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Chapter III

Here we are, just 3 weeks away from Halloween, Sharon and I had been having some minor problems, pretty much stemming from my hanging out at the bar after work and drinking a little bit too much. I still worked and carried my end of the financial load, but my helping around the house had slowed down incredibly. It wasn't that I didn't want to help, it was just that my lifelong fantasy was turning more and more into an obsession now, what with all the baby care and baby-talk I was hearing and seeing on a daily basis, I knew it wasn't going to be easy being around it all the time, but WOW, I had no idea it would be this difficult.

Now please, don't misunderstand me, I realize this is not an excuse to negelct my adult obligations, but even my adult life had hit the skids, Sharon and I hadn't made love in nearly a month now, she blamed it on our differing hours, what with me not getting in until after 2 a.m. in the morning and Sharon having to be up early to watch the babies, and then working at the club herself in the evenings, we just didn't seem to be able to find time for each other, and as Sharon put it, the only time I seemed to want to have sex anymore was when I came home drunk, after 2 in the morning, needless to say, sex was not an option I would be allowed under these circumstances. Unfortunately, the less I was with Sharon, the bigger the urge I had to regress when I could got stronger. As time passed I either got bolder or more careless with hiding my secret fantasy (was this possibly a deep desire to be discovered, or caught). The girls would often question why they found baby powder in the garage, why they seemed to be going through more diapers then usual, why there were baby blankets or towels missing or always found wet or damp, where certain diaper pins were, why the sofa was damp a couple of times and Sharon even questioned me as to why our bed was wet once or twice, I told her I had spilled water or soda while watching t-v in our room. I was quite surprized that any of the girls would even notice such minor details such as the ones I mentioned, I mean, who would keep track of diapers, diaper pins and baby blankets? I soon discovered that not only did mommys keep track subconsiously of such details, but so did most women who lived in a household, trust me, there is nothing you can hide, nor anywhere you can hide anything that it will not be discovered eventually by a woman living with you.

As I stated at the beginning of this chapter, Halloween was only about 3 weeks away so our conversation drifted towards this years upcoming Halloween party. The girls were excited as usual, sometimes I think they are the bigger kids then the babies, but then, I guess I would have no room to talk there. Anyway, much to my surprize, the girls had a little bit different plans for Halloween this year. I was informed that they would not be going to the yearly party at the club, they were tired of the bar scene and needed to take a break from it, and that I also needed to take a break from the bar scene, for at least one night. I agreed with them not wanting to create any waves and then asked them what they had planned instead? Dawn told me that a very dear and close friend of theirs was expecting a baby soon and they all thought it would be nice to combine a Halloween party with a baby shower, and that the girls all wanted me to, sort of, cater the party/shower and help where ever I could. At first I thought, NO WAY, but then again, WOW, WHY NOT, all I had to do was help with the food, serve drinks and could just hang around and watch all these ladies and their hot girlfriends talk about nothing but babies and baby stuff, SURRRRRE, I'LL HELLLLLP YOU !!!!!! That's when Teri popped up and said, they all had to make sure the invitations stated, Costumes Only and she went on babbling about how she was going to come dressed as a pediatrics nurse and how it would be ideal for a baby shower, Sharon and Dawn both laughed. I really didn't see the humor in it, since Teri was a nurses aide anyway, she'd just wear her normal work uniform I figured. Dawn said she was coming as a teenage babysitter so she could help the new mommy with her baby, I did think that was kind of cute, Dawn looked young enough to make that believable, but I was wondering, what baby, did their friend already have the baby? Sharon didn't say anything about her costume but did mention her and the girls had mine all picked out, I just laughed and looked at Sharon, smiled and kidded, no problem hun, I'll be happy to come as a topless bartender, just for you!!!!! Sharon looked at the girls (and I think she winked at them), then looked at me and said, HUN, you are halfway right about your costume, YOU WILL BE TOPLESS, then she and the girls all started laughing, I sort of laughed along with them, thinking, WOW, topless and in a room full of girls at a baby shower/costume party, this is going to be great. I HAD NO IDEA JUST HOW GREAT IT WAS REALLY GOING TO BE, NOR HOW EMBARRASSING?

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