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The Story of Baby Alan

Part 1

It was a nice sunny day when both diaper dada an baby potty pants pincess jilly woke up from thier slumber in the crib they got only just a day ago, upon waking dada could smell the air it was smelling like sweet peed in diapers an baby powder he checked jillys diaper an it was very wet but to totally soaked an his diaper wet very wet but not totally soaked, of course dade had a stiffie in his diaper an baby jilly as feeling kind of randy so they both proceeded to do the one thing that made being in warm wet diapers even more fun they got thier blankies an put them between thier legs and rocked thier hips back an forth together, just the way dada had shoed her to do it, before long you could hear the moans an then all of a sudden the shivers as they both did it they came # 3 in thier diapers, mmmmmmmmmmmmm oh baby girl dat is so much fun isnt it?

Yes dada but me is hungwy

Otays baby girl we'll get some breakie lets go

So dada climbs out of d cwig an takes down the rails so he can help baby Jilly get out of da crib, and they both toddle off to da kitchen where the high chair waits, otay its your turn first baby girl dada says.

Otay dada says baby Jilly

once he has her in the chair he gives her a bottle(bock bock) full of juice

then gets her a bowl of oatmeal wif rasins an cinnamon and brown sugar but fist so she doesn't make too much of a mess he puts a big bib on her.

Now you habs to eat ups before you can habs any snacks otays baby girl

Otay Dada replies baby Jilly so she hungrily east her oatmeal as dada feeds it to her but as she eating she feels her tummy getting a bit rumbly she knows full well now that she can't hold it any longer so she tells dada.

Dada I habs to go potty poopies, well baby guirl dats why we wear diapers so we don't use da potty anymore otay So you can go ahead and an use your diaper otay

Otay dada, then she begins to concenrate an lift her bum up a lil in the high chair an grunts an pushes an then it comes a big warm mound of poo poo in her diaper an a whole lot of pee at the same time she noisly wet her already wet diaper.

Dada began to smile is my lil girl wet n messy? he asked Yes dada, Good girl well lets finish up breakie an we just might change you soon or watch a lil tv for a bits, oh can I watch tv it feels otay right now, otay baby girl!

So baby Jilly finsihed her breakie an dada washed her face with a face cloth an took the tray awaty from the high chair an helped her down an tokk her by the hand to the living room where she had a blanket out on da floor with teddies an toys, so you wanna watch cartonns baby girl? yes dada.

So dada tured on the tv to a the cartoon rugrats dat one dada dat one, otay baby girl.

Then dada went cback to the kitchen to get his breakie cold cereal an toast, however on the way there his tummy was rumbling an allm of a sudden a big lump appeared in the back of his diaper, oh dada baby jilly said you did it toos YAY now were bof wet n messy Giggles.

Yes we are an we'll have to get cleaned up after my breakie otays!

Otay Dada

So Dada Got his breakie and came back an sat down with his baby girl watching tv and ate his breakie with baby jilly nibbling on dada's toast an hunny ehehehe!

Now after the cartoon rug rast was over dada hd finsihed his breakie he said to baby jilly its time to get cleaned ups and a new diaper(nappy)on she ran away an giggled no hide an seek dada giggled Jilly, no baby its baf time, onwy if you can find me baby jillly said.

Babyalan Aka Diaper Dada

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