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My Love for Diapers

It all started when I was about fifteen and I was at high school. The thought of wetting my self had never really occurred to me until one day, one sunny afternoon in fact. I was one of two boys on a course called community care, in this we learnt about care for the elderly and child care, the rest of the class about ten of us was made up of girls, I think that's why I took it. The subject was child birth and one of the girls asked about waters breaking, the teacher replied about how the fluid around the baby gushed out and said" its a lot like wetting yourself" .

The thought stuck with me for a few days then when mum and dad were out I decided I would wet myself I made some plastic pants out of some carrier bags went into the bathroom stood in the bath and after a few minutes which seemed like hours I began to pee. The pee soon filled the bag and there was this nice warm feeling as the pee surround my balls and trickled down my legs I then realised I was hard and ache for relief.

This happened a few times whilst at school I kept it a secret fearing ridicule from family and friends by the time I was eighteen I was working in a care home looking after infirm people there my fascination for diapers grew you see a lot of the residents wore them, I soon began to have a steady supply and started sneaking them home and using them when ever I got chance but I was never able to wet in them whilst I was in bed. I would put them on get in to bed and soon I would be hard aching for relief but unable to wee in them.

Then many years later I found out how to by now I have had a few girlfriends but none of them in to diapers and left the care world to be a mechanic, after sprawling the internet and finding pictures and other people with the same fetish my urge to wear diapers had come back and I so want to wet the bed in them that I hatched a game plan. I went to the local chemists and brought some Inco pull up pants adult size heavy usage. That will do I thought I already had plastic pants brought some years earlier. I then bought some baby bottles and went home. Later that night after my parents had gone to bed I filled a bottle with water finished of my cider and went upstairs to bed. I took a terry protective sheet out of draws and laid it over the bed. Tthen I pulled out a pair of diapers and my plastic pants. Carefully putting them on as not make to much noises the diaper felt great so thick and comphy and the plastic pants seemed to make them hug me even more. the exciment and fear of been caught was great I drank my bottle laid back and relaxed I felt a little bit off wee trickling down my balls, then it stopped I wondered why and told myself to relax and go to sleep. As I awoke next morning I felt the bed still dry, I then had the sudden urge to pee so I relaxed and out it gushed. I checked the bed it was still dry but my diaper was wet and heavy as I had no work to go to I went back to sleep as I knew my parents were at work and not due home till noon. As I awoke at about tenish I need to pee again so I did but it never seemed stop I must have been weeing four about a minute when it stopped. Now there was warmth up my back and down my legs my diaper had over filled and so had my plastic pants the bed was soaking wet and I was so happy I laid there playing with myself until the warmth disappeared. Now I can't wait for Friday nights so I keep wetting the bed in the diapers that I love.

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