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Part 1 - Lessons in Babyhood.

I remember it clearly. It was the bank holiday weekend of Saturday the 28th of May, two weeks after coming back from holiday. The weekend before had been a normal weekend, although I was now staying over each night which suited me just fine, my parents didn't mind and it also meant that I didn't have to get dressed back into my boys things each day, only on the Sunday evening when I went home again. But this weekend was Kirsty's 'away weekend', staying with her father who lived in another county. As I cycled to Miss Granger's house it seemed a bit strange to be going there knowing that Kirsty wouldn't be around to spend time with, and I wondered what sort of things I would be doing. As it turned out I would never have guessed it in a million years.

Once inside, Miss Granger said that she needed to speak to me, she led me into the living room and sat me down next to her on the sofa.

"Now then Samantha," She said, her voice more serious than usual.

"Do you remember what I said to you when I spanked you last, in the villa?" I stared blankly at the floor, trying to remember.

"No Miss." I replied.

"I told you that I thought you were enjoying your spankings a little too much remember?" I nodded in agreement and continued to look at the floor as my mind started to race, she was building up to something and I wasn't sure I was going to like it.

"Well I've had plenty of time to think of ways to emphasize to you how important obedience and authority is, and this weekend I think is the perfect time to put them into practice." Miss Granger noticed the worried look on my face and gently placed her hand on my knee.

"Don't worry Sweetie," She said.

"It won't hurt, I might have to spank you this weekend but it won't be more painful than that I promise." I breathed a little easier. Then she continued.

" But I have to impress upon you how important it is for me to exercise my authority over you. And I think that just putting you across my knee isn't enough. I need to be in total control of you, and for you to learn total obedience and humility, do you understand?"

"Yes Miss." I said softly, my heart pumping hard in my chest.

"Good." She said.

"As I've told you before, it's not because you've been naughty, I'm not cross with you, but the things I'll be doing to you this weekend will seem like I'm punishing you but you must trust me ok?"

"Yes Miss." I said again, my mouth drying up at the thought of her 'doing things to me'.

"Good girl, now go upstairs and put on the clothes that I've put out for you on your bed and come straight back down, I have some housework for you to do while I get things ready." As I went up the stairs my mind was in a whirl, what did she have planned for me? What was going to happen? I went into the bedroom and began to put on the clothes she'd got out for me, a pair of white satin panties, a white mini skirt of a material that was so thin you could clearly see my panties underneath, a pretty pink top and my favourite pink sparkly sandals. I quickly put on some pink lipstick, checked myself in the mirror and went back to the living room.

Miss Granger put me to work in the dining room giving me a list of chores including dusting and tidying, then went into the living room and closed the door behind her.

About half an hour later Miss Granger came back in and told me to stop cleaning and to come and join her in the living room. My whole body began to shake with nerves as I put down my duster and shakily walked into the room, I looked around, trying to get some kind of clue as to what was in store for me but everything seemed normal. Then Miss Granger sat down next to me, and I noticed that she had what seemed to be a large yellow babies dummy in her hand.

"Right young lady," She began.

"I've got everything ready for you, they'll be no more cleaning or housework for you to do, in fact you won't be doing anything at all, I'm taking away all your responsibilities. I've realized that the only way for me to have total control over you is to treat you like a baby, so that's what I'm going to do." My face glazed over with confusion.

"You're going to be my baby for the weekend, I'm going to control everything you do, I'm going to dress you, bath you, feed you. I want you to completely surrender yourself to me, ok?" I sat there not really knowing what to say, I was in total shock.

"Do you trust me Sam?" She said. Her voice was soft and gentle.

"Yes Miss." I whispered. Still looking down at the floor.

"And will you do as I say no matter what I ask?"

"Yes Miss." I repeated.

"Ok then," She said.

"Now I want you to pop this into your mouth and keep it there until I say, ok?" Reluctantly I agreed. Miss Granger pushed the dummy into my mouth. It was much bigger than a baby's dummy the big soft rubber nipple filled my mouth as I began to suck on it.

"There," She said.

"Just like a real baby. Now lets get you undressed." She got up and led me over to the other end of the living room. Laid out on the floor was what looked like an exercise mat, she stood me next to it and then began to remove my top, pulling it over my head. Then she knelt down in front of me, I looked down at the top of her head as she reached round behind me and unfastened my mini skirt and proceeded to slip it down my legs. I placed my hands on her shoulders for balance as I lifted my feet and stepped out of it. Miss Granger then folded it and placed it on a nearby chair. My face was glowing red with shame and embarrassment as I stood there in just my silky knickers and high heel sandals, sucking on my dummy, not knowing where to put my hands while she continued to undress me. Miss Granger then patted the mat and told me to lie down on it. Awkwardly and with Miss Granger waiting for me, I sat myself down on it then slowly laid back stretching myself out.

The plastic was cold against my bare skin as I lay there looking up at the ceiling while Miss Granger started to unbuckle my sandals. I closed my eyes, trying to block out what was happening to me as I felt my sandals being slipped off of my feet. The feelings of helplessness and violation swept over me as I lay there being undressed like a baby. I wriggled uncomfortably on the mat as Miss Granger took hold of my knickers and began to pull them down. I felt the last touch of satin against my skin as they were pulled down my legs and slipped off over my feet leaving me naked and exposed.

"There we are," Cooed Miss Granger softly as she placed my knickers on the chair.

"Now, just a little cream and powder and you're ready for a nice clean nappy!" Those words hit me like a sledgehammer, even though I knew she was going to treat me like a baby, I never thought she would actually put a nappy on me. The horror of it made my heart pound even harder, the thought of wearing a nappy at my age was too much to comprehend and I felt myself starting to get upset. Then suddenly I felt the touch of cold cream around my cock, Miss Granger was smearing it up and down the shaft, making it swell and grow hard.

"Ooh, baby likes that!" she said, as she continued rubbing liberal amounts of cream to my fast growing cock. Then she lifted my feet up and pushed my legs back, so that my knees were almost touching my face, exposing my bottom to the world, and smeared some cream around my hole, slipping her finger inside me now and again, making me moan softly. I sucked hard on my dummy as she then began to sprinkle baby powder all over my bottom and between my legs, I could hear the jangling of her bangles as she shook the powder bottle, dusting fine layers of scented baby powder over me, which landed softly over my cock and down between my legs like fine snow. Then after shaking the powder from her hands she opened up a large white disposable nappy and slipped it carefully under my raised bottom, then lowered me onto it spreading my knees apart. The nappy rustled loudly as she pulled it up tightly between my legs. It was quite a large nappy, I could feel the bulkiness of it between my legs, I couldn't seem to open my legs wide enough so that I couldn't feel it between them. Miss Granger pulled the sides up tight, I heard the tapes being fastened and felt the nappy enclose tightly around me, then she did the other side and the job was done.

So there I was, a seventeen year old, lying on the floor, sucking a dummy and wearing a nappy. I can't describe how strange it felt, I looked down and saw a mass of shiny white plastic padding between my legs and around my waist. It made loud rustling noises every time I moved, Miss Granger was running her hands over it, fiddling and adjust it, giving it a pull, checking to see if it was nice and snug.

"There, Baby's all done!" She said, patting my well- padded bottom.

"Now I want you to lie there quietly while I go and get your bottle ready ok?" She left the room and went into the kitchen leaving me lying there on the changing mat. It was a hot day and my bare back was starting to stick to it so I sat up. Feeling curious I looked down at my nappy. I'd never seen a disposable nappy before, let alone worn one, so I decided to examine it closer. I touched it, running my fingers over the smooth plastic surface which glistened in the sunlight coming in from the window. I was surprised at how soft it felt, and how thick it was. I gave the nappy a squeeze and was unable to feel my cock underneath. I pulled at the elastic legs and was just able to slip a finger underneath. The shiny white plastic was creased and bunched up around the leg elastic, and rustled loudly as I smoothed my hands over it before snapping it back releasing a small puff of baby powder.

It amazed me how much nappy there was between my legs and under my bottom, a huge thick mass of white shiny nappy. I spread my legs as far apart as I could and ran my fingers over it. The overwhelming thing about wearing a nappy is the inescapable sense of it being on you. With any underwear, be it silky knickers or cotton pants, you loose the feeling of them within seconds of putting them on. With a nappy, it yells out all the time that it's there, it's unavoidable, the thickness of it between your legs, the constant rustling when you move, the way the plastic slides against your skin, you never for a second forget your wearing one.

Miss Granger took a seat on the sofa and called me over, I got up and made my way towards her, the bulkiness between my legs made me waddle awkwardly as I went, I felt so humiliated knowing Miss Granger was watched me, as I attempted to walk towards her, my nappy rustling and swaying from side to side as I walked. She sat me on her lap and took out my dummy.

"Mummy's got a nice bottle for you," She cooed. I shuffled awkwardly on her lap trying to get comfortable, the thickness of the nappy squashed against her legs as she tipped the bottle up and popped the rubber nipple into my mouth.

"Now drink all of this like a good baby." She said. Then she placed one arm around my back for support and gently lowered me backwards so I was almost lying down. I looked up at her smiling face as I began to suck the milk from the bottle.

It was incredibly humiliating being fed, especially when her gaze was unavoidable. Her face inches from mine, her painted fingernails wrapped around the bottle that she was holding to my mouth, my nappy crinkling and rustling as I wriggled around on her lap. Miss Granger waited patiently as I slowly sucked away on the bottle, the milk seeming to take forever to go down. As I continued to suckle, Miss Granger laid down a few rules for my new status. I wasn't aloud to use the toilet, I had to use my nappy instead.

I wasn't aloud to speak, unless it was to ask for my nappy to be changed.

Basically I wasn't aloud to do anything myself, Miss Granger was going to wash me, change me, dress me, and feed me. And she was aloud to spank me, change my nappy and put me to bed at any time.

As the last of the milk disappeared she pulled the bottle from my mouth and sat me back up on her lap, and without saying a word, picked up the dummy and popped it back into my mouth. I must admit, all this attention and mothering did make me feel quite 'babyish' and I suddenly found myself putting my arms around her for a cuddle. Miss Granger put her arms around me and with her hand gently patted my bottom, making my nappy rustle even louder. She also took the opportunity to have a probe with her finger, gently slipped it under the leg of my nappy as if to feel if I was wet.

Strangely, even though I was deeply embarrassed and humiliated, the love and attention I was getting made me feel safe and secure. The same feeling I got whenever she spanked me. I felt contented, but also obedient. I felt that I would do anything for her if she asked me, which looking back on it was exactly what I was doing.

I was certainly 'mixed up'. I had true feelings for Kirsty, but I also had a strange fascination for Miss Granger, something that had been there from the start, the same feelings that had brought me to her house in the first place. I opened my eyes and caught her smiling at me.

"I think I'd better put you to bed!" She said, "Babies get tired after a bottle." She lifted me off of the sofa, and taking my hand in hers led me up the stairs to my bedroom. Miss Granger went to the window and drew the curtains, blocking out the gorgeous afternoon sun, giving the room a soft warm glow.

"Now, into bed young lady!" She ordered, as she pulled back the covers. I hesitated. Going to bed at 2 o'clock in the afternoon just didn't seem right. Miss Granger gave my heavily padded bottom a sharp slap.

"C'mon in you get, bedtime!" A fresh wave of humiliation washed over me as I slowly climbed into bed, my nappy continuing to rustle as I slipped under the covers.

"I'll be back to check on you later," She said as she made her way out.

"And remember. No toilet!"

"Miss?" I said, taking the dummy out of my mouth.

"Can I take this out now?"

"No Samantha, leave it in please," she said.

"I want you to be quiet and stay in bed until I come back." And with that she closed the door and was gone.

I remember lying there sucking my dummy, wriggling around in bed trying to get comfortable, the mass of padding under my bottom and between my legs making it uncomfortable to lie on. My nappy was gradually becoming looser as I wriggled around, so every time I moved I caught the scent of baby powder coming from the gaps. Carefully I slipped my fingers under the top of my nappy, lifted it up and peered inside, my cock was curled up inside like a sleeping snake, covered in a thick dusting of powder.

Looking back all these years later, it still amazes me that it didn't register to me how totally and utterly bizarre this all was. I mean I knew that I was living life a bit differently to other boys my age, but my God! Wearing girl's clothes at sixteen, wearing nappies at seventeen? But at the time it just felt like I was taking up a new hobby, Miss Granger had a sort of strange hypnotic power over me and had this ability to get me to agree to anything she wanted, and the strangest thing is. I enjoyed it. And yet incredibly, being put back in nappies wasn't the last strange experience Miss Granger had in store for me.

I must have laid there for quite a while listening to the happy sounds of children playing outside in the afternoon sun before eventually falling to sleep. I was probably only asleep for about five minutes though, before Miss granger came back in. I suddenly felt the covers being lifted off of me and opened my eyes to see her quietly sneaking a finger under the elastic of my nappy. Still half asleep, Miss Granger gently got me up and stood me by the bed. I stood there rubbing my eyes as she sat on the bed in front of me, her face level with the top of my nappy, which was now all squashed out of shape after my time in bed. Miss Granger still didn't say a word, she just sat there and re-adjusted my nappy, pulling it back into shape and straightening it. Then she put her arm around my waist and gently pulled me towards her and sat me on her lap, gently took the dummy out of my mouth and placed it on the bed next to her. When she turned back to me her face seemed very serious, she looked into my eyes for a second before suddenly giving me a short but gentle kiss on the lips. At first I thought it was a 'motherly' Kiss, and I responded in the usual way. But then she looked at me with a kind of sexy stare, her eyes looking straight into mine, she moved her eyes down to my lips, tilted her head slightly and kissed me again. I didn't know what to do, I was in total shock, she was actually kissing me, I was so surprised it took a while for my own lips to respond, but even then I didn't know whether to respond in the same way. My lips were actually quivering and I noticed that my heart was pounding erratically. Then I felt her hand rest on my nappy between my legs, I broke away from her kiss and looked down to see her hand caressing my nappy, the plastic rustling loudly as her slender fingers slowly squeezed the bulge between my legs. Then her other hand touched under my chin lifting my head up to hers as if impatient to continue kissing, she then pulled me closer and kissed me long and hard. Her breath was heavy as our lips slowly locked together, her hand between my legs pressed down against my nappy, her fingers digging deep into the padding. I responded by opening my legs as wide as they would go, I gasped as she slipped her tongue into my mouth, crushing her lips against mine, then she slipped her fingers under my nappy, I let out a stifled moan as she touched my cock with her fingers. A wave of lust swept over me, as if I'd suddenly been set free from a sexual cage, and I threw my arms around her as we began to kiss feverishly, her tongue licking the inside of my mouth. I felt my legs go weak as her tongue swirled and flicked. Then suddenly Miss Granger broke away, pulling her tongue from my mouth, she looked down at my nappy and quickly began to undo the tapes. Hurriedly she pulled my nappy open freeing my stiff cock from it's plastic prison, slipped her fingers around the shaft and slowly began to masturbate me. Her grip felt so controlled and purposeful as if her only intension was to make me cum. I closed my eyes letting the sensations wash over me. I suddenly felt something soft and wet touch my lips and opened my eyes to see Miss Grangers face just inches from mine. She parted my lips with the tip of her tongue and pushed it into my mouth.

There was no respite, Miss Granger's tongue was working hard, slipping and squirming around in my mouth while her hand continued to masturbate me. She pulled her tongue from my mouth and began to flick it across and under my lips, lapping away at them, licking my mouth as if she was licking out another woman's pussy. I began to moan with pleasure, letting the feelings wash over me, her hand continuing it's relentless work on my aching cock, up and down, up and down. She seemed focussed as if it was her mission, she knew exactly how to bring me off and was not going to stop until she had.

Feeling the orgasm start it's journey, I began to whimper and wriggle my legs, but still she continued. Then she made her tongue hard and pushed it in and out of my mouth as if she were fucking my mouth with it. My lips enclosed around it, sucking at her tongue as it slipped in and out. My whimpering and moaning became louder as I felt the orgasm rise up through my legs and around my whole body. Miss Granger could sense I was getting close and quickened her rhythm, her tongue swirling and licking faster and more intensely, her grip on my cock firm and steady as she brought me to a shuddering climax. She kissed me long and hard as spurts of hot cum shot from my reddening cock, her arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace until the orgasm slipped away leaving me panting and breathless.

Exhausted, I rested my head on her shoulder for a few minutes to catch my breath. I remained on her lap for quite a while just hugging, Miss Granger gently rocking me as if trying to get me to sleep. After a while Miss Granger reached down and pulled my nappy back up and re-sealed the tapes.

Then she lifted me off, laid me back down on the bed and pulled the covers back over me. Then popped my dummy back in my mouth, got up and left the room, just like that, as if it was an everyday occurrence.

I lay there for quite a while staring at the ceiling trying to get my head around what had just happened to me, the early evening sunshine was still managing to penetrate some light through the bedroom curtains giving the room a soft warm glow. I felt quite guilty when I thought of Kirsty, not just because of what had just happened, but the fact that I'd enjoyed it. But it wasn't long before I had something to take my mind off of it. I suddenly realized that I needed to pee. This was a whole new ball game, wearing a nappy was one thing, wetting it was another, and although I knew I couldn't outlast nature, I was certainly going to try. The trouble was, I was just lying there in bed, I needed to be busy doing things in order to stay the course. Luckily Miss Granger came to my aid.

I was just a few minutes into my predicament, lying there wriggling my legs about and trying to squeeze my cock with my fingers, (which wasn't easy with the amount of padding around it) when she opened the door and took me downstairs and sat me in front of the TV. I sat there watching cartoons for a while, but the feelings became worse. I started to fidget and squirm as I tried to fight the urge to pee, I tried to concentrate by wriggling my legs together but the thickness of the nappy between them made doing that useless and just made the nappy really noisy as the plastic rustled loudly with each wriggle. I tried to squeeze my cock but I couldn't get a grip on it through the padding. My determination turned into frustration as I became increasingly aware that I was fighting a loosing battle. After a few more minutes of wriggling my legs the feelings became stronger and stronger, a couple of times I felt the pee work it's way to the end of my cock and I managed to keep it at bay but it took a lot of concentration.

"My you're certainly making a lot of noise in here." Said Miss Granger, suddenly appearing from nowhere. I nearly jumped out of my skin, I'd been so focussed I hadn't heard her come into the room.

"What are you up to?" She said, as she walked over to me.

"Look at the state of you!" She continued.

"Look at your nappy, all out of shape, what have you been doing?" She knelt down in front of me and began to pull my nappy about, straightening it and tightening it up.

"You haven't been trying to take this off have you?" She said, pulling the dummy out of my mouth.

"No Miss." I replied. She gave my nappy another pull, making it tight around my waist, I breathed in through my teeth as her hand pressed against my bladder, Miss Granger heard me and looked up.

"Are you ok sweetie?" She said. I didn't answer, I was too busy suppressing another surge of pee, wriggling and fidgeting my legs while she knelt down in front of me. Suddenly Miss Granger got up.

"Ahh, I think baby needs a wee doesn't she?" She said sarcastically, standing over me with her hands on her hips.

"I'd better get a nice new nappy ready for you hadn't I?"

"Can't I use the toilet Miss, please?" I said quickly, stopping her in her tracks.

"No Samantha," She replied.

"You're to wet your nappy like a good little girl, what's the point in treating you like a baby and putting you in nappies if you're not going to use them," She said sternly.

"Now I'm going to run you a nice warm bath, then you can have another bottle and a fresh nappy before bed. So I want you to be wet by the time I come back ok?" And she left the room and went upstairs.

I turned to look at the TV, trying to squeeze my cock through the nappy as Scooby Do and Shaggy were running away from an unlikely ghost, and sadly realized that I was just avoiding the inevitable. So finally I had to admit defeat and give in. I relaxed my body totally, letting my arms and legs go limp and waited. At first nothing happened, and I had a couple of seconds where I thought that perhaps I had beaten it, but then I felt another surge pulse through me and this time there was no stopping it. I felt the pee work it's way back up my cock as I relaxed, and I actually caught myself sighing with relief as I felt it gush out of me like warm water escaping from a dam.

My nappy rustled softly as it began to stretch, soaking up my warm pee. I looked down and saw the nappy gradually turning yellow, felt the warmth as it soaked up more and more, the bulge between my legs becoming solid and quite firm. I could feel a small dribble of pee run down between my butt cheeks, the nappy obviously becoming heavily saturated as it continued to gush out of me. This sensation was totally alien to me, considering that all my life since I was out of nappies I'd never once wet myself, let alone been told to. It's a really unusual feeling not to be standing over a toilet as you pee, no echoing sound of splashing water, no looking down and seeing it flush away. I looked down worriedly, checking to see if my nappy had leaked and stood up to examine the sofa. My nappy felt really different, it sagged and felt a lot heavier, the weight of it making it hang lower around my waist as I stood there examining it. I touched the bulge between my legs, it was really warm and solid, and didn't puff back into shape when I squeezed it. I could feel the dampness but I wasn't soaked through which surprised me considering how much pee had gushed out of me. It felt unusually warm against the insides of my legs, the thick bulge of padding underneath me hung down solid and heavy, pulling my nappy down lower around my waist.

Just then Miss Granger came back in, I felt a pang of guilt at having wet myself, I felt as though I had been caught doing something really naughty.

After all the different experiences Miss Granger had put me through those past months, I had never felt as humiliated as I did just then, being free to pee whenever you need to and not needing to ask is a fundamental sign that you're a free person, a grown up, something you take for granted. Being made to wet yourself and having someone change your nappy takes all that freedom away, it's the ultimate act of domination and control, and is the most embarrassing experience in the world. Miss Granger walked over to me and placed her hand against my bottom and then slipped her finger underneath the elastic.

"Ooh, you are wet aren't you?" She said. I felt close to tears as she took my hand and led me over to the changing mat, my heavily soaked nappy swaying from side to side as I waddled over and sat down on it, the warm hard padding of my nappy squashed under me. Miss Granger knelt down beside me her face level with mine and with a smile popped a yellow dummy into my mouth.

Just as the rubber nipple slipped between my lips and into my mouth the humiliation became too much and I actually started to cry.

"There, there," She cooed.

"Now lie back and let mummy take this nasty wet nappy off." Tears began to run from my eyes as she placed her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back so I was lying down, then moved down to my wet nappy and proceeded to change me. She ripped open the sticky tapes of my heavily soaked nappy, lifted my bottom and pulled it from under me. The air felt cool against my skin as I lay there naked and exposed on the mat. Miss Granger took a baby wipe and carefully and gently began to clean me up with it, wiping away the moisture from between my legs and around my cock. Still crying, I screwed my eyes tight shut trying to block out the humiliation as Miss Granger lifted my legs and began to wipe my bottom with a fresh baby wipe, slipping it deep between my cheeks and over my balls. That done, she took my hands and pulled me up into a sitting position, then lifted me up and led me upstairs and into the bathroom.

It felt strange being washed by an adult, having done it myself for so many years. Miss Granger seemed oblivious to it and washed me thoroughly and with no fuss and bother. Once out of the bath she dried me and took me downstairs and back into the living room where she sat me on the sofa and went into the kitchen to get me a bottle. I felt really self-conscious as I sat there naked, waiting for her to come back. It seems strange to say it, but I felt more embarrassed being naked in front of her than I did wearing a nappy. I felt myself going red in the face as she came in with my bottle and proceeded to sit me on her lap. I tried to cover myself up but it was impossible. She brought the bottle up to my lips and I reluctantly let her push the nipple between them and into my mouth. She looked down at me and smiled as she started to feed me. I looked into her eyes as I sucked on the bottle and I suddenly remembered about earlier when we were kissing, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted her to kiss me again. I felt myself looking away with embarrassment at the thought of her lips against mine, but also noticed that I was starting to get aroused. Being fed with a baby's bottle while sitting naked on her lap wasn't the best time to get a 'hard on', but I couldn't get the memories of earlier out of my head.

The thing was, ever since that morning when my 'babyfication' had started, my feelings for Miss Granger had changed. Our relationship had started as teacher/pupil, then become mother/daughter. She had always been dominant towards me, but ever since the afternoon's antics in the bedroom I found that my feelings towards her had grown. In making me her baby, she had become my provider, I was totally dependant on her for everything and that now included my sexual needs.

Miss Granger continued to feed me, totally ignoring my cock which was standing up proudly to attention as the last few drops of milk disappeared.

After I had finished, she led me over to the changing mat and sat me down on it. I laid down and spread my legs wide, hoping she would masturbate me again, but then I heard the familiar jangling of her bangles a she began to shake the baby powder over me. I wanted her to touch me so badly I spread my legs as wide as I could, but my invitation was ignored as she opened up a fresh nappy, placed it underneath me, pulled it up tightly between my legs and fastened up the tapes. I was just about to sit up when Miss granger stopped me, she gently pressed my shoulders back down onto the mat saying, "Hold on, Mummy's not finished with you yet!" I lay there on the mat looking up at the ceiling confused. I'd just had a nappy change, what else was there? My question was answered by the swishing sound of soft plastic, I looked down to see Miss Granger holding a pair of canary yellow see-through baby pants, she shook them out opening them up and then began to slip my feet into the leg holes. The plastic felt cold against my skin as she slowly eased them up my legs, stretching them over my fresh new nappy before letting go of the elastic with a snap.

"There," She cooed.

"That should keep you nice and dry for tonight!" I felt really ashamed and embarrassed as she lifted me up off of the changing mat, led me out of the room and took me up the stairs to bed. I protested that I didn't want to go to bed this early, but Miss Granger ignored me, pulling me up the stairs, my nappy rustling loudly as I followed. Without saying a word she put me back into bed and pulled the covers over me, popped a dummy into my mouth, turned out the light and left the room.

I lay my head down on the pillow, looked up at the ceiling and sighed. I couldn't keep up with this. It was all happening too fast for me. Dressed in nappies, put to bed, out of bed, bottle feeds, back to bed, my head was in a spin. As I lay there sucking my dummy, my cock still pressing up hard against the inside of my nappy, I really felt beaten. I felt that my life was totally out of my control, Miss Granger was pulling all the strings and I had no option but to follow, and as I was yet to find out, Miss Granger still had other things in store for me.

It must have been around two o'clock in the morning when Miss Granger came into my room. I was woken up from a deep sleep when she turned on the light and walked over to my bed. I squinted at the sudden light in my eyes as she leant over me and pulled off the covers, the sudden cold making me curl up.

I grumbled irritably under my breath as Miss Granger began pulling at my plastic pants, tugging them down over my nappy and down to my knees where she left them. Then she quickly and methodically unfastened the tapes of my nappy and proceeded to pull it from under me, I couldn't believe I was having a nappy change in the middle of the night and groaned with displeasure as my nappy was pulled away. Then to my surprise Miss Granger stood me up next to my bed and sat herself down, and with her head right next to my tummy began to pull my plastic pants back up. I stood there still half asleep while Miss Granger pulled them up and smoothed out the plastic over my bottom with her hand. Then she took my hands and pulled me forward over her lap, and I suddenly realized with horror that she was going to spank me. Before I had time to protest her hand came down hard with a resounding 'SLAP!!' onto my plastic covered bottom. My legs kicked out in pain as she began to reign stinging blows down onto me, 'SLAP'. 'SLAP'. 'SLAP'. Again and again without pause her hand came down hard, the plastic pants I was wearing giving the slapping sounds more resonance. I wriggled hard trying to escape off of her lap but she held me down tight and continued to spank me.

On and on it went, my eyes filled with tears as I started to cry, the pain and the feelings of humiliation and utter control swept over me. With my voice shaking I begged her to stop but my pleas were ignored as the spanking continued. She was like a robot, emotionless and unstoppable. I wriggled and squirmed harder as the pain intensified, I kicked my legs out trying desperately to wriggle free, but Miss Granger's grip around my waist tightened and she began to spank me even harder. 'SLAP'. 'SLAP'. 'SLAP'. Still she continued, this was the longest spanking I'd ever had, my bottom became so numb that after a while the sharp stinging pain began to lessen. And then to my great surprise I noticed that I had a huge 'hard-on'.

Here I was stretched across Miss Granger's lap in the early hours of the morning having the spanking of my life, and it was turning me on! I couldn't believe it.

Eventually, after what seemed an eternity the spanking stopped. Miss Granger gave out a short puff of air as if she'd just finished running the hundred metres, and then reached down for a pot of soothing cream. She hooked her fingers under my plastic pants and began to pull them down to get at my bottom, but the elastic around the front snagged on my rock hard cock, she pulled harder but they wouldn't budge. She then stood me up and without saying a word pulled the plastic pants up and over my cock, which then sprang up within inches from Miss Granger's face. I felt my own face glowing red with embarrassment as she continued to slip the plastic pants down my legs to my knees. The soothing cream felt really cold against my stinging bottom as her hand gently caressed me, covering my skin in goose bumps. The last few tears ran down my face as she finished applying the cream and gently laid me back down onto the bed. She then popped a dummy back into my mouth and reached round for another nappy. She then took hold of my ankles and lifted them up, placing the fresh nappy underneath my stinging bottom, she pulled it up between my legs, tightened up the tapes and then pulled my plastic pants back up and over my nappy, and without saying a word, pulled the covers back over me, walked over to the door, switched off the light and left the room.

Now you may well think, as I did, that my life at Miss Granger's house seemed pretty one-sided. Things seemed to be more focussed towards punishments than anything else, and certainly it seemed that way to me. But little did I know that the following day was to be a day I'll never forget.

The day started off quite normally. Miss granger got me out of bed and led me downstairs for breakfast, (which she insisted on feeding to me). Then she sat me on her lap and fed me a bottle taking the opportunity to tell me that she was taking me with her to a friends house for the day, where I was going to be introduced to some of her closest friends. Apparently they had requested to see me after Miss Granger had told them all about my 'Baby regime'. I must admit, the thought of leaving the house dressed in nappies was bad enough, but the thought of being seen by her friends filled me with dread.

I felt nervous all morning, I'd felt nervous the first time I left the house dressed as a girl but this was different, back then with kirsty holding my hand I'd felt nervous but excited, this time though as Miss Granger put a very short skirt on me which clearly showed my bulging nappy underneath I was filled with dread. Miss Granger put a t-shirt on me and then some pink socks and sandals before grabbing a large bag from the hall and opening the front door.

"Come on young lady!" She said, holding out her hand towards me with an impatient look on her face.

"We don't want to be late." I stood there hesitating, the mid morning sun was pouring in through the open front door inviting in a nice warm breeze but my feet just wouldn't move. Miss Granger dropped the large bag she was holding and looked at me sternly, "Samantha, if you don't hurry up I'll undress you and you can leave the house in just your nappy!" Reluctantly I made my way outside and stood by the car. The warm sun was beating down on me as I stood there pulling my skirt down trying to conceal my nappy, which was shinning yellow underneath my plastic baby pants. Miss granger teasingly took her time locking up the house before unlocking the car for me, and after what seemed an eternity we were on our way.

About fifteen minutes into our journey I started to feel like I needed to pee, I felt my face flush with colour at the thought of enduring a nappy change away from the sanctuary of the house. I found myself beginning to wriggle my legs and squirm about in my seat as Miss Granger drove along in the traffic. She must have noticed me because as we came to a stop at a set of traffic lights, she leaned over, pulled the hem of my skirt up exposing my nappy to full view, reached under my baby pants and slipped a couple of fingers under the elastic leg of my nappy.

"Does baby need to go?" She asked. I didn't satisfy her with an answer, but just stared red faced out of the window hoping no one could see me in my nappy. The lights went green and as we pulled away I remember the seatbelt tightening across my tummy, pressing down on my bladder making me squirm in my seat. Without thinking I tried to squeeze my cock with my fingers but the mass of padding around it made it impossible.

Miss Granger placed her hand on my bulging nappy, making the plastic pants rustle softly as she ran her fingers over it.

"Don't fight it sweetie," She said.

"Make yourself nice and wet, I'll get Angela to change your nappy when we get there, the girls can't wait to make a fuss over you." A hot wave of humiliation washed over me at the sound of those words, and yet, deep down something stirred inside me at the thought of being 'fussed' over by a group of women. As the car sped along out into the country, little did I know that I was being whisked towards the greatest sexual experience of my life.

As the journey continued my mind was racing, what was going to happen to me? I wanted to ask Miss Granger but another surge ran through my bladder and I realized that I could hold on no longer. I wriggled and squirmed uncomfortably in my seat as the warm pee gushed out of me, I turned my face away from Miss Granger as my nappy began to rustle and swell, hoping she wouldn't notice, but with my nappy in full view and the fact that Miss Granger was resting her hand on my plastic pants as she drove, I realized that that was an unrealistic hope.

I continued to squirm in my seat, my nappy growing warmer and harder as the last drops of pee soaked into it.

"Good Girl," She said, squeezing the nappy with her fingers.

"It isn't far now, you'll have a nice fresh nappy put on you when we get there." Still facing the window I fought the urge not to cry.

After a few more minutes, Miss Granger pulled the car up in front of two huge stone pillars with wrought iron gates that slowly opened when Miss Granger punched in a key code. The driveway was very long with miles of emerald green fields stretching out into the distance on either side, finally ending at a fairly large house. It was really nice and quite secluded, there were a few cars parked in front of the house and as we parked up I felt a 'flutter' of nerves as I wondered what the day had in store.

I sat there staring up at the house as Miss Granger came round and opened the passenger door. She reached in and unbuckled my seatbelt letting me out of the car. I remember pulling my skirt down in a vain attempt to hide my bulging nappy, (which felt heavy and warm now that It was wet), but it was impossible to hide due to the shortness of my skirt and the fact that my nappy was sagging with the extra weight. Then suddenly a woman came out to meet us, she seemed quite a bit younger than Miss Granger and looked very pretty with long straight blonde hair, she was quite slim, and had a very feminine way about her. She greeted Miss Granger and then turned her attention to me.

"And you must be Samantha." She said, smiling broadly at me. I felt my face glow bright red as she looked me up and down with interest.

"Angela!" Said Miss Granger as she lifted a heavy bag from the boot.

"Unfortunately Samantha had a little accident on the way, would you change her nappy for me while I meet the girls and get ready?"

"Of course." She said, turning to look at me with a huge smile on her face. I stood there dumbstruck, wishing that the ground would swallow me up.

Miss Granger handed Angela a fresh new nappy from the bag and closed the boot. I was close to tears as Angela took my hand and led me into the house.

Once inside I was introduced to two other women, Penny and Sasha. They were all about the same age as Miss Granger and smiled sweetly at me when Angela introduced me, all the while holding my hand tightly in hers and to heighten my mounting humiliation was visibly holding the new nappy in the other.

"Okay then," She said as the introductions were done.

"Let's get you out of this nasty wet nappy." I was taken up to a little bedroom at the top of the house, my nappy hung down ever lower between my legs as I climbed the stairs giving me a very pronounced 'waddle'.

Once inside, Angela led me over to the bed and immediately began to undress me. She raised my hands in the air, pulled my top up over my head and placed it on the bed. Then she reached around my waist, unfastened my skirt and placed it neatly next to my top. I stood there in just my nappy on the verge of tears and watched her bend down and remove my sandals and socks. Once off, Angela then patted the duvet with her hand and told me to lie down on the bed, feeling her pretty eyes watching me with interest I awkwardly climbed onto the bed and stretched myself out, resting on my elbows.

Angela then told me to suck my thumb. I looked up at her pretty face, pleading with her not to humiliate me further.

"Lie down and put your thumb in your mouth please," She said commandingly.

"I want you to suck your thumb and watch me while I change your nappy!" Reluctantly I put my thumb in my mouth and began to suck on it. Angela then gently pushed me down onto the bed, my head coming to rest on a soft pillow.

I looked down to see her reach forward and slip her slender fingers under the waist of my plastic baby pants, my body jerked as she tugged them, peeling them off of me, the plastic making a soft 'swishing' noise as it slid across my disposable nappy, which became shiny white again as the yellow see-through pants were pulled down over it. Angela's beautifully straight blonde hair flopped down onto my nappy as she continued to pull the plastic pants down my legs, I could feel the soft plastic against my bare feet as she pulled them off of me before turning her attention to my nappy.

Tucking her hair behind her ears, she gave me a smile, and, as if going to open a daintily wrapped present, gingerly pulled at the sticky tapes of my nappy, one side, then the other. I find it hard to describe how much humiliation and shame I felt, as the tapes were gently ripped open. Knowing that any moment my nakedness would be displayed right in front of a pretty stranger, a young woman who was examining my seventeen year old body, dressed like a baby in nappies, helpless, dependant, a doll to be dressed and played with by total strangers, a boy suspended in babyhood, not even aloud to use the toilet, having to have everything done for him, it was all too much. As Angela gently pulled open my wet nappy, exposing my nakedness to the air, I turned my head to one side and closed my eyes trying to block out the horror of the situation. Tears welled up in my eyes as Angela gently raised my knees and parted my legs in readiness to remove my sodden nappy.

Instinctively I arched my back, lifting my bottom clear of the bed as she pulled the nappy from under me. I lay there for a few seconds, the cool air fresh against my naked skin, then suddenly I felt the touch of a soft moist baby wipe between my legs and around my cock, and opened my eyes to see Angela smiling down at me.

"There," She cooed, "That feels better doesn't it? Babies love having their nappy changed." I squirmed awkwardly as she continued to wipe all around my nether regions, all the while smiling down at me. Then suddenly she stopped wiping and very gently began to run her fingers up and down my cock, teasing it stroking it, I closed my eyes to avoid her gaze as she slowly began to squeeze and manipulate my fast growing cock. As soon as it grew hard she enclosed her slender fingers around the shaft and gently started to masturbate me.

"Now then Samantha," She said, her voice a bit more authoritative.

"Once I've put a fresh nappy on you, I want you to lie here quietly while I go and get dressed, then we'll come and get you when we're ready, Okay?" I stopped sucking my thumb and said, "What's going to happen Miss?" my voice shaking slightly as she continued to masturbate me.

"Well, every few weeks we all get together here at my house and spend a day playing with each other," She said. I looked up not really knowing what to say as her fingers continued their caress.

"Miss Granger told us about you and we decided that we would like to play with you." There was a pause, before she said, "You know what we mean by 'play' don't you Samantha?" I must have laid there for about an hour after Angela had left. She had put a fresh nappy on me and instructed me to lie there and wait for her return.

So I lay there, alone, just staring at the ceiling. It was too hot to sleep despite having nothing on but a clean disposable nappy. The midday sun was pouring in through the open window, a soft warm breeze made the curtains gently sway in and out like shallow waves in a sea of cotton. Then suddenly the door opened and Miss Granger came in. What she was wearing made my jaw drop. She had on a black figure- hugging corset, shiny black panties with black stockings and suspenders, patent leather stiletto's, and her face looked gorgeous with expertly applied make-up. She came over to me, took my hand, pulled me up and led me out of the room, my nappy rustled loudly as I followed her along the landing towards another bedroom door.

The sight that greeted me as we entered the room I will never forget for as long as I live. The room was huge, there was an enormous four-poster bed along the right hand wall. In the middle of the room standing on a padded foot stool was Penny, She was dressed completely in white lingerie, stockings, panties etc, her arms were raised behind her head because she had her wrists manacled to two chains that were connected to the ceiling.

Standing behind Penny was Angela, dressed in a tight PVC nurses outfit, complete with white fishnet stockings and thigh high shiny white PVC boots.

On the other side of the foot stool, standing in front of Penny was Sasha, she was wearing a pink latex mini dress with clear Perspex stiletto's, both women seemed to be in the process of undressing penny who remained on the stool, helpless and manacled. Angela reached forward and unclipped Penny's bra, as it sprang undone, Sasha slipped it off of her shoulders and dropped the bra on the floor. Both women then advanced, Sasha immediately cupped Penny's naked breasts and began to kiss and lick them. Angela placed her hands around Penny's waist slipping her fingers under her white suspender belt, leaned forward and started nibbling and kissing Penny's slender neck.

Still holding my hand, Miss Granger led me over to the far end of the room where there was an enormous mirror wall.

"Now let's get you ready," She said, sliding open one of the mirrors.

"What would you like to wear?" Inside was a long row of assorted outfits on hangers, all different colours and materials.

"Have you ever worn rubber?" Miss Granger asked, pulling out a shiny black latex miniskirt. I shook my head and gazed at it in wonder.

"It's wonderful," She continued.

"The way it clings to you like a second skin, so smooth and stretchy." She was obviously quite passionate about it, she was running her fingers over it, stretching and caressing it. She offered it to me to touch, It felt so smooth, almost like liquid in my hands.

"Your bum would feel nice wrapped in this." She said, looking down at me with a look of hunger in her eyes.

But something had caught my eye, I reached forward and pulled out a white rubber skirt and top, the skirt was the shortest one I'd ever seen, it had a tight waist band but immediately pleated out, leaving whatever you were wearing underneath almost completely in view. The top was a corset style and felt incredibly smooth and clingy.

"There are some sexy little panties that go with that." Came a voice from behind me. I looked round to see Angela pulling out a draw full of assorted knickers. She pulled out a pair of white rubber panties that were quite skimpy and very glossy.

"There's a suspender belt as well if you want to wear stockings." Angela continued.

"Samantha loves wearing stockings," Said Miss Granger beside me.

"She has perfect legs for them too."

"Okay then," Replied Angela.

"Stockings it is." And with that she began to rummage around in another draw.

"But before you get dressed you need some make-up don't you." Explained Miss Granger, and she guided me over to a dressing table. My nappy rustled loudly as she sat me down on a little padded seat in front of a brightly lit mirror.

The room suddenly became a buzz of excitement. Angela and Miss granger were sorting out my outfit. Angela was looking through pairs of white stockings, she was fishing out lots of pairs and was busy slipping her hands into them, checking them for runs. Miss granger was neatly laying out the rubber outfit on the bed. Sasha had released Penny from her bonds and was now placing items of make-up on the dressing table in front of me, while penny stood behind me, still topless, gently stroking my hair.

Sasha then knelt down in front of me and proceeded to do my make-up, she took great care over it, curling my eye- lashes with thick black mascara, expertly shadowing my eyes with shades of smoky grey, all the while penny was gently stroking my hair, her naked breasts just inches above my head.

As I sat there on the stool I started to take in for the first time what exactly what was going on. Here I was, surrounded by scantily clad women who were 'preparing' me for their own pleasures. As this realization hit home I felt a huge wave of excitement build up inside me and I found myself beginning to shake slightly as the time got steadily nearer, my cock immediately sprang up at the thought of what was happening, it swelled up hot and throbbing inside my nappy as Sasha untwisted the top off of a bottle of thick shiny pink lip-gloss. My heart began to pound as she reached forward and gently touched my lips with the small lip-gloss brush, coating them in a thick gooey layer.

Once my make-up was finished I was stood up and led over to the padded footstool with the manacles hanging above, swaying slightly.

"Now stand up here Samantha," Said Angela guiding me onto the stool.

"And we'll get you dressed." I balanced myself on the stool as the women busily went to work on me.

Penny began to rub baby oil all over my upper body, "This makes it easier to dress when you wear rubber," She said, pouring more baby lotion onto her hands.

Just then I felt the tapes of my nappy being pulled undone, and looked down to see Angela pulling it off of me and passing it to Sasha.

"I think Samantha looks really cute in her nappy." Said Sasha, as she stood there squeezing and caressing my nappy in her fingers.

"Yes," Replied Angela.

"And she's going to look gorgeous in rubber too." Miss Granger then came over with the rubber top I had chosen and helped Penny put it on me. It felt totally amazing as it slowly slipped down my body, enwrapping me like a second skin. It was so smooth and shiny and hugged me tightly as if I was wrapped in cling film. My cock was throbbing and twitching with anticipation as Penny and Miss granger made some final adjustments, running their fingers over the surface of the shiny white latex and pulling it into place.

Then to my surprise, they gently took my wrists, lifted them up high and locked them into the manacles that were hanging from the ceiling, leaving me utterly helpless and vulnerable as all four women carried on dressing me.

While my wrists were being locked into the manacles, Penny had begun to apply baby lotion all around my midriff, her warm oily hands slipping and sliding around my bottom and between my legs, while Sasha stood there with the rest of my outfit.

Once Penny had finished oiling me up, Angela stepped forward and placed the rubber suspender belt around my waist and clipped it into position, the little rubber strips dangled down against my legs in readiness for the stockings.

I looked down hungrily at the skimpy rubber panties Sasha was holding, I was impatient to wear them, to feel them hug me and cling to me. The latex was quite thin and had been polished up to make them shiny and glossy. Angela took them from her and placed them at my feet, I excitedly raised each foot in turn and stepped into them, I squeezed my legs tightly together and looked down excitedly as Angela slowly eased them up my legs, but before they were pulled all the way up, Angela took hold of my rigid cock and carefully pushed it through a hole in the front of the panties, Angela looked up at the quizzical look on my face.

"This is so we can get at you without slipping your panties off." She said with a wry smile, "There's a slit at the back as well for the same reason." The stretchy rubber panties shone white and glossy in the bright light as Angela pulled them up over my oiled bottom, I stood there manacled and helpless on the padded stool, my rock hard cock pushing up through the hole in the front as my panties were pulled into place.

I hardly had time to get used to the feeling of them before the little pleated miniskirt was put on me. It fitted snugly around my waist covering my suspender belt, the shiny latex pleats hung down so short it barely covered my ass.

I squirmed and wriggled as I stood there on the stool, my wrists locked above my head in the manacles, aching to touch my rubber outfit, to run my hands over the shiny latex and to feel it stretched tight across my skin.

I looked down to see Angela and Sasha holding a sheer white stocking each, they were gathering them up in preparation for unrolling them up my legs.

Instinctively I raised my feet one at a time and watched as my legs were slowly encased in sheer white shiny nylon. They were brought right up to the top of my thighs and carefully connected to the ends of my suspender belt, which hung down below the hem of my miniskirt. I stood there, fully dressed, chained and vulnerable, easy prey for four women with lust on their minds and hunger in their eyes.

I stood there on the stool wriggling against my bonds, desperate to touch myself. Angela decided that she wanted to put some sexy boots on my feet, and took Miss Granger off with her to find some. Penny and Sasha sidled up to me and began to inspect me, saying how nice I looked.

Penny lifted up the hem of my tiny skirt and ran her fingers across the shiny rubber stretched tight across my bottom.

"Ooh, this feels nice," She said, giving my bottom a little pat.

"I like her legs," Said Sasha, as she slid her hands down my stockings.

"I love women in stockings." And with that she took penny's hands, pulled her forward and kissed her full on the lips right in front of me. They kissed slowly and delicately, their hands slipping around each other like snakes.

After a while Sasha broke away and led Penny over to the bed, she gently pushed her down onto it, slowly climbed on top of her and began to kiss her naked breasts. I stood there transfixed as they writhed around on the bed, kissing and caressing each other.

It wasn't long before Angela and Miss Granger returned. Angela was carrying a pair of white patent leather ankle boots for me to wear. Miss Granger reached up and unchained my wrists and helped me off of the stool. I looked over at the bed as Angela buckled up the boots on my feet, Sasha had her face buried between Penny's legs, Penny's eyes were closed and her head was rolling from side to side as Sasha licked and kissed her pussy.

I was so transfixed on the two women on the bed I didn't notice that Angela had started to kiss my legs. She was kneeling on the floor in front of me, kissing her way up my legs, and was almost to the top of my stockings by the time I noticed. Her hands were gently gripping my legs as she reached my stocking tops and began to kiss my inner thigh, her head resting against my cock which was erect and pointing skyward.

Just then I felt a finger probing my bottom through the slit in the back of my panties. Miss Granger was sitting on the stool behind me and was probing and inspecting me with her finger, she poked her finger into my bottom just as Angela took my swollen cock in her mouth. I gasped out loud as her warm soft lips enclosed around it, her tongue licking and swirling like an eel. I felt my knees go week as Miss Granger gently pushed her finger deeper into me, and Angela's lips slid further down my shaft.

The noises I was making must have attracted Penny and Sasha, because they broke apart and came over to join in. My heart was pounding so hard it was making my chest pulse. My breathing became heavy as all four women stood around me. Angela was now licking the under side of my cock, Penny was kneeling next to her, running her fingers up and down my sheer stockings and commenting on how smooth they felt. Sasha stood behind me, her hands caressing my latex top while she gently kissed my neck, which sent shivers down my spine. Miss Granger was now inserting a second finger into my bottom with the help of what must have been some sort of lubricant.

Sasha then came around to face me, her pink rubber mini dress shining with a high gloss as she leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips, instinctively I placed my hands on her waist, slipping them round her back as we kissed. The latex under my fingers was so smooth, almost like liquid, it hugged her like a second skin. I gasped again as she slipped her tongue into my mouth, it tasted strange, kind of salty, and I moaned with pleasure as I realized where it came from.

We continued kissing for a quite a while, our tongues slowly and rhythmically slipping and wriggling inside each other's mouths, it was incredibly sensual. Miss Granger was now slowly frigging me, making my body jerk slightly as she pushed her fingers in and out of my bottom. Angela on the other hand seemed to be totally infatuated with my cock, her fingers tightly wrapped around it she was licking and sucking on it greedily, making sure in the process that she didn't make me cum by skilfully toying with it, not sucking me off but licking and kissing, sucking on it only for a few seconds at a time. This had an incredible effect on me, I was so overcome with the sensations I was feeling, and the realization of what I was experiencing, I found myself getting a bit light headed, as if I was floating in a dream. Maybe I was hyperventilating I can't remember, but whatever it was it showed no sign of abating. Whatever the girls had in store for me, they were no way near finished with me yet.

My senses came drifting back into focus when Sasha suddenly pulled away from me, her tongue slipping gently through my lips leaving a little string of glistening spittle. I hadn't realized it, but all four women had stopped what they were doing and were now slowly guiding me towards the bed.

I don't really know how I got there, but the next thing I remember I was astride Sasha on 'all fours' on the bed, licking her breasts through the rubber that enveloped them. The rubber was so smooth it was like licking a party balloon, smooth stretched rubber wrapped around young pert breasts. My knees buried themselves into the bedding as I continued to lick and kiss Sasha's breasts. Angela had somehow managed to lie underneath me to continue treating my cock as a lollypop, while miss granger had spread my legs wide apart, and was now inserting a vibrator into my raised bottom, I could feel the hardness of it as it was slowly inched deeper and deeper inside me.

I moaned with pleasure as Miss Granger began to rotate it, I looked up from Sasha's breasts to see Penny crawl up to Sasha and start to kiss her, their pink glossy lips pressed against each other, I moved up to join in, and we took it in turns to kiss and be kissed, all the while Angela was still toying with my cock. The room was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and sighs of rapture, little moans of pleasure and sounds of kissing and licking, it was an orchestra of sexual activity, and I was right in the middle of it.

What amazed me was the way they would all change position as though this was all rehearsed, they all seemed to know what to do next. Miss Granger left the dildo inside me and was now sucking on my cock where Angela had been. Angela was now kissing Sasha's naked breasts having pulled the latex top down to reveal them, she was cupping them in her hand and licking Sasha's erect nipples. Sasha closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure as I joined in, placing my lips over her nipple and slipping my tongue over it, Then her sighs became muffled moans as Penny kissed her once more, slipping her tongue into her mouth and crushing her lips against hers.

A short while later, after everyone had changed positions again a couple of times, everyone decided to concentrate all their attention to my bottom, and in particular the dildo that was still inside it. I was still on my hands and knees on the bed, my bottom sticking up high in the air, although I had somehow progressed up towards the pillow end because I remember I reached up and took hold of the upright posts of the bed as my dildo was slowly removed. There were lots of 'cooing' and muttering as it was gently pulled free, immediately replaced by fingers rubbing and probing. Then I felt my skirt being removed, and hands slipping over and around my bottom, squeaking against the rubber stretched tight across my bum cheeks. I could feel the rubber strips of my suspender belt pressing against my upper thighs as my legs were spread wider. I heard someone comment on the red marks made by my spanking session the night before.

"Samantha likes it when I spank her." Said Miss Granger as she continued to examine my bottom.

"You haven't spanked me for a while Tina." Said Penny eagerly.

Miss Granger suddenly pulled her finger from my bottom and slipped it into Penny's mouth making her moan with pleasure, and without saying a word took Penny's hand and led her over to the chair by the dressing table. Then, just as I was watching Penny spread herself across Miss Grangers lap, I felt my body being slowly flipped over onto my back, Sasha was kneeling over me on all fours, her beautiful hair draped across my chest. I moved my gaze from Penny to see Angela kneel behind Sasha and insert a strap-on dildo into her pussy from behind. Sasha's eyes sparkled as Angela slowly pushed the dildo deeper into her. Sasha reached down and took my cock in her mouth and began to greedily suck on it, her body rocking backwards and forwards as Angela began to fuck her. I turned my head just in time to see Miss Granger start to spank Penny, her stockinged legs kicking out as hard stinging slaps reigned down onto her pert bottom.

Sasha continued to suck and lick my cock as I watched Penny being spanked. I was staring transfixed as Miss Granger's hand repeatedly came down hard, filling the room with sharp slapping sounds. And as I watched, I realized that this is what it must have looked like when I had been spanked all those weeks ago the night before the holiday. My legs wrapped in white stockings kicking out in pain, Miss Granger's hand raised high in the air poised for another slap, her face full of concentration, looking down at my bottom, her other hand pressing down on my back, holding me down like a trapped animal as I struggled and squirmed to get free. Suddenly a hot rush of tingles pulsed through my body as I lay there staring at the scene before me, I looked down to see Sasha sliding her wet tongue up the shaft of my cock, and another pulse raced through my body, making me moan softly as my back arched and my body twitched. Sasha seemed to realize that I was close to orgasm and immediately withdrew her tongue from me.

"Huh huh, not yet," She said teasingly. I laid my head down on the bed again and sighed with disappointment, I was aching to cum.

My chance arrived when Penny and Miss Granger had come back to the bed, with penny nursing her sore bottom. Angela pulled the strap-on dildo out of Sasha's dripping pussy and invited me to fuck her myself. Miss Granger and Angela helped guide me in, while Sasha widened her legs allowing me to get closer, her pussy felt warm and slippery as my cock slowly disappeared into it. Sasha, who was still on all fours, now had Angela kneeling in front of her, pushing the still wet strap-on into her mouth. Then suddenly Miss Granger appeared next to me on the bed, she was laying down on it, pulling Penny down on top of her, they were kissing passionately, their lips locked together as they fell onto the bed next to me, Miss Granger was pulling at Penny's flimsy knickers and slipping her fingers into her pussy. Once again the room seemed to be filled with kissing sounds and gentle moans, there were fingers and tongues everywhere, the bed was a mass of legs in stockings, heaving breasts and working fingers. Everyone now seemed to be joined together as one, every pussy and every mouth was being fingered, fucked or kissed. Sasha rolled onto her back and pulled me into an embrace as we fucked, I crushed my lips against hers and forced my tongue into her mouth, Sasha closed her eyes and moaned softly as she sucked on my tongue like a baby.

I could hold on no longer, I felt the orgasm start to build up in my legs as Sasha tightened her pussy around my cock. My breathing became heavier still and I began to gasp as it worked up through my body. Suddenly a hand grabbed my cock and pulled me from Sasha's pussy, I was pushed down on to the bed and immediately had a pair of lips crushing down on mine, a soft warm tongue pushed it's way between my lips, swirling around inside my mouth. Then another mouth slipped over the head of my aching cock sucking and licking. I closed my eyes and totally surrendered as more lips appeared, kissing my legs and neck, hands were pulling at my lingerie, slipping between my legs and over my balls, the rubber around them squeaking as the sweaty hands continued their caress. Then I let out a final gasp as the orgasm exploded through my body, making me writhe and twitch violently on the bed, leaving me sweaty and breathless.

The rest of the day went like a blur after that, I remember lying on the bed with the girls for quite a while, we just cuddled and snoozed. Then later on I had a nice warm bath before we all ate a huge meal in the kitchen. What amazed me was that during the meal everyone chatted about everyday things as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I was totally exhausted and after eating a full plate felt just like curling up on a huge sofa and snoozing the rest of the day away. This I was allowed to do, but Miss Granger insisted that I was put back in nappies first. I was a little disappointed, but after what I'd been through I didn't really mind, I would gladly wear nappies for the rest of my life if I could do this every weekend I thought.

So Angela took me back up to the top bedroom where she laid me down on the little bed and put a nice clean nappy on me before letting me curl up on the sofa in front of the TV, where I stayed for the rest of the day. When it came to bedtime, I was taken up to the huge bed we had used all afternoon and curled up under the covers, my nappy rustling as I fidgeted to get comfy. Later on I was joined by Angela, she was wearing a little pair of satin panties and nothing else as she climbed into bed with me. I had an instant hard-on as she slid over to join me. We didn't have sex but kissed and cuddled for a while before dozing off. It was then that the first pangs of guilt hit me as I suddenly remembered Kirsty, and I started to wonder about what I would say, and if I would say anything. I also wondered whether she knew about her Mum's little weekend gatherings.

The following weekend with Kirsty was as nice as ever, but I still felt guilty about what had happened the weekend before. As it turned out I didn't have the heart to tell her what had happened, not even about telling her about the nappies. It was nice not having to wear them and even nicer wearing girls clothes again. But The following weekend when Kirsty was away I was put back into nappies, we didn't visit Angela's house that weekend, but I did go back there a few more times, and it became harder and harder to be with Kirsty and not tell her. I felt really guilty about it, and it played on my mind constantly whenever we were together, but when those chances came of going to the big house my cock jumped up quicker than a 'jack-in-the-box'.

In the end a job opportunity came to me that kind of solved this problem.

I was offered a job in the USA that I would have been a total fool to pass up. Kirsty was really cool about it when I told her, and I think that we were maybe starting to grow apart from each other anyway. Maybe the novelty had worn off I don't know. But we vowed to remain good friends and we have, so that's good. As for my dressing up, well eventually my body caught up with the rest of the boys my age and I became quite hairy, so I stopped dressing as a girl and haven't done since, but I do wear lingerie which my wife excepts (And quite likes, lucky me) and sometimes when I'm in the mood, I'll put on a nappy just for kicks, and whenever I do it takes me back to that amazing summer, and it makes me realize, that a broken light bulb, a step ladder and a pair of shiny white panties, really did have the most amazing effect on my entire life.

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