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Summer Baby Sitter

Part 1

Cara and I both couldn't believe it when Mom and Dad said they'd be gone for the whole summer. They'd never even left us alone for the weekend before.

"We just feel like we need time to ourselves," Mom said. She and Dad had secretly saved up over the past two years enough money for them to travel through Europe .

"James," Mom looked at me.

"While we're gone you're in charge. We want you to Baby sit Cara as best you can." Cara glared at mom. She was only a year younger than me, she was 16, but mom and dad still acted like she was a baby sometimes, which was surprising because in many ways she was more mature than me.

"But Mom..." Cara started.

"No Cara. James is in charge. You do whatever he says," Mom said. Three days later I drove them to the airport and Cara and I had the house to ourselves.

That night Cara and I made dinner together. She boiled noodles while I put garlic bread in the oven.

"To bad there aren't any big parties happening this summer," she said.

"How do you know there won't be?" I asked.

"Well, usually only Tom Kline or Susan Fischman throws them," she said, "And Tom's in Costa Rica all summer, and Susan's parents found pot in her room, so she's grounded all summer. That means no big parties." Cara was right. 90% of the time, if there was a party during the summer one of those two threw it. My girlfriend Bri and I first got together at one of Susan's parties.

"We could throw a party," I said. Cara gave me a look that told me that was exactly what she wanted to hear. The rest of the night Cara stayed up in her room. I heard her sewing machine going most of the night. She made most of her own clothes, so this wasn't surprising. And she said she had something special to work on.

A week later we had the party. Cara was a grade beneath me so she said she would take care of inviting all of her friends and people in her class. I did the same with my own class. We moved all the valuables and breakables into our parent's bedroom and locked the door. Bri showed up earlier with a few of her friends. Bri was almost a foot shorter than me, but had a great body. Her hair was just neck length and dyed red. She had a dark tan even though the summer had just started. She kissed my cheek as she entered. Cara greeted Bri and her friends warmly. Since I'd started dating Bri, her and Cara had developed a close friendship. About ten minutes later several of my guy friends arrived. Most of them were single, and I was certain they envied what Bri and I had. After that more friends of mine, and other random people from my class kept coming in small droves. I didn't see any of Cara's friends come through the door, and I began to wonder if she had just had a fight with her clique, or if maybe people in her class just didn't like her. Neither Cara nor I were very popular. I was in marching band, and Cara just wasn't in anything, but we still each had our group of friends. I told Bri I thought something must have happened with Cara and her friends.

"It's okay," Bri said, "I'm sure nothing that's wrong. Why don't I get you another beer?" It wasn't really a question, Bri skipped off to the kitchen before I answered. But I was thirsty so it made me happy. After that the party became kind of a blur. All I remember was talking to Bri a bit more and a lot of bright flashes. The next morning I would find out what these were.

When I woke up the next day my throat was dry, my head was spinning, and my pants felt wet. I hadn't wet myself since I was four years old. Not even when drunk.

"He's finally awake!" I heard a female voice yell. The yelling echoed in my skull and felt like a hard metal slap to the head. I looked up and saw Bri standing over me. Then I realized I wasn't in my bed. I was in the old baby room. Mom and Dad had kept it just in case they ever decided to have another baby. It was painted pink and had fluffy pink and blue teddy bears as a border going around the walls. I was lying in Cara's old crib. And worst of all... I was wearing a very thick and wet diaper with a pink diaper cover over it. It had nursery prints on it, but oddly enough it seemed like it was made to fit someone my age. I was also wearing a short pink dress that had ruffled sleeves. Just as I was about to ask Bri why I was dressed like this, Cara walked in. She was dressed very maturely and was holding a bottle full of milk.

"Cara, what the hell's going on?" I said. She smiled coolly at me.

"I decided that maybe Mom was wrong," she said.

"Wrong about what?" I said.

"That maybe instead of you baby sitting me this summer. Maybe it would be more appropriate if I baby sat you." I was about to ask her why I should put up with this kind of humiliation when she handed me a bunch of photos. They were of the party last night.

"If you notice," she said, "Only your friends and people from your class are at the party. And in most of the pictures they show you holding a can of beer." Mom and dad had a strict no tolerance rule on alcohol. They said if we ever got caught even holding an unopened can of beer, we would be grounded for a year.

I was sitting up in the crib, and Bri gently pushed me so I would lay down. She took off my diaper while she said, "Cara told me about this plan to baby you all summer, and I just couldn't resist. I mean, look how adorable you are in your wet wittly diapers and cute pink baby dress." My cheeks went red as she began to clean my genitals and put a fresh diaper down. She apologized and said she had put a strong muscle relaxer in my beer last night. Cara came over and forced the bottle into my mouth. It tasted funny at first. Then I realized it wasn't milk. It was baby formula.

"This is going to be the best summer ever," Cara said with a giggle.

To be continued...

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