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The Story of Sandra

Part 1

Sandra closed the door to her dorm room and dropped her book bag on the floor. She flopped onto her bed and breathed a big sigh. Finals were finally over and she was free for the summer.

Boxes littered the room and all that was left intact was her bed and laptop, she was a bit of a computer geek and couldn't see any reason to unplug the thing before she was absolutely ready to leave on Sunday.

She sat up and checked the time on her cell phone; 3:15. She thought of what she was going to do with the rest of her day when the perfect idea hit her... Sarah stretched and yawned as she woke up. Flipping her cell phone open she again checked the time again, 8:30, a good five hour nap.

She started to climb out of bed and realized her pull-up was heavy and cold. Wet again, no surprise there. She wet most times she slept, and she had forgotten to use the bathroom before going to bed. She checked her sheets and was surprised to find them dry. Her pajamas, which she had worn to her last test, were a little damp around the edges of her diaper but not uncomfortable.

She cursed herself for having packed away her diapers already and briefly contemplated searching the boxes for them. She finally decided just to go without a diaper for a while, after all, she almost never had accidents during the day. She pulled off her pj's and diaper together and let them fall to her ankles. Stepping out of them she sat down at her computer and logged on.

She checked her e-mail first and found a new letter from Astrid, one of her floor mates.

"Hey kiddo, you up for a movie tonight? I have to get out of here for a while. I'm thinking around nine or so."

"Hmm, should have checked this earlier," she said to the empty room.

She went to her bedside table and got her cell phone. Opening the phone she hit the button for her friend.

"Hey kiddo, what's going on," came the answer on the other end.

"Hey darlin', you still up for that movie?"

"Heck yeah, just getting ready to leave, you ready?"

"I will be in a couple of minutes, I just need to put some clothes on," Sarah answered.

"Cool, I'll see you then."

Sarah hung up the phone and started going through boxes. She found a long skirt, a pink camisole, and a white zippered hoodie with a patch of Eeyore's face over the left breast, then started looking for a pair of panties. Before she found them she came across her bag of pull-ups. She thought about it and decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to wear one to the movie, after all it would certainly be easier than getting up in the middle of the flick to use the bathroom.

She pulled on her diaper and admired the Disney Princess design on the front of it. She reached down and felt the front of it, admiring the way it felt on her bare sex. She smiled happily to herself and finished dressing. Just as she finished tying her shoes there came a knock at the door.

She grabbed her purse and headed for the door. Opening it she saw her best friend waiting for her.

Astrid was the same age as Sandra, but you wouldn't know it to look at them. Sandra's 4'11" looked even smaller next to her nearly six foot tall friend. Her always untamed red hair and bright green eyes gave her the look of a faerie on the lookout for mischief. Astrid by contrast had long, strait black hair which on a less cheerful girl could have made her look very stern and hard.

Astrid laughed as her friend opened the door.

"Trying to get a youth ticket kiddo? You probably could looking like that," she teased.

"What, I like this outfit."

"Your hair sweetie, it's in pigtails."

Sandra had forgotten about her hair, she liked to keep it out of her face when she was taking tests, and had tied it back that morning.

"Oh jeez, I forgot," Sandra said reaching back to let her hair down.

"Naw, come on, I'm only playing. Leave 'em in, it's really cute and you never know, you might actually be able to get in as a kid."

Sandra blushed but left her hair as it was. Astrid always kidded her about how young she looked, but it was always in good fun and she did enjoy looking younger than she really was. At 19 she was still an A cup and not likely to get any bigger. Her bright green eyes and face full of freckles didn't exactly make her look like an old maid either.

She just rolled her eyes and closed the door as she joined her friend in the hallway. Locking the room up behind her they set off down the stairs into the main lounge area of the dorm.

"So is anyone else coming?" Sandra asked as the reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Nope, just us this time. I talked to Mark earlier, but he finished his tests yesterday and is flying out in the morning so he wanted to get some sleep tonight," Astrid answered.

"That's too bad, it would have been fun to see him one more time before next semester."

They left the dorms and stepped out into the warm Texas night. It never seemed to quite cool down here and Sandra was looking forward to getting back north for the summer. At least back home the nights were cool and she could wear her footie PJ's that she loved so much.

They walked out across the parking lot and eventually came to Astrid's Jeep. She drove a green Jeep Wrangler which she was quite in love with. She liked to think of herself as a gen-u-ine cowgirl, and as such hadn't seen the top to her Jeep since about an hour after she drove off the lot. They climbed in and headed for the theater.

"So Sandy," Astrid said as if she we talking to a little girl.

"You really want to try getting in as a kid?"

Sandra laughed at the idea, but more so from the fact that she knew she could pull it off. She also had to have a chuckle when she thought about her "panties" hidden under her skirt. Astrid knew that Sandra wet the bed on occasion and that she wore pull-ups as protection, but she had no idea that her friend wore them during the day and even less that she did so mostly because she enjoyed them.

"Yeah, why not 'sissy,' it'll be fun."

This time Astrid got to laugh. She had to admit she did enjoy hearing Sandra call her "sissy," she sounded so much like a little kid.

"Well I'll make you a deal, if you pull it off I'll pay for the tickets and drinks, you just have to get the popcorn."

"Really? Well I can't pass that up, you're on."

They pulled into the theater parking lot and found a space about halfway back, good fortune considering it was Friday night. Hopping out of the jeep Sandra felt her skirt catch on something. The skirt was long, but was still lifted high enough to expose her diaper. She quickly pulled the skirt free of the door catch and adjusted it back to normal. She gave a quick look around and didn't see the huge crowds of laughing people she had half expected.

She closed the door and saw Astrid looking at her with a smirk.

"I guess my 'sissy' is really getting into the part huh?"

Sandra felt her face go hot, and knew she was bright red. If anyone can blush, it's a redhead. She started to stammer out some excuse but was cut off by her friend.

"Don't worry about it kiddo, we're going to a movie, it's probably a good idea. And besides, if the ticket lady doesn't believe us that you are a kid I could always lift op your skirt, I think that would be proof enough right there." Astrid finished with a devilish grin as she walked around the jeep and tousled her friend's hair.

Sandra forced a half smile as her friend took her hand and began walking with her to the entrance of the theater.

They decided that if they were going to pull this off they would have to see a kid's movie. Sandra didn't mind at all, she loved the idea of getting to pretend to be a little girl and watching some cartoon. They decided on "Wall-E" as they had both wanted to see that one anyway.

They got in line and checked movie times, there was only about a 10 minute wait for the next showing, probably just enough time to get some drinks and popcorn. They reached the front of the line and Astrid stepped forward and spoke to the cashier, still holding Sandra's hand.

"Two for Wall-E please, one student and one youth," Astrid said, letting go of Sandra's hand long enough to pull out her wallet ("cowgirls don't carry purses" she always reminded her friends when they asked about her rather manly billfold).

She handed her ID to the cashier who took it and looked down at Sandra. The girl in the ticket window probably wasn't a day over 17 herself, but she looked at Sandra and smiled sweetly at the adorable little girl in front of her.

"That will be $12 even," She said warmly.

Without missing a beat Astrid handed over her card and paid for the tickets. Once the ticket girl had taken the card Astrid looked over to see a dumbfounded Sandra. Sandra knew she could pass for a kid, but she had figured it would take some acting on her part. As it turned out all she had to do was not actively try to prove she was 19!

She felt a tug on her hand and realized that Astrid had been trying to get her moving. They walked inside the lobby and headed for the snack bar.

"Well that was easier than I expected it to be," Astrid laughed.

"Yeah," Sandra agreed weakly, "maybe I should start wearing pant-suits and heels."

Astrid laughed and gave her friend a one armed hug around the shoulders.

"Ah, don't pout kiddo, you're adorable. Besides I don't think they make pant-suits that small."

Sandra gave Astrid a half-hearted punch on the arm, but couldn't help laughing as well. After all, she was pretty sure they really didn't make those sorts of clothes for women her size.

"I'll tell you what, I'll take care of all of our snacks, my treat." Astrid said smiling.

"Oh, you don't have to do that."

"It's okay, besides, little girls don't have credit cards," Astrid joked, pulling away as another of Sandra's punches narrowly missed her arm.

They got their snacks and drinks and headed for the theater, Astrid even got a box of candy for Sandra. When they reached the theater the previews had just started. Within about one second of the opening of the first trailer Sandra had stopped and was jumping up and down in place, nearly spilling her drink. The first preview had revealed that Pixar would be coming out with a third installment of the Toy Story series.

"Hey, you spill that and I am going to give you such a spanking young lady," Astrid said loud enough for the closest people to hear.

Sandra stopped her bouncing and looked at her friend. Astrid had a stern look on her face that made Sandra shrink back and really feel like a little girl. She could feel her face go red and was thankful for the low lighting in the theatre.

"Sorry sissy," she managed.

The two took their seats and settled in to watch the movie.

Astrid leaned in to whisper to her friend.

"Don't worry little one, I would wait till we got back to put you over my knee," she said smiling, "now be a good girl and drink your coke."

Sandra was embarrassed to be talked to that way by her friend in the middle of the movie theater, but at the same time she felt a tingle run through her. She really enjoyed acting like a little girl, after all she was wearing little girls training pants, and to have her best friend talk to her like a misbehaving child was both fun and a bit of a turn on.

The girls laughed together and even cuddled up together. They had been close since they first got to know each other at the start of the year and often cuddled and hugged, but this was somehow different for both of them. Astrid had her arm around Sandra and was gently stroking and petting her hair, loving the feeling of having her best friend as a little sister. Sandra for her part was feeling more and more like a little girl, and really enjoying the feeling of having her "sissy" there to cuddle with.

They both enjoyed the movie very much, and about halfway through Sandra made good use of her pull-up. By the end of the movie Astrid was squirming and made a quick dash to the bathroom after it was over.

Coming out of the bathroom she took Sandra's hand and headed for the parking lot.

"Maybe next time you should wear the diaper," Sandra said coyly to her friend.

"Maybe, but I don't think I can pass for an eleven year old," She said smiling down at her friend.

It was late now, and finally starting to get cold. She put an arm around Sandra's shoulder and held her close. Sandra smiled sweetly and put her arm around Astrid's waist, a bit of a stretch for her.

They climbed into the jeep and headed back to the campus. The ride to the dorms was a short one but by the time they arrived Sandra's diaper was feeling quite cold and uncomfortable. She had allowed herself to pee a bit more on the way, which helped with the cold, but she could feel the weight causing her diaper to sag a bit.

They got inside and went strait upstairs; no one was around to talk to in the lounge anyway.

"So, I had a lot of fun tonight, we should do that again some time," said Astrid.

"Really? Me too, it was kinda cool to get to pretend to be a kid," Sandra said, trying to hide how excited she really was. She didn't mind telling her friend that she had enjoyed it, but wasn't sure about telling her it was literally a dream come true.

"I would like that. So, little one, did you have an accident?" Astrid said smiling at her friend.

"Are you kidding? I was wet before the halfway point."

"Well," Astrid hesitated. She wanted to do more, but didn't want her friend to think she was too weird. She finally decided that as her friend was wearing a wet diaper, and dressed like a little kid, she didn't have too much to risk.

"Why don't we get you changed and tucked in?"

---End of Part 1---

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