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Sophie and Jenny 1

Sophie and Jenny were the best of friends they had been close since they were 2 years old they were now both 18 and in the same college.

Recently they had not seen much of each other, even though they lived in the same flat. They had both been sitting exams and finishing coursework for the tight deadlines they both had so the majority of the time they had been in the library or classrooms. But, exams were nearly over and they both planned to go out and celebrate, just one more week.

Sophies last exam was on Tuesday morning and Jennys' was Wednesday afternoon. They planned to go out on Thursday night and really let their hair down.

Sophie woke up early on Tuesday morning, she had been tossing and turning most of the night thinking about her exam. It was only 6am but Sophie had already drunk about 5 cups of coffee as well as a glass of orange juice when she had her breakfast. Sophie was doing some last minute revision and trying to concentrate between toilet breaks, she couldn't wait for the exam to be over. The exam was due to start at 10 am it was now 9 and Sophie needed to get ready she went to her room and put on her tight blue jeans and a white top that showed off her pierced belly button. She checked that she had everything and set off to the exam hall.

When she arrived she went to the toilet yet again then went to find her seat. The exam was only 5 minutes away and was due to last 1 hour. Sophie checked her equipment again, she was going through her revision notes in her head trying to remember everything. The tutors were now handing out the papers and they were given their instructions.

"Right everybody, the exam will start in a few minutes. It will last one hour and there are no bathroom breaks permitted."

As soon as the bathroom was mentioned Sophie suddenly needed to go, it was ok she could hold on for an hour.

"Right, best of luck, you may begin"

Sophie turned over her paper and began. The revision was paying off, Sophie was flying through the exam every answer to every question just seemed to pop straight into her head. In little more than 40 minutes she had completed the paper and checked it through, feeling very relieved she was now a little more desperate for the toilet. She raised her hand. She asked one of the tutors if she could leave, but she was refused she would have to wait until the end then she could leave. It was only 20 minutes so she thought she could wait. Sophie sat in her seat and watched the minutes tick away. She noticed other girls shifting about in their seats they must have needed the toilet as well.

The situation was now desperate, Sophie cursed herself for drinking so much.

Finally the exam was over Sophie couldn't wait to get out of the place. They were being dismissed row by row, from the front first, Sophie was on the fifth to last row.

Finally they said she could go, she ran out of the hall and straight into a huge queue for the ladies toilet. Sophie was desperate very desperate she really couldn't wait much longer. Sophie thought about her situation, her flat was just a few minutes down the road, she decided to run home. She ran as fast as she could trying to get her keys ready on the way. She dropped her bag outside the front door and fiddled to get the right key ready, she felt herself losing control, the key was in and Sophie ran to the bathroom was LOCKED!

Jenny had decided to take a shower, Sophie felt so defeated and banged on the door for Jenny to hurry up as she was about to wet herself.

"I'll be one minute just getting out"

Sophie was now hoping from one foot to the other grabbing at herself trying desperately to hold on. She heard the shower stop, another dribble made its way into her cotton knickers.

"Please Jenny hurry!"

Sophie was about to wet herself, the pain was unbearable, another spurt, Sophie was on the verge of tears, she was now doubled over and trying with all her might to hold on. She wasn't going to make it she couldn't move her pussy was tingling she couldn't feel it anymore, was she holding on, she couldn't tell.

Jenny opened the bathroom door to see Sophie doubled over wetting herself. Steph was crying she was wetting totally beyond her control, her bladder was emptying and she couldn't do a thing about it.

"Jenny I just couldn't hold it any longer' Sophie was distraught.

"Sophie don't worry about it just get cleaned up"

Sophie dripped her way into the bathroom and turned the shower on, she assessed the damage. She couldn't believe that she had just wet herself she hadn't done that since she was 12 and that was because Jenny had tickled her so much. Sophie stripped off and jumped into the shower it felt so good to be clean. During her shower she was thinking of the exam and hoe she had done she was nervous about getting the results and they were not due for another 2 months. She finished her shower and went to get dressed.

Jenny suggested that they both go to the cinema as she was sick of revising, it was just what Sophie needed to wind down. They both decided to go and see the next showing of, National Treasure, noticing it started in a few hours. They left the flat and got the bus to the Odeon cinema. Sophie had forgotten about her awful morning and laughed and joked with Jenny.

They purchased their tickets and went to the sweet counter; they ordered a huge bucket of popcorn between them and a litre cup of Coca-Cola each. They took their seats and watched the trailers, why do they always have so many trailers on Sophie thought. The film finally got under way.

About half way through Sophie felt that she needed to use the toilet but the feeling quickly went away. She carried on drinking her coke and watched the end of the film.

The film ended and they both waited for everyone to leave before getting up. As she stood up, Sophie, felt cold, her trousers were cold, she looked down, they were WET! Oh no she thought. Jenny heard her gasp and turned around to see Sophie standing there with very wet trousers.

"When did that happen?' Jenny was confused.

"I..I..Don't know. I didn't even know that I had to go' Sophie was frightened.

"Let's go. You need to get home and change' Jenny knew that she needed to get Sophie home quickly so that she would feel better.

The girls hurried through the cinema and to the bus stop, the bus ride was uncomfortable for Sophie she was sitting in her urine soaked pants just like any toddler would. Three stops into the journey Sophie felt her leg get warm, to her horror she realised that she was wetting herself again. Sophie didn't mention it to Jenny and just began to think about what was going on.

Finally they were at their stop, they both got off and went to the flat, when she got there Sophie stripped down again and got a long shower, all the time thinking of what had happened. After much consideration she decided that she must have over stretched her bladder earlier in the morning and it was just taking its time to get back to normal. She decided to just go to the toilet every hour and make sure that she didn't drink a lot.

Jenny was busy revising when Sophie got out of the shower, she had decided to not mention anything to Sophie unless she wanted to talk about it.

The night passed uneventful with Sophie up and down to the toilet without another wetting, Sophie felt better and even had a couple of glasses of wine with Jenny after she had finished revising. At midnight they both retired to their rooms and Sophie was glad to get to bed having been up since 5 am the previous morning. Sophie got into bed and was asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

Sophie slept like a baby. She woke at 8am and realised that she really had slept like a baby, to her horror her bed was wet not just wet but soaked. Sophie couldn't believe it she was wetting herself like a complete baby she needed to see her doctor, but first she had to get herself cleaned up again. She stripped her bed down and left it bare to let the mattress dry off. She got a shower and then phoned her doctor and made an emergency appointment for later that day, 2 o'clock to be exact. Sophie decided to just keep going to the toilet every hour again like she had done the previous night.

Jenny had already left that morning she wanted to get some more revision in before her exam that afternoon. She sent Sophie a text asking how she was and Sophie told her about the wet bed and her doctors' appointment later that day. Jenny wished her well and got back to her revision.

Sophie was successfully keeping herself dry; she was going to the toilet every hour and not drinking as much as she usually did. At 1pm she got herself ready for the doctors appointment she went to the toilet and set off.

When she arrived at the surgery she noticed that it was pretty much empty just her and a little boy with his mother. Sophie took a seat and knew that since there were 2 doctors on she would be seen soon. 20 minutes passed and Sophie was still sitting there so she decided to ask the receptionist what was taking so long. The receptionist told her that the other doctor had been called away to one of his elderly patients and she would be seen by the remaining doctor as soon as he could. Sophie went and sat back down, as she did the tannoy called out for the boy and his mother to see Dr. James in her office. Sophie knew it wouldn't be long now. Sophie was sitting there reading the posters and booklets when she felt her crotch get warm again. Oh no not her she couldn't be, she looked down and saw the puddle on the floor. Sophie felt utterly humiliated and buried her head in her hands, just then the practice nurse was walking in from her lunch when she saw Sophie.

"Are you ok my dear?' The nurse spoke in a soft and friendly tone of voice.

"I've had an accident, sniff, I'm so sorry, sniff, I didn't mean to"

"No need to worry dear, come with me and we will get you cleaned up"

The nurse helped Sophie to her feet and took her to the nurses office she told her to take off her trousers and that there were some moist wipes in the corner. Whilst Sophie was cleaning up the nurse fetched the doctor and they both came to see Sophie.

"Hi Sophie, I'm Dr. James, I believe you have had some trouble. Is this what you wanted to see me about?"

Sophie told the doctor everything hoe she started to wet herself and her bed and how she couldn't feel it. The doctor ran some quick tests and asked Sophie some questions.

"Well I think it is stress. You should get over it, but I want to see you every week so I can keep my eye on you"

The doctor went on to explain that there was nothing that she could give Sophie and suggested that she wear some protection for the time being.

"What do you mean by protection?' Sophie was hoping that the doctor didn't say what she thought she was going to say.

"Well Sophie, I think you would be better wearing some adult nappies until this thing blows over"

Sophie couldn't believe it, she really meant it. A nappy an 18 year old girl should not need to wear a nappy.

"I can't wear a nappy, there must be another way' Sophie was searching her mind for another way.

"I'm sorry, but I think it is best. Nurse Cook here will help you out."

With that the doctor left and the nurse asked Sophie if she had any spare pants with her. Sophie said that she hadn't and the nurse said that she could borrow a pair of hers until she came to the surgery next week. The nurse then proceeded to ask if Sophie knew how to put a nappy on herself, of course Sophie knew nothing of how she might do it. The nurse then asked Sophie to lie down on the bed and she would put her in a nappy. Sophie lay down and watched as the nurse put her in her first nappy since she was 8. The nurse was telling Sophie how to change herself but Sophie was in a world of her own in complete shock. The nurse put Sophies wet pants in a bag and slipped in a couple more nappies.

"You should get more nappies from here.' The nurse handed Sophie a piece of paper with a shop name and address on it.

"Thank you.' Sophie was still very much in shock as she got the trousers the nurse had leant her on and walked out of the surgery.

Sophie could hear every step she took by the loud rustle in her pants. She felt as if everyone on the street was looking at her and knew that she was wearing a nappy. She walked to the bus-stop glad that she could stop and be noise free. The bus didn't take long to come and soon Sophie was getting off at her stop, nearly home, she felt so relieved. Sophie reached her front door and got out her keys.

"Sophie, how did it go?' The sudden voice made Sophie jump. 'Calm down girl it's only me.' Sophie was relieved to find Jenny at the door as well.

"I'll tell you inside.' Sophie opened the door and she and Jenny walked in.

Sophie told Jenny all about the doctors appointment, the accident in the waiting room and what the doctor had said. Jenny was taken aback she thought Sophie was joking about the nappies, Sophie lifted up her shirt to show Jenny the waistband of her new underwear. Jenny didn't know what to say, she just looked into Sophies deep blue eyes seeing a look of sheer fright in her friends eyes. Sophie needed Jenny to say something, something accepting.

"Well what do you want me to say Sophie?' Sophie looked up

"You wet yourself yesterday, wet the bed last night and now here you are standing there showing off your brand new nappy' Sophie began to cry.

"And the most important thing is...I still love you!' Jenny looked at Sophie.

Sophie broke out the biggest smile ever, her friend had accepted her, she was still crying but this time they were tears of supreme joy.

"Thanks Jen you are a true friend"

"Well I suppose you don't wanna go out tonight now then?"

"Not in my nappy no"

"Well then let's stay in and get a few bottles of wine and watch a film"

Sophie agreed and asked if Jenny would go and get the wine whiles she got changed. Sophie gave Jenny £10 and told her to get about 4 bottles as she really needed to get drunk.

With Jenny down the shops Sophie began to get cleaned up, she went to get another shower and noticed that her nappy was very wet, she hadn't noticed a thing. Sophie was starting to get really worried, she must have wet her nappy about 5 times and hadn't noticed a thing. It felt so good to Sophie to be clean again. She got out of the shower and went to her room, she let her towel drop to the floor and went to find something to wear in her wardrobe, going through her casual draw she heard something dripping onto her carpet, she looked down, it was her, she was wetting herself in the middle of her room and she couldn't feel a thing. Sophie watched as the flow stopped and began to cry again, she felt so helpless and just like a little baby.

After a few minutes Sophie got herself together, picked out some baggy jog pants and a t-shirt, got a nappy out and proceeded to get dressed. Sophie had some difficulty with her nappy but eventually managed to get it on, she dressed and then cleaned up her carpet. Sophie was putting her clothes into the washing machine when Jenny walked in with the evenings relaxation, Jenny playfully swatted Sophies bum, they both laughed.

"What did you get then?"

"Well I got us a horror film, a comedy and a soppy one. Which do you want?"

"I've done enough crying today so lets watch the comedy"

Jenny got out the wine glasses and they both went to the living room. They settled on the settee together like they normally did when the watched a film and opened up the wine.

A few hours later after the film and 2 of the 4 bottles of wine they were both very drunk, Sophie was getting very aware of the nappy between her legs sagging a little.

"Jenny I think I need to change my nappy. I'll be back in a minute."

Sophie got up and went to her room, she shut the door over and took her pants down, her nappy was very wet indeed and Sophie still had no feeling of the wettings. Sophie took out another dry nappy and being a little drunker than earlier she really couldn't get the nappy on properly every time she tried she just couldn't seem to be able to do it, she needed Jennys help.

"Jenny, can you come here and help me please"

Jenny came into Sophies room and saw her lying on her bed struggling to get her nappy on. Jenny got down to business and felt sorry for Sophie for what she was going through. Sophie was feeling embarrassed about being changed by her best friend.

"Jenny, I'm really sorry we couldn't go out tonight and for you having to change my nappy, I feel like such a baby' Sophies eyes were welling up.

"Hey don't worry about. It's not your fault, come here.' Jenny motioned for Sophie to come get a hug.

They hugged and Jenny was telling Sophie how sorry she felt for her and that she would do anything to help even if that meant changing her wet nappies.

"In fact' said Jenny 'if you have to go through all of this then I am going through it with you."

What do you mean?"

"Well Sophie I want to wear a nappy for as long as you have to, we can be in nappies together"

"You don't have to do that Jen, you are here that's enough"

"No Sophie I want to, in fact I think I need to"


"I've just wet myself' Jenny pointed to her crotch.

Sure enough Jenny was soaked, her trousers were dark and still warm.

"Did you do that on purpose?"

Jenny nodded. 'Yes Sophie. I told you if you are going through it I am going through it, now where are your nappies?"

"If you are really sure of this Jen"

"I am"

Sophie gave Jenny a nappy but Jenny handed it back to her.

"You changed your mind already?"

"No, I changed you so you change me"

Jenny took off her wet trousers and thong and threw them to the floor, she lay down on the bed and talked Sophie through the whole process.

"I think we should just wear our t-shirts and nappies and go watch the horror film' said Jenny.

"Ok, let's do it"

They both went back to the living room and put on the horror film and opened another bottle of wine. The film scared the both of them, it was about half way through the film when Jenny told Sophie that she had just wet her nappy.

"Well I can't tell you if I do cause I don't know' Sophie laughed.

Sophie felt so grateful for what Jenny was doing for her, she felt like they were little again.

At the age of 8 both of them had still been in night-time nappies because of their bedwetting and they always slept in the same bed whenever they were at each others houses right up until they stopped the bed wetting when they were nearly 10. They did continue to share the same bed though even now, especially when they had watched a scary film together.

They got the flat tidied up and switched off the TV.

"That film was really scary' Sophie said. 'Will you sleep in my bed tonight?"

"Of course I will. I'm as scared as you."

Both the girls rustled into Sophies room and shut the door.

"I think we should change our nappies before we get to bed' suggested Jenny. 'I will change you first then you change me"

Sophie lay down on her bed and Jenny went about changing her wet nappy, after that they switched places and Sophie changed Jenny. They both decided that they stay in just their nappies and t-shirts and sleep just like they had all those years ago. They both cuddled up to each other and fell asleep.

At 4am Jenny woke up, she needed the toilet badly, she was about to get up when she remembered the nappy between her legs. She didn't want to spend the rest of the night in a wet nappy, but she did promise Sophie that she would go through it with her. Jenny decided that she could hold on till the morning when she could change shortly after. She went back to sleep.

The sun shone straight through the curtains, it was a little after midday and Jenny was first to wake up with a bad headache. She remembered all the wine and all that had happened the previous night, she turned to Sophie who was still sleeping, she looked so cute when she slept especially as she sucked her thumb and had done for all her life. Jenny touched the front of Sophies nappy, it was wet, very wet, she thought about how bad it must be for Sophie to be a bed wetter again. Jenny sat up, her nappy felt bulkier, she looked down, she was soaked. Jenny had wet the bed for the first time in years, she couldn't believe it and began to cry. Sophie woke up.

"Jenny. What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Sophie, I wet the bed or wet my nappy rather."

"What's the problem? You did that last night."

"You don't understand. I did this in my sleep."

"Well you did drink a lot of wine last night, it's a good job you wore a nappy' Sophie chuckled.

Jenny looked at Sophie and they both laughed. They decided that they should get up, as Sophie got up she cried out in pain.

"OWWW' Sophie lay back down.

"What's wrong you hurt your back or something?"

"No it's my bum its burning it feels like I'm sitting on a hot plate"

Jenny went over to Sophie and untapped her nappy pulling the front of it down. Sophies skin was red raw, she had a case of nappy rash.

"Sophie, did you powder yourself at all yesterday?"

"What do you mean powder?"

"You know talcum powder"

"No I didn't why?"

"You have a bit of nappy rash"


"Well you have sat around in a wet nappy for too long, you should have used talcum powder to take away some of the moisture"

"I didn't know, I will get some later when I go and get some more nappies"

"You stay here and lay down I will go for the shopping, I wont be long the Chemist down the road should have the stuff we need"

Jenny just put on her jog pants forgetting about the wet nappy between her legs. She got her coat and ran down the road. The Chemist was just about to close for lunch so he asked Jenny to be quick. Jenny was a little embarrassed as she asked the pharmacist for the size of nappies she needed, she got them and some nappy rash cream paid for them and left. On the way back she stopped at the local supermarket to get some baby powder. She got the biggest tub she could find and had a quick look at the other products on the shelves. Her eyes set upon the dummies on the shelf, she remembered how cute Sophie had looked sucking her thumb and picked 2 up. Jenny was in the queue for the checkout when she felt a quite desperate urge to pee. Jenny was hopping from one foot to the other, the woman in front was having an assistant get her a replacement item. Jenny really needed to go then she remembered the nappy again. In all the rushing around she forgot about it, she felt so naughty about what she was about to do. She just let go, she could feel the nappy getting heavier and heavier she thought it was going to leak, it didn't. Jenny paid for the items and was on the way out when she was knocked over by a kid messing around with a trolley. She fell to the floor on her padded backside stunned. After a few moments Jenny got back up. The kid who knocked her over started to laugh as she turned to go out.

"Mummy that girl has wet herself' said the little boy.

Oh no Jenny thought I have leaked. She was running full pelt to the flat hoping she didn't see anybody she knew, luckily she didn't she got back into the flat and breathed a huge sigh of relief. She went through to Sophies room and told her about what happened. She helped Sophie up out of bed and removed her freshly wet nappy. Sophie went to the shower at a slow pace as her nappy rash was really hurting her. Sophie got her shower and Jenny stripped back down to her nappy and t-shirt waiting to get in. As Sophie got out Jenny got in. Sophie was drying herself in the bathroom and Jenny was just getting finished washing herself.

"So Jenny are you still going to wear a nappy with me?"

"Of course I am I made you a promise"

After their showers Sophie and Jenny went back to Sophies room and got the changing stuff ready. Jenny took Sophie through what she needed to do to prevent the nappy rash.

Jenny took out the cream, powder and a fresh nappy.

"Lie back then Sophie.' Sophie lay down.

Jenny lifted up Sophies legs and slid the nappy under her, she then put a large amount of cream on her and rubbed it in. Sophie moaned as Jenny rubbed the cream in her skin was feeling better already. Jenny took the baby powder and sprinkled lots on, she pulled the front of the nappy up and taped it shut.

"There does that feel better?"

"Oh yes it feels a lot better, now it's your turn."

Jenny lay down and let Sophie return the favour. After they were both in their nappies they went to make some breakfast.

"So,' said Sophie 'you know that I'm gonna be in nappies for quite a while?"

"Yes Soph you told me and I'm gonna be in them for as long as you."

"Jen I really appreciate what you have done for me but you really don't have to."

"Well to be honest with you Soph I'm really starting to enjoy it."

"What! How do you mean you enjoy it?"

"Well earlier in the supermarket I felt so naughty and so turned on I nearly came on the spot."

"You did?"

"Yes I couldn't believe how turned on I was."

"Well Jen, I must admit that I have been a little turned on when you change me and take care of me."

They both discussed it for a while and Jenny wanted Sophie to come out in public with her.

"Well Jenny I don't know what difference it will make, I have already wet my pants and nappy in public and I hated it."

"Just please come with me Soph."

After a bit of persuading Sophie decided to go with Jenny. They decided to go to the city centre and do some clothes shopping. They changed their nappies and got dressed then they went to catch the bus. They had both decided to wear waterproof coats as it would mask the sounds of their crinkling bottoms. They planned to go to most of the clothes stores and to the McDonalds for their lunch.

They had spent a few good hours going from store to store when Jenny felt the urge to pee.

"Soph I really have to go potty."

"Well go then."

Jenny stood there in the middle of town in front of hundreds of people and wet her nappy. Sophie watched as Jenny turned red.

"It feels so good' said Jenny.

"I've been wet for ages, it doesn't fell that good to me."

They carried on walking and talking but Jennys head was somewhere else. She was feeling so horny and every time they stopped or got in a queue Jennys hand would drift to the front of her nappy and she would rub it. She loved the feeling of pressing the wet nappy onto her. Sophie had noticed this and had to tell her.

"Jenny stop that!"

"I can't help it Soph I'm so horny. Besides nobody can see me, you are my shield."

"Just pack it in, can't you wait until we get home? Just pack it.....UH OH"

"UH OH what? What is the matter?"

"I have to go to the toilet."

"That's great you have some of your feeling back."

"No Jen I never lost this feeling. I have to go number two."

"Oh no, what are you going to do?"

"I'm just going to have to wait till we get home, I don't have a spare nappy with me to change into if I have to take this one off."

"Well. Why don't you go in your nappy?"

" NO WAY !"

"Go on. I double dare you."

"I can't fill my nappy in front of all these people."

"Just think of yourself as a hopeless little baby with no other choice."

Sophie thought about it, she was getting turned on, especially about the baby part of it. She could picture herself.

"But I will smell."

"Is anybody gonna notice out here?"

"What about the bus?"

"Nobody is gonna think that a smell would be coming from us anyway."

Sophie was really thinking about it, she did need to go pretty desperately and it was turning her on big time.

"Ok I'll do it."

"Go for it girl."

They walked to a side street to get away from the large crowds, Sophie squatted down as if she was tying her shoe lace. She gave a quick push and began to fill her nappy. Jenny watched as her best friend was grunting and filling her nappy.

"You finished yet?"

Sophie stood up with a very red face and a huge smile.

"So, how does it feel baby?"

"It feels weird but I am feeling very horny."

Sophie picked up her bags and took a few steps forward.

"Urgh it's moving around."

"Well it will do silly, just wait till you have to sit on the bus."

"Oh my god! I hadn't thought of that."

They both walked trough to the bus station ready to go home and get cleaned up. They only had to wait for a few minutes for their bus, it pulled up and they boarded it going right to the back seats. Jenny sat down but Sophie wouldn't.

"Come on Soph sit down."

"Jen I really don't want to."

Jenny stood up she put down her bags and grabbed Sophie and pushed her into a seat. Sophie landed on the mess in her nappy, she felt it squish all over her bum and even up into the front of her nappy.


"Well you couldn't stand up all the way home could you? How does it feel?"

"Actually it feels kinda good. I feel just like a helpless little baby with a wet and messy nappy."

Sophie moved her bum around the seat feeling her mess spread further round the nappy. For the whole of the journey she was thinking and very puzzled as to why she liked her current situation so much. Their stop was approaching and they began to get up and move to the front of the bus, as the neared the front they passed a group of young lads, one of them smacked Sophies bum. Sophie turned around and looked at the lad, he was in complete shock about what he thought he'd felt, Sophie winked at him and got of the bus. Jenny burst out laughing.

"Soph that was great, he shit himself."

"No Jen, I shit myself."

They both laughed and went back to the flat.

"You should get changed pretty quickly Soph before you make your nappy rash worse."

"No. I want you to change me. I am a baby and I can't change myself."

Jenny looked at Sophie in shock.

"Did you just say what I thought you did?"

"Yes Jenny I want you to change my nappy."

Jenny couldn't believe what was going on, she agreed and together they went to the bathroom. Jenny went to Sophies room and got the changing supplies. When she got back to the bathroom Sophie was lying on the floor sucking her thumb, she looked so cute. Jenny began to get Sophie undressed. As she pulled down Sophies trousers she saw the messiest nappy ever, there was poo every where all over her bum and in her pubic hair.

"Soph you are an absolute mess."

Jenny switched on the shower and got Sophie into it. She washed her down and got her all nice and clean.

"Come on Sophie, come and lie on the floor for mummy."

Sophie lay on the floor feeling very turned on. She lay back waiting for the cream and powder, what came next surprised her. Jenny was putting shaving foam onto Sophies crotch.

"What are you doing Jen?"

"Well babies don't have any hair down there and plus it is too hard to clean up."

Sophie was feeling very turned on again and agreed. Jenny shaved her friends crotch completely bald afterward she put the nappy rash cream on her and powdered her well, she then fastened up the nappy tightly.

"There you go baby."

"Thank you mummy."

Sophie went to her room and began to put her new clothes away. Jenny was feeling turned on about what had just happened and wanted it to happen to her.

"Sophie, you know that I have just been your mummy for a bit?"


"Well will you erm will you be mine as well? We could take it in turns to be mummy and baby during changing."

"That sounds great. We can be like two little babies together all the other times."

Jenny broke out in the biggest smile ever.

"You want me to change you now then?"

"No. I had to change your messy nappy so you can change mine."

"Okay baby."

Jenny walked away she already needed to go number two but she wanted to put her new clothes away first. Just as she finished she felt her stomach cramp up, she bent over and gave an almighty push, her bowels exploded into the waiting nappy, she felt great. She pushed on the large load in the back of her nappy. She stood with her legs slightly apart and fell back onto her bum. She was in heaven as the mess moved its way through the nappy. She began to rub the front of her nappy, she was feeling so turned on, faster and faster, harder and harder. She was massaging for little more than 5 minutes when she came. Jenny had never cum so fast in her life she felt so excited. She was moaning really loud as Sophie walked in.

"You having fun then?"

"Oh my god, Soph you should try that it's fantastic."

Jenny got up off the floor with the waves of ecstasy still pulsing through her. Both girls made their way to the bathroom where Sophie returned the favour to Jenny from earlier including shaving her bald. They both put their hair in pig-tails and walked around in just their nappies and t-shirts. They decided to watch the other film from the night before and to finish off the wine. They got it all ready and curled up on the sofa together. Both of them had wet nappies at the end of the film, they didn't need to be changed right away though. Instead they both made a snack and watched some TV. It was now getting late and the girls were getting very tired. At 11pm they decided to go to bed. Tonight they slept together in Jennys bed making sure to get on some dry nappies first. They were about to turn off the lights when Jenny remembered her purchase earlier in the supermarket.

"Soph, I forgot to tell you that I bought us something from the supermarket this morning."

"Really? What is it?"

"Well I saw you sucking your thumb last night and thought that you looked so cute that I bought us a couple of dummies.

"Oh wow, really?

Sophie was getting herself all excited she had always wanted to get herself a dummy but thought herself too big for one. Jenny got the dummies out from the plastic bag by her bed, they were plain pink dummies.

"Awww they are so cute.' Sophie was really excited now.

Jenny handed Sophie a dummy and she put it straight in her mouth. That night they both slept cuddled into each other sucking their dummies and dreaming of sweet things.

Just like they had done when they were real babies.



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