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Stacie's Secret

Stacie was like the other girls her age, she was 19 years old with long flowing blond hair and honey tanned skin and 38 C breasts.. But she had two huge secrets on of which was her obsession with diapers. Oh how she wished that she could be diapered and treated like the baby she dreamed about. The second secret that Stacie had was that she had a girlfriend, her girlfriends name was Stephanie. Stephanie and Stacie met while in the drama club at their high school. At first their relationship started out just as friends.

But the more they got to know each other they become inseparable from each other. While Stephanie was over at Stacie's house after school Stacie told Stephanie about her secret about being babied and diapered. At first Stephanie didn't know what to say so about five mins went by and Stephanie said "I'll give it a shot" Stacie couldn't believe that her girlfriend that she loved more than life itself would baby her. Stacie hugged and kissed her girlfriend with much passion.

Stacie and Stephanie planned out Stacie's baby day. It was on a Saturday and Stephanie's parents would be out of town so Stacie could spend the weekend at her girlfriends house. During the week Stacie went out and bought the items she would needed baby oil, powder, diapers, and of course a pacifier.

Stacie arrived at her girlfriends house around 11am Saturday morning.

Dressed only in a sports bra and shorts Stephanie greeted her girlfriend at the door. They unloaded Stacie's car and proceeded in Stephanie's house.

Stephanie led her girlfriend up to her room and made her take off all her clothes. Stacie took off her shoes then her socks then her pants. Stacie continued to undress first her shirt came off then she removed her bra and let it fall to the floor. After this 19 year old was undressed her girlfriend led her to the bath where Stacie was put in a warm bubble bath.

While in the bath Stephanie shaved her girlfriend legs then removed all hair around her private area. After Stacie was all "clean" Stephanie led her now freshly shaven girlfriend back to her room where she laid out a diaper.

She ordered Stacie to lay down on the diaper just like any mother would do with a young girl. First Stacie's pussy was oiled then she was powdered, Stephanie then pulled the diaper up between Stacie's legs and taped it in place. Stephanie then looked at her girlfriend and said awwww baby Stacie is so cute. Stacie was loving the attention she was getting Stephanie helped her new baby up and got her dressed or the lack of. Stephanie put a purple shirt on Stacie the shirt was just small enough the it covered Stacie's tummy but not cover the diaper........... (to be cont)

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