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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 5

"Look Chelsea is pissing herself!" the girl in the front next to Sara called out. Chelsea could only stand there as her classmates pointed out the urine that had leaked from her diaper. She could almost feel the stares; she turned bright red all over, and started to cry. Jen walked over to her infantile class mate and put her arm around her to console the crying girl. Chelsea stood there tears streaming down her face frustrated by her lack of control. Jen and Sara both saw Chelsea lose control and piss all over the floor and both thought it was one of the hottest things they had ever witnessed. Sara and Jen were both burning with desire and very wet.

What seemed like an eternity of standing in front of the class the bell ring to Chelsea's sigh of relief. The class quickly rushed out hurrying to their next class confused by what they just witnessed. Chelsea once all the judgmental stares of her classmates were gone stopped crying and regained her composure. Everyone would know now that Chelsea needed diapers she was very embarrassed and somewhat excited. Once all the students had left the class Jen locked the door behind them Sara had a free period during this time and no one would bother them. Chelsea looked at the damage her accident had caused. Her skirt was now a shade darker in most places and there was a puddle on the floor beneath her feet.

"Sara clean up that mess and change your big sister," Jen ordered making fun of Sara and Chelsea's regression. Sara obediently grabbed some towels and soaked up the mess. Sure that the carpet was free of Chelsea's piss Sara tossed the towels aside to be dealt with later. Sara then had Chelsea hop onto her desk, untapped her diaper, and threw it in the trash. Sara grabbed the last diaper she had out of her purse and after cleaning up Chelsea's vagina and legs added baby powder and taped up the fresh diaper. Sara then realized this was the last diaper they had. Sara began to worry her diaper was sagging and heavy. Being incontinent now she needed a fresh diaper fast or she was going to be in trouble.

"Mommy, were out of diapers," Sara commented shyly.

"Well, you will just have to wait until we get some more from the store." Jen said casually. Chelsea hopped down from the desk in her dry diaper and pulled her skirt back down.

"Let's go before your next class." Jen said grabbing her things. Quickly Sara and Chelsea got ready and soon they were out the door. They walked quickly down the hallway diapers rustling loudly to Jen's car. Jen got in the driver's seat, Chelsea sat in the passenger seat and Sara sat in the back. After backing out they were on their way to the drug store.

Jen pulled into a spot in the back of the parking lot and told Sara to go in and buy another pack of disposable diapers. Sara remembering the rules got out quickly and waddled awkwardly into the store. Sara caught a glimpse of herself in the glass outside the store. Her diaper was so overfull it hung out the back of her skirt, sagging and yellow. Sara was hoping there weren't many people in the store as she walked in. Looking around she only saw the cashier, luckily for Sara the cashier was staring at her phone and didn't notice Sara's predicament. Speed walking diapers crinkling all the way Sara found her way to the diaper aisle. There was only one other person there, an attractive blonde girl she was holding a large bag over her shoulder and was staring intently at the wall of diapers. Sara immediately began looking for what she needed. Scanning the shelf for a minute or two she couldn't find the pack of diapers she got last time. Sara sighed with frustration and hoped the girl next to her was too intent on the diapers in front of her not the soiled one on Sara preventing her from having an accident. The sigh was enough to break the blonde girl's concentration and she looked over at Sara. They both looked at each other silently, the blonde girl taking in the picture in front of her. All the blonde girl noticed was an attractive scantily clad women wearing a soiled diaper hanging out of her skirt.

Sara defensively said "This isn't what it looks li..." Before Sara could finish the tapes on her diaper gave way and her soaked diaper hit the floor with a resounding thud and a hissing sound followed soon after. Sara stood there and started to cry tears streaming down her face and piss streaming into the leaking diaper on the floor.

"I think it's exactly what it looks like," the blonde girl said giggling at Sara. The blonde girl moved closer and tried to calm Sara down.

"Shhh, shhh, now little baby let's get you in a fresh diaper." The blonde girl cooed in a motherly tone. Sara accepted the kindness of the attractive blonde girl and followed her into the girl's bathroom. Once in the stall the blonde girl lifted Sara onto the changing table. Sara lied back and the blonde girl started to clean Sara's vagina...slowly. A little too slowly Sara thought until she noticed her nipples were hard and her breathing started to become heavier. Sara let out a tiny moan of pleasure as the mysterious blonde massaged her pussy building her up for an orgasm. Minutes of massaging finally got Sara off, she cummed all over the changing table and onto the blonde's shirt with a scream of pleasure.

"Sorry, I gush," Sara apologized breathlessly to the blonde. The blonde without hesitating took her finger and wiped some of Sara's juices off the table and licked her finger clean. Leaning over the drained adult baby in front of her the blonde pressed her lips against Sara's and kissed her gently. The blonde pulled away from Sara after a few seconds and within a matter of moments Sara was wearing a fresh cloth diaper that the blonde pulled out of her bag. Sara didn't know what to say to the girl she had saved Sara from total humiliation, put her in fresh diapers and got her off all in the space of a few minutes. Sara wasn't sure how to thank her all she could do was ask the girl her name.

"Nicole," the blonde responded cheerfully.

To be continued...

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