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Sorority Girls And Diapers

Some stories are fictional. But what you're about to read isn't a story nor is it fictional. This is a true account of what happened on October 31, 2007.

It's funny how some experiences can awaken things deep within us. My friends would say that I'm pretty much the popular, funny, life-of-the-party kind of guy. I guess I don't really think about it, I just am who I am. I've always liked to hang out with "real" people, not a bunch of fake wannabes trying to be someone they're not. So last semester was great because I got the chance to connect with a lot of real, authentic people in the fraternity I had joined. I was just starting my Sophomore year and things were rolling along pretty well. I liked my professors, I liked my classes, and I loved all of my friends. There was always a party going on, even though the university I attend isn't relatively easy to get into and is for the most part full of intelligent people. Honestly, I was surprised my freshman year to find out how much these "intelligent" people liked to party. I partied here and there in High School, but I wanted to crack down a bit more when I started college and get started with some good grades so I cut back quite a bit. But let's face it, many times we all end up doing the things our friends do. And that was to party. I didn't really have a crazy alcohol tolerance or anything last semester, but I was starting to build it back up again, or so I thought.

It was Halloween night. And of course, there was a Halloween party in just about every frat and sorority house on campus. So far we had partied mostly at my frat house, although for this particular party a few of my friends and I were invited to go to a party at one of the sorority houses. My friends told me this was a pretty select invitation, because they only invited decent guys that are fun to party with, and they never invited more guys than there were girls. So there were always more girls than guys, because I guess apparently a few of them were lesbian, but I'm not sure. So needless to say me and my bros were all about it.

Halloween parties were definitely all-out at my college. I mean, people started planning their costumes a month in advance, especially the girls. And then there's me, who 3 hours from the party still didn't have any idea what I was going to dress up as. I didn't really even care, it had just been a long week and I wanted to party and unwind. I wanted to be crazy all night and live up to my reputation as the life of the party. So I got creative. I just dressed up in my normal clothes, and then used spray-glue to attach a bunch of socks, boxers, and lint balls to my shirt and jeans. That's right, I was going go to the Halloween party dressed as "static cling". Simple, but I made it work.

Now I guess here's the part where I could get all descriptive and use a bunch of nice adjectives, metaphors and similes to describe the party. But I'm not going to even try, since this isn't a story. I'm just recalling the events as clearly as I can remember them. And I'll pretty much cut to the chase. The party was great. I was indeed the life of the party, or one of them anyway, keeping up with my friends drinking, and making everyone laugh. All of the girls were dressed to kill. I mean there were some of the hottest nurses, genies, dominatrix, and chick-cops I had ever seen. I mean I got so worked up that I just about blew my load after being there for only 20 minutes. Well, not really, but close to it anyway. There were three girls who shared a room in the sorority house that were all dressed like babies. Now, I'm not a pedophile or anything, but they were even smoking hot in their nice little pink and baby-blue footed onesies.

It was half-way through the party and I was feeling pretty good. Getting a bit drunk by this point, but it seemed the more I drank, the better I felt. One of the girls who I'll call Kristen for safety sake came over and sat on my lap. It actually wasn't until then that I realized she was wearing a diaper. I don't know why, but it threw me off guard and I immediately started laughing and making fun of them all for actually wearing diapers. Since I was on a roll with making everyone laugh, they became my next target, and I have to admit that even I was impressed and the clever puns than I dished out at their expense despite my inebriated state. Everyone else started in on them too. I mean, it was all in good fun, and they were laughing too... But what else could they do, so many people were laughing the only choice they had was to join in and laugh at themselves as well. But a couple of times after laughing along with us, Kristen gave me a look, shaking her head at me with a cute little smirk as if to say, Ooohhh one of these days I'm soo going to get you back for this. I smiled back with my cocky smile.

The party was winding down. Probably about 80% of the people had either left or were passed out on the floor. I remember thinking in my head wondering how in the world I was going to make it back to my dorm with having to crawl the entire way. I could barely stand up, yet somehow I still managed to whack down a couple more beers just to "prove my manhood". But the effect of those beers caught up to me surprisingly fast. I kept saying, "I've gotta go home, I've gotta get to my dorm and sleep. I remember trying to open the door with yet another half-open beer can in my hand. But Kristen and her roommates took pity on me and kept me there because there was no doubt that I would have passed out in the courtyard with the half-open beer can still in my hand. They were pretty tipsy as well, but I guess they liked me so they brought me into their room and even let me sleep in their king-size bed with them! Kristen's roommate Lindsey started to unzip my pants, pushed me onto the bed and grabbed my jeans at the ankles and pulled them off.

"You can't sleep in those, Mr. Comedian" she said. For a moment I thought I was going to get lucky. But nothing happened. She crawled in bed with us and promptly passed out snuggled up next to me. So there I was, lying in bed with Kristen, Lindsey and their other roommate Becca. They were all so hot, even though they were all passed out still wearing their onesies and diapers. I was trying to just sit and treasure the moment, but all the alcohol I had just slammed down hit me like a ton of bricks, and that's the last thing I remember.

I woke up about 6 hours later, and finally relented to the fact that I was going to have to get up and take a leak. Even now I'm surprised I didn't piss all over myself, but I'm certainly not complaining. I was still a bit buzzed, and I had a pounding headache. I've always had a trick I've used for hangovers, which is to take a bunch of aspirin and guzzle down as much water as my stomach could hold without feeling like I was going to burst. Being dehydrated is one of the biggest causes of hang-over symptoms so it seemed to work pretty well. I went back to bed with the girls, who were all still sleeping motionless in their bed. They looked so peaceful. After sleeping another hour, I yet again was awoken because I felt like my bladder was going to burst. Another trip to the bathroom led me to what I still believe to be the longest piss I have ever taken in my life. I mean I didn't even know a human bladder could hold that much. But I finished and went back to bed again, feeling surprised at how much better I was feeling already. We all laid there and slept until 10am, although it didn't even seem like morning yet since they had covered all of their windows with blankets because they didn't like to be woken up by the bright sun coming through the window. I can't say I blame them. Bright light and hangovers don't mix too well, although they all seemed to feel fine. I guess the amount of alcohol they had to drink to get drunk was so little that they really didn't have to deal with many hangover symptoms. I remember thinking how nice that must be.

No one really seemed to be in any hurry to go anywhere or do anything. That semester I only had classes Monday Wednesday Friday, and as it were none of the girls had classes either except for Becca's American Lit. class, which she decided to skip without hesitation. We all just kind of laid there enjoying the coziness of the huge bed and recounted some of the events of the party and enjoyed some second-time laughs. Lindsey, who was in between Kristen and me, inched her way down to the foot of the bed and stood up to stretch.

"Oh my God!" she said as she busted out in laughter. Becca and Kristen immediately started laughing as if they knew what had caused her reaction.

"I wet my diaper!", she exclaimed, still laughing at herself without concern of what anyone else thought.

"So did we..." said Becca, and they all laughed hysterically with each other in a way that only girls can seems to do with each other. I of course, didn't care about their exclusive laugh-club and was also laughing without restraint. Apparently Becca and Kristen had already gotten up during the course of the night sometime and took off their wet diapers. Lindsey went into the bathroom and did the same, just replacing it with underwear and got back into her cozy onesie which was still dry just like the other girls.

"Are you sure you shouldn't still be in a diaper? We wouldn't want any accidents, would we?!!" I said in a sarcastic tone as I once again burst into laughter. Being the light-hearted person she was and not taking herself seriously, she just smiled at me shook her fist at me just before she jumped on top of me like a wannabe pro wrestler.

"You're gonna get it, Mr. Smart-Ass"! she said with her cute sarcasm as she continued to bounce up and down on me pretending to hit me with her elbow. I continued to lay on my back in the same position with my hands supporting the back of my head and did my best to keep looking as comfortable as I could, as if to say I didn't even feel anything she was doing.

"Yeah, let's get him!!!" Becca yelled, as she and Kristen joined in the fight.

"You're goin' down, man!" Kristen said as they all tackled me at once. I won't lie, I was loving it. Three hot girls jumping on top of me in a huge bed, I mean what guy wouldn't? They seemed to pause jumping on me for literally only a second, but it was enough time for me to look up and just catch the tail end of them all making eye contact with each other at the same time. They quickly continued "wrestling" with me and I was still laying on my back. Lindsey shifted a bit and straddled me while the other two on both sides of me each grabbed one of my arms which were still above my head as if they were trying to pin me down "for the count". And then, almost immediately after I felt and heard a "Clink.... Clink..." around my wrists. They all then stopped wrestling and sat up looking at me with huge smiles on their faces. They had handcuffed me to their bed with 2 sets of handcuffs that were apparently already attached at one end to the posts on their oak headboard. Now to this day I still don't believe that this is something they had planned, it was just spontaneous. I guess they had an inside joke with each other before the party had started, and they put the handcuffs in place and jokingly agreed that the first one of them to pass out on the bed during the party would get cuffed to the bed and stripped naked, and then get a guy to do anything he wanted with her. But it never would have happened either way since us 4 were the last ones up at the party and they all passed out at just about the same time.

"We got you now, Funnybones!" Becca yelled as she shook her head side to side like girls do when they talk smack. (Funnybones was a comedy club near the campus)

Lindsey's eyes looked up and to the left as she recalled all of my clever little puns aimed in her general direction. She looked so hot as she placed her index finger on her chin and said,

"Hmm. What are we gonna do..." with her pigtails flopping around as she moved her head in contemplation.

Kristen got a text message on her cell phone, and she looked up sharply at Becca motioning for her to join her outside of the room. They both quickly skipped outside the door like a couple of high schoolers, but they still looked so cute with their girlish mannerisms.

Now what surprised me from that point on was how decisive all the girls were, no matter what it was. Lindsey having me all to herself, said

"Looks like it's just you and me for a few minutes" as she raised her eyebrows as if I should be anticipating something. Without hesitation, she tried to yank off my boxers. I almost got defensive at first because I didn't expect it, but just laughed while making it as difficult as possible to get them off. She responded,

"Fine, stay there." And then walked over to her desk and got some scissors. Very matter-of-factly, she told me not to move and without even pausing cut my boxers right off of me! It surprised the hell out of me. So there I was wearing just my t-shirt and handcuffed helplessly to the giant bed. I tried not to, but I couldn't control my body getting aroused as my dick stood up to a full salute before she even touched me. She grabbed it and started stroking it ever so gently. Very slowly, up and down she went, as she continued to repeat,

"Awwww. What's wrong? .....Does that feel good?" as she looked at me smiling and raising one eyebrow.

"Ahhhh. That's feels good, huh... Awww. Who's the helpless little baby now?"

She continued stoking my "second brain" ever so slowly, but despite that it turned me on so much. I was throbbing so hard, and even though I had never experienced anything quite like this, the fact that they had so skillfully restrained me aroused me all the more.

When Lindsey heard the sound of the door opening, she quickly stopped what she was doing as if to hide it from Kristen and Becca. As they re-entered the room, they saw that Lindsey had taken my boxers off.

"Nice!" Kristen said with approval. They both slowly approached me staring me down,

"Now where were we? Oh yeah... It's time for Funnybones to be the brunt of his own jokes." They all laughed, and I was trying my best to be as light-hearted and gracious as they had been the night before, when I was with the majority and they were the minority. Now the tables were turned and since I actually liked being around these girls, I sucked it up and just kept smiling and laughing right along with them. As Kristen got onto the bed, Becca did the same after she grabbed the bag of diapers they had purchased well ahead of time in preparation for the Halloween party. She held the bag right in front of me and pointed at the front of it,

"Attends, Only the best" as her finger moved along the words on the package as she read them. I had previously suspected they that's what they might do as soon as they handcuffed me, but what I wasn't prepared for is how incredibly aroused I was by the fact that I was helpless and about to possibly be put into a diaper that would actually fit me. I was hoping that they were just taunting me as Lindsey pulled out a diaper and began to open it up. My heart was pounding and my dick was throbbing so hard.

"Ooooh, looks like somebody is liking this". I have to admit, I was embarrassed and even felt my face turning red as I could feel the warmth of the blood rushing to my cheeks.

"Alright, let's do this girls!" Said Lindsey. Kristen and Becca promptly grabbed my ankles just like they did my arms and picked my feet up into the air as Lindsey slid the already-powdered diaper underneath me. After setting my butt back down on the bed, they still held grip onto my ankles as they pulled my legs apart while I futilely resisted. As soon as Lindsey pulled the diaper up in between my legs, they immediately let go of my ankles and sprung to both sides of me and quickly began securing the diaper on me with the tapes. It all happened so incredibly fast, and I couldn't believe that within such a short moment they had successfully put a diaper on me with such ease. Two out of the three of them were in school for nursing, so maybe that's part of what made them seem so experienced at what they had just done to me.

So there I was, still somewhat in shock that I was handcuffed to a bed with three hot girls sitting all around me who had just forced me into a diaper. But what shocked me even more is how incredibly turned on it made me. I hadn't worn a diaper since I was like 2, so this wasn't anything I had previously been aroused by. But I was throbbing so hard, and the diaper was so soft in between my legs and the padding seemed to hug all the way around my dick. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Kristen and Becca casually started having a conversation about something that had happened at the party while Lindsey just rubbed my chest and said,

"Aww, poor baby" with her cute little smirk and looking so hot with her one eyebrow raised. I just smiled, and even though my heart was pounding I was trying to hide it. Then all I did was shift my weight around a little bit to re-situate myself into a more comfortable position. As I did, I unintentionally squeezed my legs together as I moved. The padding in the diaper just felt so incredibly good, and to my surprise out of nowhere I could feel my dick starting to tense up a little bit, and as hard as I tried to make it stop, it just felt so good and I couldn't. Little by little, it kept tensing up as it slowly charged for the orgasm in which I had no control to make it stop. Now normally I've always welcomed an orgasm with open arms, but not this time. It's weird when you are trying so hard to prevent it from happening. It's then that you realize how helpless you really are when something is turning you on beyond your control. I did indeed feel like a helpless little toddler trying not to wet his diaper but couldn't help it. My dick had tensed up to its maximum potential and I squeezed my legs together as hard as I could to prevent any of the girls to see or hear my penis spasming like a wild animal inside the diaper I was wearing. Tensed up more than ever, I pushed my legs together tighter than ever as I felt that brief moment in the beginning of an orgasm that your penis relaxes to fill up with cum before it is forcefully ejected. Kristen and Becca continued their conversation while Lindsey continued to rub my chest saying,

"Awww, poor, poor baby's all wrapped up in a diaper". I had absolutely no control over my body and I tried my best to hide what was happening as I had no choice but to pump loads of cum into the soft absorbent part of the diaper between my legs. It felt so incredibly good.

I have to be honest, to this day I'm not sure if Lindsey knows that the diaper made me cum, but she never said anything. I'm guessing maybe she did, but I'm still too embarrassed to ask her. Shortly after my dick was finished emptying itself, Kristen and Becca finished their conversation and then turned their attention back to Lindsey and I.

"I think maybe we've gotten our paybacks by now, don't you think girls?" , said Lindsey They both agreed and chuckled.

"I hope you've learned your lesson, Funnybones!"

"Sure, sure" I said as I laughed rolling my eyes trying to play it off like it wasn't a big deal. Becca looked at me and asked,

"So should we be nice and take your diaper off for you before we let you go?"

I had no choice but to say no and keep it on unless I wanted them all to know I was wearing a diaper soaked with my cum. I tried to cover up for it,

"Naw, I'll show you how good of a sport I am and keep it on for a bit more.", thinking that I'd just get up and take it off in the bathroom before I left and stick it in the same garbage they used to discard the diapers they had peed in overnight.

"Alright, well at least I'll put the jeans I yanked off you last night back on you. It's the least I can do after destroying these!" as she held up what was left of my cut up boxers. She slid my jeans back on over my diaper and zipped and buttoned them up just as Becca grabbed the key which had been just out of my reach and unlocked the handcuffs and set me free. Kristen smiled and gave me a hug saying her goodbyes before she jumped into the bathroom to take a shower. So much for getting the diaper off! I had to walk all the way back to my dorm room wearing it, with people occasionally walking by me in the opposite direction. I pulled out my mini ipod and put in my headphones with no music playing, and pretended to sing along with a song that wasn't playing in order to cover up the sound of crinkling between my legs. I finally made it back to my dorm room at about 12:30pm. My roommates were still crashed at the frat house, so I promptly took off my diaper and buried it into the bottom of the garbage can in the kitchen. I mean, who wants to dig through a kitchen garbage, I thought. I laid down on my bed and replayed the morning in my head over and over and over. I still think about it a lot, and I'm definitely into wearing diapers now when circumstances allow me to. As far as Kristen Becca and Lindsey, we've never really talked about it much although we do hang out a lot now, especially this semester. Every once in a great while they'll make reference to it, but for the most part I no longer pick on them and they don't pick on me.

So that's the story of how I became a diaper lover. And like I said, everything here happened to me exactly as I described, except that I changed the names of the girls. Who knows, maybe they'll end up here on this very web page looking at this story knowing it's about them, but if that happens, it means they're diaper lovers like me and it won't matter. I just don't want them putting their names all together in a search engine and having this story come up in the search results! But I'll definitely never forget that morning, I still think about it a lot. I wish so much now that it could happen again, but I basically don't have the guts to try to make it happen, especially now that we're all good friends. But I'll settle for the memory. I'm guessing that the amount of times this will replay in my head, it'll be my most vivid memory when I'm 85 years old. Who knows. But what I do know is that this experience is in fact something that changed me forever.

Maybe something like this will happen to you too. Hey, you never know.

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