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My name is Jason and I work for a high pressure computer based company. We contract with large organisations to produce custom software for their needs and, without being immodest, I'm one of the best at this. Then I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. It's hard to type in your programs when you can't feel most of your fingers and thumbs. My boss was aware of this as I struggled to beat the deadline on a really complex piece of programming for a very large corporation. I finished it, fully tested and working, two weeks ahead of schedule. My boss called me into his office first thing on the Friday morning. I always hate that! I feel like the small boy being called before the headteacher and wondering what I've done wrong.

My boss asked me to sit, indicating a comfortable chair beside his desk.

"Jason, you did really well on that last contract. In fact the firm paid a bonus because you'd done the work so far ahead of target time and they are simply delighted with it. You probably know we've got a really large contract which we're bidding for. We think we're the preferred company and your work on your last project should clinch the deal. However, I know just how much you're struggling to cope with your medical condition and I want you 100% fit should be we get this contract. We have private medical insurance for you all and, I hope you'll understand, I've booked you to see a top specialist to get this fixed so that hopefully I can use my best programmer on this new contract as I expect we'll get it. Are you all right with that? Normally, we'd leave it to you to organise things like that, but I know your dedication and I don't want you struggling any more. It's not good for the company for you to be less than fully fit and, believe me, more important, it's not good for you."

I thought for a moment and realised that this was actually high praise from my boss indeed if he was so keen for me to keep working for them.

"That's fine, sir. No problems from me about that."

"Good, I'm pleased you';re happy. In fact, your time off won't be counted to your absence record, not that there's anything on that. I know you've dragged yourself in when others would have perhaps more sensibly stayed at home. Now, go home, pack your case as your appointment at the hospital is for 2pm. Here are the details of where and how to get there. I don't want to see you for two weeks, so don't even think about coming back sooner! We'll keep in touch to make sure you're OK." With that, the boss stood up and held out his hand to me. I shook it as he said, "We need you so we also need to look after you. By the way, I forgot to mention, you're getting a £10,000 bonus for the last contract!" I spluttered, "Thank you, sir!" He laughed, "Don't thank me: you earned that. My chairman agreed that you deserved a share in the bonus the firm was paid because of all the work you're put in. Now go and get well!"

He left his office elated at the bonus but more than than, at the boss's praise: he didn't usually give that at all as he expected us to be competent and efficient. He knew that he was really in his good books after that!

He went home quickly in his car with the secretary accompanying him in her car, and packed. His secretary, efficient as ever, had printed off for him a recommended list of things to take with him, a Google map of how to get there and all the other information he needed, including a leaflet from the hospital. That was out in the wilds of Derbyshire and Called Derwent View Hospital, overlooking one of the reservoirs in that area. It was an old house with a modern extension partly hidden from view at the back, set in beautiful scenery. Jason had been driven there by the boss's own secretary, so he knew he really was pleased with him. She parked, let him recover his case and then wished me well before setting off back to work.

Jason went in with the reception area being more like a really high class hotel than a hospital. The uniformed lady behind the desk greeted me with a smile and asked my name. He gave that to her, she checked her list and said, "I see you're to be admitted for surgery and will be seeing the surgeon this afternoon. In the meantime, I'll get the sister for your ward to come to show you to your room." She picked up the internal phone and shortly afterwards an attractive young lady in the navy blue uniform of a sister came to reception. She greeted him with a smile as well and asked, "How may I call you? Do you prefer 'Mr' or are you happy with your first name?"

"Jason will do fine," I replied, "I'm not big on formality!"

"Would you like to come with me and I'll show you to the room you'll be staying in." She led me to through the old part of the building to a corner room with two windows giving magnificent views of the surrounding hills and the reservoir. The room looked like a quality hotel room with a leather covered arm chair, large TV fixed to the wall, desk in front of one of the windows, luxurious carpet, but the effect was rather spoiled by the modern cream electric hospital bed with the side guards, a transfusion pole on the floor beside it, a typical hospital bedside cabinet to hold the drugs and an over-bed table. There was also a trolley covered by a white cloth. However, there was one thing missing.

"Sister, isn't this room en-suite? I can't see a door for the toilet and shower?" The sister laughed gently, "Jason, both of your arms are going to be bandaged. You'll not be showering for a while as you'll have to be washed by the nurses. Also, how do you think you'll manage your toilet needs without the use of your arms? We've given you on the the best views from your room as you won't need the en-suite facilities in the modern rooms in the new block at the rear of the hospital."

Jason was worried about this and pursued the issue.

"How will I manage then, sister?"

"There is a problem in that with both arms out of use, sitting you on a bed pan with a nurse holding a urinal for you is going to be difficult as you'd need your arms to balance you. Getting you out of bed onto a commode with a nurse holding a urinal for you cane be unsafe and also quite embarrassing for you. We find that young men like yourself cope better in nappies."

"Nappies?" Jason exclaimed, "But I'm not a baby!"

"Of course not, Jason, but consider the issues. With your arms bandaged, how will you use the nurse call to summon a nurse when you need to be toileted? Because you're male, you need the nurse to hold the urinal for you and many men, especially younger men, find it really hard to pass urine when a young nurse is holding a urinal over their male member. We will keep coming in to check you're all right, but, trust me, experience has shown that this is the best way. Now then, let's get all your clothes off and get you into a gown. Then one of my nurses will escort you to the bathroom so you can be showered, then you'll come back here and we'll get you sorted out ready for you to see the surgeon and anaesthetist this afternoon."

The sister encouraged Jason to divest himself of all his clothing and, as he took it off, she placed it in the real wooden wardrobe. Before he uncovered himself completely, the sister took a gown from inside the wardrobe and handed it to him to put on. When he was stripped off and wearing his slippers with his dressing gown over the top of the hospital gown, the sister fetched a nurse to take him to the bathroom. The nurses there all wore traditional blue uniforms with starched white aprons, caps and those lovely ruffs around the short sleeves. This new nurse was young and certainly a looker! Jason was embarrassed as she collected two towels from the wardrobe and put her arm through his to escort him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, just a few doors away was a toilet cubicle, wash basin, a large wet room style shower cubicle and a special bath with hoist. The nurse asked Jason if he would use the toilet first. When he came out and washed his hands, she had put on a pair of white rubber boots and an ankle length white rubbed apron.

"Jason, would you please take all your clothes off and stand with your legs apart in the shower, facing me, please?" She held out her hands for his dressing gown and hospital gown, hanging them on the hook on the door. Jason swallowed hard as he showed his arousal in the usual way for a young male in the presence of a attractive young female. She smiled at his embarrassment as he blushed bright red.

"Jason, I'd be worried about your health if that didn't happen. Remember I'm a nurse and I am used to seeing undressed people of all ages and both sexes. Now, put these protective glasses on for me and then I'll spray you with this hair remover spray. I need to spray your arms and under-arms for the surgery and what is to be your nappy area which makes keeping you clean much easier!" Jason took the disposable plastic goggles rather than glasses and put them on. She grabbed his member and held it in one hand as she liberally sprayed his pubic hair and between his legs with the foam. Next she sprayed his arms and under-arms then asked him to turn around. She then sprayed the back of his arms and his bottom and again between his legs.

"Turn around again, please, as I need to do your front again." Jason obliged as she took his member again and sprayed around his pubic hair once more. She put the can down whilst still holding his member in her rubber gloved hand.

"Your pubic hair is usually fairly resistant to the hair remover so we have to give it a second coat. You need to stand there for a few minutes to let the foam do its work and," she smiled at him, "That looks rather uncomfortable, so let's do something about it to give you something to do while you're waiting." To Jason's amazement, she smiled at him and started to rub his member, gently at first and then more vigorously. She continued smiling, whispering "You don't get this on the NHS!" Jason came to a shuddering climax as she caught the semen in a pot.

"We like to get a semen sample to test, and this is the most popular way for us to get it." She put a cap on the pot then wrote the date and time on the label on the pot, putting it into an inside pocket. She gave Jason a beaming smile, "I bet that feels better!" as his member hung limp from its exercise. She then showered Jason off as his hair fell away from the foam and her washing and rubbing. Once she was happy that the hair was off, and to Jason's protests that he could manage, she washed him from head to foot and proceeded to towel him dry. She was still wearing the rubber apron and rubber gloves both of which brushed against his skin and the smell of rubber made him associate that with being cared for in hospital. Once he was thoroughly dry, she helped him into a clean gown and, once he'd got his slippers and dressing gown back on, put her arm through his and walked him back to his room.

There, someone had placed a top to bottom red hospital rubber sheet over the top of his bed. The nurse told him to take his dressing gown, clean gown and slipper off and lie on top of the sheet.

"What? With nothing on?" he asked.

"Don't be silly!" she said, "how can I cream you and put you in your nappies if you're covered up? Would you lie on your front, please, and I'll start with your back." Jason did as he was told and jumped a bit as the rubber sheet was cold! Again there was the strong smell of rubber which he from then on associated with his stay in that hospital. The nurse had changed her gloves and, taking a tube of cream, started rubbing the cream well into his cheeks and back. Once she'd finished his back, she asked him to roll over onto his front and started to cream liberally there too. As she creamed his member which was standing to attention partly from embarrassment and partly because he was naked with an attractive young lady doing 'interesting' things to him, she whispered, "We've dealt with that once today, perhaps tomorrow if you're good!" Jason had something to look forward to!

Once he was thoroughly creamed, she turned to the trolley and took the cover off it, revealing a thick pile of adult sized terry towelling nappies, pins, semi-transparent rubber pants in various sizes and other equipment which Jason, having never been in hospital before, didn't recognise. With skill from long practice, the nurse took a pile of nappies and placed them on the foot of the rubber sheet, folding them appropriately for Jason.

"Now then, Jason, dig your heels into the bed to lift your bottom up and then I'll slide these under you." Jason was not sure whether to be embarrassed about being put in nappies or whether to be excited as he'd be changed and, hopefully 'massaged' by these lovely young nurses. Once in place she said, "Jason, you now need to roll onto your left side and draw your right knee up. I'm going to put something into your bottom. You'll be told later what that's for, but, for the moment, just co-operate, please." The last thing Jason wanted was to get this lovely nurse into trouble, so he obliged her. Meanwhile, the nurse changed rubber gloves and picked up a special disposable enema catheter. It was 30FG, so a reasonable bore, but instead of the 30 ml balloon of a urinary catheter, this one had a much stronger 200 ml volume. The nurse put some lubricating gel onto the tip of the catheter and then inserted a well lubricated finger into Jason. That made Jason jump when she inserted it and gave him nice feelings as she playfully stroked his prostate with her gloved finger. Next she inserted the catheter and, quickly changing into clean gloves, she inflated the balloon with a special pump. Clamping off the inflation point with a pair of Spencer-Wells forceps, she removed the inflation device and replaced it with a plug to hold the air in. Jason gave an "Oh!! That feels strange!" as she blew the balloon up. She taped the catheter up his back so it would poke out above the top of his nappies and rubber pants. Little did Jason know that later she would be putting a one litre bisacodyl enema into that catheter which produces a great deal of urgency, prevented by the catheter so Jason would spend an uncomfortable few minutes until she removed the plug from the inflation point. She slapped him on his rear and told him to roll back again. Once on his back, she pulled up the nappies up between his legs and placed a folded soaker folded nappy against his abdomen and up over the top of his very erect penis and down over the other side to his scrotum.

"That'll catch the urine is you try to pass it when you've got an erection. We don't want you squirting out of the top of your rubber pants, do we?" She then selected a pair of rubber pants in what she thought would be Jason's size. She sprinkled talcum powder onto his hairy legs and then, with his co-operation, worked them up his legs.

"stand up please. It's easier to finish off with you standing, but we'll have to do it with you lying down later." Jason did so and she pulled the pants up over the nappies with the tube sticking out of the back of the pants. Jason was facing a full length mirror as she did this and he looked at himself - an adult looking more like a baby in his 'baby rubbers'. The nurse removed the rubber sheet form the bed and helped Jason into a gown.

"Lie down, please, Jason and I'll get sister. We need to put a tube up your nose into your stomach and it takes two of us to do that." While she went to fetch sister, Jason noticed that the pillows were protected by rubber covers and the mattress had rubber sheets on. He'd visited a friend in hospital and the NHS hospital had plastic everything! He preferred the rubber, which smelt lovely to him. He stroked the rubber pants over his nappies and decided that he really liked the felling of the smooth rubber encasing his hips. He also noticed that they were warm around his loins from the thick cloth nappies.

Jason looked at the semi-transparent rubber pants and realised that they were moulded in one piece with tight bands around his thighs and waist but ballooning out considerably over the very thick white terry towelling nappies which the nurse had put on him. He guessed, correctly, that they were semi-transparent so the nurses could see the state of the nappies inside without having to remove the rubber pants. He heard a noise outside and quickly covered himself up just as there was a knock on the door and sister came in with the nurse. The nurse wheeled a trolley and both were wearing white rubber aprons over their uniforms as well as rubber gloves.

"Jason," the sister said, "We need to put a tube up your nose to give you some medication after you've seen your consultant this afternoon." She worked the controls on the bed to sit Jason more upright and the nurse tied a white rubber (what else?) bib apron around his neck. The sister said, "We need to put a shower cap over your hair just in case this makes you sick. We'll try to be really careful, but some people find that happens." So Jason ended up with a green rubber shower cap over his hair. He could see in the mirror opposite what he looked like! The nurse held a glass of water with a straw in it while sister said, "Please lean forward as much as you can and take the straw in your lips. I'll start to push the tube up your nose. It will tickle a bit, I expect. But as soon as we reach the back of your throat, would you drink the water through the straw? That helps the tube pass the awkward part at the back of your throat. When it's in place, I'll tape it to your nose and we'll clean you up ready for your CT scan." The sister lubricated the rubber naso-gastric tube with gel and then started to pass it gently through Jason's right nostril (in most people, usually the larger one!) As soon as it touched the back of his throat, Jason started drinking from the water and sister then quickly pushed it through his throat, down his oesophagus and into his stomach.

"Well done, Jason. All done! We just need to check that it is in your stomach." The nurse took a syringe and drew some liquid from the tube using the syringe. She squirted a little onto a litmus paper which turned from purple to red. She held it up to the sister.

"That's fine. It's in his stomach. I'll tape it down now." She wiped the tube and the tip of Jason's nose with gauze swabs to remove any gel, then applying a special shaped dressing to hold the tube in place. Jason thought it rather uncomfortable as he could feel it every time he swallowed.

"We'll take that out this afternoon, Jason. Don't worry! You'll be surprised how quickly you get used to that!" The sister removed the rubber cap and the nurse removed the apron. Sister said, "The nurse will get a wheelchair and take you for a CT scan next.

"But I can walk!" said Jason. Sister laughed, "You're our patient now and we wheel you!! No arguments!"

They left and moments later the nurse came back with a wheelchair.

"Before we go to CT, Jason, sister wants you to drink a glass of water for us. You haven't been drinking since you arrived and we want to make sure you stay hydrated."

"But that will mean..." Jason started. The nurse laughed, "yes, you'll be needing to wet your nappy later. So what? That's what it's for, after all!" She poured a very large glass of water and watched while he drank it all to the very bottom. She wheeled the chair up to the bed and Jason climbed into it. He had a blanket put round his legs and waist which hid his nappies. He thought for a moment and realised that, walking even in a dressing gown, it would be obvious since the nappies held his legs apart so far, that he was wearing nappies! The nurse wheeled him out of his room a, down the corridor, into the lift and then into the new section of the private hospital. She took him into the CT waiting room and handed him over to the radiographer there.

"Hello, Jason. I need to take a scan of your wrists for your consultant. He wants an up-to-date scan before he operates tomorrow. I need to put a needle in the back of your hand to inject some special dye so your blood vessels show up well on the scan. You're not allergic to seafood are you?" Jason assured her that he was not. (The iodine in the contrast fluid can cause serious allergic reactions: if the person is allergic to seafood, they are usually allergic to the contrast fluid) She pushed a trolley next to Jason and placed his hand on a pillow resting on his lap. After putting a tourniquet around his arm, she wiped the back of his hand with an antiseptic swab and then, deftly, inserted a cannula into a vein in the back of his hand. She removed the metal stylette from the cannula and then taped it down. She flushed it with saline to check that it was patent and then wheeled Jason into the CT scanner room.

"Can you get onto the scanner stretcher by yourself or do you need help?" Jason stood up and proved that he could waddle over to the stretcher part of the scanner and laid down on it. She adjusted his position and, where he'd exposed his rubber pants, covered them with his gown. She got him to put his arms over his head and placed his arms in soft restraints to help him hold them still. Next a coiled plastic tube, connected to the mechanical syringe driver filled with the contrast fluid, was connected to the cannula.

"Now then, Jason, I'll raise you up and put your arms into the machine. I'll do one scan without contrast and you'll slide a little into the machine and then back again. I'll then inject the dye and you may feel warm all over going down into your bottom. That's normal so don't worry."

Jason laid there with his arms fixed over his head as the stretcher was raised and fed him into the machine as the radiographer worked the controls.

"OK, Jason?" Jason replied that he was, so she went behind the screen and the scanner started for a quick scan of his wrists.

"I'm injecting the contrast fluid now, Jason." Jason could see the motorised plunger pushing the drug through the tubing and into the cannula in the back of his hand. He did feel warmth spreading form his hand and arm right over his body and down to his bottom. It felt a little as if he'd just wet his nappy and realised that, later, he'd probably be doing just that! The scanner started and it was over very quickly. The radiographer came out, saying "I'll leave you there just for a minute or two to check that the scans are OK, then I'll free you and you can get back into the wheelchair." True to her word, she quickly came back saying that the scans were fine. She released his arms from the restraints and slid him out of the machine and down to the lower level where he'd started from. She asked him to sit up and then, placing the pillow on his knees again, removed the cannula and placed a pressure dressing over the wound. She helped him back to the wheelchair and rang for the nurse to take him back to his room.

The nurse wheeled him back to his room and helped him into bed, then moved the over-bed table across the bed. On the table she placed a very large glass of what looked like fruit juice and a big bowl of ice-cream with chocolate swirls in it.

"I'm sorry, Jason, but your anaesthetist likes his patients not to have eaten for several hours before the surgery which will be first thing tomorrow morning. So the juice is a special stuff called Fortisip which contains the goodness you need and the ice cream is to enjoy! Your surgeon will come to see you soon and, by the way, if you need to use your nappy, that's what it's for! Don't hold back and end up uncomfortable." Jason sat up to eat his ice cream and, not entirely to his surprise a rubber bib was tied around his neck in case he spilled any. The nurse smiled at him, "Jason, I'm not buy at the moment. I could feed it to you, if you like!" She had a wicked grin on her face and smiled so sweetly at him that he couldn't refuse. She leant over him and took the first spoonful of ice cream and fed it to him. In her other hand she had a wipe which she used to keep the corners of his mouth clean as it is not easy feeding someone ice cream and always getting it in their mouth! Jason was thinking that he could very much get to enjoy this! When the ice cream bowl was empty, Jason looked longingly at it. The nurse saw this and said, "Sorry, that's all you can have of that. But I can give you your juice in a more interesting way." She removed a very large baby bottle from the trolley beside her and poured the juice drink into it. The bottle wasn't full so she opened another bottle of the fortified drink and added that so the bottle was very full with about a litre and a half in it. She smiled at him again, "You'll definitely need to be wetting you nappy when you've drunk all this!" She lowered his bed and told him to slide down a bit. She put on another white rubber apron and told him to sit up for a moment. She placed a draw-sheet on the top of the bed then sat on the sheet as he laid back down with his head on her rubber apron, She put the teat into his mouth, saying, "Suck!" She gently pushed his head to one side so his cheek was resting against her rubber covered breast. Jason gazed up into her eyes as she looked at him with care and compassion for this young man shortly to undergo surgery. She loved her job here. So unlike the NHS where everything was rush, rush, rush. She could spend time looking after her patients and caring for them. Jason suddenly stopped sucking and a look of surprise came over his face. She looked down at his rubber pants which she'd exposed when she'd sat on the bed. The rubber was steaming up inside as Jason's bladder suddenly released. She placed one hand on the front of his rubber pants and looked him in the eyes.

"Jason, that's fine. That's what they're for. Get used to it as you'll be using them for the week or so you'll be here. You're not going home until you're 100% fit and ready for work. So look on this as the surgery and convalescence as well." Jason finished the rest of the juice, She wiped his mouth and then rearranged the bed so he was sitting up. She cleared up and left him. Jason put his hand down to his rubber pants and pressed gently. He could feel the warmth of his urine which had soaked into the nappies and, to his surprise, he loved it! The nurse returned a little later wheeling an ECG machine into his room. She asked Jason if he was happy to take his gown off whilst she did that. She'd seen him naked so Jason wasn't bothered any more. She stuck the pads onto his chest and legs , then proceeded, once she's asked him to relax, to do an ECG scan of his heart activity.

At exactly 2pm, the door of his room opened after a knock and the surgeon, anaesthetist and sister came in. The surgeon introduced himself and the anaesthetist and then gave Jason a form to sign.

"We'll do both wrists tomorrow as planned as the scan shows they've got worse since your NHS scan. You'll be here until I feel you've fully recovered so enjoy being pampered by the nurses! That will be about 10 days to 2 weeks if all goes well as it will do. Any questions?" Jason shook his head as he couldn't think of anything. The surgeon briefly explained the possible complications but said he expected none of them as Jason was so fit and healthy. He signed and the surgeon counter-signed, giving Jason a copy of the form. He then shook Jason's hand with, "I'll see you tomorrow but you won't see me!" and left.

The anaesthetist explained, "You'll be asleep of course for the surgery and he will do the operation but you'll be well under. The anaesthetist went through the usual screening questions: did Jason smoke, how much did he drink and so on. Happy with the answers, he asked the sister to remove Jason's gown while he checked his chest. The anaesthetist told Jason, "I'm very happy with your ECG and my checks today. There's no reason for your surgery not to go ahead tomorrow, but with a young healthy person like you, that's not a surprise. If I was operating on you in the NHS, you'd be wheeled down to the anaesthetic room where I'd put you to sleep with an injection. You would recover quickly from the anaesthetic and be taken back to your room and kicked out as soon as possible. However, here, we like to take a bit more care of our patients and I've revisited an old method of anaesthetic. That is an enema - fluid injected into your back passage whilst you're in your room which drifts you off gently to sleep. You'll wake up in our recovery suite and then we'll give you another lower dose so you'll go back to sleep again and, hopefully, not even remember waking up in recovery at all. This way we can use fewer opiates for pain which means you'll feel better quicker. There are disadvantages which basically are you need to have your bowels clear. In a few moments, sister will give you a dose of castor oil emulsion through your nose tube. It tastes foul so that way you won't taste it but later you'll have copious bowel movements until you're empty. But first, through that tube into your bottom, you'll have a one litre bisacodyl enema which will empty your lower bowel very rapidly. The balloon is to enable the nurse to get it all into you before you have to pass it. However, would you roll on your side, please?" Jason did as he was asked without question.

"The syringe, please, sister." The anaesthetist removed the bung in the tube, connected a large bladder washout syringe filled with a clear liquid and injected the whole lot. The bung was replaced.

"That will stop the purge form being too unpleasant. That was vodka and , in a few moments, you'll feel very light headed and not care about the enema! It works much faster than drinking it, trust me." Jason was already beginning to feel slightly drunk in a nice way.

They left him and immediately they left the nurse came in wheeling a drip stand with a bag hanging from it and a long tube. She had a rubber sheet over her arm and, with Jason rolling around, worked it under him to protect the bed in case he leaked. She removed the plug and connected up the tubing.

"How are you feeling, Jason?" she asked.

"Wonderfully drunk!" came his reply.

"Right then, your enema!" With that, she opened the clamp on the tubing and the bisacodyl enema started to run through and into him. The drug worked very rapidly and soon he was having contractions to evacuate his bowels, but couldn't because of the inflated cuff on the catheter. The nurse had to realise the bag to get it all into him and then sat by him telling him to relax as much as possible. After a couple of minutes, she deflated the balloon on the catheter and quickly pulled it out. The sudden release of a load of wet stool into his nappies was almost orgasmic! When he'd finished expelling the contents of his colon, the nurse playfully put her hand between his legs and squeezed.

"I think someone is ready for his nappy to be changed!"

The nurse fetched a bowl of water, towels, Infacare to wash him with, wipes to remove the worse of the mess of stool which she knew he'd be well plastered with, cream to protect his nappy area and plenty of nappies! She donned her white rubber apron, put on a pair of rubber gloves and the stripped the covers off the bed leaving Jason lying on the rubber sheet with nothing on except his nappies and rubber pants.

She pulled down the rubber pants to undo the extra large safety pins holding his nappies around him. Carefully she worked the very spoiled nappies out from under him and slipped a clean nappy under him until she could clean him off. She poured some Infacare into a bowl (for those who haven't met this, it is a 'soap' for babies and doesn't need rinsing off. I first had this used on me in a hospital Burns Unit) Taking a wad of wipes she wet them with the Infacare solution and proceeded to wipe the stool from off his front. The alcohol made sure that Jason didn't get 'excited' by this - after all, too much alcohol is a know 'cock crinkler'! Once she'd got the front of him clean and dry, she creamed that with a clean pair of rubber gloves on, then asked him to roll onto his side. Eventually, he was not only clean all round but creamed as well. She left the same rubber pants on, but wiped them out inside. After all, he'd soon be filling his nappies again from the castor oil!

She assembled a thick pile of nappies ready for his purging following his very effective enema. The nurse reckoned he'd mainly be passing fluid this time. She worked the nappied under Jason as he did his best to assist her. His head was spinning from the alcohol enema he'd had earlier and really, he wasn't too bothered about her ministrations. Had it not been for the alcohol enema, he'd have been so embarrassed about being changed and cleaned up like a small baby. The nurse then cleaned up the rubber sheet and asked Jason, "Does that feel better?"

"Yes, thank you," mumbled Jason, half asleep from the alcohol.

"Jason, you've had a big dose of castor oil. You'll soon have diarrhoea and you need to drink. Will you be a good boy and drink some water for me, please?" The nurse didn't wait for an answer, but pulled out a one litre bottle of water with a latex rubber teat on the end (the silicone ones are tasteless, aren't they? Not the same at all!) and sat on the rubber sheet on the bed. She lifted Jason's head onto her lap and turned his head against her breast. Inserting the teat into his mouth, she said, "Drink!" Jason did as he was told. He loved being cuddled by this beautiful nurse and the alcohol had done its job of freeing off his inhibitions. The nurse had such a beautiful smile as she looked down at him.

Suddenly, there was a loud gurgle from Jason's abdomen. His expression changed and he let go of the teat. With a cry of "Oh!", he suddenly released a huge load of oily stool into his clean nappies and then, as that happened, he released a full bladder of urine into them. He could feel the warm urine spreading out across his abdomen and running don his sides until the terry towelling soaked it up for him. He was in heaven as he was encouraged to suck again at the bottle. Several times he passed both stool and urine as the nurse could see the nappies changing colour through the rubber pants. When the first bottle was empty, she refilled it and gave him a second bottle to drink. She knew a thing or two about diapering adults as none of the urine or stool leaked out onto the rubber sheet which Jason was lying on. Later as afternoon changed to early evening, she changed him again, this time changing his rubber pants as well. Jason, buy now, was more his normal self and enjoyed her ministrations. The only down-side, as far as he was concerned, was that this was only temporary. If you'd asked him whether he'd enjoy being in hospital, and perhaps more unusual, loved being in rubber pants and nappies, drinking using a baby rubber teat, he'd have laughed at you. Now he was loving every moment of it. Even the purging had been fun in a strange kind of way. The nurse removed the rubber sheet and covered him back up as Jason said he wasn't bothered about having a gown on - he was warm enough as it was. She leaned forward and planted a chaste kiss on his forehead.

"Goodnight, Jason. I'll see you tomorrow. It's the end of my shift." With that, she left him.

After the hand-over to her evening replacement, the evening nurse came to see how he was and to introduce herself to him.

"Would you like another drink, Jason?"

"Please," he replied. To his delight, she went away and came back with another large bottle of water, a rubber apron on and a rubber sheet for her to place on the bed for her to sit on. She arranged it so that Jason was lying partly on the red hospital rubber sheet and partly against her white rubber apron. She gently pushed his cheek against her breast and then inserted the teat between his lips. With her other hand, she placed that on the front of his rubber pants and stroked his member, now greatly engorged and erect, through his rubber pants and nappy. When the bottle was all gone, she leaned closer to Jason and whispered, "Come on, let's have a nice wet nappy for nurse to change soon!" Jason tried to oblige and she felt her hand being warmed by the stream of hot urine which he passed under her stroking hand.

"That's a good boy!" Now, I have to go to check on some other patients, but then I'll be back to change you into your night time nappies and get you ready for bed."

Much later she came back with the nappy changing trolley, another bottle of water and other things Jason couldn't quite see. She put on the white rubber apron which Jason had grown to love and placed him on the rubber sheet again as she sat down on it and leaned him against her. She whispered, "Jason, it's up to you tonight. I'll put you in thick night time nappies anyway. if you don't want to wet these more, you can hold it a bit until I've changed you!" Jason rather liked the thought of going to sleep in wet nappies!

Once he'd drunk all the water, she checked his blood pressure using the old fashioned pump up mercury sphigmomanometer and then took his pulse, but, while pretending to be continuing to take his pulse and check her watch, she recorded his respirations as well.

"Oh dear, Jason," she said, in a voice which didn't sound at all sincere, "I've given you a drink of water, so I can't take your temperature in your mouth!" Standing up, she then removed his wet nappies and rubber pants while he was lying on the rubber sheet. He forever after that associated the warmth and smell of rubber with his stay in hospital. She washed him, dried him and creamed him thoroughly. This time, his nappies were just wet. She changed the rubber draw sheet he'd been lying on for a clean one and sat on it.

"Jason, can you lie across my pal, please?" she asked him. She tucked the rubber apron between her legs so that his erect member slipped down between her thighs. She dipped a rubber gloved finger into a pot of gel and then, without a by your leave, parted his buttocks and inserted her finger into his bottom. She stroked his prostate with her finger as she moved her thighs to rub against his penis.

"That's enough for now!" she said, removing the thermometer, "Time to get you ready for bed!" While he was still over her lap, she inserted two diazepam suppositories into his back passage.

"Those are to help you sleep tonight. Try not to pass them but let them work inside you. You can drink until midnight. Would you like a bottle of water at midnight?" Jason said that he would, then the nurse told him, "I'll be in early in the morning to put some cream on the side of your neck to let the doctor put a cannula into it to get some fluids into you during the surgery. That stops it from hurting at all." She then got him over onto his back and proceeded to put really thick diapers on him and then worked the semi-transparent rubber pants over the top. She leant forward and chastely kissed his forehead with "Good night, Jason. See you at midnight." She then pulled up the cot sides on the bed to make sure a drowsy Jason didn't fall out of bed by mistake, made sure he could reach his nurse call buzzer, turned out the light and left him.

At midnight, she came in, leaving the dim safety light as the only light in the room, and gave Jason a bottle of water to drink. He was so drowsy from the diazepam that she gave it to him with him lying on his side in the bed. He sucked eagerly as he was thirsty and, the nurse noted with a smile that his nappies darkened as he drank, showing that he was wetting himself at the same time! At 4am, she came in to find Jason fast asleep. Very gently she squeezed some Elma cream onto the pad of a film dressing and, without waking him, applied it to the side of his neck. The Emla cream contained lidocaine so would numb the skin on the side of his neck for the doctor ton insert a cannula when she came later in the morning. She knew it would be the lady assistant to the consultant anaesthetist as she was so kind to her younger patients since they, like Jason, seemed just like big kids really!

At six o'clock the next morning, the night nurse came in with a companion and a trolley with a bowl, the ubiquitous rubber sheet, towels, clean bed clothes, nappies and clean rubber pants. Jason was still asleep so she shook him gently.

"Jason, it's time for your early morning wash and nappy change." A very sleepy Jason sat up and then she stripped the sheet off him and helped him onto the rubber sheet. Together the two nurses washed him from head to waist, then removed the nappies and rubber pants, washing his nappy area and down to his knees, then drying that, then creaming him. As they did this, Jason suddenly said, I've got a full bladder!" The other night nurse laughed, "Never mind, Jason, you'll be in in dry nappies in a minute or two so you can use them!"

"But ...!"

"No 'buts', Jason, we're not stopping now." Jason was rolled onto his side and a larger bore catheter inserted into his back passage and taped to his back.

"That's for the anaesthetic later" the nurse said. The nurses didn't play with him this time as they needed to get his nappies on as they didn't want him having a bladder accident without his nappies to soak it up. The nurses swiftly put Jason in some really thick nappies for theatre, rubber pants and a pair of rubber bloomers over the top which went higher than his waist and down to his knees.

"That's to prevent leaks in theatre," 'his' night nurse said, "But we've put enough on you to stop that from happening."

"I realise that!" Jason replied, "I can't even bring my knees together my legs are so spread apart by the thickness of the nappies." The nurses looked at each other, grinned, then started to tickle Jason. It had the desired result as his bladder emptied into the dry nappies. They washed his feet and lower legs, then dried those.

Together, the nurses got Jason out of bed and sitting in the chair which they'd protected with yet another rubber sheet. Jason thought how he must look - thick nappies forcing his legs apart so he had to waddle over to the chair. The nurses efficiently made the bed and then the newer nurse came over and placed a green rubber 'shower' cap over his head.

"That's to keep your hair out of the way. We won't put a theatre gown on you as it will have to come off for the operation." They helped Jason to lie back in bed, covering him with just a sheet. Just as they did that, there was a knock at the door. Two ladies in green theatre garb came in, one wheeling a large trolley loaded with stuff. The first lady introduced herself, "I'm your consultant's anaesthetic assistant and this is my nurse to help me. We've come to get you ready for theatre, Jason. It looks like we timed that just right," as she smiled at the nurses. The nurses both gave Jason a quick kiss and said they'd see him that night, then left.

The lady anaesthetist asked Jason, "Are you nervous? I gather this is your first time as a patient in hospital." Jason replied,"Yes, To be honest, I'm terrified! I have no idea at all what to expect and that makes it worse!"

"I guessed that, so I'll talk you through what we're doing. First of all, my nurse will attach some monitoring equipment to the head of your bed. We'll need to pull your bed out a bit first though." Together they took off the brake and pulled Jason on his bed a bit further out into the room.

"The first thing is a device to allow us to check your heart." With that, the nurse put the monitor onto the head of the bed while the anaesthetist stuck the pads onto his chest. there were three of them, connected to the monitor.

"Next we need to check your pulse and how much oxygen there is in your blood. Normally, we'd use a finger but, as the surgery is to your hands, I'll attach this to a toe.

" Lifting the sheet off him, exposing him in just his rubbers, she put the clip over one of his toes and the nurse put a white cotton sock to help to hold it in place. The anaesthetist switched on the monitor and it showed a tracing of his heart, his pulse and the oxygen in his blood. It was beeping, but the anaesthetist turned the sound off.

"We don't need that on now," she said. The nurse took his other ankle, the one which didn't have the oxygen monitor on, and wrapped soft white fluffy fibre around it. She then put a blood pressure cuff on over his ankle.

"Jason, that will inflate every few minutes to check your blood pressure. It squeezes quite hard but it shouldn't be painful." With that, she plugged that into the monitor over the head of the bed and turned it on. The cuff inflated and recorded his blood pressure.

"Everything is fine so far" the anaesthetist told him.

Now I need to put a cannula into your neck where the nurse put the cream last night. Jason looked puzzled and then put his hands up to the sides of his neck. To his surprise, he found the film dressing and the lump of cream under it. The anaesthetist gave him a gentle smile, "She managed to get that on you while you were still asleep! This won't hurt as the cream will have numbed your skin, so don't worry! I want you to do a Val Salva manoeuvre for me. That is, hold your breath and bear down as if you are trying to pass stool, but, of course, squeeze your bottom tight at the same time. Would you try that now?" Jason did and the veins on his neck stood out beautifully.

"Thank you, Jason, that's perfect." The nurse attached a transfusion pole to he side of his bed in the socket for the pole and then put an infusion pump onto the stand. She hung a litre bag of saline from the stand and primed the line. Both changed into plastic disposable aprons and sterile gloves. The nurse removed the film dressing and wiped the area with antiseptic 'lollipop'.

"Do a Val Salva for me, Jason, please, then hold it," the anaesthetist asked. Jason obliged so his external jugular vein stood out well. Quickly, she stabbed that with the stylette of the cannula and inserted it to its full depth. The nurse held it in place while the anaesthetist, explaining what she was doing to Jason, held it in place with two sutures. Jason didn't feel a thing other than a 'pulling' and 'pushing' as she pulled on the thread and pushed the needle in to sew the cannula in place. She flushed the line with some saline and attached the drip tubing from the saline pump.

"You can breathe again, Jason," she said as Jason was by now bright red in the face! "that's most of it done! I'm now going to give you something to relax you. I will give them through the cannula as it will work really quickly and you should feel a lot less anxious." She flipped the port on the cannula up and inserted the nose of a Luer syringe and swiftly injected the whole lot as rapidly as possible. Jason suddenly had a real 'high' and his face burst into a grin.

"That's a drug called cyclizine," she said, "It's to stop people from feeling sick from the anaesthetics. We're supposed to inject it slowly to stop that from happening, but I injected the whole 50mg quickly as I thought it might help to make you feel better. Now this is 100mg of pethidine. You may notice a metallic taste in your mouth. This will calm you down a lot, I hope!" She injected that as well with the effect that Jason felt very relaxed and drowsy. The nurse started the saline infusion to flush it all into him and to start keeping him hydrated. The anaesthetist could see the worry lines fade in his forehead as she injected it. The nurse put a pair of oxygen tubes into his nose and attached them behind his ears.

"You're doing really well, Jason. Can you roll onto your left side for me, please?" Jason rolled onto his left side and the nurse pulled his right knee up to support him.

"That's great, Jason. Now, I know you're not a bay, but I also know many people having their first operation find that this helps." She took a cellophane wrapped dummy off the trolley, opened the packet and popped it into his mouth. There were tapes attached to the dummy which she tied behind his head to hold it in place. It was rather unusual in design. There were rubber sections which went inside the lips between the lips and the gums and an inflated front section to seal around his mouth. There was a very large teat with a large hole right through it. The anaesthetist nodded to the nurse who went up to Jason and started stroking his face gently telling him that it would all soon be over. As the nurse distracted Jason, the anaesthetist connected a very large syringe to the catheter emerging from the back of his rubber bloomers. Very gently, she injected the contents of the syringe into his rectum and watched Jason's eyes. Soon his eyelids started to flutter and then his eyes rolled upwards - he had been anaesthetised smoothly and quietly. As he went under, he released another stream of urine into his already damp nappies. The nurse took a cover off the trolley and plugged a hose into the hole in the dummy while the anaesthetist put a nose clip on him to force him to breathe through the tube. She reached over to the trolley and turned both the oxygen and the anaesthetic on to take him deeper. Once she was happy, they wheeled the unconscious Jason to the theatre in the new block for his surgery.

Jason woke in recovery and was immediately given another enema of anaesthetic so that he drifted off to sleep again and didn't, later, even remember waking. When he did remember waking was back in his room in his bed. There was a recovery nurse with him and the monitoring equipment. She came over to him and smiled, "How are you feeling?"

"Sleepy," said Jason, "but very tired."

"Are you in pain?"

"No, I'm fine. Is it all over?" She smiled again (Jason thought that she had a lovely smile), "Yes, the surgery is over and I'm told that it went very well with no problems. You should make a rapid recovery. I'll remove the monitoring equipment and get the nurse who's looking after you to wash out the remains of the anaesthetic and then you can sleep again. Do you realise it's late evening?"

"Gosh, I've been out all day?"

"Sort of - we've kept you drowsy rather than fully anaesthetised since you were brought back here so you wouldn't hopefully need pain relief and you'd have got over the effects of the surgery itself." The nurse packed all the equipment away on her trolley, removing the blood pressure cuff, the pulse oximeter from his toe and the ECG pads off his chest. She checked his iv. of saline running into the cannula sewn into his neck and then wished him a speedy recovery and left.

Shortly afterwards, a new nurse appeared pushing a trolley with a funnel, a large jug and a bucket. covered in a cloth. She introduced herself. Jason was rather disappointed: she was older than the other nurses and didn't seem to be so kind. She explained that she'd be washing out his rectum and colon with warm water to get rid of the last traces of the anaesthetic and told him what she was going to do. Placing the bucket at the side of his bed, she helped him roll a little (since his arms and hands were now thoroughly bandaged after the surgery), she filled the funnel and tubing with water from the jug and then connected the rubber tube and funnel to the catheter still in his rectum. She then ran water into his rectum which he could feel as a warm feeling. Telling him to say when he was full, she kept topping up the water. Jason suddenly said, "I'm full now!" so she inverted the funnel upside down into the stainless steel bucket and allowed the water and anaesthetic traces to drain from him. She repeated this twice until she was happy that there was no more anaesthetic left as the last wash came through completely clear. She deflated the balloon in Jason's rectum and pulled the catheter out. She helped him to lie back in bed and asked if he was thirsty. Jason realised that he was in dry nappies and guessed, correctly, that he'd been changed at least once while he was asleep! He was really thirsty, but this nurse brought him water in a non-spill beaker with spout and helped him to drink it down.

"Could I have another please?" Jason asked, "I'm really thirsty." She gave him another one, but, unlike the other nurses, didn't talk to him or let him feel that she was really bothered about him. She told him, "I'll be in later to check on you and then I'll get another nurse to change you in the night if you;'re very wet. Good night." She wheeled the trolley out of the door leaving Jason feeling rather as if he'd been in an NHS hospital where the nurses were too busy too often to appear to care.

Sunday and Monday were rather boring for Jason. It was a different shift rotation of nurses and, whilst they were competent, they weren't as friendly as the first day. He didn't get any special 'massages' during nappy changes. They fed him, sitting him up in bed and putting a rubber bib around his neck to catch any spills but that didn't make up for the way the first nurses had been so sweet to him. On Monday, his surgeon did come to tell him how well things had gone and to say that Jason should get up and sit in a chair the next day. He wasn't to try walking however as he hadn't got his hands and arms to balance nor to support himself if he stumbled. He'd have to be patient and wait for the bandages to come off when he'd get some intensive physiotherapy to aid his recovery. So Sunday and Monday were boring apart from the consultant's visit which was, at least, good news. Yes, he could watch the TV but had to get the nurses to change channels for him. The other slightly interesting event was on Monday night the night nurse checked his chart and noticed he's not had a bowel movement since his surgery. Of course, having been thoroughly cleaned out with enemas and laxatives, that was hardly surprising. She asked Jason if he'd be happy for her to insert a couple of glycerine suppositories to see if they would help when she changed him into his night time nappies. Rolling right over into the usual Sims position (left side, right knee pulled up) is rather difficult when your arms are splinted and bandaged in the way that Jason's were so she solved the problem by lifting his legs apart when he was lying on the clean nappies. First, to his delight, the stubby rectal thermometer was produced. The nurse said, "Do you mind if I insert my finger to lubricate you first?" Jason was very quick to reply, "Of course not!" The thermometer stayed in for five minutes but the nurse didn't hold it, instead she pulled the front part of the nappies up to cover his manhood rather than leaving him exposed to view. On removing the thermometer, she took two glycerine suppositories, dipped them in water and inserted them as far up his rectum as possible. Of course, her other hand had to lift his scrotum out of the way which made that a more interesting and enjoyable process. She also asked if he'd like a diazepam suppository to help him sleep, but, if he had one, he'd have to hold the glycerine suppositories as long as possible for the sedative suppository to work. Jason again said, "Yes please! After all, it might help him sleep but the insertion of the suppository would at least help to relieve some of his boredom. So the nurse got the diazepam suppository and inserted that as high up as she could. As she pushed against his prostate, Jason enjoyed the sensation! She then finished off diapering him and pulled up his rubber pants. Covering him over, she reminded him "Try to hold those as long as possible. It'll help the sedative one to be absorbed and the other two to work more effectively."

She left him, turning out the light. Eventually, he drifted off to sleep and passed the glycerine in his sleep. He knew he'd done that when he could feel the slimy glycerine in his nappy. The next morning, Tuesday, proved to be a much more interesting day. The 'nice' nurses came back which was good for a start! Together two of them helped Jason out of bed to sit in the arm chair. They'd placed a red rubber sheet on the armchair just in case his nappies leaked. To his surprise, a sort of cloth tabard was placed over his head and fastened around the chair so he was fixed in position. (See for what I imagine this looked like!) "That's to stop you leaning forward and falling. Remember, Jason, you haven't got your arms to support you at the moment and we don't want any accidents. Jason, I'm going to give you breakfast now and then we'll leave you for a bit, then come to give you another bed bath and change your nappies." The other nurse, now that Jason was safely in the chair, left them. The nurse who stayed tied the rubber bib around his neck to cover the restraint tabard and then fed him his breakfast. Unlike the nurses on Sunday and Monday, she talked to him, smiled at him and made a fuss of him which was, in his view, wonderful! Unlike the other nurses, she gave him his coffee in a baby bottle! He really liked that! "Jason, I've got to go to make beds now, but I've got time to give you another bottle of coffee if you like?" Jason was thirsty anyway and reckoned that the coffee would soon be in his nappy which was great! He loved wetting his nappy now. Strange to think he had a top job in business, yet here was he sitting on a rubber sheet, wearing a rubber bib and being fed by a lovely nurse whilst he was wearing nappies and rubber pants. What a contrast! yet he was loving that.

With the second bottle of coffee drunk, the nurse gave him a big beaming smile and said, "See you in a bit. Don't forget to make sure you've emptied your bladder before we come to change you!" After a few minutes, Jason's bladder told him that the two cups of coffee had worked their way through! So he strained to pass urine - so different sitting up from lying down in bed as he had been. With his penis pointing upwards, he could feel the warm urine coming up the front of his abdomen and trickling down the sides and the over his scrotum to be absorbed by the cloth nappies between his legs. It was a very different feeling to doing this lying down as the urine ended up between his legs instead of the small of his back. Jason reflected to himself, "Happiness is a warm, wet nappy!"

The nurses came back with the wash stuff and nappy changing equipment having already placed clean sheets and pillow cases for them to make his bed. The usual rubber sheet for a nappy change went onto the bed. One of them turned to him, "Bladder empty or will you try to empty for us now?" Jason squeezed and some more came out, cascading down his abdomen and soaking in between his legs.

"All done!" he said. They carefully freed him from the restraint and helped him to lie on the rubber sheet. The front of his rubber pants were pulled down to allow the safety pins to be removed then one nurse helped to lift Jason's bottom off the bed so the soaking nappies could be removed.

"Looks like you need some relief again," said one of the nurses, looking at his engorged member sticking out and up his abdomen, "Yes?"

"Yes, please," Jason said eagerly. This was more like it! The nurses smiled at him.

"OK, let's do it!" The other nurse handed her colleague a tube of lubricant. A good quantity was squirted around the tip and shaft of Jason's circumcised penis.

"We don't want you getting sore!" she said. She then pulled the rubber pants up over him. They were very capacious so there was plenty to balloon around him. One nurse grabbed his member through the rubber pants and started gently moving her hand backwards and forwards while the other pushed her finger between his legs, forcing the rubber pants through his anus and into his rectum. This was heavenly, thought Jason! Suddenly there was a knock on the door, so the nurses stopped and matron came in.

"Hallo, Jason, I'm the matron of this hospital and I've just come back from a course, otherwise I'd have welcomed you personally when you arrived and have checked on you before. Matron was dressed very smartly in dark blue uniform, a different style nursing cap and silver buckle on her belt which was much more ornate than the other nursing staff had. She was much younger than Jason imagined. he had this impression that matrons were all elderly battle-axes - possibly from watching too many 'Carry On' films. This matron was no Hatti Jacques. Far from it! She was older than the nurses but still young enough to look extremely attractive and impressive.

"How far have you got?" she asked her nurses.

"We were going to wash him, change his nappies and then make is bed, Matron"

"You can go now, nurses. I think it's time I made Jason's acquaintance and I'll get you to make his bed later while I take him for a bath."

The nurses left and the Matron smiled at Jason, who was lying there with just is rubber pants on, and part of them pushed into his bottom. Jason blushed as matron asked him how he was.

"Much better, matron. These nurses today are very kind."

"yes, I'm sorry about the nurses yesterday and Sunday. They were agency staff as we had some staff off ill. They don't quite know just how much we look after our patients! Now then, I see that the nurses were looking after you properly. I'm pleased to see they used plenty of lubricant for you. Let's finish that off! With that, matron put on one of the rubber aprons hanging on the hook at the back of the door, donned a pair of rubber gloves and smiled at Jason.

"One thing, I think, missing" she said. Reaching into a pocket, she took out a larger rubber dummy and, telling Jason, to open wide, put it into his mouth.

"There! Suck on that while I finish what the nurses started. Inserting her finger between his legs and into the rubber tunnelled into his back passage and grabbing his still very erect penis, she started rubbing him to a gorgeous climax! "I bet that feels better!" she said, removing the dummy from his mouth. All Jason could breathlessly say was, "Thank you, matron!"

"Now then, Jason, rather than wash you, I'll get a wheelchair and a lift and get you into a bath so I can wash you properly. But I notice that you haven't had a bowel movement today and the suppositories last night just came back without any success. So we have two choices. I don't think it's worth trying suppositories again. I think more major methods are needed which means a laxative or an enema or perhaps both. What do you thin, Jason?"

"You're the expert, matron, so I trust you to decide. After all, you know best!" Matron was already impressed with this so polite young man. She could understand why the nurses were looking after him so well.

"I think we'll take you to the treatment bathroom and give you a good enema to start with, and then a nice bath before we get you back in your nappies!"

The matron went to the wardrobe and got a gown to cover Jason, helping him into it since he couldn't do anything for himself. She went to fetch a wheelchair, helped him into it, transferring his iv onto a pole attached to the chair, and then covered him with a blanket.

"Jason, I hope you'll enjoy this. It'll certainly beat watching TV!" She wheeled him into the new section of the hospital, stopping at a door labelled "Therapy and bathroom". She opened the door, then wheeled him inside. There was a large special bath in the middle of the room with a hoist on rails suspended from the ceiling. Matron saw Jason looking up at that.

"I'll be using that later to lift you into the bath." Matron went over to a telephone hung on one wall. She dialled a number and gave some instructions over the phone. Jason struggled to hear what she was saying but gave up as he couldn't quite catch what was being said. He'd guessed that, if it was to do with him, he'd find out later. She donned a white ankle length rubber apron and changed her shoes for short white rubber boots.

There was something covered by a sheet. Matron removed the sheet and a very interesting piece of equipment met his eyes. It was a sort of chair with leg supports slightly spread apart and straps to fasten the legs to them. Instead of a normal seat was a rubber seat rather like a toilet seat with rubber drop front pants attached to the seat. The back had a padded rubber covered back rather like a dentist chair and a head rest, all fitted with restraining straps. At the back was a reservoir with controls on it - some sort of temperature gauge - and tubing coming from it. There were two tubes - each with a tap arrangement. One led to a y-piece with a second tap just above the 'y' and the other had a squeeze bulb in the middle, again with a tap top and bottom. The tubing appeared to be connected to a device in the centre of the seat. Jason couldn't quite make that out. Matron explained, "This is a fairly new piece of equipment for the hospital.. It's an enema chair. I'll help you into that and there is a tube which will be inserted into your bottom and balloons blown up both outside and inside your rectum to help you to hold the enema in. The balloons inflate and deflate when I press a button and are automatically inflated to a safe pressure. When you need to 'go', I can deflate the balloons and then you can evacuate the enema. Then I can reflate the balloons and give you a plain water enema to wash you out. I can either let the enema flow in by gravity as the reservoir is adjustable in height and maintains the temperature of the water at the chosen setting during the process, or I can squeeze that bulb there and pump it into you. I think you;'ll find that much more enjoyable! The rubber drop front pants are not really necessary for ladies, but for the men, they often have an erection during this and the pants stop them from spraying urine everywhere! Also, for both sexes, it avoids any splashing if the enema is evacuated rapidly. It has a drain connected straight to the hospital drainage system. Now, I'll get you sat down in there and I'll make up the enema solution. I'll give you an old fashioned hot soapy enema to start with and then a plain water washout afterwards." She sat Jason into the chair, helping him across from the wheelchair and transferred his drip from the pole on the chair onto a pole on the device. Next she removed his gown and slid off his rubber pants so that he was sitting there in the chair naked. Fortunately the room was very warm. She turned up the drip to full bore so that Jason would soon need to empty his bladder! When she'd done that, she pulled up the front section of the rubber pants attached to the seat and tucked his penis up into a flap so that, he wouldn't spray out of the top of the pants. She then pulled the sides of the pants around him and popped them closed. The waist and legs were quite tight, to prevent leakage, but the pants ballooned around his hips. Finally, she strapped him in place so he couldn't either fall out or try to escape her ministrations.

She used a key to open a cupboard and got out two stainless steel jugs. Into one, she tipped two sachets of enema soap and a powder into the other. She ran lots of hot water into the first jug and rather less into the second. She stirred both with a mixing device and Jason could see the soap bubbles on the surface of the first jug. She poured both jugs into the reservoir which, cleverly, had two sections for exactly what she was going to do to Jason! She purged the air from the tubing and then lubricated a finger of her rubber gloves which she was wearing and , dropping a flap in the front below the seat, lubricated Jason's anus. Pressing a button, the enema nozzle slowly rose and she guided it into his back passage. Jason found it rather uncomfortable as it was quite big. Pressing another button, the balloons inside his rectum and outside of his anus inflated to seal him into the system. Matron smiled at him, "Ready?" Jason nodded, then she started squeezing the bulb as the hot soapy enema slowly pulsed into his rectum and colon.

Jason found the pulsing of the warm water flowing into his colon was pleasant and soothing until the soap started to irritate the colon and he felt the need to evacuate it! Matron smiled at him, "I'm going to switch tanks and then I'll deflate the balloons so you can let it out." She changed over to the other tank which she'd filled with bisacodyl enema so that when she pumped that in, Jason's sense of urgency greatly increased! Jason could feel his colon writhing as it tried to force the enema out. The matron stopped pumping and deflated the balloons, The enema solution exploded from Jason is a huge gush. It emptied from him really quickly which is why the matron had used the bisacodyl as part of the enema mixture. Jason felt really empty now! Matron refilled the tank and seemed to keep filling it! She activated the pump which re-inflated the balloons either side of Jason's anal sphincter and started pumping slowly and gently.

"This is just warm water at body temperature to make sure all the soap is gone." Jason found this actually very relaxing as she slowly pumped more water into him. The first enema had left him tired from the effort of expelling all that so that this time he almost fell asleep while she was doing it! Jason looked down and saw that his abdomen was so full that he looked pregnant! He almost filled the rubber pants attached to the rubber seat of the enema device now and realised why they were so capacious. Suddenly he felt his bladder signal that it needed emptying urgently! All that water in his colon was pressing on his bladder just as matron had intended. Jason let go and the urine spurted out of the tip of his penis inside the rubber 'pocket' in the front of the drop front pants. He realised that there must have been holes in the 'pocket' against his abdomen as the urine ran down the front of his abdomen, over the shaft of his penis as it emerged from his body and trickled off his scrotum. He smiled as this was such a pleasurable sensation! Matron said, "That's enough for this time." Pressing the button to deflate the balloons, Jason expelled the water rather more slowly than the first enema. When matron felt he'd passed enough and could hold the rest, she brought the hoist over the top of him. A rubber strap passed behind his back and under his shoulders and another under his knees. She released the straps holding Jason to the enema chair and dropped the front of the pants to release him. With some wipes, she quickly dried his front and between his legs to stop him from dripping urine and enema water everywhere, then hoisted him up and over the bath.

She lowered him into the bath, but left the upper strap in place to hold Jason's bandaged arms out of the way. Releasing the lower strap, she removed it from under his legs leaving Jason sitting up in this rather strange bath which had a raised back. The matron turned on a shower attachment, checked the water temperature and proceeded to rinse Jason off. Putting the plug into the bath, she transferred the water to the bath and started washing him after putting a good squirt of Infacare into the water. Washing his hair and face first, then under his arms, his chest, back abdomen, his genital area so gently and carefully and then his legs. By now the water was up to his waist so matron pulled the plug, rinsed him off again with the shower attachment and then placed the rubber leg strap in place, hoisting him, dripping this time, over to the changing table which she'd covered with a large bath sheet. There she dried him with care, then creamed his nappy area and then put a really thick pile of nappies on him. Jason was surprised as she'd slowed down his drip a bit. She put a clean pair of rubber pants on him and then finally a clean gown before helping him back into the wheelchair.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, thank you, matron! That was great!" She wheeled him back to his room and then said, "I'm sorry, Jason, but I have other patients to see. You're happy here and enjoying your stay with us?"

"Yes, very much, matron." That's good! I'll get one of the nurses to bring you a drink."

A few minutes later, one of the 'nice' nurses came into his room. Matron had already helped him back to bed. Jason hadn't realised just how difficult things are when you can't use your arms. The nurse put on a white rubber apron, tied a rubber bib round his neck and then placed a rubber sheet onto the bed. Jason sat up which caused her to laugh, "Oh Jason, you're getting used to us now!" She sat down on the sheet and laid Jason's head on her lap against her rubber covered breast. Jason was thoroughly 'hooked' on rubber now. he loved the touch of it against his skin and the smell would always be associated in his mind from then on with the care he'd received in that hospital. The nurse produced a huge bottle filled with what Jason assumed was orange juice. He was partly right - it was Picolax laced with orange juice! That was why matron had made that telephone call to get the nurse to get this ready and why matron had put plenty of nappies on Jason! Jason drank it down eagerly as he was very thirsty and, only when he'd finished, noticed a salty after-taste. He didn't remark on it because the nurse had put the bottle down and was holding him to her breasts with her arms around him, rocking him gently as she cuddled him, deliberately to distract him!

She released him, tidied up, but left the rubber sheet on the bed.

"I'll be back soon to bring you some water to drink and then I'll give you lunch." This she did and after she'd fed him lunch, she pulled the curtains and told him that, as he'd had a busy morning, he needed a rest. As she left the room, she smiled quietly to herself. With that much Picolax, he'd have a busy afternoon too! Jason closed his eyes and actually did fall asleep. Two hours later, he was woken up by a gurgling in his abdomen as the Picolax chased through. Suddenly, he had no option but to empty his bladder and release the watery fluid which now filled his bowels. Over and over again he passed more and more fluid rectally, rather like constantly releasing an enema. He realised that he'd been 'set up' by matron which is why she'd put such thick nappies on him! By the time the nurse came to change him, he was well and truly wet from the urine he'd passed and form the fluid pouring from him because of the powerful laxatives.

The following day he was started on physiotherapy so was taken down to the gym section in the new block wearing a gown over his nappies. Another patient was there and Jason was pleased to see, as her gown flicked aside form time to time as she did her exercises, that he wasn't the only patient in rubber pants and nappies. He did, however, notice that the lady's nappies were pink! He was glad he'd not been put in those! The days went by and his arms grew stronger. After each gym session, instead of bandages, his arms were put into splints to stop him from over-using them. So he continued to be fed and changed by the nurses. The problem was that he really didn't want to go back to normal life as he was enjoying being cared for and so dependent, as well as the regression into nappies and being bottle fed. On the Friday a week after his admission, his surgeon pronounced himself delighted and told Jason that he could go home the next day and leave off the splints too as he could now use his hands as normal, although without the numbness and partial paralysis which he had been experiencing.

The nurse came back after the surgeon had left and asked Jason whether he was happy to carry on overnight with the nappies or did he want to use a urinal now? Also he was asked whether he would feed himself or like things to stay as they were. Jason replied without the need for deep thought at all: he wanted to stay in nappies and be fed! That night, as he was being changed into his nappies, the nurse inserted a vibrator into a condom, lubricated the condom outside with the special gel and inserted it into Jason's bottom so it would press against his prostate. Turning it on, she rubbed him to a shuddering climax through the rubber pants before putting his night time nappies on. However, on thing she did before that was to insert two diazepam suppositories so he would get a good night's sleep. The next morning, he was given his last bed bath and helped to get dressed into the track suit he'd come in. While that was being done, one of the nurses packed his small case for him. The secretary arrived to drive him home and matron, with several of the nurses, came to say good-bye. Matron said, "We've loved having you as our patient. We hope things go well for you and, who knows, you may be a patient of ours again! Don't forget to unpack your case as soon as you get home," and, leaning towards him, whispered, "Best when you're alone!" Matron leaned forward a little more and gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek.

Jason looked back at the hospital as the secretary drove him away. He'd really have preferred to stay longer as he was loving being so well looked after and all the 'special' treatments he'd had. The secretary broke his reverie, "How did it go? Were you well looked after?"

"Oh yes," Jason replied, "They did a wonderful job and the surgery went really well. I can start back at work on Monday.! "Thank goodness for that!" the secretary said, "the boss is desperate for your talents as we have got that contract he told you about and we need you to start asap.!"

She dropped Jason at home and carried his case inside, despite his protests that he could manage.

"I don't want to get in trouble from the boss if you damage yourself carrying the case in, "she said. She left him and he eagerly went to open the case to see why matron wanted him to do that. Inside was a brown paper package which he'd not brought with him. Tearing it open, to his delight and joy, was a pair of the rubber pants and three nappies with pins, printed instructions on how to fold, put on and wash the nappies, a smaller box, and a letter addressed to Jason. Jason was thrilled to have the nappies and the rubber pants. The letter was from matron. It started off by telling him where he could buy more nappies and rubber pants from. It went on to say,

"Inside the small cardboard box, Jason, are some sachets of the laxatives you've had used on you so you can use them at home in case you get a bit constipated. However, I wanted to tell you that we'd be delighted to have you back for a weekend at a time, Friday night to Sunday evening at £300 for the stay. We have a superb rubber strait-jacket in just your size, so you would be completely dependent on us over the weekend as you were when you were here as a patient. I can promise you bed baths, laxatives, enemas, being bottle fed and, of course, wearing nappies for the whole weekend. All you need to do is to phone us up on the Thursday just to check bed availability (just in case we are full of patients already booked in) and then turn up straight from work on the Friday evening for a weekend of being properly cared for!"

Jason grabbed his diary and started to work out when he'd got a weekend free.....

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