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Sophie and Jenny 2

Sophie, this is once again for you, you are my special baby girl. xxxxx

Well part one went down well with all those that read it (especially my baby girl Sophie). I started to write this second part almost immediately, it picks up from where we left the baby girls last time; once again I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. E-mail

Sophie woke up early she looked over at Jenny who was still sleeping. Sophie saw her dummy lying on her pillow next to her, she picked it up and put it back in her mouth. As she lay there sucking on her dummy Sophie was thinking about the previous days events, her messy nappy in town and how she and Jenny had played baby. Sophie put her finger inside her nappy, she was wet again. Sophie began to remember the days when they were both babies and how she had been so happy, oh how she longed for those days to be back. Jenny was rolling over and moaning in her sleep, she was dreaming away, Sophie picked up Jennys dummy and gently slid it back into her mouth, Jenny immediately started to suck on it. Sophie looked at her best friend, she looked adorable. Sophie was starting to feel horny again and started to rub the front of her nappy just as Jenny had told her to do, the waves of pleasure were amazing she was so excited. She was rubbing herself still thinking of her baby state she went faster and faster bringing herself to a mind blowing climax, Jenny was right it felt great.

Sophie lay there with the waves of ecstasy pulsing through her body; she sucked her dummy even harder and moaned with pleasure. She looked over at Jenny who was awake and had been watching her.

"It's so good isn't it?"

"Oh Jenny it is fantastic."

They both smiled at each other and cuddled.

"What time is it Soph?"

"It's only 7am ; we should stay in bed for a while."

"Too right we are staying in bed, I'm going back to sleep."

They both lay there in each others arms sucking on their dummies as they drifted back off to sleep.

Sophie was lying there with a wet nappy when she suddenly felt the urge to poop; she thought nothing of it and just emptied her bowels into the back of her nappy. Her dummy had come out of her mouth, she tried to pick it up but her hands were encased in mittens. She really missed her dummy and started to cry. At this point a man walked into the room.

"There, there baby don't cry. I see my baby has lost her dummy."

The man picked up Sophies dummy and put it back into her mouth. She looked around the room; she was in a large crib. The room itself was decorated in babyish wallpaper it had pictures from nursery rhymes on it and a border around the middle that displayed the alphabet. There was a large changing table in the corner of the room, the shelves underneath it were packed full of fresh disposable nappies. There was also a large playpen in the room; it was packed full of toys and teddy bears. The man who was standing over the crib was about the same adult age as Sophie, maybe a little older, he had a shaven head and a kind face, he was smiling down on her, he reached down and put his fingers into the front of her nappy.

"I see my baby is all wet' the man sniffed in the air 'oh and messy as well."

The man reached down and picked Sophie up with little effort, she looked back into the crib and saw Jenny lying there still asleep. He carried her to the changing table he laid her down and proceeded to change her messy nappy. He was so good at it, she didn't have to move. Afterwards he picked her back up and rocked her, she was feeling sleepy again, and she was soon asleep.

"That's it my baby you go back to sleep now. Night night Sophie."

"Soph. Soph. Sophie wake up."

Sophie opened her eyes, Jenny was shaking her.

"It's two in the afternoon you lazy mare."

"Oh Jenny I had the most wonderful dream."

Sophie went on to tell Jenny all about her dream, how they had been babies with a proper daddy. Sophie was a little sad that it was just a dream and not the real thing.

"I think we better get you nappy changed Soph, before you start to leak."

Sophie got of the bed and laid on the floor, she was sucking her dummy as Jenny changed her soggy nappy. Sophie was deep in thought.

"What are you so thoughtful about Soph?"

"Oh nothing; I was just thinking how good it would be for us to have a daddy to change us and look after us."

"Yeah it would be great wouldn't it? But where are we going to find a daddy?"

"I don't know Jen but I want one so bad."

There was nothing either of them could do, they just spent the day tidying up and changing each others nappies. Later on in the afternoon they both went out to get some more nappies and supplies. Jenny went to get the nappies from the chemist whiles Sophie went to the supermarket to get some food in. Sophie decided to get some more baby powder and got very aroused walking down the baby aisle. She looked at all the nappies and saw the dummies that Jenny had bought them right next to the bottles. Sophie done a double take when she noticed the bottles, she picked one up. Sophie looked at the bottle; it had a Winnie the Pooh design to it. Sophie couldn't resist and put two of them into her basket. She then went to the check out and paid for the items. As she got outside Jenny was waiting.

"Come on girl lets get back home."

They both walked back down the road to their flat laughing and joking. A few hundred yards from the flat Jenny stopped.

"What are you doing Jen?"

"I'm wetting my nappy Soph."

Jenny stood in the middle of the street wetting her nappy, she finished and they walked a few more feet when Sophie stopped.

"Are you wetting as well Soph?"

"No Jen; I'm pooping myself."

Sophie squatted down and filled her waiting nappy. They both laughed again and carried on walking.

"It's a good job nobody is around' said Jen.

"Well nobody is going to be able to tell we are wearing nappies are they?"

"I suppose not."

They reached the flat and went in.

"Phwoar Soph I think you need a change."

Sophie giggled 'I think you are right Jen."

"Well go and lie down then and I'll be in in a few minutes."

Sophie did as she was told and went to lie down in her room as she lay there she wet her nappy again. Jenny came in a few minutes later bringing in Sophies dummy, she had hers in her mouth.

"Here you go Soph; now lets get you changed."

"Thank you mummy."

Jenny got Sophie all cleaned up and in a fresh nappy; as she taped it up she grabbed Sophies feet and gave them a little tickle; Sophie laughed really hard.

"Stop it Jen."

Jenny just kept going and tickled her even more; Sophie thrashed around.

"Ha ha ha, Jenny stop please."

"What is my little baby going to do about it?"

Sophie couldn't speak for laughing she was thrashing around; Jenny was showing her no mercy she just kept going. A few minutes later Sophie wet her nappy.

"See Soph you really are a baby."

"Well you know I always wet myself when I'm tickled, especially my feet. Remember that time in school when you tickled me and I wet myself in the playground?"

"Oh yeah; that was so funny."

"It wasn't for me."

"Sorry Soph."

They went on for hours about the things that they used to do when they were at school; they talked about the teachers, the boyfriends, the subjects and the cartoons they used to watch every night. They even talked about the sweets they used to eat.

"Whoa Soph have you seen the time? It's 8pm ; we will have to make something to eat."

"Is it really that late?"

"I know we have been talking and playing for hours; don't forget that we didn't get up until after 2pm "

They both went through to the kitchen and cooked themselves a ready meal; then they sat down in front of the TV and were watching BBC 3s' Sex Warts and All Down Under; it is a show about sexual diseases but also deals with strange fetishes this particular one was based in Australia . Just before the end of the programme they went to Sydney and showed a website called; Sophie and Jenny watched in delight as the show revealed more about the site. It turned out that it was a site that dealt with water-sports and panty pissers as well as an adult baby section; they couldn't believe that there was something like that.

"Soph go get your laptop quick."

Sophie went and got her laptop and hooked it up to the internet; they went on the site. It was unbelievable; there were loads of people from around the world that were into exactly the same things as Sophie and Jenny. They found a few other sites where they could post messages to other ABs and even chat live online. They read a few posts as well and found one that particularly interested them; it was a daddy who was looking for a baby girl; what is more is that he was from their area. Sophie wanted to get in touch with him; they looked at his profile and Sophie gasped.

"What's up Soph?"

"This guy looks virtually the same as the one that was our daddy in my dream."

"That's spooky."

They looked at his profile; he was a few years older than them and he had MSN instant messenger; they decided to leave him a message.

Dear Daddy,

We are two 18 year old girls that want to be babies the problem is we need a daddy. Please can you get back in touch so we can talk.

Sophie and Jenny xxxxxxx

Within minutes of sending the message daddy replied; he told them all about himself and gave them his MSN addy. The girls could hardly contain their excitement as they talked for hours with the daddy. He was very interested in being a daddy to them and they said that they would all keep in touch. They left the chat that night feeling great; at 3 am they logged off and decided to go to sleep.

"Jenny; before we go to bed I have a surprise tonight."

"What is it?"

"Well we have our nappies and dummies but no bottles.' Sophie pulled the baby bottles out of her bag 'so here we go."

Jennys eyes lit up; she looked at the bottles and grabbed them off Sophie.

"Awwwwwwww Soph these are fantastic."

Jenny went and cleaned out the bottles and filled them both up with milk, she warmed them up and handed one to Sophie. They both took their bottles and went to bed. They both sat there in silence and emptied their bottles, put their dummies in their mouths and lay down. Sophie turned out the light.

"Good night Jenny."

"Good night Sophie."

They both cuddled up to each other and went to sleep.

Daddy was back again; Sophie and Jenny were playing in their playpen when he came over.

"Right baby Sophie it is time for your bath.' Daddy reached down into the playpen and gave Jenny a bottle to drink before picking Sophie up and carrying her to the bathroom.

Sophie was in heaven she was completely in her daddies care. Daddy took Sophie to the changing table and undressed her; he wiped her poopy bum clean with the baby wipes and then carried her to the bathroom. He laid her down in the lukewarm water and pulled her dummy out of his pocket, cleaned it and put it in her mouth. Sophie just laid there in the bath as her daddy washed her and made sure she was nice and clean he even washed her hair. When he was satisfied that he had done his job he got her out of the bath and dried her off with the towel. He blow dried her hair and put it in pig-tails before wrapping her in the large towel and carrying her back to the changing table. He went over to check on Jenny who had fallen asleep before coming back to Sophie.

"Well my little baby, let's get your skin nice and smooth eh."

Daddy got out a bottle of baby oil and massaged it into every inch of Sophies skin, she moaned in pleasure as he completely soothed her. The massage done he got out a fresh nappy; he unfolded it and placed it under Sophies bum, he then powdered her and fastened the nappy tightly round her waist. Sophie felt very turned on but also very tired the bath had lavender oil in it; that coupled with the massage had totally relaxed her. Daddy got out her large baby-grow and put it in her he also placed her hands in the mittens; he picked her up and sat in the large rocking chair with Sophie on his knee. He then got out a Winnie The Pooh story book and opened it up.

"Does my baby want a bedtime story?' He could already see that she was tired her eyes were closing.

"Yes daddy.' Sophie said through her dummy with her eyes half closed.

Daddy started to read the story; Sophie lasted one page before she was asleep; a little drool dribbling down her cheek; daddy wiped it up and put Sophie into the crib.

"Goodnight baby; see you in the morning.' Daddy kissed her on the cheek.

Sophie woke up she was so turned on she could feel her pussy so hot and wet; she began to rub the front of her nappy again thinking of what a daddy would bring for them. Sophie came hard her mind racing with all things daddy and baby. She then went back to sleep.

It had been a week since the now life changing wetting that Sophie had experienced and she was due to see the doctor again. A lot had happened in the last week it was quite unbelievable how fast things had progressed. She was scheduled to have a 9am appointment it was now 7:45 am Sophie got up and undressed she took off her very wet nappy and got a shower. Jenny was awake when Sophie got out of the shower.

"Morning Jenny; will you put my nappy on for me? I've got to go to the doctors soon."

"Of course I will Soph; you want me to come with you?"

"No you are ok Jen I will be ok."

Jenny put a nappy on Sophie and she got herself dressed. Sophie made sure that she had the trousers that the nurse had lent her last time; she packed herself a spare nappy in case she had to take this one off then she set off.

"GOOD LUCK!' Jenny shouted as Sophie went out of the door.

Sophie walked down to the bus stop and boarded her bus; soon she was at the doctors.

The receptionist told Sophie to take a seat; she didn't have to wait long until she was called to see the doctor. Sophie took a deep breath and walked down the corridor and knocked on Dr. James' door.

"Come in."

Sophie entered the doctors office.

"Ah Sophie how are you doing?"

"I'm fine thanks."

"How are you coping with your problem?"

"Um ok; I still can't tell when I'm wetting my nappy though."

"Well I've had a look at your test results and there are no infections or diseases."

"So what is wrong with me then doctor?"

"Well I would say it is down to stress; have you been stressing a lot about anything lately?"

"Well I've been a little worried about my exams and the results not to mention more stress when this started to happen."

"It is a common problem Sophie especially with people who are going through exam pressures. It will sort itself out over time. I will make an appointment for you to see me in a few weeks if you are still having the problems. If there are no problems then just ring up and cancel it. You will be fine; just relax as much as you can."

"Well it's a relief to know that I am not sick; thank you for your help doctor."

Sophie shook Dr. James' hand and asked her to give back the trousers to nurse Cook; she left the surgery feeling a lot better. Sophie went to get her bus and decided to get a bottle of wine on the way home to celebrate her clean bill of health. Sophie went home where Jenny was waiting anxiously.

"So; how did it go?"

"I'm fine; no medical problems it is just stress the doctor says it will pass."

"Oh Soph that's great news."

"Well Jen I have an appointment in a few weeks if it is still happening; she said that I can cancel if I'm better."

"That's great Soph."

"Well Jen I'm not going anyway; I want to be a baby."

"I thought that you might want to do that."

"So Jen you can go without nappies now because I've made my decision I'm staying in them forever."

"Sophie; I'm as into them as you. I want to be a baby as well."

"Brilliant; we can be baby sisters together now all we need is a daddy for us so lets hope that guy will do it."

With that both girls ran to the living room; Sophie grabbed her laptop and turned it on. She had a new email; it was from him, she opened it up.

Hello baby girls,

I really enjoyed our chat last night and I would love to be a daddy to the both of you. Get back in touch so we can talk on the phone and then meet up.

See you soon

Daddy xxx.

Sophie and Jenny were so excited they went and got their dummies and bottles then went to find daddy. They messaged their daddy and he replied; for the next few hours they chatted and sent pictures to daddy and daddy returned the favour; they spoke on the phone and were itching to meet their future daddy.

"When do you reckon we should meet him Soph?"

"Well I want to meet him as soon as possible; how about next week?"

"Sounds ok to me, lets tell him."

They phoned their daddy back and told him to meet them in the city centre at noon on the following Tuesday; they were going to meet in the big McDonalds right in the centre.

"Daddy what is you name?"

"My name is Daddy to the babies.' With that daddy hung up.

"Ooh a mysterious guy I cant wait till we meet him Soph."

The week passed slowly, there was no university to help pass the time and daddy was not online much because he was working. Sophie was talking to daddy a lot on the phone she spent a lot of time just talking and asking him what he was going to do with her. Daddy was getting Sophie very wet and excited every time they spoke he just knew what to say. The first time was the best; Sophie had never experienced anything like it before; sure she had cum before but never so intense. The telephone conversation started out normal enough but daddy had turned her on so much and she told him. Daddy began to talk;

"I have just changed you into a dry nappy, you are sucking on your dummy and you are feeling very horny."

Sophie was starting to put her fingers inside her nappy and began to rub her tingling pussy.

"I take my hand and starting at your feet I bring them slowly up your legs, past your knees and up your inner thighs. I reach your nappy and begin to rub the front of it; you moan with pleasure and bring your hand on top of mine pushing your nappy into your pussy. I remove my hand and slip a few fingers inside feeling how wet you are; I begin to rub your pussy and you push down on your nappy; I'm in now deeper and getting faster and faster."

Sophie was very excited she had never been this horny before, he carried on talking more and more saying all the right things; Sophie was playing with herself and was really close to cumimg hard.

"o...o.....o.........ooooohhhhh. Daddy.' Sophie came hard her back arching as she felt every wave of pleasure make its way up her spine.

"Did my baby like that then?"

"Oh yes daddy I liked it very much."

They carried on talking for a little longer Sophie was really looking forward to the first meeting. Sophie spoke with daddy a few more times that week, she was tempted to meet him early a few times and had to try real hard to stay at home.

Finally it was Monday night and the girls were getting very excited.

"What shall I wear Soph?"

"Well we can't wear anything too tight or too short otherwise the whole world will see our nappies. I think it is probably best to wear our baggy jog pants and t-shirts."

"Good call Soph."

They got their clothes ready and got changed for bed. In what was now becoming the routine they drank their warm bottles of milk before taking their dummies and going to sleep. They fell asleep in each others arms again.

Sophie was playing in the playpen with Jenny when Daddy came in and checked Jennys nappy.

"It looks like baby Jenny is all wet."

He lifted Jenny out of the playpen and took her to the changing table; Sophie watched as daddy went about changing Jenny. Sophie remembered how much she enjoyed the nappy changes and rubbed her hand over the front of her nappy; she was getting herself off by just watching Jenny get her nappy changed.

Sophie awoke again this time she was rubbing herself; she slid a few fingers inside her nappy and began to work her tingling clitoris; she felt so good she pulled her fingers out and began rubbing the nappy pushing the wet inside of it close to her pussy she rubbed harder and faster; Sophie brought herself to a mind blowing climax yet again. She was really enjoying these dreams and couldn't wait for it to happen for real.

Jenny was the first to wake up on the Tuesday morning she looked over at Sophie who was still asleep with her dummy in her mouth. Jenny stretched out and felt her nappy, she was wet. Jenny had been waking up with a wet nappy over the last few days, she was wetting in her sleep again. Jenny was about to wake Sophie up when she felt her stomach cramp up she rolled over onto her belly and gave a push; Jenny laid there as she filled her nappy.

"Soph, wake up.' Jenny shook Sophie awake.

"What time is it?' Sophie rubbed her eyes.

"It 8am, we will have to start getting ready."

They both got out of bed and went to shower, they put each other in nappies and got dressed. All of this took 2 hours after which they made some breakfast. They left the flat at 11am to get into the city centre on time. They are both excited about meeting their daddy.

At noon both the girls are sitting in the McDonalds when they see their daddy approach.

"Hi I'm Sophie and this is Jenny.' Both girls stand up.

"Hi Sophie and Jenny, you can call me daddy."

Daddy shakes both girls' hands and he offers to buy them a meal, the three of them sit and talk while eating a meal.

"So, do you both want to be babies then?"

"Well we both are already, Jenny joined me after I started to suffer some incontinence."

"How old do you both like to be?"

"Well I want to be 2' says Sophie

"I want to be 2 as well"

"Well then girls what sort of supplies do you have at the moment?"

"We have nappies, a dummy each and a bottle each' explains Jenny.

"Well we will have to buy you both some other things won't we? Eat up we are going to go shopping."

Daddy takes out his pen and gets a piece of scrap paper from his pocket and begins to write down a list. They then go shopping and buy the things that they need.

"So daddy when can you start?' Sophie asks

"As soon as you want baby."

"How about tonight then, you can spend the night in our place."

Jenny looked at Sophie.

"That's a great idea Sophie. How about it daddy?"

"Well girls it is a very good idea but I have a better one. Why don't you both come to mine and stay in my adult baby nursery."

Jenny and Sophie nearly came in their nappies by the sheer thought of what daddy had just said; it didn't take them long to agree to go to their daddies nursery and very soon they were on the way.

Daddy took the girls on the bus to his house they were excited all the way there. Daddy got them off the bus and walked them to his house; it was a beautiful house it had a garden to the front and back, it was painted nicely and was detached. Daddy took them inside and straight to the nursery; he opened the door and they just stared in amazement.

The room was decorated exactly as Sophie had seen in her dreams; the wallpaper was pictures from nursery rhymes with a border displaying the alphabet, there was a large crib in one corner, a changing table in another and a massive playpen; this was the man of Sophies dreams.

"So, what do you think then?' Daddy could see the look in the babies' eyes.

"Oh my god it's gorgeous.' Sophie was delighted.

"It's superb.' Jenny was just as happy.

"Well I see you two are wearing so we should really get you changed. I will change Jenny first. Sophie you can wait in the playpen. Sophie really wanted to be the first but daddy knew what he was doing. Sophie watched as Jenny was changed into a fresh nappy she was then dressed in a gorgeous baby grow. Daddy brought Jenny over to the playpen and placed her down her hair was in pig-tails and she looked so cute in the baby-grow sucking her dummy.

"Right then Sophie I think it is your turn."

Daddy picked Sophie up and took her to the changing table; he laid her down and began to undress her. First he took off her t-shirt revealing the top of her nappy, then he moved down to her trousers; pulling them down her legs he pulled her trainers off with the trousers. Sophie was now lying there in just her nappy and a pair of socks.

"I see my baby is very wet."

"Yes daddy."

Daddy unfastened Sophies wet nappy and pulled the front of it down, he could see how wet her throbbing shaven pussy was; he pulled the nappy away from under her and got out the baby wipes. He wiped her down teasing her as he made sure her pussy was clean deliberately slowing down. Sophie moaned as he touched her; next he got out a fresh nappy and lifted her bum off the table sliding it under her. He powdered her well rubbing it in and taping the nappy closed. Daddy then got out another baby-grow and started to put Sophie into it, he got out a dummy and placed it in her mouth. Sophie felt completely content as daddy picked her up just like a baby and placed her in the playpen with Jenny.

"Now you two babies play nice I'm going to get you a bottle each."

"Yes daddy.' They both answered in unison.

Sophie and Jenny sat there in an oversized playpen filled with loads of cuddly toys, blocks and balls.

"How good is this Jen?"

"I can't believe we are doing this Soph, who would have thought that this was going to happen?"

The new baby girls sat there playing with blocks and sucking on their dummies waiting for daddy to bring them their bottles. They were both the picture of cuteness. After about 15 minutes they could hear their daddy approaching.

"Here we go babies.' Daddy handed them their bottles of warm milk.

The babies instantly put their bottles in their mouths and started to drink the warm milk. In little more than 5 minutes they were empty. Daddy picked up Jenny and put her head on his shoulder; he began to rub her back giving a little pat here and there, he was trying to wind her. Jenny didn't know what daddy was doing until she let out a loud burp.

"That's better isn't it my baby girl?"

"Yes daddy."

Daddy gave Jenny a kiss on the cheek and put her back in the playpen. Sophie who had just watched what went on was waiting for daddy to do the same for her; he did.

With both the babies now changed and fed daddy had time to do some things himself.

"Right now my precious little baby girls; I have got to go and do something so I want you to play nice now ok? I've left the baby monitor on so I will be able to hear you."

With that daddy gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and left the room. The warm milk in the bottles had started to take effect and the girls were feeling a little sleepy. Jenny crawled over to Sophie who was by all the cuddly toys and the pair of them cuddled up together amongst all the teddies and promptly fell asleep.

Daddy decided that he would check on his baby girls and went upstairs to see them asleep together. He went over to check their nappies; he bent over and inserted one finger under the leg band of Jennys nappy feeling a very wet little girl she was sleeping so peacefully he decided not to wake her. He went to check Sophies nappy; as he inserted his finger into her nappy she started to wake up.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"I'm just checking if my baby is wet."

"I'm always wet daddy, and right now I am so horny, do to me now what you have done on the phone."

Daddy needed no second invitations and picked Sophie out of the playpen; he carried her to the changing table and took off her baby grow. Making sure she still had her dummy he went to work. He started to stroke her neck with the index fingers on each hand. He stroked the side of her neck softly and gently spending a few minutes to really get her in the mood; next he brought his fingers around to her front and they met in a point just above her heaving breasts; he opened up his hands and caressed her breasts so softly and rubbed her erect nipples; he worked his way to her torso pushing his hands down her stomach moving closer to her nappies waistband. Sophie gasped as he reached the top of her nappy, her whole body waiting with intensity for daddy to rub her. His hands were inside her nappy and resting just above her pussy, she could feel the tips of his fingers so close to her pulsating pussy. He pulled out his hands and began to massage the front of her nappy she groaned as he pushed the wet inside onto her pussy; keeping one hand massaging the front of her nappy daddy slid his other hand into the nappy and slipped a finger in her. Sophie was very wet she moved her hands to join daddies pushing and rubbing the front of her nappy. Daddy started to get faster and faster moving up and down and in little circles; Sophie was grinding her hips to his rhythm. She was so close to coming; he didn't let up and just carried on rubbing her pussy. A few minutes later Sophie screamed out in ecstasy she came harder than ever before her body turned to jelly she was in heaven. Daddy let his baby girl enjoy the moment before he spoke.

"Well it looks like my baby enjoyed that! I'm going to go run you a bath get you all cleaned up you dirty little girl."

Daddy leaves baby Sophie on the changing table with her body still feeling every pulse. In little more than 5 minutes daddy comes back to the nursery to get his baby girl to the bath. Sophie is still lying there sucking on her dummy as daddy comes to pick her up; he picks her off the changing table and carries her to the bathroom; he has run her a bubble bath in which there are rubber ducks. Daddy checks the water temperature and satisfied that it is ok he picks up Sophie and places her into the warm water. Sophie giggles as the bubble tickle under her arms and she starts to play with the rubber ducks. Daddy takes a jug and wets Sophies hair and then washes it. Then he takes a wash cloth and soaps it up well; he soaps up his baby girl making sure that she is clean. He lets her play in the bath whiles he gets some things ready.

Daddy comes back to see Sophie still playing with the ducks.

"Right baby girl let's get you dried and into a clean nappy."

Daddy lifts his baby out of the tub and dries her; he then picks her up and takes her to the changing table he gets out the baby lotion.

"Let's get my baby oiled up, keep her skin nice and soft."

Daddy then oils Sophie massaging the oil into her skin; then he slides a fresh nappy under her bum and powders her finally taping the nappy up.

"Time for your pyjamas I think baby."

Daddy takes out another large baby grow with a picture of Eeyore on the front and puts it on Sophie. He fastens it up and places her dummy in her mouth then he picks her up and carries her to a large rocking chair; daddy sits down and Sophie is on his knee as he picks up a story book.

"Does my baby want a story?"

"Yes daddy.

Daddy begins to read Sophie the story and can see her getting sleepy he begins to rock backwards and forwards until she has drifted off to sleep; he then gets up and carries her to the crib placing her down he gives her a kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight baby.

Sophie had the strangest feeling of déjà vu and remembered dreaming this exact same thing days earlier; only this time it was not a dream.

Sophie rolled onto her side and wet her nappy before drifting of to sleep.


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