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Chapter 5

When I had stated earlier that time felt like it was standing still, well, it might have been for me, but it definitely wasn't for Sharon, Teri, Dawn and the babys. I was mortified to think that I was so engrossed with my fantasy that I hadn't heard Teri's van pull up into the driveway, and if it hadn't been for that faint sound of a car door closing, I would have been caught...well, let's just say, with my pants down? For a split second I was paralyzed with fear, I then did the only thing I could think of doing to try and cover everything up and keep from getting caught in a very precarious position. I left the lid off of the full diaper pail, opened the window, quickly sprayed the nursery with Baby Fresh Lysol disinfectant and room deordorizer, then grabbed one of the dirty baby diapers from the diaper pail and made a bee-line for Sharon's and my bedroom, dirty baby diaper in hand. I hadn't been in the bedroom much more then a couple of minutes when I heard the front door open and heard them all coming in. I quickly stashed the dirty baby diaper behind the door, opened the window in our room and got under the covers and pulled them up as tight as possible, hoping to hide the smell fom the horribly messy diaper I was still wearing. I must have layed there for 10, maybe 15 minutes (thinking to myself, DAMN, I WOULD HAVE HAD TIME TO JUMP IN THE SHOWER) before Sharon walked in our room. She wasn't in the room 2 minutes when I felt her sit on the bed, gently shaking my shoulder asking me if I was awake, I faked slowly opening my eyes and said, Hi Hun, I was just trying to take a nap. Sharon just smiled and then said, OH MY, what is that horrible smell, it almost smells like a dirty diaper. I just looked at her and replied, I don't know hun, I don't smell anything. Sharon started looking around the room and then, all of a sudden said, OK, I KNOW JUST WHAT IT IS, IT IS DEFINITELY A DIRTY DIAPER, I was so scared and petrified, I didn't comment or move, and then she went on to say, looking straight at me, AND I KNOW JUST WHERE IT IS. I was getting ready to say something when Sharon got up, walked over to our door and picked up the dirty babys diaper I had tossed behind the door, Sharon looked at me and said, I am so sorry Rob, I must have tossed this here this morning when I was changing Heather and forgot to grab it because we were all in such a big hurry to leave, YUCK ROB, she makes the messiest diapers I've ever seen, will sure be glad when we get her potty trained, but for now, let me get rid of this yucky ole diaper Rob.

As Sharon turned to walk out of the room, she turned back towards me and said, Rob, I'm gonna go drop this in the diaper pail, and by the way, did you leave the t-v on? I suddenly remembered that, not only did I leave the t-v on, but the freeze frame was still set on that diaper changing scene from

"Baby Geniuses", I looked at Sharon and said, NO, maybe the kids got hold of the controller, Sharon said, yea, you're probably right, then she laughed and said, they even had the freeze frame set on some baby getting their diapers changed. As Sharon reached the door, she turned and said, Rob, if you want to continue your nap, go ahead, we have a load of diapers to wash, oh, by the way, got any you want to contribute to the wash? I must have turned a dozen shades of red when I said, WHAT? Sharon looked at me, smiled and said, I asked if you had any clothes you needed washed, what did you think I meant? I just shuddered and kind of mumbled, NOTHING, I'm gonna finish my nap. Sharon said, o-k hun, go ahead, Teri's gonna have the bathroom tied up for awhile, it's her turn to give all the kids a bath while Dawn and I do a couple of loads of diapers, soooo, if you need to go potty, you better get up and go now before Teri gets in there with the kids, I looked at her and said, it's ok hun, I went just before you all got home. Sharon walked back over to the bed, bent down and gave me a kiss, as she stood back up, she wrinkled her nose and said, YUCKY, IT STILL SMELLS LIKE A DIRTY DIAPER IN HERE. Let me go get rid of this yucky ole diaper, get the wash started, and maybe, just maybe, if you're a good boy, since this is your night off, while Teri's busy with bathing the babys and Dawn's busy with washing diapers, just maybe I'll come back in and snuggle up with you under those covers, and just maybe, we'll play around a lil bit if you want, how's that sound hun? I mumbled yea, sounds great, thinking that as soon as she left (with the bathroom directly across the hall from our room and knowing Teri would have a clear view into our room), I'd make sure Sharon closed the door, then get up, lock our door, then try and clean up as best as I could before she came back in, and just maybe, I could sneak my way out of this predictament.

When Sharon got to the door and just when I thought she was going to close it, she stopped, turned around and said, Rob, I'm gonna go ahead and leave this door open so it'll help air out the room, it really stinks and still smells like a dirty diaper in there. As Sharon dissapeared around the corner, I thought about getting up quickly and closing the door, but I had a queasy feeling in my gut, I slowly reached down and felt around my diaper area under the covers, OH NOOOOOO, THIS COULDN'T BE HAPPENING, MY DISPOSABLE DIAPERS HAD LEAKED AND I COULD FEEL THE WET STICKINESS OF MY MESSY DIAPER ON MY MAKESHIFT DIAPER COVER (there was no way I could ever try and get to the door without possibly being seen, I would have to wait until Teri shut the bathroom door while she was bathing the babys), JUST THEN, TERI WALKED BY WITH ONE OF THE BABYS, PEEKED INTO OUR ROOM, WRINKLED HER NOSE AND SAID, EWWWW YUCKYYYY, SHARON WAS RIGHT, THIS ROOM REALLY DOES STINK, TERI SMILED AT ME AS SHE WENT INTO THE BATHROOM TO BATHE THE FIRST OF THE 5 BABYS.....LEAVING THAT DOOR....WIDE OPEN TOO !!!!!!!!

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