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Chapter 6

As I lay there wondering, thoughts racing through my head, even faster then I could contemplate them...I kept asking myself, How did I get into this mess (pardon the play on words, lol), what would the girls think of me if they discover my, up until now, well hidden secret...would they make me move out immediately....where would I go....and worst of all, what would this do to Sharons and my relationship with her, I was terrified of losing Sharon, she has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. All I could think of was, why was I so stupid to try this and probably jeopardize everything that has ever meant anything and everything to me? I had to think, and from the way my diaper was feeling, I had to think quickly. I knew that dirty babys diaper ploy would not work again and the room still smelled of a dirty diaper...the one I had on. If only there was a way I could get Teri to close the door or if only I had the courage to try and get up and quickly close the door hoping no one would see me. I yelled out to Teri and as she looked across the hall towards where I was laying in bed, I asked her if she could possibly shut the door because her and the babys were too noisy and I couldn't sleep.

Teri looked back at me and said, I really don't think Sharon wants that door closed, she said the room needed airing out so we have to leave that door open, and if I close the bathroom door it gets too hot in here for the babys, so I'll try and keep the babys a little quieter so they won't bother you and you can get a nap, she then smiled, winked at me, and said, now you try and go night night, she then turned her attention back to the baby she had in the bathtub and began splashing with the baby.

I then thought, perhaps I can at least get this diaper off while under the covers, , one feel down there assured me that this would be impossible. My makeshift diaper cover was already damp at the thighs, on the bottom and at the top of the front of the diaper area, not to mention feeling definitely sticky at the thighs and bottom. I had not only over-wet my diaper, I now was on the verge of having a messy leak also. I layed there, trying not to move around very much, for about 45 minutes, while Teri kept bringing different babys into the bathroom and bathing them (it seemed like an eternity), eventually Teri came to my bedroom door and said, ok, all the babys have had their baths now so if you need the bathroom, it's all yours. I saw a window of opportunity, I could'nt use the blanket to cover up with, I had to make sure the bed remained covered until I could at least change the sheets, but maybe I could get a pair of sweats on over this dirty diaper and scurry over to the bathroom and grab a shower before anyone discovered my little secret. I would have to leave the can of Dr. Pepper I was drinking earlier on the bed so if Sharon did come in and remove the blanket, she MIGHT THINK that the soda spilled, discoloring and wetting the sheets, I mean, this has worked before, I could dispose of the diaper I was wearing out the bathroom window and throw it away later, AT LEAST I WOULDN'T GET CAUGHT WEARING A DIAPER, A DIRTY ONE AT THAT !!!!!!!! Once I felt I had a pretty decent plan formulated in my mind, I decided to go through with it, just as I was fixing to get out of the bed and slip into some sweat pants, Sharon came into the room, sat on the edge of the bed and announced that they had just put the last load of dirty diapers in the wash and since Teri was done bathing the babys and the house was a little bit quieter now, it would be a great time to come and snuggle with me. She looked at me puzzledly and said, It still smells like a dirty diaper in here, even more then it did before. I just shrugged it off and told her, before we snuggled, I wanted to grab a quick shower and asked if she could give me about 30 minutes or so, Sharon looked at me, smiled and said, excitedly, SUPER, wanna take a shower together, we haven't done that in ages? I was speechless and when Sharon looked at me and asked, what's wrong, don't you like taking showers with me or snuggling up with me anymore, all I could say was, of course I do hun, it's just that...............

I was shocked when Sharon put her fingers on my lips and said, Shhhhhh, no need to explain hun, I know what you're problem is and I'm going to try and help you through it, ok? I just layed there, not knowing what to say, Sharon slowly got up, walked over and closed the door, she then turned and walked back towards the bed where I lay and sat down on the bed beside me.

As Sharon brushed the hair from my face and smiled, she looked at me and said, now let's see what I can do about helping you with this little problem of yours, I WAS MORTIFIED, Sharon then surprized me by removing all of her clothes except her panties, and as she started to slip under the covers with me, I pulled the covers up even tighter around me and towards my chest in an attempt to stop her. She just looked at me, swatted my hand and as she slipped under the covers with me, said, Rob, there's no need to be ashamed or even embarrassed, lots of guys occasionally suffer from temporary IMPOTENCE !!!!!!!! OMGGGGGG, I was like.....OMGGGGGG, she thought I was impotent, I just layed there totally paralyzed, unable to move or even stop Sharon as I felt her body starting to snuggle up next to mine. Sharon was looking at me and smiling as I felt her hand, slowly going down from my chest towards my waist, I looked at her, stuttering, and said, Sharon...before you go any further, I think there's something I need to tell you. Her hand stopped, just inches from my waist, and she looked at me and said, Rob, you need to trust in me hun, no matter what your problem is, we'll handle it together, as a couple. Once again I tried to speak and she just looked at me, put her fingers on my lips and said.....Shhhhh Rob, trust me, let me do what I do best, as she smiled.

Sharon then looked at me and jokingly said, Rob hun, I can't help you if you hog the entire bed, scoot over so I'm not laying on the edge of the bed. I knew that if I scooted over, even just a little bit, she would definitely feel where the sheets were, by this time, VERY, VERY WET! When I didn't respond by moving over right away, Sharon laughed and said, I know how to move ya, I'll just tickle the inside of your thighs, that should get you to jumpin a bit. Before I knew it, or could even react, Sharons hand was tickling the inside of my thighs, just inches below where my wet, sticky diaper was, as I started squirming I felt that horrific mess in my diaper starting to shift and spread from the back to the front..........Sharons hand creeped up my thighs tickling me, right to where the edge of the wet diaper was, Sharon stopped dead in her tracks, not moving her hand off the wet diaper, not even a little bit and just looked at me.


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