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This is a work of fiction. It is based upon the show Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is does not involve children in any way, and is in no way intended for profit. Character names, technical names, and situations are copyrighted material of universal pictures.

Chapter 1

Ensign Sonia Gomez walked down the corridor of deck 16 towards her quarters. She nodded in greeting to her shiftmates and deck neighbors as she passed them in the hall, but her mind was elsewhere. She had been waiting impatiently all day for her shift to end, and her mind had not been on her work all day.

Her commanding officer, Geordi LaForge, had even pulled her off to the side to ask if anything was wrong. She had assured him that nothing was wrong, and that she would concentrate harder on recalibrating the coolant injectors. - 'Sir' Ensign Gomez arrived at her door and walked through, lock- ing the door behind her hastily. After double checking the door to make sure it was locked, she walked over to her bed and stre- tched out to relax and think.

The night before, Ensign Gomez had a very strange dream.

The dream had left her feeling slightly embarassed, but at the same time gave her a very warm sensual feeling that left her feeling horny all day.

She had dreamt that she was with Ensign Parker, her work- mate. In her dream, she was in his quarters, and while she was there talking to him about an engineering problem, she had begun to wet and mess her uniform. She didn't know why she did it, it just seemed like the right thing to do (as in every other dream she had in the past, no matter how strange it seemed in normal waking life, any happening in a dream seems appropriate). Standing there, wondering what she should do next, her dream changed and she was standing in front of her workmate in only a diaper.

Thinking no more about it, the two ship's engineers concluded thier discussion, (as if setting up a poker get-together)and Gomez left, walking out into the corridor of the ship in only a wet and poopy diaper.

The apathy for her diapered state continued even out into corridor. She remembered walking back to her quarters, she could even feel the hot load in the seat of her diaper being shifted around and could even smell it, but it seemed like the most natural thing in the universe. She didn't remember reach- ing her door, but was in her quarters a second later, sitting in a large version of a playpen that she had once seen in the ship's nursery. She could feel the mess in her diaper squish up between her legs, and she enjoyed the feeling of such un- bridled freedom, it was the biggest sexual turn on she had ever experienced in her life. She sucked on her thumb to satisfy the sucking instinct in her dream enhanced toddler section of her mind.

She awoke with a start, and took her thumb out of her mouth.

Rolling over on her back, she took a breath to order the alarm off, and discovered with a gasp, that the realistic feeling of the dream was directly linked to the fact that she had wet her bed and had deposited a mess in her panties sometime during the night, which was now forging a warm soft path through the arch of her legs. After a moment of gaped mouth shock, she thought of a way to hide what she did.

She scrunched her nose up at the smell, but paused a moment to wiggle her butt in the warm soft paste. It felt good, but despite the shame she felt for doing such a bizzare thing, she was really getting off, and took another few minutes to satisfy herself.

When she was finished, Gomez took off her nightshirt and slipped into the sonic shower to clean herself off, thank good- ness the sonic waves took away any and all odors.

After clean- ing up, she took the soiled panties and threw them into the waste disintegration unit. She then went to her bed, and took the sheet off. The sheet was made of a soft, but waterproof material, which was good for the beds sake.

Apparently, star- fleet had anticipated bed wetters. She tossed the sheet into the waste unit along with her panties, and requested more bed sheets from her room's replicator unit.

She had spent her whole shift with diapers on her mind rather than her work, and now that she had two days of free time, she wanted to try them again.

Getting up from the bed, she walked over to the replicator.

"Computer" The computer replied with a chirp.

"Diaper please.

The kind used by the ship's nursery will do, the largest size available." She still used courtesy when addressing the computer system, and was often kidded for it.

"Acknowledged" Came the polite, monotone voice.

A moment went by, and one of the standard diapers used in the nursery swirled into exsistance on the replicator pad. For sanitation purposes, the Enterprise used disposable diapers, which after four hundred years, were basically the same as the kind invented and used in the late twentieth century.

Ensign Gomez lifted the diaper off the replicator pad and looked at it with wonder. She rubbed the plastic covering of the diaper between her hands, and her heart began to beat a little faster with sexual anticipation. unfolding it slowly, as if to muffle the crinkling sound of the diaper in her sound- proof quarters, she put it to her nose and inhaled slowly. It smelled wonderful, and sparked a vague memory the small for- gotten corner of her mind which held her very early childhood.

She inspected the disposable garment for a few moments longer, and came to the realization that it was too small for her. She tossed the diaper into the waste disintegrator where it flashed into subatomic particles.

"Computer" She said with a slightly shaky voice. Replicate the same kind of diaper you just gave me, but this time, increase thickness by ten percent and increase size to fit my specific measurements." The person- al information of every crewmember on board the ship was stored in the main computer for a variety of reasons.

"Acknowledged" Replied the computer. Molecular particles swirled on the replicator pad, and materialized into a large disposable diaper that was thicker, and big enough to fit the new adult baby crew member.

Gomez picked the diaper up and looked at it, mouth hanging loosely.

"Wooooow." She whispered. She unfolded the diaper and rubbed the inside material with her fingers. She then stretched the inner wetness barriers and the leg gathers, and sniffed deeply at the lovely scent wafting up to her nose.

"Computer." A chirp issued forth.

"Save this diaper design to file: Gomez, delta, three two one point one."

"Acknowledged." Came the crisp reply. Sonia walked back to her bed and tossed the diaper onto it. Looking around again nervously, she unbuttoned her uniform and stripped down to nothing. She lay down on the bed and picked the diaper up again.

Unfolding it, she lifted her butt off the bed and put the back end of the diaper under her, then lay back down.

Pulling the front of the diaper up between her spread legs, she took a moment to enjoy the wonderful thickness. It made her wet with excitement.

Grinding her hips slowly, she pushed her butt farther into diaper and rubbed her wet hole through the plastic and paper thickness. She didn't know why this new found activity turned her on so much, but it was the most pleasant feeling she had ever experienced, and soon rubbed herself to a moaning, bed vibrating climax.

When she was sufficiently satisfied, she lay there sweating, and breathing deeply. When she managed to catch her breath, she began to notice that she was getting cold, and finished diaper- ing herself. She pulled the diaper snugly between her legs, and used the two large tapes to fasten it.

Sitting up first, Sonia bounced up and down slightly.

She felt like she was wearing-and sitting on-a pillow at the same time. It felt awesome.

She stood up and walked over to her full length mirror, and stood there a while, and looked at herself. Turning around she rubbed her hands over her thickly padded butt, and squeezed the material in her fingers. She could feel the diaper pushing her legs apart and rubbing against the backs of her legs, and loved every second of it.

Getting enough of her own reflection, she remembered that it was cold and walked over to get a night shirt. she slipped the shirt on and looked around the room, thinking of something to do. Getting a sudden idea, she walked back over to the food replicator.

"Give me apple juice in a twenty ounce baby bottle.

Make the apple juice five degrees centigrade, and make the nipple proportional to the size of the bottle please." The baby bottle filled with juice constructed materialized on the pad.

She put the nipple in her mouth and tilted the bottle up, suck- ing the sweet juice out of the large container.

She got an even better idea.

"Computer." The chirp sounded as she put the bottle down for a moment.

"I need a footed slee- per, nursery issue. Increase the size of the garment to fit my measurements, also make it pink. She said, smiling.

The pink sleeper materialized in the machine and she picked it up, letting it unfold, the feet dragging on the floor. She turned it around and giggled to herself at it's cuteness.

She stepped into the large sleeper, usually made for the infants and toddlers on board the ship, and got goosebumps on her arms as the soft material warmed her skin. She looked at herself in the mirror again and smiled at the image that re- flected back at her. She rubbed her padded butt, and wiggled it side to side childishly. She looked very cute.

She stood there for a few more minutes, looking at herself and enjoying herself thouroughly. With all the fun she was having, she didn't notice until now that her bladder was full.

her heart raced at the thought of what she was about to do. If anybody caught her, it would be the end of her life, to her anyway. Actually, the worst that would probably happen would be that she would be requested to pay a much needed visit to Councelor Troi.

She felt so naughty. Could she even do it? She wondered to herself. Standing with her legs slightly apart, she gave a few small pushes, and after a couple of seconds felt her bladder relax, releasing it's contents.

The diaper began to soak up her not-so-accidental accident, but because of the size and thickness, a wetting of this size was only a fraction of what it could actually hold. When she was finished, she put her hands between her legs, and could feel a small warm spot, as well as the warm wetness in her diaper pushing against her crotch. She rubbed herself with renewed arousal.

Looking at herself again in the mirror from different angles, she replicated more diapers for herself, a dozen in all, using her saved file. She hid the diapers in her closet, and ordered a steak for dinner (cut up into small bite sized baby pieces) with veggies and chocolate pudding for dessert. She would work out later.

She finished eating, and putting the dirty dishes into the recycler, she wet herself again standing in the middle of the room. It was easier to do once she had gotten over the mental blocks. She remembered her big baby bottle, and grabing that, walked over to her bed, her puffy butt swaying side to side as she walked.

"Computer. Reduce lights eighty percent please. The lights dimmed and she crawled into bed, pulling the covers over her.

She wanted to watch a video, and used a little known trick that Geordi LaForge had taught her. Remembering something she had seen once in the nursery she spoke up.


Give me a holographic viewscreen. Access file: television, twentieth century, children, sesame street. Deactivate hologram if I fall asleep, and wake me up at 06:00 hours please.

"Specify episode." Requested the computer.

"Any will do. Make it random." She replied.

A holographaphic video screen popped into existance a few meters in front of her face. Sonia Gomez sucked on her bottle, watched the ancient children's show, and enjoyed being a diapered baby girl.


Ensign Gomez woke up happy. She had been dreaming about diapers again. This time, she dreamt that she was two years old, and that she was in her childhood home on Earth.

She was toddling around her home, wearing only a diaper and a shirt and giggling loudly. Sonia smiled in the dark as she remembered the pleasant dream. Her mother had lovingly picked her up and carried her to her to her nursery, placed her on a changing table, and changed her diaper with doting care.

Sonia stretched the stiffness out of her muscles as the warm glow of her dream faded. She placed her hands between her legs to rub her diaper, which had gotten thicker since she went to sleep. She had woken up during the middle of the night feeling the need to empty her bladder. Which she did, and after a few hours of tossing and turning, her diaper was beginning to show signs of wear. Pulling the covers off, she got out of bed and walked over to her closet to get a new diaper.

On the way back to her bed, she felt her rectum suddenly fill up with the results of yesterdays breakfast, and had to squeeze her muscles tight to keep from pooping in her diaper.

Sonia stopped for a moment to wait for the spasm to die down, then untaped her diaper, letting it fall heavily to the floor. She started to head for the bathroom, but remembered the unused diaper in her hand. Sonia looked at the diaper in her hand, then looked at the bathroom unit, and back to the diaper again. A devious little smile formed on her face. She had to try it.

Letting the pressure subside, she got a towel to dry herself off, then walked back to her bed and lay down.

It was a little chilly she noted, so she requested the heat to be turned on.

"Computer. Increase heat to twenty degrees centigrade please. Also, deactivate wake up alarm for 06:00 hours."

"Acknowledged." Sonia felt another spasm, which prompted her to go faster.

Wiping the dampness off her inner thighs and bottom, she lifted her butt off the bed. The pressure in her rectum was growing stronger, and she quickened her pace.

Sonia unfolded the new diaper and placed it under her, then nestled her bottom into it's warm, cupping embrace.

Making sure everything was aligned correctly, she pulled the front of the diaper between her legs. Laying the wings flat against her stomache, she fastened the two large tapes in place, sealing herself in snugly. Making sure everything was tucked in nice and neat, she stood up.

Sonia stood facing the bed, legs spread slightly apart. She thought about what she was about to do, and how sick it would seem to anybody else, but her sexual curiousity urged her on.

Sonia held her breath, and relaxed her sphincter muscles.

For a moment, nothing happened. She stood there waiting, and decided to give a slight push, which was all that was needed. Letting her body take over, she gave no resistance as the firm load started to push itself out into her diaper.

Going slowly at first, the hot paste crept out, pushing her cheeks apart. Her heart began to beat faster as she felt the pressure in her bottom build, making the mess flow out a little faster. She could hear it quietly crackle and pop, as the back of her diaper began to bulge outwards, and could now smell herself. The bulge in the seat of her diaper suddenly grew larger as the poopy mess grew softer in texture, and flowed out in a rush, covering her bottom completely.

Sonia stood there, with her hand on her heart, which was beating rapidly with excitement. She couldn't believe what she had just done, it simply wasn't sane. But it felt wonderful.

She continued to stand there, enjoying the feeling of the hot, mud textured load being pushed against her butt.

Sonia put her hand on the seat of her diaper and felt the bulge that lay sealed behind it's protective layers.

Walking back over to the mirror, she could feel the mess shift around in her diaper. Reaching the mirror, she turned around to inspect her bottom and could easily see the bulge that poked outwards. Sonia smiled to herself in the mirror.

She felt so unhindered, so infantile.

Sonia grabbed her sleeper from the floor, where she had tossed it in the middle of the night when she became hot and removed it. She slipped it back on, and zipped it back up to the neck.

Realizing she was a bit hungry, she walked over to the replicator. She absolutely adored the feeling of the hot mess moving around in the seat of her diaper everytime she took a step. She requested buttered toast, mixed Terran fruit and coffee. After waiting for it to materialize, she picked her tray up and walked over to the eating table.

Sonia went to sit down, but stopped in mid squat.

Centering her butt in the middle of the cushion, she slow- ly sat down. She became aroused once again as the warm soft mass squished in between her legs and up her butt. She could feel the harder pieces moving around inside, like soft clay being forced through loose mud, tickling her bottom.

Forgetting her breakfast, she got up and walked back over to the bed.

Her diaper stuck to her backside like warm wet cement, but began to slowly peel away as she walked. Laying down on the bed, she reached down the front of her diaper, and found her pleasure spot.

After once again pleasuring herself, Sonia was feeling a little drowsy. She felt so warm and cozy in her poopy diaper and she soon drifted off.

Waking a few hours later, Sonia's diaper was now cold and cloying. Getting up to clean herself off, she felt the need to pee, and did so before taking her diaper off.

Smiling as she stepped into the sonic shower, she thought about how little her toilet unit would be used from now on.

Sonia let the sonic waves flow over her body, washing off the smeared mess off her bottom, and cleaning the rest of her body. As she stepped out of the shower, and rediapered herself, Sonia thought about designing her own holodeck Daddy program.

Yep, this weekend was definitely going to be fun.

Chapter 2

Ensign sonia Gomez poked her head cautiously out of the doorway to her quarters, and looked both ways down the corridor to see if anybody was around. Seeing that no one was in the general vicinity, she realized that she would look suspicious, not to mention ridiculous to anybody coming around the long curving bend. Straightening her uniform, she ran her fingers through her hair, and walked out of the room. Making sure everything was locked up, she made her way down the corridor towards turbolift four.

She continued to run her fingers through her dark brown hair nervously as she walked down the long curving hallway in the outer rim of the Enterprise saucer section. She usually noticed the colorful streaks of dust particles and the occasional star that rushed by the ship at many times the speed of light, but today she was nervous, anxious, and mind- ful of anybody she might come across.

Rationally, she realized that nobody could see through the layers of her bag to the disposable diapers and baby bottle hidden inside, but she kept imagining that everyone except her had suddenly acquired X-ray vision.

Sonia actually managed to reach the turbolift without passing any of her crewmates on the way, but as she turned the corner, she froze in her tracks. Ahead of her, walking into the turbolift, was Commander Worf, and First Officer Riker. Riker was laughing loudly at something Worf was telling him. The doors began to close, but as it did, the two senior officers noticed her standing there.

"Stop!" Shouted Riker to the computer. The doors reopened.

"Are you going our way Ensign?" Asked Riker.

"Err uhh..yes sir. Sorry sir." She stammered, walking into the lift.

"Bridge." Said Riker to the computer as the door closed once more.

"Deck fourteen please." Said Gomez politely. As the lift sprang into life, Riker and Worf resumed their conversation, While Sonia faced the closed hatch. She made sure she wasn't putting pressure on her bag, she didn't want to crinkle the plastic on her diapers, possibly giving away a clue to everyone within earshot to what was inside. Reaching her stop first, she stepped out of the lift and walked out into the nearly identical corridor.

Sonia exhaled the breath she had been holding in.

'This is crazy.' She thought to herself. She would have to doubly issue the lock command on the holodeck. She prayed silently that there would be no red alerts.

Sonia finally reached her destination, and walked up to the large, heavy twin doors of the holodeck. The doors parted upon her arrival and she walked inside, the doors closing once more behind her. Setting her bag down in a corner, she looked around at the room sized grid surrounding her.

"Computer." 'Chirp' "Run program Gomez, nursery, alpha, three, two, one.

The holodeck program, on which she had worked for hours the night before, sprang into virtual life around her with a hum of the holoprojectors.

She was standing in a large nursery. Not the kind for plants, but the kind for a baby. The nursery, as well as the whole virtual house, was almost an exact replica of her childhood home in Texas. Going from pictures, and basic memory of childhood, she had come close enough to tug at her own homesick heart strings, and she sighed, thinking of her parents who were a few hundred light years away.

The sun was shining through the open windows, and the warm pleasant scent of baby powder permeated the air.

Smiling to herself, and gazing in wonder at the giant furniture that surrounded her she glanced to her right, and saw the giant crib that stood there. The mattress alone was as high as her neck, and looking at the height of the bars, she would not be able to climb out unless released by her programmed holographic daddy.

She could of course end the program, but that would spoil all the fun.

Sonia shook herself out of her own thoughts, and went over to the bag that she came in with. Kneeling down, she unzipped it, and pulled out five of the adult sized disposable diapers she had created. She had thought about just using the holographic diapers in the program, but she wasn't sure how they would hold up to actual conditions. Better safe than sorry. Walking over the Large changing table, she put the stack of diapers on the head of the table, in the diaper cubby.

Walking back over to her bag, Sonia unbuttoned her uniform, and peeled herself out of it. Stopping half way to remove her shoes, she continued to strip until she was completely naked. Standing there in all her female sensuality, Sonia stretched lazily, and ran her fingers through her hair again - a habit that she had taken from childhood. The holodeck was slightly chilly, and her nipples wrinkled and hardened to firm points. Sonia pinched them gently and rolled them around between her fingers just cause it felt good. It was nice to occasionally shed her straight edged, straight laced life of 'Yes Sir's' and "No Sir's' that starfleet produced.

Putting her uniform and shoes away, she zipped the bag closed and kicked it under the crib. Turning around, she addressed the computer once more.

"Computer." 'Chirp' "What is the status of the security lock?" 'The security lock is engaged. Priority one security code required to bypass.' Replied the pleasant, monotone computer voice.

"Excellent." She said to herself.

"Computer." Again the computerized chirp.

"Proceed with program." After the hum of holoprojectors, she heard the sound of birds chirping outside the windows that were much too high for her to reach.

She stood there, enjoying the breeze on her naked skin, when a voice called her name from a different room.

"Sonia? Sonia honey, where are you?" Called an approaching fatherly voice. She could feel the vibration on the floor as her twelve foot tall holographic daddy came to give her a bath.

She didn't program in her real father. The thought of him seeing her like this, even if it wasn't real, made her uncomfortable. The face she had used for the giant man was her workmate, (whom she had a crush on) Chief petty officer Craig Parker. The thought of him changing her diaper excited her. She was going to enjoy this a great deal, she thought to herself smiling, and squeezing her legs together.

Her holo-daddy entered the room and smiled down at Sonia.

She looked up at him, and had to crane her neck to do so.

Seeing life as a young toddler would, the man was enormous.

Standing next to him, her head would only reach to the pockets of his pants. If it were a real person, it would be a very frightening sight, but Sonia had enabled the safety protocols.

The computer would disable any part of the program that was a danger to her.

"There you are sweety." Said the hologram.

"Where have you been hiding, hmmm?" Smiling, he reached down and rustled her hair.

"Lets get you into the bathroom before you have an accident on the carpet huh?" Her daddy lifted her off the ground, and Sonia gasped slightly. She knew that she would be safe, but it startled her anyway. She lay completely naked in his arms, and enjoyed the ride to the bathtub. Being carried around wasn't so bad.

'I could get used to this.' She thought, snuggling up to the simulated warmth of her daddy.

When they walked into the warm humid room, her daddy put her down and checked the temperature of the water with the back of his hand. Apparently finding it to be satisfactory, he picked her up again, this time under the arms, and placed her gently into the soapy, bubbly water.

It had been a long time since Sonia had taken an actual water bath, either real or holographic. The ship was equipped with sonic showers that removed all dirt, oils and odor from the skin much more efficiently than water and soap.

But despite the holographic nature of the water, it still felt heavenly on her skin.

Her daddy began to wash her arms, back, and neck, while she began to play with a bath toy that had floated in front of her.

After a while in the bath, in which he washed her entire body, he took her out of the water, which was growing cold by this point, and placed her on her feet. Wrapping a thick warm towel around her, he picked her up again, and brought her back to her room. Her daddy tickled her neck and talked baby talk to her.

While en route to the nursery, Sonia realized her bladder was full. What would a year and a half year old little girl do in this situation? Smiling to herself, Sonia relaxed her bladder muscles, and began to wet the towel. The computer generated daddy, after a moment, detected the wetness and reacted.

"Oh sonia!" He laughed.

"Couldn't you have waited until I got a diaper on you?" He asked her, still chuckling to himself.

"You're the cutest thing in the world, did you know that?" He asked her, tickling her neck again.

Reaching the nursery, Sonia's daddy lay her down gently on the changing table, took the wet towel away, and dried her off with a new one. When she was dry, he powdered her bottom, and between her legs. Grabbing a diaper from the diaper cubby at the head of the table, he lifted her legs, placed the back side of the diaper under her bottom, and placed her back down.

"You're not going to get me again." He joked.

"I'll bet you can't wait for mommy to get home so you can pee on her too." Smiling and whistling a lullaby tune, her daddy finished putting her diaper on, and proceeded to slip her into the pink footed sleeper she had replicated yesterday.

Sonia just laid back and enjoyed the whole thing immensely.

She loved the feeling of being diapered by her sexy co-worker, even if it was only a computer generated illusion. The feel of the thick disposable diaper between her legs was making her horny, she would have to take care of that at nap time.

Sonia had programmed the computerized scenario to the be as close to real life as possible, which meant that whatever she said was detected as infantile babble by the computer.

"Uhhh, Craig, I'm getting a little hungry." She said to the hologram.

"You want your baba, sweetie?" He replied.

"Let daddy get you dressed first, then we'll go down to the kitchen."

"I didn't say thirsty Craig, I said 'hungry." Replied Sonia.

"Hmmm. Ok, no baba?" He asked as he took her arm gently and pushed it into the sleeve of her sleeper.

"How about some fruit and crackers until mommy gets home and makes dinner, ok?"

"Sure. No problem." She said. To the computer, Sonia had said 'Mommy? Dinnah?' "Yes, mommy will be home soon." Said her daddy lovingly as he zipped her up snugly.

"There. All finished. My shirt is safe once again." He joked as he lifted her from the changing table.

Sonia held on to her daddy's neck and rested her head on his shoulder. 'Damn this is nice.' She thought to herself as she let herself be carried to the kitchen area of the simulation while her daddy hummed softly to her.


Sonia Woke from a nightmare. She had been dreaming about the first Borg encounter back when she first arrived on the ship.

In reality she had escaped any encounters with the assimilation minded automatons, but in her dreams she wasn't so lucky.

Stripped of all her identity, and unable to control the involuntary bodily movements made at the command of the Borg collective, her mind screamed for release. Just when she thought she would go insane from the personal invasion, she awoke with a start, and sighed the biggest sigh of relief she had ever breathed.

At first, she couldn't remember where she was. Only when she noticed the sunlight, and the diaper wrapped around her bottom, did everything come back to her. A few hours earlier, her daddy had put her in her crib for a nap. Welcoming the much needed rest, Sonia drifted quickly off to sleep. Waking once during that time to empty her bladder, she fell back to sleep enjoying the warm wet patch between her legs.

Laying there, enjoying the rest and relaxation, Sonia suddenly felt the strong need to poop. Squeezing tight at first, Sonia remembered that she was a baby in this holographic world and such inhibitions were unnecessary. Relaxing her muscles totally, Sonia let the hot bulge poke out and fill her pants. Expanding to fill the small tight space between Sonia's bottom and her diaper, the warm soft mess spread out and engulfed her butt cheeks, making the plastic on her diaper crinkle from shifting flow inside.

Sonia purred in ecstasy, and rubbed her legs together.

Beside sex, Sonia had never before experienced such a turn on in her life. Sitting up, she propped her back up against the crib bars behind her and let the mess squish up between her legs and up the back of her diaper. She shifted to a different position to prevent the mess from being pushed out the back of her diaper onto her sleeper. Unzipping herself, she stuck her hand down the front of her diaper and began to rub her erect clit bet- ween her forefinger and thumb.

After almost spasming a few muscles in the biggest, most intense, body vibrating orgasm she had ever encountered - even bigger than the one yesterday - she lay back down and breathed heavily, as she enjoyed the warm glow that remained after her climax. The poop that squished around in her diaper still felt wonderful, but she decided, with an small chuckle, that it was time for a change in her life. Grabbing the bars of her crib, Sonia pulled herself up to a standing position. She absolutely loved the fact that the top of the bars came up to her nose.

"Umm, Craig!? Helooo!" She called out. To her daddy, it would sound like crying. She didn't have to wait long, as her loving, attentive daddy came walking into the room.

"You bellowed?" He said with a smile. Her real father had always had a funny wit about him, which was her favorite quality about him, and programmed it into her computerized daddy. Walking towards her crib, he got about three feet before scrunching up his nose.

"Whew. Somebody's pants are full." Sonia smiled and blushed. She realized the man standing before her was no more than programmed, solidified transporter energy, but reacted as she would if her co-worker had discovered her wearing a poopy diaper. She felt naughty, which re-awakened her arousal.

"let's go, little miss poopy pants." Said her daddy as he lifted her out of the crib. The mess in her diaper shifted around some more as her bottom rested on his fore arm.

Carrying her across the room, he placed her gently on her back on top of the changing table.

Laying her head to the side, Sonia sucked her thumb as her daddy unbuttoned the crotch of her sleeper, and pulled the tapes off her diaper. Pulling the front of her diaper down, he discovered the little prize that she had left him.

"Wooo weee!" He said, smiling.

"What has your mommy been feeding you?" Sonia lay there enjoying her life as a baby as her daddy lovingly wiped her clean with a wet baby wipe the size of her torso. It was a little cold at first, and she cringed at the cold wet feeling. Once her bottom was completely cleaned, her daddy dried her off with a hand towel, reaching into every crack and crevice he could find. As he turned away to get some baby powder, Sonia fingered her glistening wet hole.

One day, she thought, when she wasn't in the mood for diapers, she would have to program a normal sized Craig parker. Well, normal in 'height', she thought to herself.

Sonia stopped what she was doing as her daddy walked back over to the changing table. Lifting her legs up into the air, he sprinkled her bottom with the cool, baby scented powder.

With the quickness of an experienced daddy, he unfolded the diaper, placed it under her butt, pulled it up between her legs, and had her taped in snugly in no time flat.

"There." He said, standing back and admiring his adept diaper changing skills.

"All cocked and ready for the next load." Chuckling to himself, he buttoned her sleeper closed again and lifted her up in his arms.

"You know, your mommy will be home any minute, lets go downstairs and wait for her ok sweety?" He said to her as he picked up a bottle full of juice from the dresser by the nursery's doorway.

Sonia popped the nipple into her mouth and sucked happily as her daddy carried her downstairs. Sonia had another whole night reserved in the Holodeck, and smiled to herself as she wet her diaper and thought about her return next weekend.

Chapter 3

Sonia Gomez had never before felt as happy and free as she did at that moment. Stepping out on to the deck of her vacation home wearing only a T-shirt a diaper, and sneakers, she soaked in the afternoon sun like a sponge.

She had been waiting for this three month vacation for as many months previously, and now that she was here, she had satisfied her need to strip off her starfleet uniform and get back to her inner baby. She had been waiting since before beam down to go to the bathroom, but held out until she was home and could slip into something a little more disposable.

Since she was miles away from the nearest person, she was unconcerned about the way she was dressed. The coyotes and snakes that inhabited these wilds would pay her no mind.

Holding on to the wooden railing of her deck, she stood with her legs spread, and relaxed all her muscles.

Sonia slipped into heaven as her bladder emptied it's contents into the thick padding between her legs. As the warm, wet spot caressed her skin and spread through the fibers of her diaper, a large, firm mess began to peek out from between her butt cheeks. Like cake icing from a pastry bag, the poop was pushed out of her body into the cupping embrace of her diaper, making space for itself as it spread out to cover her bottom with it's hot touch.

Only when her staged accident ended did she open her eyes.

Her heart was hammering at the insides of her chest with sexual excitement. No matter how many times she did it, pooping in her pants always gave her this reaction.

She decided that it would be nice to take a small walk, and explore her surroundings. First, going back inside, she slipped on some Ryythrian cotton shorts - one of the many items she came across during various shore leaves and space station stops. She decided not to change her diaper first before leaving, she could always have her holographic mommy or daddy change it later. Looking at herself in the full length mirror in the living room, she turned around and ran her hands over her padded butt. One could definitely see the diapers underneath. 'Good,' she thought to herself with a smile. She liked the idea of maybe getting caught wearing diapers by some wandering neighbor, provided that he was male, and cute.

Going back outside, she more waddled than walked down the short flight of steps down to the ground and began her walk.

Fifteen minutes later, she found herself at a small group of trees, and walking through them, discovered a small field of grass with a stream running through it. She could no longer hear the crinkle of her diaper as she walked up to the stream.

She could see small fish swimming around the algae covered rocks and pebbles around the bottom and wished she had brought some bread crumbs with her. Finding some dry, flat rocks near the edge, Sonia sat down with her feet dangling over the water, and smiled with delight as the mess in her diaper was forced to flow between her legs and up towards her back.

Laying back, she gazed up at the sky and let the late afternoon warmth soak into her and fill her with it's nutrients. Being on a starship for most of the year, it was rare that she was able to enjoy a real sunny afternoon. There was always the holodeck, which could even provide the exact same light emitted from the sun, but it just wasn't the same.

Sonia closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the well used diaper that covered her bottom and forced her legs apart with a spongy bulk. She loved life more fully now. She had always been a happy, confident person, but as with most people, there was always some element that was missing. Diapers filled that niche perfectly. Almost like a vitamin, baby play enriched her life.

She was so content in fact, that she soon fell asleep.

Waking a few hours later, she was shocked to realize that it was now after dark. Sitting up with a start, she felt the now cold mess in her diaper squish around like cold paste.

It didn't feel so good now that it was cold and clammy.

Standing up, and brushing herself off, she set off back to the lights between the group of trees that was her home.


When sonia returned to her house, she closed the door and made sure the door was locked. In the twenty fourth century, crime had all but disappeared, but she was a small woman alone in the country and she did it out of instinct.

"Computer." The familiar chirp of response came from her home system.

"Lock all entrances to the house, including the windows. Also, activate the outside lighting system."

"Acknowledged." Came the crisp reply, which was followed by series of clicks from all over the house as her windows and doors were secured for the night. She could see through the transparent aluminum windows that the whole perimeter of her house was lit up like a stadium - it did a good job of keeping the wildlife at bay.

Remembering her cold, wet diaper, she grabbed a new, unused diaper from a stack, - one stack of many laying around the house for convenient use - tossed it on the floor next to her feet and lay down on her back.

"Computer." 'Chirp' "Run the EMH program. Attach file gomez, mommy, alpha, one."

"Acknowledged." Since she didn't have the luxury of having a personal doctor or nanny on hand, her home, as with everyone else's home on the planet, was equipped with an emergency medical holographic unit, which could serve as a doctor. More than adequate medical care until one was able to be transported to a more suitable medical facility. Being that her profession was engineering, it was simple work to make a few modifications to the programming.

The figure of a woman shimmered into existence in front of her with a hum of holo projectors.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." Said the holographic woman politely. Sonia had been unable to alter that portion of the program.

"I need my diaper changed please." Sonia replied. She blushed, even though she knew the woman standing in front of her was not real.

"Sure sweetie." Said the woman, now smiling, Her doting, motherly programming had now kicked in.

"Did you poop in your diaper, little girl?" She asked adoringly.

"Let mommy get you all nice and clean." Sonia watched as the woman walked to her bedroom and came back with a package of the large baby wipes that she had replicated, a container of baby powder, lotion, and a baby bottle full of grape juice. Sonia was able to wet her diaper one last time before the woman sat down to begin changing her.

First giving Sonia her bottle, the woman pulled Sonia's shorts off, untaped her diaper, then pulled down the front to expose the smeared mess that clung to her bottom and the insides of her legs.

"well, somebody made a real mess in their pants." Said the woman as she opened the pack of baby wipes. Sonia continued to suck on her bottle as the woman - made stronger by the enhancement of technology - grabbed Sonia's ankles, and lifted her butt off the floor. Wiping her bottom with her diaper, the woman rolled up the corrupted garment and taped it into a neat, enclosed ball to be thrown into the waste disintegrator later.

The woman raised Sonia's butt off the floor again and wiped it clean with one of the large baby wipes. Sonia winced as the cold wipe touched her skin, and the hologram noticed it.

"I'm sorry, baby. Was that cold?" She asked, with genuine concern, 'It's ok, proceed." Replied Sonia, and the woman accepted this with a nod of her head as she continued with her work.

Once Sonia was completely wiped clean, the woman dried her off with a hand towel. Grabbing the new diaper, the woman unfolded it, raised Sonia's butt off the floor one last time, slid it under her, and returned her bottom to it's original spot.

Making sure everything was aligned correctly, the woman grabbed the front wings of Sonia's diaper, and laying them down flat on Sonia's stomach, brought the back wings forward and taped her in snugly.

Sonia squeezed her legs together slightly and became aroused by the thick padding that pushed them apart and covered her bottom like a waterproof tarp. She lifted her legs into the air and rubbed her hands over her bottom. Satisfied that it had been put on correctly, she dismissed the holographic baby sitter.

"That will be all, thank you."

"Always happy to assist. Please call me again for your next diaper change."

"I will. Thank you." Replied Sonia, but the hologram was already shimmering out of existence. Now that she had a fresh diaper on, she felt new and recharged. She stood up and looked around the room for something to do. She realized that she was hungry, and decided to actually cook something for herself rather than replicate a ready-made dish as she would normally do on the Enterprise. Granted she would have to replicate the raw ingredients, unless she walked to the small grocery center four miles away in town, but she was content to make due with what she had.

As she began cooking, she noted that it was too quiet in the house and requested some music. Despite the fact that she was feeling very babyish, she skipped the usual lullaby's that she played in her quarters on the ship and chose a classical piece.

As the music started, Sonia wet her diaper as she chopped a potato. Humming to herself contentedly, Sonia thought about what she could do for the next three months.

Sonia almost cut herself as an idea suddenly popped into her head.

"Yes!" She said out loud.

"I have to try." Walking away from the cutting board, her meal forgotten for the moment, she summoned the EMH again.

"Computer." 'Chirp' "Activate the EMH program." Once again the holo-doctor shimmered into existence.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." Said the woman. Sonia thought a moment about what she could say to the hologram.

"I need you to render me temporarily incontinent." She chose direct route. The woman looked at her curiously.

"Is that necessary?" Asked the woman. Since she was a starfleet medical program, she was hardcoded with certain restrictions against harming any living being. No matter how hard one might try, that programming could not be altered.

Detecting possible harm to Sonia, the hologram's programming reacted protectively. If it decided not to perform the procedure, Sonia would be quite helpless to persuade the computer to do otherwise. Thinking fast, Sonia came back with a reply.

"Err, I'm ugh, I'm doing research for a diaper company. Being that it is a product designed to assist in the life of incontinent people, And I feel that the most efficient means of gathering data on the subject would be to have the same lack of bowel, and bladder control." The holographic woman seemed to think about it for a moment.

"That is acceptable. And I can indeed provide you with the desired procedure. It will require that I paralyze the sphincter muscles with a phased nerve disruptor. It is, as you request, temporary, so the procedure will have to be repeated every thirty six hours. It is quite painless."

"Excellent!" Said Sonia with a clap of her hands.

Finally She would be able to feel what a real baby feels everyday.

Pooping and peeing in their diapers with no control over the process at all. The thought excited her and she was anxious to get underway.

"Well let's do it then!" She said, smiling to the holographic woman.

"As you wish." She replied. The woman looked down at her hands as a small black box waved into existence there.

Flipping the switch on, she requested that Sonia lay on the floor. Doing as she was told, sonia lay down on her back, and spread her legs as the woman untaped her diaper.

Letting the front of the diaper fall to the floor, she exposed Sonia's pink genitals.

She ran the head of the small black box over Sonia's bladder and Sonia felt something inside her loosen. The woman then lifted Sonia's butt off the floor and one more used the small device, but this time, the woman inserted the head of the instrument between Sonia's butt cheeks before activating it.

Feeling the same loosening in her anus, she smiled.

Replacing Sonia's bottom to the floor again, she switched off the machine.

"There. All finished. It is a good thing that you will be well diapered. You are now incontinent, and when the time comes for your body to void itself of liquid and solid waste, you will be completely helpless to halt this process. Is this satisfactory?" Asked the woman.

"Yes it is, thank you very much." Replied Sonia. The woman pulled Sonia's diaper back into place and taped her back up.

"I suggest that you replicate waterproof sheets for your bed tonight. In the unlikely event that your diaper leaks, the added protection will be helpful." Suggested the hologram as she checked to make sure Sonia's diaper was secure.

"Thank you, I think I'll do that." Said Sonia.

"That will be all, thanks again." The woman just nodded before she shimmered, and vanished.

Sitting up, Sonia had her first encounter with the total loss of bladder control. Pushed down by the pressure of her internal organs, Sonia's bladder emptied it's contents, now without the hindrance of a locking muscle, into Sonia's diaper.

She attempted to clamp down, experimenting with her new lack of ability, but to no avail. The muscles in her body that were responsible for keeping her Starfleet uniform dry and poop free while on duty, had ceased to function, and she sat there in amazement as she continued to wet her diaper at the whim of her own body.

The feeling excited her a great deal, and she became instantly wet with sexual arousal. She would take care of that at bedtime. For now, she was enjoying herself too much being a little baby girl. Sighing with content, Sonia stood up and walked back to the kitchen to resume her meal preparation.

Not thinking about the future at all, Sonia didn't stop to think that by the time she stopped using the muscle paralyzer, her muscles would have long been atrophied, and would be completely useless, which would seal her into a life of diapers until she was able to potty train her self again.

But that wouldn't be discovered until it was too late, and since ignorance is bliss, Sonia hummed happily to herself as she returned to her vegetable chopping.

"Thiiiiis is gonna beeeee a - fun vaca-tiooooon" Sonia sang out loud to the air, using a carrot as a fake microphone.

Wetting herself again, and surprising herself with the sudden uncontrolled flow, she swung her diapered bottom back and forth as she prepared dinner.

Chapter 4

The first thing that Sonia smelled that morning was herself.

Moving her right leg slightly up, then down again, she felt the large, mushy load that pushed against her bottom, and flowed ever so slowly between the thin space between her diaper and butt cheeks. She hadn't remembered putting it there while she slept, but it was a welcome, if not familiar feeling.

Ever since she had arrived back on the ship for her nine month service tour, she had spent every off-duty second in a diaper. In fact, the only reason she had used her toilet that one time two days previous, was because she had to flush some hair that she had pulled out of her hairbrush. She hated hairy brushes.

She caught another whiff of herself, which prompted her into motion. The messy diaper felt good, but she had a weekend to spend, and she had no intention of wasting any time.

"Computer." 'Chirp' "EMH program, please."

"Acknowledged." The air in front of Sonia's bed shimmered like the heat waves coming off a hot roadway in the summertime, and filled itself with the holographic figure of her emergency medical holographic unit - AKA, her diaper changer.

With a little programming slight of hand, she had been able to slightly alter the system's programming, to where it accepted the pre- sence of Sonia's diaper's as a normal occurrence, and changed them for her as if it were a normal, everyday medical proceed- ure, Without this programming, it would see Sonia's action as abnormal, and not proceed.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." Said the female hologram politely. Sonia had been unable to alter this part of the programming, since it was a priority system, and could not be touched without the device notifying the senior medical staff.

"I pooped in my diaper." Replied Sonia, with a cute smile.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it." She added.

"It is quite alright. It is a completely normal bodily function." Said the holo-changer. She started to walk towards Sonia's closet, where she kept all her diaper's and baby supplies.

"Just stay there, and I'll go get a new diaper." She said before disappearing around the corner. She returned a moment later holding a new diaper in her hand, and a bag with a handle on it that contained the baby powder, and diaper rash ointment.

The holographic woman gently took her time cleaning up Sonia's dirty bottom. During the course of the night, Sonia's messy accident had crept up her back, and had almost leaked out the top of her diaper, into her footed sleeper. The Woman had to push Sonia's knees all the way back to her boobs to get it completely cleaned off.

After drying her off, and applying the anti-diaper rash defenses, the woman slipped another diaper under Sonia's bottom, pulled the front up between her legs, and taped her in snugly.

Sonia rubbed her hands over the thick padding between her legs. She loved the feel of a fresh, new diaper. It was the best feeling in the whole universe as far as she was concerned.

Granted, there was a lot to bed said about peeing, and pooping in them too, but a diaper change was always a fresh, new start.

Sonia was no longer incontinent. Over the second half of her three month vacation, she had realized that the nerve disruption treatments that she was undergoing to render her incontinent, had begun to make her muscles atroph, and she had to spend three weeks re-potty training herself for when she came back to active duty. She was, for the most part successful, but she still had to wear thin incontinent pads under her uniform due to the fact that she still had the occasional accident whenever she would sneeze, laugh, or cough. She no longer used the device on herself on duty, but she still enjoyed the diapers with every bit of excitement as ever.

Being that it was her weekend, Sonia had decided to spend two days in her nursery holodeck scenario. It was her favorite one.

After reading the news of Earth on her computer terminal, Sonia packed her things for her weekend holodeck fun.

Stripping her diaper off, and putting on her uniform, she made sure everything was put away, and slipped out of her room into the corridor headed for turbolift 4.


She arrived at the holodeck without incident. Not that any- thing would actually happen, but she was always paranoid every- time she carried a bag full of adult diapers through the hall ways of the Enterprise. Somebody was sure to stumble across them with some sort of advanced detection device and discover her dirty little secret.

Making sure the locking mechanism was in place, she started up the holodeck program.

"Computer," 'Chirp' "Run part one of program Gomez, nursery, alpha, three, two, one."

"Acknowledged." All around her, the glowing grid lines of the spacious room disappeared and in it's place, sprang to life a very large nursery constructed to fit a baby, and an adult that was five times larger than normal.

Sonia breathed in deep. She could smell the faint scent of baby powder, and jasmine as a cool breeze wafted into the room from the open window.

The feeling was nice, but she remembered that she was on a limited time frame, and shook herself out of her momentary trance. Stripping down to her birthday suit, she stuffed the stack of diapers that she had smuggled in into the slot under the table, and climbed up.

"Computer." 'Chirp' "Begin second part of the current program."

"Acknowledged." With the familiar sonic hum of holo projectors, a very large man shimmered into life, and stood beside the changing table.

Despite the man's size, he had a very gentle smile on his face as he looked down upon her.

"Hi there, little one." He said.

"We better get you in a diaper before you decide to spring a leak right here on the changing table." He continued to smile as he reached under the changing table, and pulled out a new diaper.

Unfolding the diaper, he lifted Sonia's knees back to her tummy, and slid the diaper under her. His grip was firm, and under normal circumstances, he could have possibly injured her ankles, but since the safety protocols were in place, anything that could be a danger to her was blocked.

Her simulated daddy whistled to himself as he pulled the front wings of Sonia's diaper up between her legs, and taped the bulky disposable garment closed securely so it wouldn't fall down when she was toddling around the holographic house.

"There. All finished." He said to her, as he stood back to get a look at the job he had done.

"All ready for the next load." he added as he reached down to pick her up.

As he lifted her into his arms, her very adult breasts pressed up against the top of her daddy's arm, which made her nipples wrinkle and perk up with sensual wave that swept through her.

The person that Sonia had simulated for her program was not actually her father, but rather a co-worker in engineering.

(who she had a long standing crush on) And no matter what she did, to the program, she was an eighteen month old baby girl, without an adult woman's body. She thought about what it meant that she had put the object of her sexual lust in the place of her father, but quickly dismissed any fears of mistaken incest- uous intent. It was just that she liked the idea of being treat- ed like a baby by her sexy co-worker.

Stopping on the way out of the room to put a shirt on her, they left the room and went into the kitchen of the artificial house.


On the bridge of the Enterprise, Captain Jean Luc Picard sat in his central chair in front of the large forward viewscreen and shared a funny story with Councilor Troi about one of her past experiences with the people of Gur Chandra IV, a race of humanoids who's dreams manifested themselves not only to the person having the dream, but also to anyone lucky, or unlucky enough to stumble across the being while it dreamt, in the form of very realistic scenarios.

"So we were walking down the main corridor of the Capitol building, when out of the chancellor's office comes the Prime Minister of their nation dressed only in a loincloth, and carrying a spear from one of the native tribes of the planet." The two senior officers laughed as Troi continued her story.

"He had dozed off in the office after lunch. You should have seen the look on the delegates faces. Then, from out of the blue-" >From the tactical station, where the Klingon Lieutenant Worf stood with tense combat readiness, came a sudden shrill alarm.

Standing up, and trying his best to interrupt Councilor Troi with all the politeness he could, Captain Picard requested a report.

"What is it, Worf?"

"Sir. I am detecting a Ferengi ship. It is on a collision course, bearing four eight nine mark eight. We will collide in less than thirty seconds."

"Shields up. Evasive maneuvers, go to yellow alert, and att- empt to hail the ship." Ordered the Captain. Worf's fingers raced over the flat console which issued a series of beeps and trills.

"Sir. They are responding to our hail." Reported Worf.

"On screen." Requested Picard as he turned around to look at the viewscreen The pinpoint stars that filled the viewscreen flickered off and was replaced by the wrinkled, orange face of a Ferengi Daimon, their equivalent to a captain.

"Why have you stopped us, Hu-man?" Asked the Ferengi Daimon, not attempting to hide his contempt. But the Captain was too well trained to be baited into instant anger.

"First of all, My name is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise." He paused a moment to take a habitual tug on his uniform coat.

"I don't know if you real- ize it, but you almost hit us. Don't you know that you were off the main trading route?"

"We are not bound by your Hu-man laws Captain." Said the Ferengi, still not divulging his name.

"Now if you will excuse us, we have important business to attend to." He concluded rudely, his face suddenly disappearing from the viewscreen to be replaced once again by the backdrop of stars.

And despite the curt Ferengi's protestations, Captain Picard did indeed have an obligation to detain the ship, and request orders from Starfleet.

"Worf, engage tractor beam." Said the Captain, thinking quickly, but Worf was quicker. Already anticipating his Cap- tain's orders (the sign of a good officer) and had already had the beam on it's way as soon as the order had been given.

The ship shuddered slightly as it latched on to the rogue Fer- engi vessel, then all together, the lights on the bridge went out, accompanied by the whine of deactivated systems all over the bridge.

"Sir, our shields are down."

"Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Worf. Pattern, Picard, alpha, two, one. Now." Said the Captain.

"Unable to comply sir." Replied the Klingon.

"Both impulse, and warp engines are off-line." Picard's brain, still working a line a minute, needed infor- mation on the situation to proceed, and needed it 'fast'. Tapp- ing his comm badge, he listened for the chirp, and called for his chief engineer.

"Mr. LaForge. What's going on down there?" Geordi's voice came back over the badge with his answer.

"Sir, we've been hit with a concentrated burst of tachyons.

They must have diagnostics on Federation vessels, cause they knew just where to hit us, we're going to be dead in the water for at least six hours. I'll keep you up-" The engineer didn't get to finish his sentence before the whole ship was shaken violently. The bridge crew, including the Captain and Councilor Troi, went flying over consoles and hand- rails.

"Tactical, report!" Called out Picard.

"Sir." Replied Worf, as soon as he was able to stand up and look at the sensor readouts.

"The Ferengi ship has hit us with two photon torpedoes, and are now retreating at warp factor nine. A typical maneuver for the cowardly, dishonorable Fer- engi." He added as a personal opinion.

"Later, Mr. Worf." Said the Captain, he would talk to Worf later about voicing his racial opinions on the bridge.

"For now, I need a full damage report, and new estimated time for repairs."

"Aye sir." Turning around, Picard looked for Deanna in the dark red glow of the emergency bridge lighting. Finding her, he helped her up and sat down with her at their central command chairs to wait for the ship's update.


Sonia had just about dozed completely off to sleep when she was violently shaken awake. Looking around in fright, she called out to the computer to ask what happened.

"Computer." She said, sitting up. When nothing happened, she tried again. A little louder this time.

"Computer." Still, nothing happened. Sonia kept her nerve. No need to panic, she thought. She was safe in the holodeck, the safety protocols were in place, and the shaking had stopped.

Apparently whatever had taken place was over now. She thought about digging out her comm badge and requesting help, but she remembered that it was her weekend, and unless directly ordered back on duty, she planned to stay out of the way. Besides, she didn't seem to be in any danger. She decided to wait it out.

The only thing was, she was stuck here in this scenario until whatever that had broken was fixed again. Good thing she had brought enough diapers to last her for three days if needed just in case she used more than she thought she would need. One thing that Starfleet always drilled into their officer's head was, 'be prepared'.

Now that she had been waken up, there was no way for her to go back to sleep, at least not for a while, so she called out for her daddy to come and take her out of the crib.

"Umm, Craig?" She called out the name of her oversized, simu- lated co-worker.

"I kinda want to get out now. If it's ok." Her daddy, detecting the call of his young, responded almost instantly. No matter what Sonia said, it was picked up as infantile babble by the computer. The set up of the program was such, that if it heard what it perceived to be a baby girl talking like an adult, her simulated daddy might react rather frightened.

"What is it sweety?" He inquired with his usual warm smile.

"Are you not sleepy anymore?" He asked as he pulled the back of her diaper out and looked in it to see if anything was inside.

He also placed the back of his hand on the plastic between her legs to see if it were wet.

"Well your pants aren't full, you must want to get out." Lifting her out of the crib, he held her in his arms like a real baby and brushed a few stray hairs out of her eyes.

Sonia had begun to get cold, and her daddy, seemingly read- ing her thoughts, carried her over to the nursery's closet and pulled out a pink footed sleeper.

"Let's get you into something a little warmer, ok?"


Geordi LaForge, chief engineer on board the Enterprise, looked at the information on the console in front of him one last time and shook his head in disappointment.

Tapping his comm badge, he called for the Captain.

'Picard here. What do you have for me, Geordi?' Came the electronic sounding response.

"Sir, the main command leads to the matter/anti matter mix chamber are totally burned out. We're going to have to replace them one by one until we're able to even run on impulse engines again, and the really bad news is there are two-thousand five hundred of them, so we're going to be here a while, I estimate thirty six hours, thirty if I have my entire crew work all the way through." 'Make it so, Mr. LaForge. We have to be out of here in at least that time if we're to make it to our rendezvous point with the Yorktown. I will also require an update every six hours. Picard out.' "Aye sir, understood." Replied Geordi, and switched off.

Sighing deeply, he thought about the long night shift ahead of him. Quickly shaking off his personal feelings about the sit- uation, he jumped into action, and called out for his second in command.

"Hey Miles! I need you to examine these specs while I begin preparing the intermix scan."


As the crew in engineering 'ignited the midnight petroleum', as Data would say, Sonia was busy being a little baby girl.

Earlier in the day, she had gotten hungry, but since she didn't have direct control over the holodeck simulation, all she could get to eat was what her holographic daddy decided to feed her.

She had eaten enough, but the mashed up beans and franks that were fed to her wouldn't have been her first choice of dinner.

She now found herself in a bathtub filled with warm water and thick, white bubbles. Around her floated the collection of bath toys that a toddler might have, but she ignored them since they didn't spark her interest.

She took advantage of the rare occasion of an actual water bath, and enjoyed being bathed completely from head to toe by her daddy.

"Why don't you take off those clothes and join me, Craig?" She asked seductively, as she ran her hands over her perky breasts, showing them off for the man. She knew that the pro- gram wouldn't respond in the way she would have liked, but she enjoyed teasing the computer.

"What was that, sweetie?" Asked her daddy, as he washed her back with a sponge. It felt heavenly, she thought, as she let herself be 'Pampered'. She chuckled to herself at the pun.

For the rest of the night, Sonia spent her time being held by her daddy and watching holo vids of old movies from the twentieth century from one of her favorite old Earth movie makers, a man named Walt Disney.

The holodeck program sun, with it's very realistic nature, had already set below the horizon, and her daddy took her out- side, on to the front lawn to look at the stars, just like he used to do when she was a little girl.

As she sat there in her forward looking pouch, legs dangling below her, she wet her diaper for the second time in the past ten minutes - she had drank three bottles since she had gotten out of the tub. She gazed up at the glittering stars and let the warm breeze of the Texas evening blow over her skin. The combination of the added wetness in her diaper and the wind gave her a pleasant chill that shook her whole body for an all too quick moment.

Pointing up at the stars, and speaking in his storytelling voice, her daddy named off the stars to her, and explained the different constellations to her and where they came from. Sonia, being a graduate of Starfleet academy, already knew all these things, but since there was nothing she could do about it anyway, she listened to him, and just enjoyed being a baby again.

A few moments later, her daddy stopped abruptly for a second, sniffed the air a couple of times, and looked down at a guilty looking Sonia.

"Why you little...." He said jokingly, running his hand over her head, and looking back up at the night sky.

"We'll change your poopy diaper in a few minutes, right now, I'd rather teach my little baby girl about the universe."

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