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Chapter II

As time passed, we all got into a pretty normal routine, the ladies all worked and tended to the babies, I worked and tended to the yardwork, vehicles, etc., but pretty much steered clear of any diaper duties. It wasn't that I was not willing to help change diapers, it just seemed every time there was a diaper to change, the girls always seemed to find something else for me to do.

We were quite fortunate with Dawn working at Wal-Mart, she got employee discounts on almost everything we needed, including baby supplies which ended up being a lot more then i ever thought there would be, WOW, the different styles of cloth diapers today is absolutely amazing, and speaking of amazing, I was always amazed at how well Sharon was with the babies, for not having one of her own, she was incredible, almost as if she was programmed to take care of babies. She was so caring and gentle and OMG, when her and her sisters started talking baby-talk to the babies, it drove me wild, butttttt, I had to compose myself and keep up my adult persona, even though, it was driving me crazy.

I must admit that there was rarely a time when I could indulge myself in my infantile fantasy, but I never missed a chance, no matter how rare it was they came. When ever the girls planned an all day outing that didn't require my being with them, I took advantage of the time alone always being careful not to make any mistakes or leave any tell-tale signs behind.

One particular Saturday, the girls all decided to go shopping across town. Knowing they would be gone for at least 4 to 5 hours, I jumped at the chance for a little self babying. After patiently waiting for them to leave, and then waiting an extra 15 minutes, just to make sure they didn't double back because they may have forgotten something, I quickly started gathering everything I would need for my little regression adventure back into infancy. Obviously diapers were not a problem, not in this house, and if I folded them just right and used pre-folds for liners, they worked perfect for me. So I set out gathering all the supplies I would need, diapers, diaper pins, a baby bottle (plain milk, hated the taste of formula, YUCKYYYY), and last but not least, a plastic crib sheet with a big, absorbant baby blanket on top, for softness and, ummm, just in case? In my early days of infantilism, these were the only supplies I had access to (to actually have adult diapers, onesies and other adult size baby clothes, WOW, would have been awesome), but I loved it and felt so free and relaxed when I regressed, even if for only a short time. So there I was, diapered and sucking on a baby bottle and laying on a plastic sheet and baby blanket in our bedroom, it just didn't get any better then this, or did it? After about an hour of laying there in just a diaper, slowly nursing a baby bottle and watching t-v, I had a decision to make, I needed to go potty, should I use the bathroom or just go ahead and use my diaper, I knew I had plenty of time to take a shower and get everything cleaned up and since the opportunity came around so rarely, I figured, what the heck, BE A BABY ALL THE WAY. At first it was extremely difficult laying down and trying to wet my diapers, but eventually, it was the least of my problems. I had to go so bad that once I started I didn't think I would ever stop.....but, I did, and when I started to roll off the bed in what was now, one very soaked diaper, OMG, the sensation I got was incredible. I just layed there, slowly rubbing the front of my wet diaper, fantasizing about what it would be like if the girls all came home and saw me like this, then started talking baby-talk to me while they were teasing me about being such a BIG BABY, as they gathered up dry diapers, baby wipes and other needed supplies to change me......WOW !!!!!! <sighs> The time passed so quickly I hadn't even realized it, glancing up at the clock, I knew I had to quickly get cleaned up and get everything back to normal, but I couldn't believe how soaked my diaper was and even worse, how soaked the baby blanket I was laying on was. I could just toss the diapers in one of the diaper pails, they would never know, but the baby blanket, what to do with that, hmmmm? I quickly scrambled around and got everything, somewhat back to normal. I had tossed the baby blanket in with a pile of baby clothes waiting for the wash, I figured the girls would just think one of them put it there, the perfect hiding place, in plain sight. I must have only been out of the shower about 15 minutes when they all came walking back in from their shopping trip, all excited and mumbling something about a baby shower. When Sharon asked what I had been doing all day, I told her I had just gotten up from a nap and had taken a shower, she looked at me and kind of slyly said, NAP, HMMM, speaking of naps, the rest of these babies need one, then laughed and walked away.

I walked into the living room and started watching t-v while the girls were going thru all the goodies they had bought that day, suddenly, I heard Teri ask Dawn and Sharon, hey you guys, you should have told me we needed to wash diapers today, this one diaper pail is full, apparantly she was changing 2 year old Todd and noticed the diaper pail was a tad bit on the full side. As the girls scurried to gather everyting for the wash, Sharon yelled out, DANG IT YOU 2, I'VE TOLD YOU NOT TO PUT WET CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER (refering to the baby blanket I was thinking), when both Dawn and Teri replied they hadn't put it there, Sharon questioned me. I told her I had put it there and that I had used it as a floor mat in the bathroom for my shower. Sharon and the other 2 girls just looked at me kind of strange, then Sharon said, you must have been sopping wet when you got out of that shower, this baby blanket is soaked and it smells kind of funny too, I just shrugged my shoulders, nothing else was mentioned about that incident, well, at least not that day, it would however be brought up again a few weeks down the road, along with other various incidents that would require explaining and quick thinking on my part.

This time I was very close to getting caught, but there would be closer calls in the very near future, and yes.....A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO.......EVENTUALLY !!!!!!!!! <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_129965--><!-- THE POST -->

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