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Chapter 4

The days seemed to pass slowly as we headed for the big Halloween week-end festivities. I had commented to Sharon how I might not be able to help them with their baby shower/Halloween party as it was to fall on a Saturday night and I would probably be working at the club that night, she just laughed and said, Nice try Rob, but I already cleared it for both of us to be off, not only that night, but that entire weekend, so you best re-adjust your way of thinking and plan on keeping your promise to help out.

With just a week and a half to go for the party/shower, the girls had asked me if I wanted to go shopping with them, since I hadn't had much opportunity to baby myself lately, I declined, telling them I had some work to do around the house and since it was my night off from the club, I wanted to get it done. Sharon gave me a quick kiss on the cheek with a little pat on my butt and said, don't work so hard baby, after all, it is your day off and even you need a little playtime. With this said, she winked at me and the clan headed out the door, hopped into Teri's van and were headed down the street as I waved goodbye to them. Knowing they would be gone for a couple of hours at least, I did not hesitate to gather all I would need for a couple of solid hours of babying, I would just have to be more careful this time then I had been the past few times, that last incident with the wet baby blanket was much too close to getting me humiliated and totally busted. I quickly gathered 2 adult disposable diapers (Attends which I had purchased a couple days ago and had hidden in the trunk of my car), I definitely did not want to repeat the closeness of getting busted with the babys diapers, now that I realized they actually kept close track on how many diapers they used from week to week. I then grabbed a single, thick, nursery print baby blanket, diaper pins (the little blue bunny diaper pins), baby powder and baby fresh vaseline, along with the 2 disposables, it was time to (pardon the pun), GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.

Now before I get on with the story, I think I should explain the baby blanket since I have adult disposable diapers. I use the baby blanket as a designer diaper cover by pinning it on over the double disposable diapers after putting numerous slits in the bottom disposable, for better absorbancy into the outer disposable diaper, a generous splotching of baby fresh vaseline (feels so awesome when you make a messy diaper, just squishes the mess everywhere and anywhere), a healthy amount of baby powder to make you smell like a baby not to mention that when you first mess your diaper, that combined with the baby powder smell is totally exhillarating, and then just a couple of slits in the outer disposable, just so the thick baby blanket diaper cover gets a little damp on the bottom. Not only does this look infantile but the soft cotton feel of the baby blanket when I rub my hands over it is simply amazing, and when my bottom is just barely damp, WOW, THE FEEL WHEN I PAT MY BOTTOM IS ECSTATIC, that conbined with the bulkiness of the 2 disposables, WOW, what more can I say other then...WOW! So there I was, all padded up and raring to go, I just stood there admiring my babyness and infantile look in the mirror, wearing a very thick diaper with a cute nursery print diaper cover and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that barely covered my belly, let alone the diaper, definitely looking like a mischievious toddler, no doubt. I waddled into the living room and started flicking thru the channels on the t-v, and lo, and behold, I came across one of my most favorite movies of all time playing on HBO, "Baby Geniuses". Contented and excited to be watching this movie, I grabbed a baby bottle, filled it with apple juice and proceded to get comfy in front of the t-v. Knowing it wouldn't be long until I was wetting my diaper, I just kicked back and let it happen, I noticed it was getting easier to do the more I did it, thinking to myself and giggling, I wondered if someone could un-potty-train themselves? As the movie played on (which by the way, I had every part memorized, in and including when and how to properly use the term "Diaper Gravy"), I eventually felt my diaper getting wet, this caused me to rub the front of my diaper, ever so lightly, not wanting to get too aroused too quickly, there would be plenty of time for that, but it did feel awesome. Now I have in the past, occasionally messed my diapers, but had'nt dared do it since I had moved in. I knew I could get away with wet diapers now and then, but a really messy diaper sitting in one of the babys diaper pails would be too difficult to explain. But today, AHA, this was different, I wasn't in a cloth diaper, I was safe and secured in 2 adult disposable diapers to do as I saw fit. Anyway, it wasn't long before one of my favorite scenes in the movie was coming up, THE GREAT DIAPER CHANGING CONTEST, I loved watching her change that diaper and was happy because no matter how many times I watched her change that diaper and watched that movie, she always beat her husband. It wasn't that they were not both very effiecient at changing diapers, I mean, hey, it wasn't his fault his baby sprang a leak in the middle of the diaper change, giving her the edge she needed to win, lol.

Needless to say I was ready for that scene, with remote in hand, there in a micro split second, the mommy actually wrinkles her nose as she's changing the diaper, and luckily, I caught it on freeze frame, there it sat in the corner of the screen on my big screen t-v, I basked in the glory of capturing the pic perfectly, for all time if I so chose to keep it there. As I gazed at her maternal beauty and that lil nose wrinkle, I felt a rumbling in my tummy, I knew that I would have to make a decision and I would have to make it quickly, do I use the toilet or do I use the diaper for its' intended purposes. I glanced at the clock and figured I still had at least an hour and a half, possibly 2, before the clan got home. The more I looked at that pic on my freeze frame of that mommy wrinkling her nose as she was changing that lucky babys diaper, the more my tummy rumbled. I didn't know if it was the apple juice working quickly or the Taco Bell from the night before, what I did know was, I needed to decide and I needed to decide now. It only took one more glance at the t-v, the next thing I knew, the back of my diaper was filling up with a quickness that even surprized me. It seemed to just keep coming, non-stop, a soft, warm mushiness enveloped the seat of my diaper and was slowly oozing up the back and front of my diaper, slowly seeping up between my thighs and legs where the diaper forced it to go. I was awed by this sensation, it was like, I couldn't have stopped, even if I had wanted to.

As I sat there with my bottom suspended in mid-air, wondering, do I dare sit down, and if so, will it leak? I mean I don't ever remember having this messy of a diaper, what I did know was that it FELT GREAT and it was then that I knew, ok, if you really want that total toddler sensation, then you're gonna have to move around, this included, standing, walking, stooping, and yes, even sitting. So I stood up slowly and started walking (waddling) across the room, the feeling coming from the back of the diaper was incredible, with every step I took, I felt more of the mess spreading from the back towards the front and at my thighs (now I know where the girls got the term "Peanut Butter Thighs" from when they were changing one of the babys really messy diapers), that's exactly what it felt like, each step was yuckier and stickier then the last and as I glanced once more at the mommy wrinklin her nose on my freeze frame, it almost felt as if she were wrinklin her nose and smiling at me. I walked into one of the babys nurseries and looked in the diaper pail, it was full as always so I thought of a good plan to try and cover up the smell of my own, now very messy diaper.

As I stood in the nursery, I couldn't help but notice the make-shift dresser that Dawn had converted into a diaper changing table, I knew it was more then sturdy enough to hold me, so, I slowly inched my way up and at the very last second before I had completely layed back on the changing table, I just plopped down in a sitting position on the changing pad. WOW, WHAT A RUSH, my messy diaper had squished like I couldn't believe, I then layed back and sort a kicked my legs like a baby would do if mommy was playing bicycle with him and changing his diaper. I knew this was gonna be one very messy diaper to clean up. I gazed down at my makeshift diaper cover and as near as I could tell, other then just being slightly damp on the bottom, there were no major leaks of any kind. After laying on the changing table, mesmorized, for another 5 minutes, I got what I thought was a brilliant brainstorm (at least it seemed brilliant at the time). I remembered always watching the toddlers and older babys and how they always liked scooting across the floor on their bottoms and I often wondered if they had messy diapers on when they were doing this, and if so, what it felt like. WELLLL, I figured there was no time like the present to find out and let me tell you something....IT FELT AWESOME!!!!!! I scooted off the changing table and plopped down on the hard wood floor of the babys nursery, the scooting off the changing table alone let me know this was goanna be fun, the next thing I knew, there I was playing what I would eventually call Choo Choo, scooting all over the floor on my bottom in my very messy diapers, backwards, forwards and even rolling over on my tummy a couple of times and scooting like that, back and forth, WOW, WHAT A FEELING. This was great, talk about feeling like a baby, playing in a messy diaper without a care in the world. Well, maybe not without a care in the world, my playing had definitely created a smell in the room that indicated that not only was i very messy and yucky, but that i was also very stinky. As I layed there on my tummy scooting back and forth, it was like I was froze in time, the sensation I was feeling was nothing short of incredible. I'm not sure how long I layed there but when the scooting had finally done its' intended job, I EXPLODED WITH AN ECSTACY I had not felt in such a long, long time, I just layed there for an undertermined amount of time, TOTALLY SPENT AND EXHAUSTED, AND THEN, I THOUGHT I HEARD THE FAINT SOUND OF A CAR DOOR CLOSING..........................

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