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Surprise Visitor

The knock at the door was a surprise, as I was not expecting anyone. Having a home office was an advantage in some ways, but the drawback was that people that knew you had a home office felt that meant they could drop by anytime of day to visit and such.

I ran down from the office and answered it - I was still in my pj's (cozy flannels that had little sheep on them) and my hair was in pigtails (one of those days you just don't feel like getting dressed). Pigtails were a way that I could inject a little AB feeling while working. I figured it was just one of my sisters or brothers stopping by. WRONG! How embarrassing, I had forgotten that I made an appointment for my pets veterinarian to come to the house and give them their shots and annual checkup. It did not help matters that this pet doctor standing at my door looked to be about the same age and was very, very good looking. I invited him in and apologized for the way I was dressed, explaining about having a home office and not having to dress for the corporate world. He said he understood and would get to the pets. I on the hand ran up to my bedroom and proceeded to quickly jump into my jeans and a t-shirt minus the panties and bra (I figured that my perky little tits would not be too detectable under the t-shirt as my home was nice and warm). I tucked them in and ran back down to help Peter (as he introduced himself and insisted I drop the Dr. bit).

I found him in the kitchen on the floor with one of the cats. He asked me to find the other cat and then round the dog up for him. He was looking at me in a funny way and seemed like he was fumbling with his tools quite a bit. As I walked past a mirror I got a glimpse of myself, oh man! I had forgot to remove my pigtails when I changed and with my t-shirt and jeans I looked a little girlish. I quickly removed the pigtails and left my hair down. I found the cat and was back to the kitchen with him to get seen by Peter. I got down on my knees and started helping Peter by holding the cat for him. He smelled so damn good, and he had wonder strong arms and large hands with long fingers. I got a zap through my system with the thoughts that were running through my system (not thinking about what that zap would do to my nipples). A couple of the times I looked up from the cat, Peter was looking at me. I finally asked why he kept looking at me, I could tell every time his eyes were on me. He then asked why I had removed my pigtails. I laughed and told him that they looked a little silly so I took them out. He looked me in the eyes and said he thought they looked really cute on me. That I looked like a little girl, but in grown up clothes. Damn! There go my tits again with the zap my system felt when he said that. He suggested that since my hair was hanging in the way, it might be easier to just put it up again. I started to pull it back into a single ponytail and he laughed and said he thought I might put it back into the pigtails. BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH - I can't believe he is saying this. He suggested that if I hold the cat, he can put the pigtails in for me so they are even looking. I told him it was no problem, but he insisted. I swear to God! I was so creaming my jeans while he was putting my hair in the pigtails. Done! He said as he looked at me and grinned.

When we finished with the pets, I offered him something to drink. He flatly turned it down saying he had another house call to make and did not want to be late, then he said he might stop by later for a rain check. When he left, I was putty for the rest of the day, I could not keep my mind on the work I had to do. I kept thinking of what he said just before leaving. He said that the pj's I had on earlier were adorable and that at first he thought I was a little girl coming to the door when he first arrived. My god! This guy is reading me like an open book I am thinking to myself. I decided to change back into my pj's after thinking about it. I felt much more comfy the rest of the day. About 3pm there was a knock on the door again. Great! Who is it now I was thinking to myself while headed downstairs. Holy cow, its Peter again! I opened the door for him and he just stood there and smiled at me. He said he was glad that I had changed back to my pj's, then he asked if I had done it just for him. NO! I did not I informed him. I did it to be comfortable and did not think I would have any visitors - blushing the entire time I am telling him this as I am lying through my teeth. He stepped in and had a couple bags with him. He said he brought some things with him that he thought I might like. He told me that he finished with his appointments for the day and thought he would stop by. He was kind enough to ask how the rest of my day looked. At that point, I could have had a meeting with the president, you think I am going to tell him anything other then, no, I don't have anything pressing for the rest of the day.

He said he really had to be honest with me about something and proceeded to say that I was just so adorable looking in my pj's and pigtails, that he figured I would like what he brought. He suggested that we go up to my bedroom. I started to protest, but before I knew it, he had scooped me up, sat on the stairs and he me over his lap and had delivered a couple of resounding slaps to my hyne. Out of fright and the pain of the spanking, I found myself crying. He turned me over and held me close to his chest and said he could tell from the moment I answered the door today that I had to have some connection to the AB life. He said that if he was wrong, that I should say something now and he will get up and leave and we would never have contact again or that I can accept that he figured me out and could play, as he loved being a daddy to adorable little girls. Of course, I said nothing at all, I just started whimpering again to get the attention from him. He told me to get up the stairs and into my room. I of course followed his order. He proceeded to remove the contents from the bag. A yellow and pink dress with matching ribbons for my hair and a bonnet of white lace. There were white tights and a pair of yellow rumba panties. He even had a pacifier for me to use. He pulled a pair of plastic panties out of the bag and then a box of adult disposable diapers. He saw my jaw drop. I think I even took a couple steps back when those came out. He told me to come over to him like a good little girl and he would get me dressed and ready for our time together as daddy and his little girl. He came over to me and pushed me over to the edge of the bed where before he sat me down he took off my pj bottoms. I think he was a tad surprised at the hairless lips that were now in front of him. He reached down and lightly touched my infantile looking crotch. He parted the lips and lightly ran his finger just inside them. He withdrew his fingers and said that I appeared to be wet and then proceeded to lick his fingers off and then dipped into me again and then said that baby should have a chance to taste the honey he was getting. Quite frankly, I had never tasted my own juices before and I have to say they were wonderful. He next started to remove my PJ top and then played with my breasts. He nibbled on each tit and then quickly reached for my crotch and forcefully slipped his finger in. I just about went through the ceiling. He then started to remove his own clothes and let me explore his body. He showed me that only adults have hair around their crotch. He sat on the edge of the bed and then set me on his lap facing him. He kissed me all over my neck and then went to my breasts and tortured them for a bit. Then without any warning he lifted me up and put me back down on his penis. I was so startled at how fast it happened and the force with which he entered me so deeply made me cry out. He just tenderly hugged me while pumping himself into me. I could hear the sound of our tummies and chests smacking the other and then everything just went quiet. It felt like we had both been ejected into space and even though I knew I was right there sitting on him with his penis so deep inside me, I felt like we were both miles away in space. Peter stood up with me still on him and then turned around and gently put me on the bed. He said he would dress his little girl for the rest of our time together. He took out a diaper and even though I had never been diapered while playing AB/little girl, I just did not have the energy to fight it. He gently lifted my legs up in the air and slipped a diaper under my bum, before setting my legs back down. He then fiddled with something and I could feel him spreading my legs apart. He said he was going to slip something on me, but to relax, he would take care of his little girl. I could feel something like a little panty being slid up each leg, then I felt something rubber like bump into my crotch. I tried sitting up to see what it was, but he just eased me back down again on the bed. I could feel him parting my sex with his fingers and then He gently pushed something into my love canal, it was so easy after he had made love to me, as I was very wet with our juices. This thing seemed to fill me up and it felt rather nice. Then I could feel him playing with the hood around my clit, he tugged on the item he pulled up my legs and then there was something pressed against my clit, very lightly though, almost like a whisper. I could hear him preparing something, and then heard a cap come off of something. I heard him put a glove on his hand and then he invaded my little back door with his finger and proceeded to spread lube all over it and then inside as well. I was squirming, but he said that if I continued to squirm, I would receive a spanking after he was done here that would make me cry for days. I quickly stopped. I heard him take the glove off and then could feel him parting my butt cheeks again and felt something at the opening of my anus. I could feel some pressure and then something was slipping inside of me. I had never had anything put up there; it felt so naughty. I was embarrassed as I felt that I had to relieve myself. He looked in my eyes and told me to relax and that he would be done in a minute. He said he was going to introduce me to something new today that I would want more of in the future. I asked him what it was and he said that he had just inserted a three-horned toy inside of my openings that would not let me forget it was there. I had forgotten about the diaper till I felt him pulling it up between my legs. He pulled it very snug and then taped it in place. He lifted my legs up in the air again and slid yet another diaper under me. I started to say something, but he shushed me and said that baby girls don't know how to talk, they just smile, giggle, coo and sometimes cry. He proceeded to snuggly fasten this diaper on me as well. He then put my legs in the plastic panties and pulled them up. They were snug over my very thick diapers. He patted my crotch and said I should be a very happy little girl to have such a nice daddy. He put the tights on me and then pulled the rumba panties on over the tights. He got me to my feet and pulled the dress over my head and fastened it in the back. He braided my hair into pigtails and tied the ribbons at the bottom of them and then gently put the bonnet on me and tied it under my chin. He told me that he was going to spend the night with his baby and that he would take care of me till he left the next morning. The rest of the day was wonderful. He led me around the house by the hand and hugged me and talked to me like a daddy would to his little girl and we even unburied some of my old childhood books and he read me stories from them. That day I learned of the excitement of wetting my diapers and being changed by my daddy. He finally released me from the toy he inserted in me only after I had experienced several more orgasms with it. At bedtime, he put me into fresh diapers and put cream and powder on my bum-bum and put me into thick diapers with plastic panties and my sheep pjs. He cuddled with me all night long and I awoke in his arms. He lovingly removed my plastic panties and diapers and make wild love to me. Afterwards he bathed me and then told me to get dressed in my big girls clothes. He said he wanted to take me to breakfast and learn more about his new little girl. The end.

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