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The Workout

Chapter 1

Kevin Conners' face showed nothing but pain. He was finishing his first 6 mile run in 3 years since graduating from UMD.

"Goddamn, I'm outta shape," he thought. He panted to a stop and put his hands on his head in an attempt to expand his lungs as much as possible. As he regained his composure and walked back up the trail. The sun was just starting to peak through the trees and he spotted an older guy rumbling down the path in his direction. The guy looks like an ancient prize fighter but moved with more grace than most his age. He nodded to Kevin on his way by and Kevin returned the gesture. Thankfully it was still pretty dark along the trail and there was no chance that he would have seen the tell tale sign of the saturated undergarment sagging between Kevin's legs. Still catching his breath he headed toward the entrance to the trail to avoid additional encounters. The majority of early morning go-getters would still be about 15 minutes out and he did live in the neighborhood so better safe than sorry. Keving poured the remainder of his water bottle over his head to cool off and felt the cool trickle seep through his shirt, down his spine and between his cheeks. The cold water was surprisingly refreshing as it cooled the seat of his soggy drawers. A car pulled up to the stop sign and waved him across the street, he waved back and pretended to adjust his shoelace. Walking in front of someone at this moment wouldn't be such a good idea. The car pulled through the stop and Kevin began to stand back up.

"You're looking like you could stand a shower boy," a voice boomed behind him. He nearly jumped out of his skin and spun around to see the "prize fighter" behind him.

"Holy shit, you scared the hell out of me!"

"Sorry about that kid, didn't mean any harm. I was just saying that from the looks of it you could hit the showers about now."

"Uh yeah, first run in a long time and it feels like every beer I've had in the last 3 years just came out of my pours." The stoic figure in front of him removed his hood to display a much younger man than Kevin had thought. The guy was in his late 40's and sported a crew cut that was beginning to go just beyond the salt and pepper stage. He lifted his sweatshirt to wipe his brow and his saturated t-shirt clung to beautiful abs. Kevin's inhaled sharply as he felt his cock stir. The guy looked up and caught him staring as his stomach. With a sharp grin he walked toward him and extended his hand saying, "the name's John Parker, and I wasn't talking about how much you were sweating." All in one motion John shook his hand and then as Kevin replied with his name John walked by him smacked him on his soaked ass.

"Maybe we can catch a beer sometime huh?" Kevin's jaw hung open and he was frozen in place, absolutely speechless. The stranger looked over his shoulder and realized that he had flabbergasted the young man. He turned back and said, "hey, no biggie, we'll talk about the beer how about-"

"You, just slapped my, you, I don't-"

"I'm sorry buddy- don't be upset, was it too early in the morning to hit on you?"

"No, I just, I-"

"I live just up the street- how about a cup of coffee instead of that beer? The timer was set when I left- it'll be ready when we walk in the door." John motioned up the street and Kevin stood there in disbelief. What perplexed him even more was that he actually started following him home. As they walked toward his house Kevin experienced a wealth of emotions, from embarrassment to arousal and back.

"Do you need to stop at your place first or are you good to go?," John asked.

"I uh, yeah no- I'm good to go I guess." John grinned at him.

"Good, because I don't have to be in the office until 11:00." The butterflies in Kevin's stomach were on full alert.

"I'm assuming you are aware of what you just smacked, I mean, you know-"

"Are you talking about your ass or that soaking wet diaper you're wearing?" Kevin's head went to hang in shame and John brought it up gently with his hand.

"Don't worry Kevin, you won't be in that particular diaper too much longer." John turned to walk up the walk to his house and Kevin followed. He couldn't believe he was doing this but staring down at the bulge in his diaper he knew he wanted it badly. It had been too long since an opportunity like this had presented itself. They entered the house and John through his keys in the dish by the door. The place was decorated modestly with more than just a hint of masculinity.

"So what is it that you-"

"Go on in the kitchen and sit down, I'll be back in just a minute," John said a little more forcefully than Kevin expected he would. As he entered the kitchen Kevin called out to John.

"Hey is it alright if I pour that cup of coffee?"

"That would be pretty hard to do from the chair you're supposed to be sitting in."

"What the fuck?" Kevin thought as he looked to the kitchen table. Almost in a trance he walked toward the chair, puleed it out and sat down with a squish. John looked on from the other room as the water, sweat and urine seeped out of the diaper and down Kevin's legs. Their roles had just been defined.

Chapter 2

John returned to the kitchen minutes later wearing only a fresh pair of jogging shorts. His cock looked beautiful draped in the satin cloth, thought Kevin.

"how about that cup of coffee Kevin?," asked John, "and while I'm getting it why don't you get those shorts and t-shirt off."

"John, I really don't know-"

"Don't know what? Why you just came home with me? Sure you do. You know the reason for that just like you know the reason why you decided to go jogging in a diaper. No up. Get those off - but leave that diaper on. In the off chance that a young strapping guy like yourself actually needs it we don't need you pissing on my floor."

"Well actually, I," Kevin started and then realized this guy had him pegged. He didn't need the diaper. He didn't even fully understand why he wore it. But he knew it felt good, he knew he liked the chance of a little humiliation and he knew that he wanted John's dick in his mouth really badly. So, he removed his wet shorts and saturated shirt and dropped to the floor on his knees in just a diaper and sneakers.

John turned around and even he was slightly caught off guard.

"Nice to see you getting in the spirit of things boy,"he said as he set the two cups of coffee on the kitchen counter. He paused for a moment, turned around to return the milk to the refrigerator and dropped his shorts to the floor. His tight ass was now a mere 10 feet from Kevin and he parted his legs slightly to give him a glimpse of his cock swinging between his legs. Kevin's own cock strained against his diaper as he saw John's powerful figure and gorgeous dick. Kevin parted his lips as John turned toward him and walked up, dangling his manhood just above his mouth. John smiled down at him and said, "go ahead, you can have it now."

As though he'd been trained like a dog, Kevin began sucking the tip of his cock in earnest and gasped as the thick member grew to an angry state. It was beautiful, it was huge, and it filled his mouth to the hilt. As his pace quickened he heard a slight grunt and then John suddenly grabbed him by the sides of his head and filled his mouth with cum. Kevin couldn't have hoped to catch all of it and what he did he choked on.

"Good boy. Now go over there and stand facing the counter."

Kevin got up to his feet, wiped his chin and faced the counter.

"Put your hands on the counter boy and spread those legs."

He did as instructed and looked down at the cum that was still dripping off his chin. He felt a hand come around and massage his dick through his diaper. It took less than a minute until his knees went weak and he was moaning and cumming into the waiting pamper. John's voice whispered in his ear, "Alright, stand back up and lean forward," he instructed.

"Now we'll give you a reason to wear these things. When we're finished this morning I don't want to hear a word from you. I want you to refasten this diaper and march your ass home. You'll wear a diaper from now until I see you tomorrow morning when our workout will continue. If you understand, nod your head."

Kevin shook with anxiety and anticipation. He inhaled, closed his eyes and nodded.


And with that Kevin's diaper was torn from his backside...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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