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This is my 1st story posted in here, I wrote this story about 5 years ago and had it posted on my web site (BooBoo's Playpen) for a long time. I have read a lot of good stories on this site and hopefully mine will be one of those you will all consider good or at least decent, I am not a professional writer but I do enjoy sharing my fantasy stories.......hope you like this one, if so, I have numerous ideas involving other aspects of being diapered, regressed or just plain getting caught, but enough of all that, now for the story...........

Chapter I

I'm not sure how it all got started but I do know when and where. She was sitting on a barstool when our eyes met and from that very moment, something told me I just had to be with her, I learned a while later, she was thinking the exact same thing when she saw me.

We hit it off great together that 1st night, I guess I had only known her for about 6 weeks when she asked me to move in with her, we did stay at my apartment a couple of times so i was careful to make sure I hid all of my, ummmm, shall we say, supplies. I was somewhat reluctant at first due to her living arrangements, you see, she shared a house with her 2 sisters and their kids, but she convinced me that they could use the financial help I could bring to their household and since my living arrangements weren't ideal and I did like her a lot, I figured, hey, how bad could it be living with 3 good looking ladies and a housefull of babies, definitely a dream come true for me.

I guess I should mention that ever since I could remember I've had this fantasy of being treated like a baby, yes, the whole nine yards, diapers and all, and yes, even though I was moving into a housefull of mommies and babies, I realized I would have to maintain an adult persona. I mean, here I had met the perfect girl, God forbid she ever discover that I liked wearing diapers and being treated like a baby, I'm not sure I could handle the embarrassment and humility if that was to ever happen.

Needless to say and to make a long story short, I did move in as planned and everything was great. It was extremely hard for me to concentrate that 2nd night there when us four adults got together to discuss household bills and finances and the ladies got onto the topic of how expensive disposable diapers were.

I guess before I get into the story any more, I should introduce the three ladies of the house and their little rugrats. The youngest of the sisters was Teri, a dishwater blonde with crystal blue eyes, she was 23 with two little ones, Todd who was not quite 2 years old and Kimmie who was 6 months old. The middle sister was Dawn, a fiery redhead with a spunky look that would stop you in your tracks, she was 25 years old with 3 little ones, Heather, age 3, Matthew at 18 months and the youngest of the clan, Annie at just 3 months old.

I had the pleasure of being with the older of the 3 sisters, Sharon, sandy blonde hair, the bluest eyes you've ever seen and when she wrinkled her cute lil nose, OMG, she was so damn cute, at 26 years old she had the complexion of a teenager, so radiant and full of life. Sharon had been the only one of the three sisters that didn't get married or have any children, all three figured it was just as well since the two younger sisters both suffered from failed marriages and were left to raise the children on their own relying on each other for moral support.

When I heard them talk about their marriages it only made me become even more secretive about my fantasies of being a baby, all three ladies complained how they thought they were marrying men but ended up with deadbeat husbands who were no more responsible then their babies, and trustworthy was not a word to describe either of the previous husbands. I could just imagine what they would think if they knew of my fantasy, and me only being 24, 2 years younger then sharon, CAUTION was a word I would soon have to grow accustom too !!!!!

Anyway, back to that 2nd night and the financial meeting. Even though we had 4 incomes between us (I was working as a bouncer and part time bartender at the lounge whre Sharon was working as a cocktail waitress, Dawn was working full time at Wal-Mart and Teri was a nurses aide at the local nursing home ), we had all decided that we should attempt to have more cooked meals at home and a lot less carry out and fast food style meals.

We also discussed other numerous ways to save money, 1 in particular got my undivided attention, even though I was unable to comment on it as extensively as I would have liked to, the great discussion and debate on which to use, cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

As the three ladies debated back and forth (Sharon being the only one voting for cloth, mainly because she wasn't that involved with most of the diapering duties), it had become apparant to me that Sharon was indeed the domineering factor in this household. Sharon simply explained that in as much as we had 5 babies and toddlers still wearing diapers (Heather even at age 3 was still in diapers, she had completely regressed from her potty training due probably to the fact that the other four babies in diapers were recieving more attention then she was so as a matter of convienence, all 3 ladies had no problem with allowing her to stay in diapers for the time being, after all, what was 1 more baby in diapers in this household going to hurt)?

As Sharon stated, cloth was the only logical solution and she won her arguement when she quoted that we would be buying and changing an average of 328+ diapers a week and at a cost of more then $100.00 per week, I was just a tad bit shocked when Sharon asked me my opinion on the subject. When I tried to explain that I knew very little about this particular area of expertise, Sharon shrugged her shoulders and said, well, it is your money too so maybe you need to let us know how you feel about this?

Not wanting to give myself away or let on I was knowlegeable on this particular subject, I replied by asking a couple of questions (the answers I already knew), I commented to Teri and Dawn that I had heard cloth diapers were harder to handle and messier to deal with and wondered how they felt about the obviously numerous additional loads of laundry these cloth diapers would create, Teri jokingly replied by saying, the washing would be no problem as they all worked different shifts and could take turns with the laundry, as far as the changing and the messiness (she looked at me, wrinkled her nose and gave me a wink and giggled), Rob, you need to understand one basic rule in this house, EVERYONE HELPS CHANGE DIAPERS and has diaper duty, unless of course, you're in diapers, so Rob, which category would you prefer to be in?

Both Sharon and Dawn giggled at Teri's remark and I must have turned 20 shades of red, as much as I wanted to reply, the 2nd category, I blushingly said, OK, I get your drift, I'll help change diapers and decide for myself if cloth are indeed messier to deal with then disposables.

With that decided on, we all agreed to go with cloth diapers and the ladies began to make a list of the various supplies and sizes they would need of both cloth diapers and plastic babby pants. As I excused myself from the kitchen table and headed for the living room to watch a little t-v, Sharon gave me a lil love pat on my bottom, I heard all 3 laides giggle and awwww and as I left he room, I thought to myself.......THERE'S NO POSSIBLE WAY THEY COULD KNOW.............IS THERE??????????

to be continued........

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