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Final Chapter

Sharon knelt down beside me and carefully inspected my outfit, commenting as she pulled the diaper away from my thighs so it would peek out of the onesie on each leg.....

"Yes, this will be perfect if any of us need to check for a wet or dirty diaper"

I just layed there nursing on the baby bottle and I knew all of them could tell how embarrassed I was because I must have been redder then a firetruck on a hot summer day, but I thought to myself....

<All I have to do is hold out until morning and I can get out of this with hopefully very little teasing, other then what I've already been through>

It hadn't dawned on me where they came up with the super thick, adult, cloth diaper and onesie so fast and what they were planning on doing with all those adult baby clothes to begin with, I was more rapped up in my current situation and not even thinking of the long term possibilities.

As I was just finishing up the bottle the doorbell rang, and all I could think of was, OMG, NOW WHO?

I looked up from my very revealing position only to see, 2 more young girls enter the room, couldn't have been much older then 18 or 20. Dawn quickly introduced them as my new day-care nannies, just in case I didn't make it thru the night without going potty in my diapers.

Their names were Becky and Kimmie and they both immediately walked over to me, Sharon just smiled as Kimmie knelt down, patted my bottom, pulled the diaper away from my thigh and did a quick peek inside, then announced very loudly.....

"He is just a lil cutie isn't he, and hims didn't make no lil poopies in hims diaper for his nannies yet"

Sharon whispered something into Beckys' ear and Becky then knelt down next to me also, patting my bottom, as she hoisted me up to sit in her lap there on the floor, she whispered in my ear......


Slowly, Vickys' necklace seemed to glow again and before I could even begin to stop it, as Becky was patting my bottom ever so softly through the onesie and obnoxiously thick diaper, I felt the back of my diaper starting to fill up with a extremely, almost satin, warm like mushiness, like I had never felt before. As I lay there in Beckys arms in a trancelike, dream state, filling my diaper from front to back, I looked up at Becky and she knew exactly what I had done, as her nose gave a lil twitch and started to wrinkle.

Kimmie immediately sat next to us and whispered in my ear.....


Once again, Vickys necklace glowed and, as I started wetting my diaper uncontrolably, still not fully recovered from the dream state of messing my diaper, I heard Kimmie and Becky announce, simultaneously......

"UMMMMM, Sharon, from the way he smells and judging from that wet spot spreading on the bottom of his onesie, We think your BIG BABY needs his britches changed As the rest of the girls all gathered around, Sharon knelt down beside me, patted my now, damp and poopie bottom and said.....

"Well-Well-Well Robby Baby, Looks like we're going to have to get a lot more diapers, baby clothes, baby food and oh yes, REAL BABY FORMULA, and between the 10 of us, I'm sure we can set up a baby-sitting co-op, just for you.

As I looked up from the floor at all 10 ladies, I heard Becky and Kimmie say.....

"Come on baby, let's get you changed, YUCK, YOU STINK"

As Becky, slowly and methodically un-snapped the first snap on my onesie, the loudness of the snap coming undone was deafening and as if waking from a hypnotic experience or a deep sleep, I just layed there, in my bed.

I immediately felt under the covers, sighing slightly to myself, I discovered, there was no diaper and I was dry.

I got up from my bed, walked across the cold floor of my little dinette apartment, opened my refrigerator, looked at the baby bottle and the can of Dr. Pepper, then decided on the Dr. Pepper.

As I popped the top I walked over to my window sill and gazed out at the cold, dark night and the twinkling lights from the city, thinking back on the glorious dream I just had and how it seemed so real, and as I sipped on my Dr. Pepper, I cherry picked different scenarios out of the dream and gazed out to see a single twinkling star in the distant heavens, as I tried to recall the entire dream, as I gazed at the solitary star, I quietly started humming to myself.......................

When you wish upon a star................................

The End ~{:-(

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