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Jack was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, watching Winnie the Pooh on the Disney Channel. He wasn't actually watching the show, he was just sitting there, enjoying the moment, playing with his little girl. Samantha was really 22, but that night, she was more like a 2 year old. She was sitting on her daddy's lap, his his hand down the front of her diaper, playing with her clit. She was getting very excited, squirming and moving around on his lap.

"Sammie! Stop your squirming or you can sit on the floor"

"Yes, Daddy"

Samantha immediately stop moving and sat completely still. Jack stifled a laugh as he watched her trying her very hardest not to move. He could feel how wet she was getting, so he slipped a finger inside of her. She gasped and he felt her body stiffen a little bit more. Jack was seriously working her pussy now, and had his thumb rubbing her clit. He ran his other hand down her front, and put one of his fingers in her wet pussy. He then withdrew his hand and put it in the back of her diaper. He then slid the pussy lubed finger into her tight little ass. She gasped again, and her breathing grew shallow. Jack was going crazy, rubbing her clit, pumping her pussy and ass, while bouncing her up and down on his knee. In a matter of minutes she was begging him for relief.

"Daddy, can I please do a cummie?" she gasped, barely able to control herself.

"No, you have to wait until I say you've had enough", Jack smiled to himself, knowing full well how this was going to end.

Samantha began to panic at the news, but could do nothing to hold back. He felt her pussy and ass clamp down on his fingers, and her entire body begin to spasm. This is where it really became fun for Jack, as he continued to rub her now hyper sensitive, clit, while still pumping her contracting pussy and ass. This was too much for Samantha, and she needed it to stop.

"Daddy, stop, please please stop, stop stop stop, aaahhhh", she was spasming and trying to get off his lap.

"Princess, I told you to sit still, and you know never ever to tell Daddy what to do!" Jack was acting angry now, but really he was quite happy at how this was turing out.

He flipped over the still spasming Samantha, ripped down her cum soaked diaper, and started spanking her poor naked ass. The effects of her orgasm were beginning to subside, and she was beginning to feel the pain from Jack's merciless spanking. He was really hitting her hard, and she began to cry, slowly at first, but in a matter of seconds it had turing into uncontrollable sobbing. Jack beat her ass for a full 5 minutes, by which time it was bright red, and would no doubt bruise. Samantha now hung limp over Jack's knees, having given up her struggle. He picked her up and put her on shaking legs in front of himself. She barley had enough strength to stay standing, while she was quietly sobbing and staring at the floor.

"Samantha, look at me", ordered Jack.

She slowly looked up from the floor and into her daddy's eyes.

"You know you where very naughty tonight, doing a cumie in your diaper, without my permission. Then squirming around on my knee, even after I told you not to. Then trying to tell your daddy what to do. Then, even while getting spanked, you got your cumie on daddy's jeans. You need to be punished, go to the naughty corner."

Samantha hung her head in shame, and shakily made her way over to the corner. She knew the drill, having done this many times before. She knelt down, with her back to the corner and waited. Jack made is way over to the corner and stood in front of his baby girl. She began to work on the front of his cum soaked jeans. She pulled down the zipper with her teeth, and somehow managed to coax his rock hard cock out of his pants. Wasting no time, Samantha immediately began to suck him off. She had his cock all the way in her mouth, and partially down her throat.

As much as Jack was enjoying this, it wasn't what he wanted. After he was satisfied she was done, hew instructed her to stand with her face to the corner. Once she was there, he slid one of his hands around her front and found what her was looking for. She gasped as he pressed in on her clit, but he wasn't done by a long shot. While she was distracted by his exploring hand, he slid the full length of his manhood into her ass. She gasped and clamped down, which only made Jack moan with pleasure. He spent close to 30 minutes of pumping her ass with his dick, before he pulled out, spun her round, forced her too her knees, and slid his dick all the way down her throat, before letting go. He came hard, and Samantha had no choice but to drink it all.

Once Jack was done, he ordered Samantha to crawl into the bedroom where he had a fresh diaper waiting for her. He picked her up and placed her on top of it, taking pleasure in watching her wince when her ass touched the soft diaper.

"Now princess, you were very naughty tonight, which means no powder or cream for your sore little ass", Jack informed her.

She was mortified, as he slipped 2 suppositories into her loose ass, and taped up the diaper. Then for good measure, he ripped a small hole in the diaper, then taped another one over it, and did the same to that. Now in her triple diaper, her daddy handed her a 2 litre bottle of water, with a nipple on the top, and told her to drink it all in the next 5 minutes and he'd be back to check on her. She downed the drink as quick as she could, just in time as her daddy reappeared in the doorway. He walked over to her, picked her up, and put her down in the punishment crib in the corner of the room.

"Good night, my naughty little princess", he smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

He then walked out of the room, switching off the light as he went. Just as Samantha heard the door click shut, she felt the suppositories explode into her waiting diaper.

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