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Stable Girl

Maxine a average 21 year old woman loved her job as a stable girl she had always loved horses and now she gets paid to look after them. she never really got on with her boss mr Andrews who was always criticising her work. One day she was late and he called her into his office late again are we young lady she looked at him and nodded sorry but my car wouldn't start he looked at her eyes that's the 8th time in 2 weeks im going to have to teach you a lesson she looked at him wondering what that ment and seen he had a horse crop in his hand no no no she said no way she went as white as a sheet.Mr Andrews grabbed her arm and said well its that or get sacked Maxine she knew she owed out £12.500 to the bank and could not afford to lose her job so she had no choice and agreed to take the punishment. Mr Andrews pulled her over the desk and lifted her skirt up he then removed her knickers ready he said as he went over and picked up the horse crop crack,crack,crack,crack every swing was getting harder and Maxine was starting to feel it more and more crack,crack,crack,crack she started fidgeting Mr Andrews stopped whipping her and walked over he got some rope and tied her hands behind her back then her legs to the desks legs right now ill start again crack,crack,crack, Maxine started to cry but his hits just got harder after 25 more whips to her red arse she was crying her eyes out. Mr Andrews untied her and said every time your late or I feel you work is not up scratch you will be punished and it will be anytime and anywhere that ill punish you understood she nodded and said yes.

The next day again she was late she knew she was in trouble as Mr Andrews stormed up to her he had a case with him and he said ok I said you would be punished every time your late she was in the middle of the yard and there were workers working he totally stripped her she was so embarrassed right bend over and touch your toes. He pulled out of the case a crop whip he gave her 25 fast and hard whips people were watching as she was crying and begging for him to stop he then pulled out a plastic sheet and put it on the floor ok lie down on there. Maxine did as she was told and from the case he pulled out an attends disposable nappy and some cream he then rubbed the cream on her red hot ass and around her vigina she was crying still even more now with the embarrassment of been treat like a baby.He then lifted her legs up and slid the nappy under her then taped the nappy up and said when your wet come to my office and he left.Maxine got dressed and was so embarrassed by dinner time she had wet her nappy and went to his office.

He pulled out a chair and sat down ok undress leave your nappy on and get over my lap so she did he unfastened the nappy and folded the back away from her bum he then started to give her a hand spanking smack,smack,smack he went on for 30 smacks she was crying he told her to stand up and go get on the desk she did and he put the wet nappy in a bag and went over to her he put more cream on her bum and vigina this time he started to rub her clit and he spread her legs wide apart she was crying more as he carried on rubbing it as she cum he put a nappy on her and told her to wait and stand in corner until home time then she is going to his house.

Part 1 - stable girl (spanking and diapering)

Part 2 - Mr Andrews house (spanking diapering and forced sex)

Part 3 - The dungeon (bondage, diapering , sex )

The set is avalible e mail [email protected] for more info

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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