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Part 1

"Sam, pay attention in class, I won't tell you again!!" Sam turned back round from the window and faced the front of the class , he found maths very boring and extremely difficult to understand. Sam was in his last year of college, and was experiencing his first lesson with his new head teacher Miss Sharp, unfortunately for him she was a friend of his Dad's, she even used to baby sit for Sam when he was a toddler, a fact she had pointed out to him on their first meeting. Sam was a typical eighteen year old in some ways, but he was very young looking for his age, he was very small and was showing no sign of growing up, either mentally of physically, he quite often played the fool in class much to his previous head teacher's annoyance, he also had a huge crush on his English teacher, Miss Jady, according to Sam's diary, she was a 'stunner', a beautiful, slim young woman of about 26, with long whispie blonde hair, a very pretty face that was always expertly made up, she always wore pretty feminine clothes and sometimes very short skirts, every time he saw her at English or even in the corridor she would smile and say hello, and he would find himself blushing bright red. The end of the lesson soon came, and as Sam gathered up his books and began to leave the classroom ,Miss Sharp said.

" Stay here for a minute young man, I'd like a few words with you!", the rest of the class filed out of the room and Miss Sharp walked over and closed the door behind them, then she walked back to her desk , turned to face Sam who by now was looking and feeling a little worried, and said.

" Right, as you know, your father and I know each other, and when I told him that I was going to be your new Headmistress, he asked me to keep an eye on your behaviour at school, he feels that you've been getting away with too much mucking around, and that you need some stronger discipline, so he gave me permission to punish you however and whenever I see fit, and I want you to know that I intend to carry out his wishes to the letter!" Her voice was soft yet stern as she continued, " This means that I will decide when and how to punish you, whether you've been naughty or not it doesn't matter, is that understood?" Sam could only let out a subdued 'yes Miss Sharp'. She then got up and opened the door, and as he walked out she gave him a gentle slap on the bottom.

A few days passed, Sam had managed to stay out of trouble, his warning from Miss Sharp seemed to have improved his behaviour, and after a while he didn't feel the need to avoid eye contact with Miss Sharp whenever he saw her.

It was while he was coming out of Miss Jady's English class that his luck changed, he was walking down the busy corridor, on his way to another lesson thinking about how gorgeous Miss jady had looked during English, when he heard his name called out, he turned to see Miss Sharp looking at him and gesturing for him to 'come here', he thought nothing of it as he walked over to where she was standing, He hadn't anything to worry about, he hadn't done anything wrong.

Miss Sharp took him to one side and said, "Its' been a while since I spoke to you Sam, too long for you to go without a punishment, so come to my office after your last lesson!" Sam was shocked and protested bitterly, "But I've been good miss, I haven't done anything wrong!!" Miss Sharp reminded Sam that it didn't matter if he had been naughty or not, it was up to her if she thought he was due for a punishment.

Sam couldn't concentrate at all through the next lesson, he was nervous about what was to come, he kept glancing up at the clock hoping that it would slow down, give him more time, by the end of the lesson he had convinced himself that he would probably be doing a stack of horrible sums, or even a thousand lines. A few minutes later, just as Mrs Hill was announcing the end of the lesson he heard a knock at the classroom door and saw Miss Sharp enter the room, at that moment the bell rang and the class got up and began to leave the room ,Miss Sharp walked over to Sam and said, "Didn't want you to forget about our appointment young man, so I thought I'd come and get you". As the rest of the class pushed and shoved their way out of the classroom and out of the school to go home, Miss sharp led Sam down the corridor towards her office, they went through a door marked 'HEADMISTRESS RECEPTION', there was a woman sitting at a desk who was talking on the phone, and looked up at them as Miss sharp turned the key in another door marked ' HEADMISTRESS, MISS SHARP'.

The Headmistress's office was huge, there was a large desk in front of the window, and a small school desk opposite, there were lots of books on the walls, and it was very warm and cosy with nice soft carpet on the floor. As Sam was looking around he also noticed that a chair had been placed in the middle of the room, Miss Sharp sat down at her desk, she was quite an attractive woman, (not as pretty as Miss Jady of course), she had jet black hair, piercing catlike eyes that she emphasized by wearing thick black eyeliner and nice shades of eye shadow, her clothes were nearly always black, sometimes she would wear leather trousers or skirts which suited her ample figure .Her voice was commanding as she said, "Right young man, I haven't got a lot of time to punish you today, so it's going to be a quick one, but I'll have more time over the next few weeks before the end of term, so I can punish you properly".

"But I haven't done anything wrong!" Sam protested, "Be quiet!!" said Miss sharp, " I won't tell you again, it's up to me when or why you are punished, it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or not, you're being punished for your own good, to make up for the easy life you've had at this school, now, I want you to take off your shoes and socks and stand over there by that chair!!" Sam felt dazed, what was going on? His mind was filling up with questions as he removed his shoes and socks and stood by the chair, Miss Sharp clicked the intercom button on her desk and told her receptionist that she could go, and to close the door after her.

Then she looked up and said, "Right, since our discussion about your punishments I've had time to think of the best way to punish you, and I don't think that lines and homework will be quit severe enough, so from now on I'm going to be putting you across my knee for a bare bottom spanking on a regular basis!!" Sam felt as though he had been given a slap in the face, his heart leapt into his mouth as Miss Sharp got up and walked over towards him, " NO, MISS, PLEASE!!" was all he could say as Miss Sharp came over, sat on the chair next to him, and told him to remove his tie and shirt. The thought of what was to come was too much for Sam to take, the humility of lying naked across Miss Sharps lap and being spanked filled his mind with terror.

"Please Miss Sharp, I'll do anything, I'll be extra good"- his protests were cut short, "Sam, don't be such a baby!! Do as you're told and take these off!!" she said as she gave his shirt a quick tug, Sam's fingers were shaking as he started to remove them. Once his shirt was off Miss Sharp pointed to his trousers and said, "These next", Sam paused, the humiliation was too much, tears started to form in his eyes as Miss Sharp said " Come on you big baby, I haven't got all night, it's not like I've never seen you without your clothes before, I used to change your nappies for you when you were a toddler" Sam's hands were shaking as he removed the rest of his clothes, A few seconds later he was standing in front of Miss Sharp completely naked, crying, his hands covering his embarrassment. Sam tried to pull away as Miss Sharp took his hands to pull him across her lap, "NO PLEASE!!" he cried, tears now streaming down his cheeks, Miss Sharp's grip on him tightened, she literally dragged the crying boy across her lap, holding him down with one hand, and steadying his kicking legs with the other, She delivered a hard slap to his naked bottom as she told him to keep still.

Sam was wriggling and crying as he held on to the legs of the chair, his head almost touching the floor, he could feel a firm hand pressing down on his back, holding him in position, Miss Sharp gently stroked his smooth hairless bottom as she said, "I've been looking forward to giving you a good hard spanking ever since I came to this school", she then started to spank him, softly at first, then harder and harder, the room echoed with the slapping sounds of Miss Sharps hard spanks on his reddening bottom , Sam's crying grew louder as the stinging became more intense.

It wasn't very long before it was all over, "There, all done, that wasn't too bad was it?" said Miss Sharp, keeping the whimpering boy across her lap, she reached down to a pot of soothing cream and started to rub some gently over Sam's stinging bottom, "Honestly, you're such a baby, I told you I didn't have much time today, if you're going to make this much fuss for a little spanking, I can't imagine how your going to behave when I punish you tomorrow" Sam's heart sank as he heard the word 'tomorrow', he had stopped crying now, the feeling of Miss Sharps hands rubbing gently over his bottom were having a soothing effect on him, despite the overwhelming humiliation of lying naked across his Headmistress's lap, her soothing caress's made him feel sexy.

A few moments later, after Sam had got dressed, Miss Sharp escorted him out of her office and down the corridor towards the main doors, the school was empty and quiet, the only sound was the clicking of Miss Sharps stiletto heels on the polished floor of the corridor.

"You're to come to my office again tomorrow just before your last lesson for a proper spanking is that understood?"

"Yes Miss" said Sam, in a very sorrowful voice, "I've already told your sports teacher not to expect you tomorrow, so I'll have you all to myself for a couple of hours" she led Sam over to her car and opened the door for him, "Get in, I'll give you a lift home" Sam threw his school bag in the back and climbed in.

All through the next day, Sam's mind was in turmoil, the humiliation he felt the day before was constantly on his mind, he dreaded the thought of seeing Miss Sharp again, even if it was a fleeting glimpse in the corridor, she was so overbearing, he even found himself blushing whenever he saw Miss Jady , as if she knew what had happened last night, he shuddered at the very thought of her seeing him naked and crying on Miss Sharps lap.

Eventually the time came, Sam's heart was pounding so hard in his chest it was making him shake as he walked down the corridor towards the Headmistress's office, he knocked on the door of the receptionist's office and entered, the lady behind the desk looked at him and pressed the intercom and informed Miss Sharp that there was a boy here to see her. The door opened and Miss Sharp appeared.

"Go inside and wait for me please, I've got to get some things from my car" Sam walked in and stood by her desk, he looked out of the window and saw his classmates running out onto the football field, he longed to be there, it was his favourite lesson, and he was good at it, he suddenly wondered if Miss Sharp had deliberately decided to punish him at this time so he would miss it.

Just then Miss Sharp walked in and closed the door behind her, she was carrying a large bag which she placed by her desk, "Sit down Sam" she said, and Sam took a seat at the small writing desk, he noticed that the 'spanking chair' was over in the corner, but he was sure that it wouldn't be there for long.

"Now then," said Miss Sharp, "I was thinking last night about what would be an appropriate punishment for you, considering how you were behaving yesterday, do you remember how you were behaving yesterday Sam?"

"No Miss" Sam said nervously, "What did I call you when I was spanking your bottom yesterday?" asked Miss Sharp, Sam paused," A baby Miss" he replied with a shaky voice.

" Yes, that's right, a baby, so I thought that seeing as though you like acting like a baby, I should treat you like one," and with that, she reached into her bag and began to put the contents onto her desk, Sam was struck with shear horror at what he saw, out of the bag came a large pack of 'Pampers' extra large disposable nappies, a baby's dummy, a feeding bottle and some baby powder, Sam couldn't comprehend what was happening, Miss Sharp continued, "From now on, whenever I summon you to my office for your punishment, you are to come in, take off your shoes and socks and your shirt and tie, and sit there in silence, you will then be put into nappies and treated just like a baby, you will sit at that desk and do school work in your nappy until the bell goes, then you will be spanked good and hard before I let you go!! Is that understood?" Sam's heart was pounding, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, he cried out.

"NO MISS, PLEASE!! I DON'T WANT TO BE A BABY, PLEASE DON'T PUT A NAPPY ON ME PLEASE!!" ignoring his desperate pleas Miss Sharp took his hand and led him over to a changing mat that was stretched out across the floor, Sam looked at it in horror, "NO PLEASE MISS!!" he cried, " PLEASE MISS NO!!, I DON'T WANT TO WEAR A NAPPY, PLEASE!!" ,but his protests fell on deaf ears, he started to cry as he watched her open the pack of nappies, unfold one, and place it on the changing mat, "Babies get spanked extra hard if they don't do as they're told, now hold still while I undress you!!" she said, as she started to remove Sam's tie and shirt, Sam's cries and protests grew louder, Miss Sharp reached over and picked up the pacifier that was on her desk and placed it in Sam's mouth and said.

"There, that will keep baby quiet, and Don't even think about taking this out without my permission is that understood?" Sam nodded.

Once his shirt and tie were removed, She gingerly reached down and started to undo the button on his trousers, Sam sucked on the rubber nipple, tears running down his face, within seconds Miss Sharp had pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles, and had laid him down onto the mat. Sam turned his head to one side, his tear stained eyes closed tight, trying to block out what was happening to him, he felt the nappy being pulled up between his shaking legs, he heard the rustling of the plastic as Miss Sharp ran her fingers over the nappy to smooth it out and undo the tapes, then felt the nappy tighten around him as Miss Sharp secured the tapes at the side, "There now, nice and snug" She said as she ran her fingers under the elastic legs, making sure the nappy was fitted nice and tight.

"I used to enjoy changing your nappies when I babysat for you, you look just as cute in nappies now as you did then" She then picked him up and stood him by her desk, she placed a small t-shirt on him that was so short it left all of the nappy in sight, she bent down to examine his nappy again, running her fingers over it, making sure it was fitted correctly, then with a small pat on his nappied bottom she said.

"There we go, baby's all done, now sit at your desk and do your homework like a good little boy", Sam could feel the bulkiness of the nappy rustling and moving as he waddled over to his desk, felt the softness of it between his legs as he sat down, he was utterly miserable and humiliated, he sat there, whimpering, sucking on his dummy, the nappy made crinkling and rustling sounds on his chair as he moved, he could feel the plastic of it against his skin, he could see his class out of the window playing football, how cruel it was that he was being punished like this while his friends were out playing games.

A little while later, Miss Sharp walked over to the corner and picked up the 'spanking chair and placed it in the middle of the room, she sat down on it, stretched out her hands and said.

" Come over hear Sam, it's time for your spanking now" Sam new it was no good protesting, he got up and went over to the chair, the thickness of the nappy between his legs making him waddle as he walked up to the chair to face her. Miss Sharp took his hands and pulled him gently over, laying him across her lap, he felt the blood rush to his head as he gripped the legs of the chair. Miss Sharp began to fiddle with his nappy, sliding her hands over it, running her fingers under the elastic legs, probing underneath as if to feel if he was wet, then she moved her hands round to the sides and unfastened the tapes, Sam felt the air against his skin again as the nappy was pulled down revealing his bare bottom. Sam sucked hard on his dummy as Miss Sharp began to spank him, 'SMACK', 'SMACK', 'SMACK', harder and harder, tears were welling in his eyes, whimpering with the pacifier in his mouth he kicked his legs out with pain, the intense stinging getting more and more difficult to bare, on it went, 'SMACK', 'SMACK', 'SMACK', 'SMACK', it seemed to go on for ages, He was wailing loudly now, wriggling and squirming on Miss Sharps lap.

Then at last it stopped, Sam felt the nappy being pulled away from under him, then felt the soothing cold cream being applied to his stinging bottom, Miss Sharp was sliding her hands all over his nappy area, rubbing the cream all over, and for the second time, he felt himself becoming aroused.

The weeks went by and this became Sam's punishment routine, about twice a week, Sam would be called to Miss Sharps office, he would be put into nappies and sat at his desk, then when the bell went he would be spanked, the spankings were always severe, but he did find that he was gradually getting used to them, they still made him cry, but Miss Sharps caresses with the cream on his bottom afterwards made up for it. It wasn't long before he started to get a raging hard-on in his nappy while he was spread across her lap.

Then, one Tuesday afternoon during one of his punishment sessions there was an unexpected twist. He was sitting at his desk, doing a page of sums, dressed in his nappy and t-shirt as usual, when Miss Sharp's secretary called her on the intercom. The Headmistress was urgently needed at the main reception, Miss Sharp looked up from her desk at Sam as she asked her secretary to send 'Tina' up to her office immediately, then she went over to Sam and said, " I have to go out for a little while Sam, so I've sent for Miss Jady to come and keep an eye on you" Sam nearly choked on his dummy, he took it out of his mouth and was just about to speak when Miss Sharp interrupted him, "Shhshh!! Babies don't answer back, I know about your little crush on her, I've read your diary, and you're right, she is very pretty, so I thought it was about time she saw you for the big baby you are" She popped the dummy back into his mouth and said..

"Don't worry, I won't be long", and with that she left the office, closing the door behind her.

Sam was panicking, no way was Miss Jady going to see him dressed as a baby, he quickly got up and rushed over to the changing mat and grabbed his trousers and proceeded to put them on over his nappy, it was a tight fit, he pulled and pulled but the top of the nappy was still just visible above the belt line of his trousers, he was just about to swap his t-shirt for his school shirt when he heard voices in the outer office, he scampered back to his desk, trying to pull his t-shirt down to cover his nappy, his heart pounding in his chest, he sat back down at his desk and placed the dummy in his pocket, pushed as much of the nappy as he could under his trousers and continued to do his sums.

He Sat there for a few minutes, praying that Miss Jady wouldn't notice the bulkiness under his trousers, he dreaded the thought of her seeing him in nappies, what would he say? he sat there nervously waiting.

He didn't have to wait for long, the door opened and Miss Jady walked in wearing a very short skirt and silky top, "Hello Sam" she said, in her soft voice, she gave him her usual smile and took a seat at Miss Sharps desk, flicking her blonde hair with her slender fingers.

"Have you been a naughty boy?" she said, Sam felt himself blushing and replied.

"Yes Miss" Sam tried not to move too much in his chair, he could feel the nappy pressed against him under his trousers, rustling with every move, his hands were sweating with nerves. Sam wondered what would happen if Miss Sharp came back in and saw that he was wearing his trousers, but soon realized that he would be receiving a spanking anyway, so it didn't matter.

A few minutes later, Miss Jady looked up from her desk and said."Have you finished your sums now Sam?" Sam replied that he had, and then he saw something that made him freeze with fear.. Miss Jady getting up, and placing the spanking chair in the middle of the room. There was a look of shear horror on Sam's face as he watched Miss Jady stand beside the chair and say.

"I think it's time for your spanking now Sam, so come over here please" Sam couldn't believe his ears, "What Miss?" he replied, his voice shaking with nerves, Miss Jady looked at Sam and smiled as she said.

" Now come on Sam, don't be shy, Miss Sharp said that you have to be spanked after your homework, and I said that I would do it for her if she wasn't back in time, so come on, over here please!!" she hitched up her mini skirt and sat down on the chair.

Sam's heart was pounding harder than ever as he went over to the chair and stood in front of Miss Jady, "Lets get you out of these" she said, she reached forward and undid the top button of his trousers, Sam looked down to see her delicate fingers undo the zip, revealing the shiny white plastic of his disposable nappy, "What's this?"!! she said, Sam's face went as red as a beetroot as she pulled his trousers down over his nappy and down to the floor.

" You're still wearing nappies at your age?"

" No Miss" Sam replied, "Then why are you wearing one? She said as she began to run her hands over the soft plastic outer layer, squeezing her fingers into the thickness of the padding.

"Miss Sharp made me wear them Miss" said Sam, his throat going dry with embarrassment, "Did she?, well, I think you make a very cute baby Sam," she said, turning him around so she could have a good look, "Is this your dummy?" She said as she picked up the dummy that had fallen out of Sam's pocket, "Yes Miss" Sam said, his voice trembling, "Well then, lets pop this in so you won't make too much noise while I spank you!" she said, pushing the pacifier into Sam's mouth. Then she took his hands and pulled him gently forwards, placing him across her lap, his nappy crinkling and rustling as he was spread over her knees. He laid there, sucking on his dummy, holding on to Miss Jady's legs while she gently began to fiddle with his nappy, pulling out the bits that Sam had tucked in, running her hands over the bulkiness of the padding, Sam started to feel very aroused, he squirmed with delight as Miss Jady slipped her fingers underneath the elastic leg holes and ran a probing finger up between his bum cheeks, Sam felt his cock pushing up hard against the padding of the nappy, he opened his eyes and found that he was looking up at Miss Jady's legs, and noticed that she was wearing stockings, he could see the suspender clipped to it, and he suddenly felt a compulsion to touch them, he began to run his hands slowly up her slender legs, he reached up and touched the suspender, feeling the silkiness of her shear black stockings. Just then he felt his nappy being bunched up between his bottom, instead of taking the nappy off to spank him, she was pushing the nappy up between his bum cheeks, exposing his bottom, Sam squeezed his eyes shut in readiness, Miss jady then began to spank him hard. Sam was still holding onto her legs, sucking hard on his dummy and wriggling on her lap as she spanked him.

On it went, Sam's cries and whimpering becoming louder as the spanking went on, the stinging on his bottom getting harder to bare, then suddenly Miss Jady stopped, the office door had opened and in walked Miss Sharp, "Hi Tina" said Miss Sharp, " I see you've met baby Sam, thanks for taking over"

"No problem, I like spanking him, he's got a cute bottom" replied Miss Jady, "And he looks so cute in nappies" she said, patting Sam's sore behind.

A little while later, after Sam had been dressed back into his school clothes, Miss Sharp informed him that his mother and father were having to go away for the entire summer to work, and that they had asked Miss Sharp to look after him until they came back in September, " So you'll be living with me for the whole summer, won't that be fun?" Said Miss Sharp, looking at Miss Jady with a huge mischievous grin on her face.

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