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Chapter 9

As Sharon and Saundra both walked towards me, smiling, holding the clean, cloth diaper, I heard Teri yell from the living room, HEY SHARON AND SAUNDRA, BRING HIM IN HERE, BABY'S DON'T CARE WHERE THEY GET THEIR BUTTS WIPED OR THEIR DIAPERS CHANGED OR WHO'S WATCHING, (then laughingly said), AND WE ALLLLLLL WANNA WATCH........ Before I could even react, Sharon grabbed me by one leg and Saundra grabbed me by the other, and slid me off the bottom end of the bed (and I'm here to tell you, having that happen with a very messy diaper on is.....well, you get the picture). As both girls helped me to my, by now, very trembling legs, Saundra patted my bottom and said.....

"Ewwww...Wow, this big baby's been working on this dirty diaper for some time now, Whew" As I started to blush, Sharon gave me a very reaffirming pat on my bottom and told me.....

"No need to blush Baby Boy, you had best get used to this kind of treatment, "You're gonna be in diapers for a long, long time" As Sharon and Saundra walked me into the living room, I was totally mortified, not only were Dawn, Teri and the babys in there, but 3 other girls from the bar were also sitting in there. Amanda, Andrea and Rena, there was also another, very attractive lady sitting on the sofa I didn't recognize, but would find out later her name was Vicky and she was a Therapist/Hypnotist or something like that. I saw that all 5 of the babys were playing on a baby blue blanket in the middle of the floor and all any of them were wearing were just diapers and plastic baby pants.

I had just been standing there for a minute when all of the girls noticed me, wearing nothing but an extremely undersized t-shirt (that barely covered my belly), and a makeshift nursery print diaper cover (pinned with very babyish diaper pins), over 2 very thick, very obviously wet and messy, adult disposable diapers. They all started smiling and giggling and just as I turned and tried to walk back into the bedroom, Sharon gave me a BIG swat on my bottom which seemed to echo thru the living room, as I stopped, Teri and Dawn got up and said.....

"Anyone want to help us get these babys to bed, well, all but one anyway, and Sharon, Don't you dare start changing Robbys diaper untill we all get back" Andrea, Amanda and Rena each grabbed a baby followed by Teri and Dawn, each girl had a baby on their hip as they started walking out of the room, when the 3 year old, Heather went past me, she pointed at my diaper and screamed out jubilantly.....

"BAAAABYYYYY" As the girls all busted out laughing, I blushed even more then I had earlier, Sharon just smiled and told Heather.....

"Yes, him's just a big ole baby, a big ole stinky baby" Before any of the girls got back in the room, I overheard Sharon talking with Vicky and Vicky was saying something about, He should be a fine subject, he's already accepted the hardest part of being a baby by wetting and messing his diapers on his own, without any persuasion, from anyone or anything.

I started to sit down just as Amanda, Andrea and Rena walked back in to the room, Sharon stopped me and told me to just stand there for a bit until she decided what she was gonna do with me.

As I stood there, in a very, by now, droopy, messy diaper, I listened to the girls as they talked idle chit chat about work, the bar and baby relatated topics. Just as Andrea was talking about daycare, Teri and Dawn came back into the living room and Dawn didn't miss a beat as she said.....

"DAYCARE, for Rob, OH HOW CUUUUTE" Sharon interupted by saying, "Now that you mention it, Hmmmm, may not be a bad idea, that way Rob could be around other babys and learn how to be a real baby (then she patted my bottom and added), Not that he needs much help in certain areas" All the girls just giggled as Sharon looked at them and asked, "SOOOOO, any of you have any immediate plans this evening" They all laughed again and Andrea replied, "OH YEAAAAA, we got plans, we're all staying here and helping you get ready for the Halloween Party/Baby Shower tomorrow, we're also gonna try on some costumes and most definitely, help you babysit lil Robby" Sharon looked at me and smilingly asked, "So Rob, care to explain why you're standing there in an obviously very yucky diaper, in the middle of the room, surrounded by 8 girls" All I could think of saying was, "This was just supposed to be a joke, a Halloween prank on you and your sisters" Sharon smiled and said, "OH, I see, you were planning on coming to our Halloween Party dressed as a Big Baby" I quickly replied, "YES, it's all just a joke hun" Sharon shook her head, somewhat in disbelief, and said, "So did you plan on using your diapers, JUST LIKE A BABY, as a part of your little joke" I thought for a minute, then responded by answering, "NO, but Teri had the bathroom tied up giving the babys their baths and I couldn't hold it any longer, and I thougt I could get a shower and get cleaned up before you discovered my surprize on all of you" Sharon smiled, pondered my answer for a second, then responded by saying, "Rob, If I remember right, I came in and asked you if you needed to go potty BEFORE Teri started bathing the babys, and you said, no, you had just went prior to us getting home"

"I guess from looking at you now, I should have gotten you out of bed and taken you potty, but then again, like you said, about your surprize for all of us, babys always have surprizes for their mommys in their lil diapers" All the girls started laughing and Saundra jumped in and said, "You know Sharon, I believe him" Sharon asked Saundra why she believed him and Saundra replied very quickly, "I think Rob did go potty before you all got home, I just think he went potty in his lil diapey just like a precious lil baby" All the girls laughed and wrinkled their noses as Teri said, "Speaking about messy diapeys (as she motioned towards me waving her hand in front of her nose), don't you think we need to get him changed" Sharon got up, patted the baby blue baby blanket on the floor, looked at me, and said.....

"Plant It" As I started to argue as to why I had to sit on the floor, all the girls got up, and in unison, forced me down onto the baby blanket, in a sitting postion, causing the already overly, abused, messy diaper to spread even more.

Teri said to me as she sat down next to me, patting the baby blanket, "Robby baby, this is where all the babys sit and get their diapers changed, why would you be any different", with all the girls sitting around me in a circle, all I could do was hang my head in humiliation.

Vicky then stood up and asked Sharon, "Are you ready and are you certain about this" Sharon nodded an affirmation, with a smile, and said, "OH YES, I'm more certain about this then I've been about anything, plus, a bets a bet and I always pay my bets" Teri, as if on cue, reached behind the sofa and pulled out, what appeared to be, an overly large, baby pink, diaper bag, the side was stenciled in bright yellow letters, D-I-A-P-E-R-S, just as Teri pulled out a big cloth diaper, Vicky told her, "Not yet Teri, Rob needs to first understand just how a wet and messy diaper feels, and there will be no mistake, He will soon learn to not only accept wet and messy diapers, but he will also take them in stride as normal, everyday occurences" I looked at her, and then Sharon, and asked, "What the hell are you all talking about, I'm getting up now, taking a shower, and if you want to talk about this after I've gotten cleaned up, that's cool" I felt Sharons hand touch mine, ever so gently, and she said, "If that's what you really want Rob, then go ahead and we'll call it quits, just like I told you in the bedroom earlier today" I told Sharon I didn't want to call it quits but did want this foolishness to stop, immediately, as I was talking to Sharon, I noticed a bright necklace Vicky was wearing and I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of it, it was almost mesmerizing.

Sharon looked at me, placed her finger on my chin so I would pay attention to her and said, "O-K Rob, tell you what, you're gonna get changed out of that yucky diaper because you already asked me for that, and then you're gonna get a fresh diaper put back on you becuase you did say, you wanted changed. If you can keep your diaper dry and clean, for the rest of the night, and Rob, the girls are all staying to help get ready for tomorrows festivities so I would imagine you will be getting quite a few diaper checks and curiosity peeks down your backside, just to make sure you're not wet or stinky, if you can do this until tomorrow morning, then we'll ALL forget about tonight and this incident" I looked at her, laughed and said, "Is that all, are you kidding, sheesh, piece of cake, I mean, it's not like I'm not potty trained" Sharon smiled and said, "We'll see Rob, but from the looks and smell of your current diaper, well let's just say, if you can't keep from going potty in your diapers like a little baby, then you HAVE TO COMPLY WITH EVERYTHING I ASK YOU, WITHOUT QUESTION, do you agree" I smiled and said, humoring her, "Sure Hun, anything you say, I'll be a really good baby tonight and keep my pants dry, for all of you, then tomorrow, we all forget about this", as I embarrassingly layed back on the baby blanket for the inevitable and pending diaper change !!!!!!!

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