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Maria's Regression

Part 4

Kiley finished diapering Christina in a fresh baby diaper that was about twice the size as a normal baby diaper. Satisfied that Christina was well protected Kiley popped a pacifier in her mouth. Christina began to suckle on the pacifier as she lied on her back. Kiley got on her hands and knees slowly crawling overtop Christina Kiley nibbled on Christina's nipple and began to playfully suck on it.

"I thought I was supposed to be the baby." Christina said giggling through her pacifier.

"Eh hem Rule four." Kiley said reminding Christina she was not supposed to talk.

"Once more and I might have to send out those pictures." Kiley said making sure Christina knew she wouldn't disobey. Christina worried what her friends and co workers might think didn't say another word. Kiley stood up walked to her diaper bag and pulled out a bottle of milky liquid.

"Drink this." Kiley ordered Christina removing her pacifier and replacing it with the bottle nipple.

Christina not wanting to disobey drank hungrily and soon was fast asleep.

That Night Maria dreamed she was still walking backwards but soon she was reduced to sitting as she couldn't remember how to walk anymore. Sitting there she noticed she was naked except for a puffy diaper. Giggling like an infant Maria popped a pacifier into her mouth and she noticed her diaper was getting wetter and bigger and the pacifier was getting bigger. Then she realized her diaper and pacifier weren't getting bigger she was getting smaller. Looking up she noticed a giant form of her infantile mother and she snapped awake.

Maria and Taylor awoke in each other's arms Maria quickly awoke to Taylor yawning.

"Morning." Maria said. Maria and Taylor both got out of Maria's wet bed the two babies had leaked through their thick overnight protection onto her bed. Maria and Taylor waddled helplessly into the living room where they saw Kiley watching tv with Christina laying next to her fast asleep sucking her thumb like an infant.

"Oh good your awake and goodness you two are soaked," Kiley said walking Maria and Taylor back to Maria's room grabbing her diaper bag on the way.

"Now the note your mother left for me said for me to punish you if you didn't finish your bottles." Inspecting their oversize bottles she noticed Taylor's was empty and Maria's was not.

"Well well Maria it appears you have been a bad little girl." Kiley said teasing her. Kiley stripped Maria and Taylor of their layers of diapers and went to work on Taylor. Laying her down on the changing mat she cleaned her hairless pussy and powdered her baby powder. Softly she rubbed the baby powder into Taylor's skin and wet pussy. Swatting Taylor's ass gently Taylor raised her legs up and Kiley slid an oversized baby diaper under her and taped it on.

Satisfied she stood Taylor up and covered her nakedness with a blue dress that covered her breasts and half her diaper then put a blue pacifier in her mouth. Kiley sat Taylor on the floor next to the mat and moved Maria into her place. Maria lied down and Kiley wiped her clean with baby wipes. Maria still naked was stood up by Kiley and walked over to her full length mirror. Kiley went into Maria's Closet and grabbed her skimpiest black thong and pulled it up her legs to cover her pussy, still virtually naked she shivered from the cold. Next Kiley set her diaper bag next to the mirror and began routing through it. She pulled out a red pacifier on a rope necklace and hung it around her neck. Still searching she pulled out a pair of bleach white short shorts and a very small shirt. Kiley pulled up the skin tight shorts that barely covered her groin and the shirt stopped just past her erect nipples and had a picture of a grown woman wearing a diaper on the front. Maria looked at herself in the mirror she was dressed like a prostitute and her thong was visible through her shorts but the pacifier and shirt made her look much younger.

"You look so cute; now let's run some errands your mom needs done while she's sleeping." Kiley said happily dragging the infantile teenagers to the car.

"But Kiley I can't go out dressed like this especially without a diaper on!"

"Nonsense you're being punished," Kiley spanked Maria's ass without a diaper she noticed it stung much more.

Maria winced and gently rubbed her stinging ass, she suckled her pacifier to take her mind off the pain.

"Where are we going Miss Kiley?" Maria asked hoping it wasn't anywhere she had to get out of the car.

"You'll see," Kiley said not revealing anything. Kiley rushed a grim faced Maria and an empathetic Taylor to her car and strapped them in to their car seats. Kiley pulled out of the driveway and drove straight to the bank down the street.

"Kiley we're all going to go inside and you're going to deposit this check into your mom's account all the slips are filled out all you have to do is inform them it's a deposit and hand it to the teller."

"Yes Ma'am." Maria said not wanting to disobey and wanting to quickly get done with the errands before she had an accident. Maria took the check and the slip and they all walked inside. All three of them attracted attention as they walked through the doors and took a number. They were number ten and they were serving number three. Maria groaned and knew then she was inevitable. Maria took the number in her hand and they all sat in the lobby together and everyone was staring at them.

"This is going to take forever," Maria groaned and felt pressure slowly start to build in her bladder.

"Oh Maria if you're just going to whine like a baby then you should enjoy your pacifier like one," Kiley said projecting her voice as she reached over Maria's barely covered breasts grabbed the pacifier and shoved it in her mouth.

Maria grumbled and Taylor giggled at her, Maria leaned over and said through her pacifier what Taylor thought was, 'at least I'm dressed like an adult.'

"Hardly," Taylor said removing her pacifier then placing it back in her mouth. Maria shifted back and forth uncomfortably feeling more tension build in her bladder. The number counter changed to five and at this rate it would be another ten minutes at least before it was Maria's turn.

"Miss Kiley may I use the little girl's room?" Maria asked hoping her babysitter would have mercy.

"Maybe I'll take you when I need to go," Kiley said nonchalantly.

Maria squirmed more and looked to Taylor for help. Taylor suckled her pacifier and shook her head. Maria was crestfallen, she knew she would have to wet herself in front of everyone; it was just a matter of time. Number counter changed to six and Maria shifted back in forth in her tiny white shorts and black thong nursing on her pacifier trying to hold her water.

"Oh my it's already eleven am." Kiley said looking at her watch, she reached into her diaper bag and pulled out two bottles of formula and handed one to each of the girls.

Maria apprehensive slowly nursed the formula knowing that any liquid would exacerbate the situation. Taylor sucked hungrily on her bottle she was hungry and didn't have to worry about having accidents. Maria stared at the counter as it ticked over to seven the pressure in her bladder was almost unbearable. Maria let out a moan of discomfort through her suckling. Maria crossed her legs tightly and put her hands over her pussy hoping that it would somehow help hold it in, the ticker changed to eight. Maria then realized she had never been more excited. She slid her right hand into her shorts and slipped a finger inside herself. Stimulating herself she began to lose her concentration, her slipping concentration lead to a trickle of piss escaping her pussy. She moaned again louder this time from discomfort or pleasure she couldn't tell. The ticker changed to nine, Maria's tiny white shorts were turning to white yellow shorts. Maria gasped as her pleasure increased; three fingers stimulating her wet pussy drew her closer to her orgasm. Maria's full focus on pleasuring herself she pissed herself uncontrollably her shorts were yellowed at the crotch and were dripping down her chair. Another gasp and load moan preceded her intense climax and gushed cum onto her hands. The ticker changed to ten, Maria's number. Maria sat in her dripping wet seat people staring at her writhing form, but after a few deep breaths of air she stood up her own juices and piss dripping down her legs.

Walking to the desk she had weak knees her hormone driven actions past she was mortified. Dripping wet she stood in front of a stunned teller and handed her the check and slip. The speechless teller deposited the check and Maria walked back to Kiley and Taylor. Everyone stared at the two infantile women and their scantily clothed babysitter leave the building.

To be continued...

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