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An Accident in Aisle 9

Stacey stared up at the analog clock hanging above the doorway to her classroom and anxiously counted down the minutes for class to be over. It was 9th period at exactly 2:35pm.

"Four more minutes" she thought, as she shifted her weight in her seat. Stacey was an 18 year old girl, and was easily one of the more popular girls in school. Her curves were breath taking. She wore glasses that magnified her puppy dog brown eyes, and nibbled on her pencil as she waited for English to be over. When class ended she quickly got up, packed away her books, and headed towards the door. As she was leaving she walked with grace, and could feel the eyes following her neck down and out to her perfectly shaped apple bottom. Her denim skirt was skin tight, and was accompanied by a fitted pink v-neck shirt. As she continued making her way out of the school into the parking lot her long brown hair flowed in the wind. Stacey hopped into her car and was relieved to finally be able to get back home to her diapers.

When Stacey got home she stopped at her mailbox and felt the pressure parading in her bladder. She wanted to let go right then and there, but she knew she still had some diapers left over from her latest binge. As she made her way inside she let a little drip of pee escape her and it dribbled down her leg. Stacey immediately felt horny as hell. She plopped the mail on the table, and ran upstairs to her room where she reached into her hidden diaper bag that she kept under her bed. She pulled out a giant bottle of powder, and a fresh nappy. The smell alone of the clean diaper and powder nearly made her cum right there. She was so horny that she felt oblivious to everything besides her urge to put the diaper on and wet herself like a little baby. She unfolded the disposable diaper and placed it on the floor of the room. Next, she positioned herself in the center of it, laid on her back, and liberally poured baby powder all over her dripping wet coochie and butt. As she rubbed the powder in she slid a finger inside her ass and stroked her pussy. She came instantly from having the finger in her butt. She pulled the nappy up and taped it shut.

Once diapered, Stacey threw her hair into pigtails and was finally ready to let out the pee that she had been holding in since lunch time. Occasionally, Stacey would use the bathroom at school, but today she was dying for a diaper. She crawled onto her bed, grabbed her teddy bear, and turned on Nickelodeon. SpongeBob Square Pants was on, and Stacey was in adult baby heaven. She began sucking on her thumb and cuddling with her teddy. As she began to relax, Stacey very calmly sucked her thumb and began to wet her diaper. The warm pee began to run down her crouch and filled her diaper. The pee felt so amazing against her skin and as she let more and more of it out, the urine soon flowed up against her ass. When she finished wetting herself she knew she had a cute little wet diaper butt and began to rub her tits. She couldn't help but slide her hand down into her diaper and laid there pleasuring herself in her wet nappy for several orgasms.

When she was done masturbating, Stacy watched the next episode of Sponge Bob, and then decided it was time for a change. She jumped off her bed and crawled onto the floor to grab her diaper bag from underneath her mattress. When she did this she lifted her butt into the air and exposed her drooping wet diaper butt. She looked adorable! "Awww man!" Stacey said aloud. She was so horny earlier that she didn't realize that she only had one diaper left and she had just wet it! Puzzled, Stacey sat in her wet diaper for a few minutes and decided what to do next.

She stood up, picked up her skirt, and slid it over her diaper. She went downstairs, and grabbed her keys, and headed back into her car. Since she had just turned 18 a few months ago, driving was still a new and fun experience for her and she decided to fulfill a lifelong fantasy of wearing diapers in public. She drove for about 25 minutes to a town where she didn't know anyone, and hunted for the supermarket. She walked into the giant store with her wet diaper sagging between her legs. She felt her tummy rumble and felt like she might need to go poopies. She let out some gas, and continued to the diaper isle. When she got there she was amazed!

She had never seen so many different brands of adult diapers in her life! She was accustomed to Goodnights, Depends, and the occasional makeshift diaper out of a towel and a garbage bag but she never had so many different options at one place. There were packages of Molicares, Attends, and even Bambinos! "Oh my god!" she thought. Stacey was so happy to see so many different diapers that she had only dreamed of wearing. She began looking at the packages and tried to decide what she should buy. As she debated, the urge to poop became really strong, and Stacey suddenly felt very naughty. She looked both ways up and down the aisle and decided she was going to mess herself right there in public! She began to grunt, and pushed out a long solid poop into the seat of her diaper. As the brown mess filled her diaper it smooshed up against her ass and made a very poopy and wet diaper for Stacey. When she finished messing herself, she stood there feeling super horny and naughty. The aroma of the freshly messed diaper filled her nostrils and Stacey felt so cute even though she was so dirty.

"Back to business" she thought, as she looked at the rows of diapers again. As she was debating, a middle aged man turned down the aisle.

Stacey immediately felt scared, and turned to leave the aisle so that the man wouldn't notice that she had just messed herself, but as she turned another middle aged woman entered the aisle from the other entrance. Stacey was trapped! "Ok act cool" thought Stacey, no one will say anything even if they do smell my messy diaper. She decided she would go back to what she was doing and began looking casually at the diapers again. When the man got close to her, he didn't say anything, and walked right past her.

"Phewww thank god she thought, now only to avoid this lady". Stacey stood there in her wet and poopy diaper and looked at the diapers when all of a sudden she felt a hand push up against her butt.

"I knew it! You had an accident didn't' you young lady!" Stacey froze. She was in complete horror, as this lady twice her age just pushed her mess up against her ass. Stacey was horrified.

"Let me see" demanded the woman sternly as she lifted up Stacey's skirt to analyze the diaper.

"Where is your mother? You need to be changed, you're filthy!"

Stacey gulped, and was quivering with fear. She struggled with all her might but could only let out a peep. With all her courage she said, "I don't know, she's not here"

"Well, you better come with me then, this diaper must be changed" ordered the woman, "Now which diapers were you going to buy?"

"Um... I don't know I always wear either depends or goodnights, I was actually trying to figure that one out" said Stacey jokingly.

"Well, neither of those is going to cut it, judging from this diaper you have on now, it looks like it's about to fall apart! Goodnights are for bedwetters hunny, you need a little bit more protection than that. Here, let's try these" said the woman as she grabbed the Bambinos.

"Now come with me and let's get you out of that dirty diaper".

The woman grabbed Stacie's hand and placed the bag of diapers, a bottle of powder, and a package of wipes into her cart, then she took Stacy to the back of the store where they kept the bathroom.

"Up" she said, pointing to the changing table. Stacey took off her skirt, and jumped onto the table and as she did she pushed some of the poop escaped from out of her diaper. She couldn't believe this was happening. Stacey was so horny and was about to get her first diaper change since she was a little kid. The woman pulled back the tapes to her diaper, and Stacey hardly could hold her excitement. She was squirming a little bit, and the woman told her to relax. Not wanting to disobey, Stacey tried to calm herself down and had to do something from screaming with delight so she started sucking on her thumb.

"Aww isn't that cute!" said the lady.

"The little baby is gonna suck her thumb while Mommy changes her messy diapee". Stacey just laid there and continued sucking her thumb as she looked up at this stranger with her puppy dog eyes.

"Now I don't want baby to mess up her widdle teethies now do we?" said the woman, as she reached into her bag and pulled out a blue binki. The woman placed the pacifier into Stacye's mouth and then started to change her dirty diaper. The woman used the diaper to scrap up as much of the poo off of her bum as she could, and then wiped her clean. When she was done cleaning her, she could tell that Stacey was on the verge of climaxing and decided to have a little fun. She opened up the new diapers, slid one under her perfect butt, and began powdering the baby. She started with Stacey's stomach and rubbed the powder in over her pelvis and then cupping it against her great ass. She tickled Stacey's butthole, and then started powdering her pussy. When she was done powdering, Stacey thought that she would simply tape up her fresh diaper but the lady had other plans.

She left the diaper untapped and reached into her purse and pulled out a white vibrator. Stacy's puppy dog eyes grew wider with excitement and her already moist vagina was now practically dripping. The woman turned the vibrator on and started fucking Stacey with it. Stacey nearly fell off the table with excitement. As she stroked her pussy Stacey moved into the vibrator very willingly. She came instantly. After her first orgasm, the woman rolled Stacey with ease onto her side and moved the vibrator from her pussy into her ass. Stacey was so horny, and loved how this lady fucked her. As she fucked her butt with the vibrator the woman also fingered her pussy. Stacey never came so hard in her life. When the lady finally decided to quit fucking her, she let Stacey lay there in complete bliss. Never in her wildest dreams did Stacey think this could be happening to her. She had always feared people finding out her secret, and now that she finally got caught red handed, she couldn't believe that some random woman was giving her the greatest sex of her life.

"There, now isn't that better!" said the woman, as she finished wiping up Stacye's before taping the new diaper shut. Stacey hopped off the table, and slid her skirt back over her diaper and made her way back towards the door. The couple headed towards the checkout line and when it was their turn to pay, the cashier shot them an odd look because the bag of diapers was open. The woman recognized the awkward moment and said, "She had a little poopy accident earlier, I needed to change her" and then patted Stacy's butt. Stacey blushed and felt embarrassed but was still in heaven from her first diaper change since she was a kid. The couple left the store together, and the woman hugged each other goodbye. As they parted ways, Stacey shouted across the parking lot at the woman yelling,

"Hey wait a minute! What's your name? I didn't even get to thank you for changing my diaper!"

Everyone in the parking lot looked at her, and a couple of teenage boys skateboarding chuckled in her direction. Stacey didn't' mind and waddled back over to the woman. The woman looked up at her and said, "I'm the babysitter. Here, call me" as she handed her a piece of paper with a number on it. The two parted ways, and Stacey drove home mesmerized by the day's events.

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