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Part 2

It was the last day of college before the summer holidays, and Sam was sitting in his English class staring at the clock, hoping that it would ring so everyone could go home, Miss Jady was walking around the classroom checking everyone's work, her stiletto heels clicking on the classroom floor, she was wearing a really short mini skirt which showed off her long slender legs, her gorgeous blonde hair floating over her slender shoulders, it didn't seem a week ago that he was sprawled across her lap dressed only in a nappy, having his bottom spanked, he cringed with embarrassment, ever since then, he had done his best to avoid eye contact with Miss Jady, but it wasn't easy, she always said hello to him whenever she saw him, and always wore a wicked smile when she did.

Sam reminded himself that the summer holidays were here, to him that meant an end to all the punishment routines, no more nappies and spankings, he thought about all the long hot summer days to come, playing outside, no more school work but most of all his holiday to Tenerife with his girlfriend Julia and her family. The only slight apprehension he felt was that he was spending his school holiday at Miss Sharps house, he wondered what that was going to be like, maybe he would be able to 'get away' with a bit more this year, his parents after all were fairly strict with him in the past, he felt sure that a summer with Miss Sharp out of school was going to be ok.

The end of the lesson soon came and Sam picked up his bag and headed for the door, "Sam, wait here for a moment" said Miss Jady, " I need to speak to you", Sam waited as the rest of the class made their way down the corridor and out of the school. Once they were alone Miss Jady said.

"There has been a slight change of plan" she said, " Miss Sharp is very busy this weekend sorting out her house ready for your stay, so she asked me to look after you for the weekend, so you're going to be staying with me until Monday, is that ok?"

" Yes Miss" said Sam, his face going red at the thought of staying with Miss Jady, She continued.

"Miss Sharp did tell me that you were due for another spanking today, but as she's not free, I said that I would take care of it, so I have a little surprise for you at home ok?" Sam's insides started to twist as he heard these words, what was she going to do to him he thought.

Sam had a feeling of dread as he climbed into Miss Jady's car, his mind racing, trying to think of what was going to happen, maybe she was going to let him off, perhaps she was going to make him do lots of housework or something.

After a while they arrived at Miss Jady's house, and she led him through the front door and into the lounge, "Do you want a drink Sam?" she said, "Yes please Miss" said Sam, not feeling quite so nervous now, he looked around the room, it was a nice house, pretty lace curtains in the windows, very clean and warm. Sam started to feel a little more relaxed, the cosiness of the house made him forget about thoughts of punishments. Just then Miss Jady came in with a drink and said.

"Sit down for a moment Sam, put the TV on if you like, I'm just going upstairs to run you a nice hot soapy bath" Sam thought it was a bit strange, he didn't really need one, and he felt nervous at the thought of getting undressed in Miss Jady's house, he put the TV on and tried to forget about it.

A little while later, Miss Jady came into the room and told him that his bath was ready and to follow her to the bathroom, once in, he saw that the bath was filled with soapy bubbles, hot steam was rising and fogging all the mirrors, "Now, enjoy your bath, put your clothes in the laundry basket, and I'll come and get you when you're done ok?" she said, "What about my spare clothes Miss?" said Sam worriedly, "Oh don't worry, I've sorted that out" she said as she closed the door.

Sam stepped into the hot suds, the sweet smell of perfume filled the air, he sunk right down letting the hot water cover his shoulders, 'this wasn't so bad', he thought, 'I could get used to this'. After Sam had washed and given himself a thorough soaking, Miss Jady came back in with a large fluffy towel, and told him to dry himself and come into the spare bedroom, he didn't know why, but he started to feel a little uneasy, it felt strange to be having a bath in a teacher's house, especially Miss Jady, who he had had a real crush on for ages, he dried himself and, putting the towel around his waist walked into the spare room. What he saw when he walked in really confused him, the room was clearly a girls room, pink wallpaper, lacy bed covers etc, Miss Jady was sitting on the bed waiting, her mini skirt pulled up slightly, revealing her long legs, on the bed next to her were assorted items of white lingerie, "Come over here Sam" she said, holding out her hands towards him, Sam nervously walked over, "Now, I noticed that when I was spanking you last week you were taking the opportunity to have a good look at my underwear!!" Sam's heart leapt into his mouth as Miss Jady continued.

"So I thought, as you like looking at my underwear so much I would make you wear some!!" and before Sam had time to react, Miss jady had pulled his towel away and was reaching round to pick up a white satin suspender belt that was on the bed next to her, Sam was horrified, he covered his hands between his legs, protesting bitterly, "No Miss please, I didn't mean to look!!" he cried, "I couldn't help it!!" Sam was shaking with embarrassment, but it was no good, Miss Jady reached forward and placed the suspender belt around his waist and hooked it into position, she then took a pair of white satin tie-side panties and told Sam to put his feet in, Sam shook his head, "No miss, please, I don't want to wear those, don't make me please!!" he cried, "Sam, if you're going to behave like a girl then you will be treated like one, now let me put these on you or you'll find yourself in deeper trouble, is that understood?!!", she said in a stern voice, Sam reluctantly did as he was told, his heart pounding in his chest as Miss Jady eased them up his legs, he could feel the smoothness of the satin as they were pulled up over his cock, Miss Jady retied the satin ribbons of the panties to make them tighter and, patting his bottom through the material said.

"There, I bet these feel nicer than your normal boys underwear, so smooth and silky around your bottom" Sam's embarrassment faded as he felt himself becoming aroused as Miss Jady ran her fingers over the satin panties. Then she told him to sit down on the bed, "Now lift your leg up so I can put these stockings on you" she said, and she took one of the stockings and placed it over Sam's foot and began to slowly unroll it up his leg, "You have such lovely smooth legs Sam" she said, as she pulled the stocking right up to his thigh and fastened it to the suspender belt, "You're going to look so pretty by the time I've finished with you". After she had put both stockings on him, she led him over to a dressing table and, opening a draw took out some make up, as Sam sat down he could feel the stockings hugging his legs and the tightness of the suspender belt around his waist, "No girl is complete without a bit of makeup" she said, as she took the lid off of a lipstick and twisted it, Sam was shaking with nervous excitement as Miss Jady reached forward and applied bright pink glossy lipstick to his lips, she then brushed his eye lashes with some mascara, before carefully making up his eyes with shadow and eyeliner. Sam felt his cock harden, straining under the satin of his panties as Miss Jady carefully applied his make up, he felt it rise up and free itself from under the skimpy material, Miss Jady finished Sam's make up and looked down to see his throbbing cock pushing up above the top of his panties, "These are too skimpy for you aren't they?" she said as she reached down and ran her fingers over the satin and up his outstretched cock, Sam felt a huge wave of pleasure rush through his body, he was confused, he had no idea why he was getting aroused, was it the softness of the satin against his skin?, or the way the silky stockings hugged his legs? Miss Jady stood him up, took a step back and looked him up and down, "You look really pretty" she said, "I prefer you as a girl than as a boy" Miss Jady reached down and slid her fingers up his silky legs, giving his sheer white stockings a pull, "whenever I saw you at school I would always imagine you dressed as a girl, wearing a little short skirt that shows off these lovely legs", Then she went over to a cupboard and came back with the shortest miniskirt Sam had ever seen, "This will be your uniform for this weekend" she said as she pulled the miniskirt up Sam's legs, it barely covered his bottom and showed the tops of his stockings, "You're going to be my personal maid this weekend" she said, "You'll do all the house work, hoovering, dusting and general cleaning, and as you're going to be a girl for the weekend, you'll be dressed like this all the time, I'll do your makeup for you each day and dress you up and keep you looking pretty ok?" Sam's mind was in a whirl, he was feeling so confused, he felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement as he imagined what the weekend would be like, living as a girl in Miss Jady's house.

"Now", continued Miss Jady, "At some point tonight I'm going to spank you, do you want me to spank you after dinner or before?" she looked at Sam for an answer, Sam couldn't think, he stood there not knowing what to say, "After, Miss" he said finally, thinking that she might forget to do it later, "Ok then" she said, "Lets get you some house work to do while I cook dinner" and she led Sam down to the living room and instructed him to do some dusting.

As he was dusting the room he caught sight of himself in the mirror above the fire place, he had a real shock when he saw himself, he stopped and took a long look, the stockings he was wearing gave his legs a real silky shine and felt really smooth when he touched them, he bent down, and saw as his miniskirt rode up, the suspenders holding them up and he started to feel aroused again, he slipped his hands up under his miniskirt and started to feel himself through the satin panties, his cock swelled and strained against the material as he continued with his work.

After dinner, Miss Jady made him do the washing up, he stood there at the sink drying the last few plates when Miss Jady entered the kitchen and told Sam that it was time for his spanking, she took his hand and led him upstairs and into her bedroom.

"Do you HAVE to spank me Miss?" Said Sam "I've been really good"

"You know the rules young lady" she said, "You will be punished whenever we feel like it, now don't ask any more questions!!" Miss Jady sat him down on her bed and began to put some high heeled stilettos on his feet, "I'm putting these on you to stop your legs from kicking about while I spank you" she said, Sam looked down, he saw that one of the shoes had a small chain attached to it, Miss Jady connected the chain to the other shoe, so that his feet were chained together preventing him from spreading his legs, then Miss Jady brought over a chair and placed it on the floor next to Sam and sat on it. She hitched up her skirt to reveal her black stockings and said.

"There, now you'll be spanked wearing the same underwear as me" Sam's heart began to race again as Miss Jady took his hands and pulled him across her lap, he took a good look at her legs as he held onto them, he could see her black stocking tops and suspenders and it made him aroused to think that he was wearing the same, he could feel his own stockings on his legs, and feel the tightness of the suspender belt around his waist as he was sprawled helplessly across Miss Jady's lap.

Miss Jady started to slide her hands up the backs of his legs, up over the tops of his stockings and under his mini skirt, then she pulled the skirt up and over his bottom, revealing his skimpy white panties, Sam tightened his grip on Miss Jady's legs in readiness for his punishment, but the spanking didn't start, instead, Miss jady started to fondle his bottom through the satin, running her fingers all over him, then she took Sam's miniskirt off and let it drop to the floor before slipping her fingers under his panties and probing his bottom and balls, Sam started to wriggle with pleasure, Miss Jady's fingers were now exploring all of Sam's private areas, he tried to open his legs more so that she could probe deeper but the chain on his stilettos prevented him, Sam's cock was rock hard and he ached for satisfaction, he wriggled and moaned with pleasure as Miss Jady continued to run her fingers all over him. In response, Sam ran his fingers up Miss Jady's legs, touching her inner thighs, and slipping his fingers over her suspenders, he could hear her breathing getting deeper as he pushed his fingers up towards her panties, but just as he got there the spanking started.

'SMACK', 'SMACK', 'SMACK', Miss Jady's spanks were quite hard from the offset, Sam squirmed and writhed on her lap but she held him down with her left hand while she smacked his reddening bottom with her right, Sam could here the little chain on his stilettos rattling as his legs kicked with each stinging smack, on it went, 'SMACK', 'SMACK', 'SMACK', Sam could bare it no longer and cried out.

"NO MISS, PLEASE STOP!!!" but his cries fell on deaf ears and Miss Jady continued to dish out his punishment.

Eventually Miss jady stopped, Sam was still crying, tears were running down his face leaving black streaks where his mascara had run, Miss jady then reached down to a pot of soothing cream and, keeping him sprawled across her lap pulled his panties up between his bum cheeks and applied a liberal amount to his sore bottom and began to smooth it in. It wasn't long before Miss Jady's soothing caresses became more daring and intense, soon she was continuing where she had left off before the spanking had started and Sam was getting aroused once more. Then all of a sudden Miss Jady told Sam to stand up and go and sit on the bed, Miss Jady went over to a dressing table and returned with a lipstick which she twisted open and applied to her lips, then she sat on the bed next to Sam and, reaching forward pressed it to Sam's lips and slowly applied a thick coat of pink glossy lipstick to them, as she said.

"Do you have a girlfriend Sam?" her voice was soft and caring, "Yes miss" said Sam, his heart pounding hard in his chest, "Is she pretty?" she asked, her face moving closer to his, "Yes Miss" said Sam, not knowing what else to say, Miss Jady inched closer and, placing a hand on his throbbing cock said.

"I bet she's not as pretty as you Sam", then she pressed her lips to his and began to kiss him, Sam felt her warm tongue slip between his lips, he felt her fingers caressing his cock through the satin panties he was wearing, their breathing became heavy as they kissed, Sam thought he was going to explode, Miss Jady's tongue was squirming inside his mouth like an eel, her lips crushing down on his, then suddenly Miss Jady stopped, she stood up and knelt down on the floor in front of him, she took hold of the satin ribbons of his panties and pulled them undone, Sam felt his cock spring up as the panties fell open, Miss Jady took hold of his cock in her delicate fingers and placed her lips around it and began to suck and lick him, she flicked her tongue all around him, Sam could see her pink glossy lips stretched around his cock as she slid up and down it, he could taste the lipstick on his own lips as he shuddered an explosive orgasm into Miss Jady's mouth.

The rest of the weekend went like a blur for Sam, he spent the rest of the weekend as Miss Jady's maid, dressed and treated like a girl, then on Monday morning, the first day of the summer holidays, Miss Jady took Sam over to Miss Sharps house on the other side of town. Whilst in the car Miss Jady asked Sam about what he was looking forward to most during the holidays, Sam said that he was looking forward to his holiday with his girlfriend and her family, and going out playing with his mates, he didn't mention that he was looking forward to no more punishments just in case, after all, he didn't want to tempt fate.

Within a few minutes they had arrived at Miss Sharp's house, Miss Sharp was waiting by the front door as they stepped out of the car, Miss jady took Sam's school bag out of the boot and walked Sam to the house. Miss Sharp greeted them both and ushered them inside, "Thanks for looking after him Tina" said Miss Sharp, as she led them into the hallway, "That's ok, do you want me to stay for a bit and help you with Sam?" said Miss Jady, as she handed over Sam's bag to Miss Sharp, Sam looked at them both with a questioning look, what did she mean by 'help you with Sam' he wondered, "If you like" said Miss Sharp and they both led Sam into the lounge. The house was very large, big rooms and a huge back garden with high hedges all around which created some privacy, Sam thought that it was a great house to spend the summer in, much better than his own house. Once in the lounge Sam noticed a large babies play pen in the corner of the room, it was pink with the sides made of netting and a padded base, next to it on the floor was a large padded changing mat, Sam thought it odd but didn't ponder on it, 'maybe Miss Sharp looked after kids for their parents' he thought, but just then Miss Sharp took Sam's hand and led him over to it and, with Miss Jady's help started to unbutton Sam's shirt, "What's going on, what are you doing?" he said, Miss Sharp continued to undo his shirt as she said.

"Getting you ready for your stay of course" said Miss Sharp as Miss Jady pulled the shirt off of his shoulders, "Now keep still while we undress you!!"

"What do you mean?" said Sam, his voice shaking with fear as he stood there in just his trousers and socks, both women stopped removing Sam's clothes as Miss Sharp said.

"Well, you didn't think that your 'baby punishments' were over because you weren't at school did you?" Sam looked at her in horror as Miss Sharp continued, "You're at my house with my rules, you're going to live here as a baby, Sam, and that means nappies twenty four hours a day for the whole summer, I'm going to feed you, bathe you and change your nappies, and generally treat you like the baby you are for the entire holiday", Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing, he cried out in disbelief.


"Sam that's enough! You're going to be treated like baby whether you like it or not!!" said Miss Sharp in a stern voice, "I didn't spend the weekend getting this house ready for you for nothing, you've got a nice big cot to sleep in, a playpen, and three months supply of extra large disposable nappies just for you!!", Sam was horrified, his eyes started to well with tears as Miss Sharp started to unbutton his trousers, "PLEASE MISS, DON'T, I DON'T WANT TO WEAR A NAPPY, PLEASE, I'LL BE GOOD, HONEST!!" he pleaded, but it did no good, Miss Sharp unbuckled his trousers and began pulling them down to the floor, she had them off and had started to pull down his pants when his cries became more desperate, "NO PLEASE, I, DON'T WANT TO I DON'T WANT TO!!!" he cried, stamping his feet on the floor.

Totally ignoring his desperate cries, Miss Sharp looked up at Miss Jady and said.

"Tina, will you go up to the nursery and bring me down two disposable nappies please, and a bottle of nappy cream? Thanks" Miss jady went upstairs as Miss Sharp pulled Sam's pants down and told him to sit down onto the changing mat, Sam stood there completely naked with Miss Sharp kneeling down in front of him and cried.

"NO MISS, PLEASE" Miss Sharp looked at him with a very serious face and said.

"DO YOU WANT ME TO SPANK YOU VERY HARD!!" Sam's face was wet with tears, "You're making this harder for yourself, if you cooperate there will be treats for you, but if you're going to be disobedient then you will be punished, is that understood?!!" Sam didn't answer, he couldn't believe what was happening. Just then Miss Jady returned carrying a bundle of nappies and a bottle of nappy cream, Miss Sharp placed two nappies on top of each other on the changing mat and told Sam to position himself on top of them, reluctantly and still crying Sam did as he was told, Miss Jady knelt beside him and gently pushed down on his shoulders so that he was lying down on the mat, Sam closed his eyes trying to block out the embarrassment as Miss Sharp spread his legs wide and, putting some of the cream on her hands rubbed a liberal amount around his private area, then Sam heard that distinctive crinkling sound as Miss Sharp pulled the nappies up between his legs and fastened up the tapes, "I'm using two nappies because that will make them bulkier and make you walk more like a baby" said Miss Sharp as she smoothed out the nappy with her hands, then Sam was stood on his feet with the two women kneeling next to him, Miss Sharp slipped her fingers under the legs of his nappy and ran her fingers along the elastic to make sure it was tight and snug, while Miss Jady straightened the top of it and checked the tapes were tight before patting his well padded bottom.

"There we are" said Miss Sharp, "Nice and tight, don't want you leaking do we?" she said, Sam tried to close his legs but the nappies were too thick and bulky, he felt trapped inside them, the bulkiness between his legs and around his bottom, the warmth of the padding was tightly wrapped around him, he could feel the plastic surface slipping and sliding against his skin, he felt totally and utterly humiliated, the two women continued to fiddle and adjust his nappy, cooing gently about how cute he looked, running their fingers over it making the plastic rustle loudly as he stood there with tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Now," said Miss Sharp, "You're going to be kept in nappies all the time, that means you have to use them for their intended purpose, no more trips to the toilet, and whenever you wet your nappy you are to tell me and ask me to change you, is that understood?" Sam didn't answer, he stood there crying as Miss Jady put a t-shirt on him that was so short it didn't quite reach the top of his nappy, he couldn't comprehend what was happening, the shame and humiliation was too much to bare.

"It's not fair Miss, Please, I'm not a baby, I don't want to wear a nappy please" Sobbed Sam, "I think that baby Sam is tired don't you Tina?" said Miss Sharp softly, "Yes, I think we should put him to bed" replied Miss Jady, and the two women each took one of Sam's hands and led him towards the stairs, "NO!!" cried Sam desperately, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED, NOOO!!" he screamed, Sam struggled hard to break free but their grip on him was too strong. He was taken into a room which looked just like a nursery, it was very warm and the afternoon sun was streaming through the curtains, there were mobiles hanging from the ceiling, warm soft lights and a huge cot with pink bars, next to the cot was a large changing table and a huge stack of nappies and various bottles of creams and baby lotions. Miss Sharp unhooked the sidebars of the cot and told Sam to get into bed, Sam continued to protest as Miss Jady went over to the window and closed the curtains, "Sam!!" said Miss Sharp crossly.

"You're getting very close to a spanking if you're not careful, now get into bed!!" Sam did as he was told and Miss Sharp pulled up the covers, tucked him in and secured the sidebars and locked them, "Now you're to stay in bed until I say so, and I don't want to hear a sound out of you!!" she said, and she reached over to the changing table and picked up a babies pacifier and said.

"Now suck on your dummy and go to sleep" and she popped it in to Sam's mouth, Sam reluctantly began to suck on the rubber nipple as the two women left the room and closed the door.

Sam's humiliation and shame was too much and he started to cry again as he sucked on his dummy, the only other sounds he could hear were the noises of a busy day outside and the rustling of his nappy as he wriggled in his cot.

He lay there for quite some time, it felt really strange being in bed in the middle of the day, the curtains stopped some of the light but not much, and the open window faced out to the street so he could hear lots of activity outside which added to the misery of his punishment. After a little while he started to feel like he needed to pee, and shuddered at the thought of using his nappy and began to plot a way of avoiding it, maybe he could creep to the toilet unnoticed, but just then he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, the nursery door opened and Miss Sharp and Miss Jady entered the room, they both looked over the bars of the cot at him, Miss Sharp pulled back the covers and slipped her hand under the leg of his nappy to checked if he was dry, "It's time for baby Sam to have his bath" said Miss Jady softly, and he was lifted out of his cot and taken to the bathroom where there was a bath full of steaming hot bubbles waiting for him, his nappy was squashed out of shape after his time in bed, making the bulkiness between his legs longer and thinner, giving him less of a waddle as he walked. His dummy was removed and he was laid down on the floor of the bathroom, Miss Sharp knelt down in front of him, unfastened the tapes of his nappy and removed it before placing him in the hot tub, he was washed all over by the two women who seemed to be enjoying the experience greatly, they soaped him all over, running their hands all over him before rinsing him down, "There" cooed Miss Sharp softly, "Baby's all clean, now lets get you dried and fed". Sam thought that he might get a chance to use the toilet while in the bathroom but after he was dried he was taken, still naked downstairs to the lounge, he felt a huge wave of embarrassment as Miss Jady sat down on the armchair and instructed him to sit on her lap, he did as he was told, trying to cover himself with his hands, just then Miss Sharp came in with a babies bottle full of milk and handed it to Miss Jady, " Now I want you to drink all of this first, and then we have some 'baby's milk' for you" said Miss Jady as she placed the rubber nipple between Sam's quivering lips.

As he began to suck on the bottle Miss Sharp said.

"Miss Jady has told me all the things you did last weekend at her house, dressing up as a girl, wearing makeup and lingerie, and especially making Miss Jady swallow your cum, so we thought that you should try it" Sam tried to look at Miss Sharp questioningly but Miss Jady kept him still while she continued to hold the bottle in his mouth. Then she gently lowered him backwards so that he was almost lying on her lap, she tipped the bottle higher so that he could drink the milk easier. Then suddenly he felt his hands being lifted off of his privates, Miss Sharp gently took hold of his cock and slowly began to masturbate him, he tried to wriggle free but Miss Jady held him tightly on her lap as she continued to feed him his bottle, he felt his face glowing red with embarrassment as Miss Sharp continued. By the time he had finished his milk Miss Sharp had taken his throbbing cock in her mouth and was sucking hard on it, flicking her tongue all around the shaft, Miss Jady put the bottle down and placed a dummy in Sam's mouth before slipping her hands down and probing his bottom with her slender fingers, " I think he's almost ready for his 'baby milk' Tina" Said Miss Sharp, slipping his cock out of her mouth and continuing with her hands, "Let's get him into position" said Miss Jady, and the two women quickly took Sam over to the changing mat and laid him down on it, Miss Jady then tied his ankles together with some soft cord while Miss Sharp went into the kitchen, then his wrists were tied together above his head as Miss Sharp came back from the kitchen carrying a plastic funnel, Sam's heart was pounding harder than ever, 'what were they going to do to him'? He thought, Miss Sharp knelt in front of Sam, bent down and took his cock in her mouth once more and continued to suck and lick him. Miss Jady reached around and inserted a finger into his bottom and began to push it in, Sam, still sucking on his dummy began to whimper and roll his head from side to side as Miss Sharp's tongue began to bring him to orgasm, "He's almost there" said Miss Jady, and she took Sam's dummy out of his mouth and placed the funnel between his lips, "Baby Sam's got to drink every drop understand?" she said smiling down at him, Sam tried to protest but the orgasm was upon him, his cock was pushed forward into the funnel and he shot his hot cum into it, he watched it slide down the funnel and into his mouth, "Swallow every drop or you'll be spanked" ordered Miss Sharp, Sam swallowed his warm sticky cum as another spurt shot down the funnel.

Sam laid there exhausted, as the two women began to untie him, "I think baby Sam needs a nappy now Tina don't you?" said Miss Sharp, and nodding, Miss jady went up to the nursery and promptly returned with a couple of disposable nappies and some baby powder, Miss Sharp sprinkled some powder all around Sam's private area, as Miss Jady lifted his legs high while Miss Sharp placed two nappies under him, Sam protested again that he didn't want to be put back into nappies but the two women ignored him, Miss Jady placed his dummy back into his mouth as miss Sharp brought the nappies up between his legs and taped them in place, Sam felt the familiar bulkiness between his legs as he was stood up, "Now I want you to crawl on all fours over to the TV, you can watch it for a while until you go to bed" said Miss Sharp, Sam's nappy crinkled and rustled as crawled over to the TV, the mass of padding between his legs swung from side to side as he went. While he sat there watching TV, he began to feel the urge to pee again, he looked round to see if the coast was clear but both women were sitting on the sofa watching chatting, there was no way he could get out of it. After a few more minutes the urge became even greater and he started to wiggle his legs together to try and stop it, he tried squeezing his cock but the nappy was too thick. Eventually, with his heart pounding in his chest he turned round to the two women and said.

"Miss, please, may I use the bathroom?"

"What for Sam?" asked Miss Sharp, "I need to go to the toilet miss" he said, his face going purple with embarrassment, "No Sam, what did I tell you? The toilet is out of bounds for you, you'll have to use your nappy, that's why you're wearing them, baby's don't use the toilet do they?" she said, "But Miss, Please!!" cried Sam, his nappy rustling loudly as he wiggled his legs even harder, "Sam!! I shan't tell you again, now sit there and wet your nappy like a good baby!!" she snapped, "BUT I DON'T WANT TO!!" he cried, "I DON'T WANT TO WEAR A NAPPY, PLEASE MISS!!"

"I'm sorry Sam, I've given you enough warnings, as soon as you've had a nappy change I'll put you across my knee for a spanking and put you to bed!!" commanded Miss Sharp, "Now sit still and wet your nappy!!"

"NO MISS, PLEASE!!" Sam cried as Miss Sharp placed the pacifier back into his mouth. Just then the doorbell rang and Miss Sharp got up and answered it, Sam strained his ears to hear what was being said, it was one of Sam's friends calling to see if he was coming out to play football, Miss Sharp told the boy that Sam was not allowed to play out and closed the door, Sam felt utterly miserable as he sat there sucking on his dummy thinking of his friends all out playing in the afternoon sun. He started to cry again as he tried hard to resist against wetting his nappy, but soon he could wait no longer, and with the two women looking over him he let himself go, his nappy growing warm and heavy as he peed, it made a rustling sound as his nappy began to swell with the wetness, Sam was still wetting his nappy as he was picked up and carried up the stairs and into the nursery, he was laid down still crying on the changing table, his wet nappy was removed and he was dried, cleaned, and powdered before a fresh nappy was put on, "There, now baby's got a nice dry nappy on" said Miss Sharp, and she picked him up and led him over to Miss Jady who was sitting on a chair, Sam tried to protest as he was placed across her knee but the dummy stifled his cries, Miss Jady then bunched up his nappy between his buttocks and proceeded to spank him while Miss Sharp watched.

When the spanking eventually finished, Sam was put into his cot and tucked into bed, Miss Sharp closed the bars of the cot and locked them as Miss Jady drew the curtains and switched on the soft warm night light before the two women left the room and closed the door behind them leaving Sam alone.

He lay there in his cot, utterly defeated, he could hear his friends out playing football just outside his window, and here he was, lying in bed at three o'clock in the afternoon, dressed in nappies and sucking a dummy, his summer as 'Baby Sam' had well and truly started.

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