name rang nicely in Jack's ears. Hannah walked back to the bed and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"But we're going to have to do some work to make you look beautiful in it."

Six hours later, Jack felt like a different person. In one day he'd gotten a hair cut (short but clean enough to look feminine), had his entire body waxed smooth, been shaven repeatedly with a straight razor until his face lacked the slightest shadow of a beard, had several layers of skin removed from his face by "natural" chemicals, and had been fitted for a training bra. He'd been taught how to apply his own make up, how to walk with his knees together, how to click the heels of his shining mary janes, and most importantly, how to curtsy. While this was theoretically all for tonight, and for Dan, Jack had the distinct impression that he would wear the dress again, and probably own others before Hannah was satisfied.

Dan was expected at five o'clock, and twenty minutes prior Jack sat patiently in the bathroom, having his makeup applied. He was wearing all the petticoats and the pinafore, and thigh-high white stockings. Beneath the outfit he wore a single thick diaper, over which he dawned white plastic panties with gorgeous ruffles and a layer of intricate lace.

"You look perfect, Elizabeth," Hannah said as she finished Jack's makeup.

"Just perfect." The boy blushed hard, and Hannah smiled.

"Dan won't be able to keep his eyes off of you, I promise."

Jack smiled and stood up. He walked downstairs to the pantry and stood nervously, waiting for Dan to arrive. He was excited, but very nervous. Would Dan be interested? How seriously was he interested in Dan? And what did Hannah expect them to do?

He stood there for several minutes, checking his diaper nervously. He knew he wasn't going to stay dry for long, but he wanted to still be clean and perfect when Dan arrived.

Jack heard the doorbell ring and started to squirm. He had been instructed to stay where he was until he was called, and he knew it would just be a minute.

When Hannah opened the door Dan stood there beaming. He gave her an aggressive hug, which was followed by thirty seconds of warm greetings and conversation before the topic of Jack's apparent absence came up.

"Is the little boy here?" Dan asked with a chuckle.

"I expected a hug the moment you opened the door."

"Well, yes and no..." Hannah said, coyly.

"See for yourself." She turned slightly and called out.


Jack walked slowly and carefully out of the pantry and up the back hall towards the front door. He stood a few feet in front of their shocked guest and blushed at the floor. Nervously, he preformed a low curtsy.

Dan felt his cock harden slowly as he looked up and down the little girl standing before him.

"Jack - er, Elizabeth - you look amazing."

"Thank you, sir," Jack said politely to the floor.

"Such manners," Dan said.

"Forget them for a moment and come give me a hug." Jack smiled and walked forward to Dan, wrapping his arms around the much taller man and squeezing him. He felt Dan's hand squeezing one of his padded buttocks and tensed up momentarily before relaxing and enjoying the sensation thoroughly.

Dan caught Hannah's eye and she glanced at his hand placement, causing him to change it. He released Jack from the hug.

"It's lovely to see you again, Elizabeth," he said sweetly but plainly.

"Dinner will be ready in just a moment," Hannah said.

"Dan, please make yourself at home. Elizabeth, set the dining room table for us."

Dan stood in the kitchen drinking a beer and trying to help Hannah while Jack set the table and then made a salad at Hannah's request. Dan and Hannah were catching up, but since Hannah was busy and not looking at him, Dan took the time to watch Jack. Once Jack dropped a fork (Dan could have sworn it was intentional) and bent all the way over to pick it up, and Dan got immediately hard staring at the boy's bulky and frilly plastic panties.

The three ate slowly, and as the meal progressed Jack got more comfortable and began to speak more freely, though still with utter politeness. Dan's eyes seemed to be meeting his with unwarranted regularity, and at one point he felt something gently tapping his toe, and a look into the warm eyes across the table made the signal completely clear. From that moment on, the occasional glances became silent flirtation. At one point, Dan accidentally knocked over Jack's glass of milk reaching across the table, but Hannah was not looking, and she scolded Jack for his clumsiness. She got him a sippy cup while he cleaned up the mess. Dan smiled at how comfortable Jack was using the sippy cup, and decided to make a joke to break the slight tension.

"If she manages to spill with that does she get a baby bottle?" he said, smiling.

"No, her bottle is just for bedtime. If she managed to spill with the sippy cup she'd spend the rest of dinner in the corner and have a spanking for desert." Hannah said this looking at her plate and then looked up with a smile that said "I'm not mad, but I am serious." Dan glanced at Jack, who was crimson. Dan didn't know that this was in part because Hannah's brief tirade had caused him to thoroughly wet himself.

When all three were finished eating, there was a brief silence before Hannah asked, "do you need a change, Elizabeth?" Jack stared at his empty plate and nodded.

"Okay, honey. Dan, would you like to come upstairs while I change the little one's diapers?"

"Sure. Or I start with the dishes, if you like."

"Can Dan change me instead?" Jack asked quietly, looking not at Hannah but at Dan, who was smiling slightly.

"Don't be silly, Elizabeth. He came over for dinner, not to change diapers."

"Oh it's no problem at all, Hannah," Dan interjected.

"I'd do anything for Elizabeth; changing one little - well, big diaper is hardly a problem."

Hannah shrugged.

"Okay. Elizabeth, take Dan upstairs and show him your room and where we keep your diapers. I'll start on the dishes and you two can just come on down whenever you're ready."

Jack nodded and quietly led Dan to his room. When they got there Dan turned around and locked the door mischievously. Jack stood in the middle of the room, waiting for Dan to express what he wanted. He didn't have to wait long.

"Do you want me, Elizabeth?" Dan asked. Jack stared at the floor and, after a pause, nodded.

"Good." Dan walked over to the bed and sat on the carpet with his back against the mattress.

"Come show me." He began to take his pants off, and Jack excitedly got on all fours and crawled towards him.

Jack looked at Dan's throbbing cock and felt his own get soft. He was very nervous and all he could think about was how silly he felt in a pretty dress and wet diapers about to suck a man's penis. But he knew that he no longer had a choice.

As soon as Jack's lips touched the shining head of Dan's cock his own little member remembered what it was doing. He began to lick Dan and as he did he felt the man's hands on the back of his head, guiding him, not letting him go. He licked Dan's firm balls and stroked his shaft with his lips. All of a sudden Jack felt the urge to poop and without a second thought flexed his body tightly, pushing the mess into his waiting diapers.

"I saw that, little girl," Dan said with a chuckle. Jack blushed, realizing what he'd done, but with his face firmly planted in Dan's crotch, the reaction went unnoticed. He continued to suck eagerly, letting his head do what Dan wanted it to. Jack realized with a pang of guilt that there was nothing about the experience, not even the mess in his diaper, that he didn't enjoy. But the guilt subsided quickly and he focused completely on making Dan feel good.

All of a sudden Dan's shaft got even harder, and Jack closed his lips around it, rubbing them up and down. As he did he felt Dan's hot cum fill his mouth, and he continued to rub, milking out every drop. Dan's hands came off of Jack's head and he sat up, letting the semen sit in his mouth, savoring the taste while he stared into Dan's eyes. Finally he swallowed, and Dan kissed him on the lips.

"You're a good girl, Elizabeth," Dan said quietly. Jack smiled slightly.

"But you stink. Stand up and turn around." Jack obeyed and relaxed while Dan helped him out of the dress. Dan hung it in the closet while Jack simply stood in the middle of the room in his stockings, mary jane shoes, plastic pants, and wet, messy diaper.

Dan was ridiculously sweet. Jack sat on the bed while Dan took of his shoes and socks for him, then lay back on the changing pad while Dan pulled off his plastic pants and began to gently change him. Before opening the diaper, Dan rubbed it slowly with both hands, bringing Jack to an intense orgasm. Finally, when he was limp and out of breath, Dan cleaned him up. But when he should have been preparing the clean diaper, he instead began to lower his pants.

Jack gulped. He knew what was going to happen, and he wasn't enthused. Having had his orgasm only moments before, he had lost most of his sexual interest in Dan. But Dan clearly hadn't lost interest in him.

Dan didn't put on a condom. He didn't say anything for quite a while while he pulled a small pack of lube out of his pocket and rubbed it on his cock. It looked bigger, Jack noticed, between thighs than in his mouth. He closed his eyes, and thought about trying to pretend he was somewhere else. He felt Dan lift his knees and place them around his hips. He felt the round tip teasing his hole and gritted his teeth. He faintly heard Dan say "very good girl" and then there was pain.

Jack let out a high pitched whimper, but the pain passed quickly, and what remained was mild discomfort and the sensation of being completely possessed and completely adored. He opened his eyes and looked at Dan, who was smiling.

"Not so bad, is it?" Jack couldn't think clearly, but he felt nothing but the desire to be fucked and make Dan happy. He smiled and hooked his ankles together behind Dan's back. Then he closed his eyes and put his head back, happy to do nothing but hold on for the ride.

Jack wasn't hard. He wasn't getting any physical pleasure, and he didn't want any. He was just being a good girl, and that knowledge settled deep within him and calmed his soul.

Some time later, Dan came, and it was wonderful. Jack felt the warmth inside him and shuddered as Dan pulled out. He kept his eyes closed while his bottom was gently wiped clean, and he was taped into a fresh diaper. He sat up and looked at Dan.

"I'll be right back," he said, and waddled off to the bathroom.

Jack washed his face in the sink, removing the make up Hannah had put on him. He then put a little blush on, and a little mascara, and examined his face. He didn't look like a girl, but he looked feminine, childish, and pretty, and he decided that would be quite enough for Dan.

When he got back to the bedroom, Dan was holding a flat, square box, the kind clothes are given in. It had a big bow on it and Dan was smiling.

"I brought you something." Jack came forward and took it, grinning. He sat on the bed next to his new... he couldn't think of the right noun but decided he didn't care, and opened the box.

Inside was a pink footed sleeper. It was made of the softest, thickest fleece Jack had ever seen, and on further inspection, he realized it was embroidered: "Elizabeth" was written on the left breast in green. Jack looked up at Dan and an intense realization settled over him. They had set it up. They had planned it for who knows how long and they'd both been in on it, and this was Dan's way of telling him. He kick Dan in the shin with his heel, and then gave him a big hug. He couldn't care less if he'd been set up; he was happy.

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