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Chapter 10

All of the girls started giggling as they went thru the diapers and various outfits and items in the big diaper bag, all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Vicky's necklace once again, it was shining and gleeming, almost mystically, it's brilliance was almost blinding and as I heard Vicky telling Sharon.....

"Better hurry up and change Robs' diaper before "HIMS WETS HIMS LIL DIAPER" AGAIN"!!!!

I felt a strange sensation comeover me, almost a rush like feeling, and then before I knew what I was doing....


Teri noticed the wet spot forming on the baby blue blanket I was sitting on as my diaper leaked, and I heard her say.....

"Sharon, I don't think this little stink-pot can go even an hour, let alone all night, without wetting or messing his britches like a little baby", as she pointed at the rapidly growing wet spot beneath me, "LOOK AT THIS"

As all of the girls looked and watched the wet spot grow larger and larger, they all started laughing, and through the din of their laughter, I heard Vicky tell Sharon, as she wrinkled her nose, "I THINK HIMS MESSED HIMS LIL DIAPER".......

I sat there, stunned and shocked as I lost total control and began filling the back of my, already overloaded diaper up with a soft, mushy poop, definitely not like any poop I had felt before.

As I looked up at Sharon and Vicky, I saw Vicky smile, Sharon looked down at me, wrinkled her nose and smilingly said, "Are you making poopies in your lil diapeys again"?

Still sitting there, mortified from losing all control in front of all 8 girls, I watched as the girls went thru the diaper bag, comparing different baby outfits, but all were in adult size. They were holding up onesies, diaper sets, rompers, sleepers and a pair of Oskosh Overalls, complete with snaps in the crotch area.

As all 8 girls were debating on which outfit they should change me into, Dawn jumped up and said, "Since we're gonna be keeping a close eye on Rob, just in case he wets or makes poopies in his diaper tonight, why don't we just put him in a double thick cloth diaper with that pink onesie with the blue, baby teddy bears on it, no need to use plastic pants, we need to see when he wets, and if he does, trust me girls (as she laughed), if he wets, that pink onesie will definitely show the wet spots"

As Sharon slowly and carefully pushed me back into a laying position on the, now wet, baby blue blanket, she smiled and said, "O-k Rob Baby, let's get that nasty, stinky ole diaper changed so you can show all of us just what a big boy you're gonna be by keeping your lil diapey dry and clean the rest of the night"

Before I could even respond, Saundra and Andrea were unpinning my makeshift diaper cover while Rena and Amanda were coo'ing at me and handing Sharon the baby wipes. I was awestruck and totally speechless as the girls slowly untaped my excessively used disposable diaper, as Sharon brought the diaper down between my legs, Saundra and Andrea, one on each side, along with Sharon, gently wiped my legs and my bottom, all the while, goo-goo'ing and teasing me about what a yucky, stinky baby I was.

As I lay there, completely nude, but feeling much better having being cleaned up, Teri and Dawn knelt down and said with grins on their faces, "Our turn", suddenly Teri gave me a soft baby swat to my inner thigh and said.....

"O-K Stink-pot, lift that butt so Aunties Teri and Dawn can get you into some dry pants"

As I did I felt the double thick, cloth diaper come up between my legs, so thick it forced my legs to spread apart, I glanced up at Teri and she smiled, krinkled her nose up and said.....

"You realize Rob baby, that without plastic pants, if you wet or mess this diaper, we'll all know immediately"

Just as I started to answer her, Saundra came out of nowhere and stuck a baby bottle in my mouth, when I started to remove the baby bottle, Teri gave me a very solid swat to my extremely thick diapered bottom and said....

"Rob, you are going to suck on that bottle like a baby, if you don't, we'll force feed you 3 more, and I can guarantee you won't like what we put in them"

I slowly started nursing on the baby bottle and discovered a sweet, almost fulfilling taste, and I thought to myself, WOW, this stuff isn't half bad. As I concentrated on the baby bottle I felt Dawn slipping something over my head and then I felt her hand guiding my hand and arms thru the sleeves of what I originally thought was an over sized t-shirt. Once the shirt was on, Dawn carefully pushed me back down onto my back and I felt her hands pulling the back of this t-shirt up between my legs, it was just seconds later I felt the tightness on below my waist and heard the snaps, 1 at a time, ever so slowly, and when she was all done, she gave my bottom a little love pat, as the rest of the girls gathered around and oooh'ed and awww'ed as they all bared witness to their latest creation....A FRESH SMELLING, CUDDLY BIG BABY........................................

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