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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 6

As quickly as Nicole had diapered Sara she slipped a card into the front of Sara's diaper and was gone. Sara examined the card; it had a large pacifier on the front, Nicole's full name, phone number and the slogan, "No baby too big." Sara sat there on the changing table somewhat confused as to what just happened. Sara heard the door to the bathroom open and a woman in what looked to be her early thirties walked in, and saw Sara sitting up on the changing table. Sara turned red with embarrassment her diaper was in full view she was half naked and sitting on the changing table. The woman wasn't sure what to make of the situation until she smiled and half laughing said, "You look like my two year old."

Sara mortified at the situation and the irony that a two year old was probably in more control of their body than her. She quickly hopped down from the changing table rushed out the door. Grabbing a large bag of disposable diapers on her way she walked up to the register and stood in line waiting for one person ahead of her. Upon her arrival the cashier and the customer stared at her lack of clothing and cloth diaper hanging out of her short skirt. The customer in front of Sara paid for the items she purchased and walked out the door. Now it was Sara and the cashier, Sara trying to not make eye contact with the cashier looked at her name tag.


The cashier looked at Sara more closely, she seemed a little stressed. Kate rung up her purchase and finally said something to her, "I've used these diapers before they hold a lot." Sara looked up at Kate she was a cute girl, no older than 20, short brown hair, C cups and nice curves.

"You wear diapers?" Sara asked perplexed.

"Yep," Kate said casually. She lifted up her long skirt to show her puffy disposable diaper.

"Do you need to be changed?" Kate asked hopefully.

"No actually I was just changed by some young woman in the store." She remarked still thinking it odd.

"Oh, it was my baby sitter Nicole, she's great." Kate said smiling thinking of her loving babysitter.

"Well, I'm sure I'll see you again Kate, but I must be going." Sara said picking up the bag she paid for it hastily and left Kate to day dream. Sara rushed out to Jen's car as fast as she could knowing she had spent a long time in the store. Sara opened the door and got in setting the diapers next to her.

"What took so long Sara?" Jen asked aware it didn't take as long as Sara took to get diapers.

"Well, I was at the diaper aisle and I couldn't find what I wanted, then this girl noticed my diaper and it fell off from weight. Her name was Nicole she took me into the changing room rubbed me until I orgasmed, then put me in a cloth diaper." Sara breathed deeply telling the story in a few seconds.

Jen listened to the whole story and took note of everything she said.

"You know you're only allowed to be changed by me," Jen said annoyed.

"As punishment you will wear that cloth diaper until I decide to change you." Sara was immediately worried about how long it would be. Sara knew that one cloth diaper wouldn't last too long being totally incontinent and changing herself meant stricter punishment. Jen pulled out of the parking spot at the store and drove back to school hastily.

Arriving in the parking lot she located a spot and soon they were walking back to class. Chelsea curious as to the whole story made a note to ask Sara all the details later. Step by step Chelsea crinkled loudly but her diaper was almost invisible underneath her skirt. Sara on the other hand didn't crinkle with every step but her diaper hung out of her skirt quite noticeably Sara wasn't sure which she would rather be put in. Arriving at her classroom Sara used her keys and opened the door. All three of the girls walked in and Sara turned on the light. She looked at the clock she had five minutes. Again Jen went to sit in Sara's desk and Sara with Chelsea sat in the front.

The bell to announce the next class rang and within a few seconds the room was filling up with students. Sara looked around nervously no one appeared to notice her clothing yet. She just hoped that Jen wouldn't have her get out of her chair this class. Jen stood at the podium and announced to the class that she was teaching for extra credit and that Sara would be her assistant as well as Chelsea. Chelsea sat there also uncomfortable at the situation. Everyone in the school probably already knew what happened so the brunt of the embarrassment was over but she was also worried about Sara. She could lose her job if she does something wrong. Jen called upon Chelsea to pass out papers to the class. You couldn't see Chelsea's diaper as she walked by and one of the girls who liked Chelsea tried to pinch her ass as she walked by, but Chelsea didn't feel anything the girl only got a hand full of wet diaper and confusion. Chelsea finished her task and sat back down ass cushioned considerably.

Jen started lecturing again like she had last class and then instructed the class to write a paragraph about their favorite poet. Everyone in the class hastily began writing; Sara took a pen and piece of paper from Chelsea and began. Sara wrote about Robert Frost and was almost done with her paragraph when she sat the pen down it rolled off her desk in front of her. Sara was still mid sentence and needed to finish but she also had to either get up and bend over to get the pen or lean forward exposing her diaper to those behind her and get it. She decided to stop there and hand in what she had. She looked up to notice Jen staring at her she mouthed silently to Sara to pick up her pen. Sara was hesitant but much worse would happen if she didn't listen to her mommy. Sara started to lean forward but Jen cleared her throat authoritatively and motioned for her to stand up to get it. Sara reluctantly stood up took a step toward the pen and bent over to pick it up. Sara flashed her warm sagging yellow cloth diaper to her whole class and instantly whispers murmured throughout the classroom. Sara went back to her desk finished her paragraph and tried to avoid eye contact with her students. She tried to focus on other things. Her diaper hung around her waist heavily it was warm and soggy it felt good against her pussy. The feeling of cloth rubbed her lips nicely she thought getting wetter as she shifted rubbing the cloth against herself. She sat there enjoying the warmth of her diaper for a few minutes until Jen interrupted her.

"Sara, could you please pick up the papers and bring them to me." Jen said smiling knowing full well Sara's wishes to stay in her desk. Before Sara stood up she looked down at herself her nipples were hard and poking out through her shirt and her skirt was darker in some areas because the cloth was pressing against it. She stood up knowing how strange she looked. Walking around she almost had to waddle slightly in her high heels. Her students stared at her the whole time mostly unsure of what to think.

Sara walked up to her own desk and handed Jen. Sara wasn't sure if things could get any worse at this point. Sara turned around facing her class she began to walk back to her desk when the door opened and the principal of the all girls private school walked in. She was a woman in her mid thirties with shoulder length black hair and was very attractive. She walked into the classroom and saw Sara half dressed with a yellow cloth diaper hanging out of her skirt and Jen one of her students sitting in her desk teaching. The principal's name was Jessica Moore and she was furious at Sara for what she had heard. She pointed at Sara, Chelsea and Jen.

"All three of you my office now, class dismissed." She said tersely. Jessica left the class before the crowd of students and had Sara, Chelsea and Jen follow her back to her office.

Arriving at Jessica's large office in the back of the administrative building Jessica sat all three of them down. There was a long silence as they all wondered who would say something first. The only thing to break the silence sadly was the sound of Sara wetting her diaper and the drip of it leaking on the floor.

"So who wants to tell me what the fuck is going on here?" Jessica said furious.

"Well, Ms. Moore it can all be explained by this short recording I have that you should listen to," Jen said seriously as she pulled out her cell phone. She hit play on the recording set it on Jessica's desk and covered her ears.

To be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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