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Part 3

No matter how much he thought about his situation he still couldn't believe it. Here he was, an eighteen year old boy being treated as a baby, lying in a cot, the wooden bars just inches from his face, the early afternoon sun streaming through the drawn curtains into the bedroom, giving it a dim warm light, the sounds of playing and laughter coming from the open window as if to mock him in his imprisonment. He could feel the disposable nappy between his legs rustling and crinkling each time he moved as he lay there under the covers, his bottom stinging from the spanking he'd just received. Sam just couldn't get the overwhelming feeling of humiliation out of his mind, being treated like a baby at his age, having to wear babies nappies, being put to bed at 3 o' clock in the afternoon while all his friends were outside playing. And why was he being punished? As far as he knew he hadn't even done anything wrong!! It was so unfair, waves of anger and frustration washed over him, he knew that if he resisted he would be spanked, it was bad enough having to wear nappies, let alone the absolute humiliation of being placed naked across your teacher's lap and spanked. The one thought that kept entering his mind was.. He was helpless, there was nothing he could do to get out of it, he was going to spend the entire summer holidays, the whole 6 weeks being treated just like a baby, he couldn't begin to imagine what it was going to be like, of course, he'd been dressed in a nappy a few times in the last couple of weeks, but only for an hour or two as a short punishment, now he was going to have to get used to wearing them all the time, the thought of never going to the toilet again was so alien to him he just couldn't get his head round it. And what made it worse was that Miss Sharp seemed to enjoy changing his nappy, so there was no chance of her getting tired of doing it, Sam shuddered with embarrassment as he remembered what it had been like having Miss Sharp undress him and change his nappy, with Miss Jady looking on, making soft 'cooing' noises as he lay there naked and totally exposed. Being undressed like that was particularly humiliating, especially by his teacher, it was done so clinically, as if he was a doll with no say in the matter. All of these thoughts kept turning over and over in his mind as he lay there imprisoned in his cot. He tried to focus on the one thing that kept him going, his holiday to Tenerife with his girlfriend Claire and her parents, when would he get the phone call to say when they were going? Did they know he was here? He suddenly felt very far away from her, he wondered if the day would ever come. But it wasn't long before his thoughts returned to his present situation, having to spend the summer as a baby, and being totally controlled, and he soon felt himself starting to cry with the utter shame and frustration of his predicament.

Sam gently awoke from sleep the next morning with the feeling that he badly needed to pee, still half asleep, it took him a few seconds before he remembered his situation, he wasn't allowed to use the toilet and he couldn't get out of his cot, the reality sinking in like a bad dream becoming true. But he would not give in that easily, he vowed to himself that he wasn't going to wet his nappy, he would find a way to avoid it, he would fight back, but how? A few moments later Miss Sharp came in and opened the curtains filling the room with the sunshine of a crisp summers day, "Morning sleepy!!" she said softly as she reached down and unlocked the bars of his cot. She picked him up and stood him on his bed, then she put her arms around his bottom and patted his nappy, it was all squashed out of shape while he'd been in bed, she gave the nappy a squeeze and slipped a hand under the leg to feel if he was wet, "Still dry?" she said, with a surprised look on her face, "Don't worry, I'll probably have to change you after breakfast".

Sam was led downstairs to the kitchen and was sat at the table where Miss Sharp fed him some cereal and some milk from a baby's bottle. Then he was taken into the living room and placed on the floor by the TV.

"Now you can sit here for a while and watch TV if you like Sam" said Miss Sharp softly, "Your being a good boy so far this morning, if you keep it up there will be treats for you, but if you're naughty then you'll be punished ok?" Sam nodded reluctantly, then Miss Sharp reached down and began to remove Sam's t-shirt saying.

"I don't think you need this on, it's going to be a hot one today" She then popped a pacifier into his mouth and told him to suck on it, " I'm going to have a shower now Sam, so sit quietly here, I don't want to hear a sound alright?" Then she headed off upstairs. Sam sat there listening to her footsteps going up the stairs and into the bathroom, a few seconds later he heard the shower being turned on, it was then that he had an idea, maybe he could use the downstairs toilet while Miss Sharp was having a shower, his heart started to pound in his chest at the thought of disobeying her, but he couldn't stand the thought of another nappy change.

Quickly, he got up and scampered to the toilet and closed the door, pulling the nappy to one side he sighed with relief as he stood there peeing into the toilet. But then a feeling of dread came over him, would Miss Sharp hear the toilet flush? He had to risk it, if he didn't flush she would see that he'd used it, so with shaking hands he pulled on the handle and waited for the noise to subside before opening the door and sitting himself in front of the TV. He knew that he would have to have a nappy change at some point, but at least he had beaten the system for a while.

Sam was sitting there watching TV when Miss Sharp walked back into the room drying her hair with a towel, "Everything ok Sam?" she asked, Sam still sucking on his dummy nodded nervously trying not to look guilty. Miss Sharp came over and knelt beside him and slipped her hand under the leg of his nappy, "Still dry Sam? That's strange!!", she said as she slipped her hand in further, running her fingers deep between his legs, feeling his balls and touching his cock, Sam felt his cock begin to harden as Miss Sharp continued to fondle him. Then she pulled out her hand and said.

"Well you know the rules, if I catch you wet before you've told me you'll get a spanking, so don't forget to ask me when you want a nappy change ok?" and with that she got up and headed for the kitchen, Sam noticed that she looked over at the toilet door as she left the room, his heart was pumping hard in his chest, God knows what would happen to him if she found out, but for now it looked as though he'd got away with it.

The rest of the morning went ok for Sam, Miss Sharp let him play on a Nintendo machine while she did chores around the house, it was a beautiful day, Miss Sharp opened the patio doors and the warm summer air came rushing in, bringing with it the wonderful smells of a typical summers day.

When lunchtime came, Miss Sharp came in from the kitchen holding a baby's bottle of milk and, sitting down on the sofa told Sam to come over, "Time for baby to have his bottle!!" she said, Sam felt himself going red in the face and replied, "I'm not really thirsty Miss"

"Sam!!", said Miss Sharp sternly, "Don't make me ask you twice!!" reluctantly Sam got up and waddled over to her, he positioned himself on her lap, his day old nappy rustling and crinkling as he shifted around to get comfortable. Miss Sharp put her arm behind him for support and leant him back, then, tilting it up, pushed the bottle's rubber nipple between his lips.

"Now drink all your milk like a good baby!!" said Miss Sharp softly, Sam felt utterly ashamed and humiliated as he began to suck on his bottle.

He was finding this whole punishment routine really hard to bare, he absolutely hated it, the sheer unfairness of it all, he had done nothing wrong but still he was having to endure the three things he hated the most. having his nappy changed, being bottle fed and being put to bed early, these things were the worst for him and made him feel thoroughly humiliated and shamed, the indignity of it all, and the feeling that he was being totally controlled.

Once he had finished his bottle, Miss Sharp kept him on her lap and again slipped her hand between his legs and under his nappy, "I can't believe you haven't wet your nappy yet!!" she said curiously, "You haven't been naughty and used the toilet today have you Sam?" she asked, eying him with suspicion, Sam looked down nervously, "No Miss" he said, his body shaking with fear.

"Well if I find out that you have, I will put you across my knee and give you the spanking of your life!" Said Miss Sharp.

Sam spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden, despite the fact that he was dressed only in nappies it was nice to feel the sun on his skin, he felt a little bit embarrassed being outside in his nappy but the garden was quite secluded and he was pretty sure no one could see him. After a while though he started to feel the need to pee, it was impossible to use the toilet again so he decided to fight it, he tried to concentrate on playing with his games but after a few minutes the feelings got more intense. His nappy rustled loudly as he wiggled his legs together trying in vain to stop himself, but of course this was a useless exercise and a few seconds later he could hold on no longer. He felt himself let go, the nappy crinkled and swelled with his warm pee, turning his nappy a slight yellow colour as it did. On it went, the nappy continuing to swell as it soaked up more and more, it became heavy and really warm, It felt so strange to Sam, it had been many years since he had wet himself, he didn't have any memories of wearing nappies when he was a baby, it just didn't feel right not using to the toilet, it felt really unnatural, and yet here he was, 16 years old being made to wee in his clothes.

After a while his nice warm nappy started to become uncomfortably cold, it was a very unpleasant feeling and he knew that he would have to be changed.

So he got up and went into the house, his nappy now heavy and stiff between his legs making him waddle as he walked, "Miss" he said, as he approached Miss Sharp, "Please would you change my nappy", the words came out in a wave of humiliation, making his face glow visibly red in front of her. Miss Sharp led him over to the changing mat and told him to lay down on it, Sam's shame and embarrassment was overwhelming as he laid on the floor, Miss Sharp knelt down in front of him and ripped open the side tabs and pulled the sodden nappy from under him, then she took a baby wipe and cleaned him up, Sam, totally naked now was fighting back the tears as she squeezed some cream into her hands and began to rub it all over his nappy area. He closed his eyes tight, trying to block out what was happening to him. Then just as Miss Sharp reached round to get a fresh nappy from the pile the front door opened and in walked Miss Jady. Sam was mortified, here was the teacher he had had a crush on for years, she was so pretty, her long blonde hair flowing gently over her slender shoulders, her long smooth legs protruding from a very short skirt, and here he was lying on the floor completely naked having his nappy changed.

"Hi Tina" said miss Sharp, as Miss Jady walked over, "How's your day?"

"Fine thanks" said Miss Jady, "looks like I'm just in time," she said, looking down at Sam, "I've bought something for Sam I think your going to like" and with that she knelt down beside Miss Sharp and opening her bags took out what looked like a fluffy white towel, "What's that?" Miss Sharp asked, "Real nappies" replied Miss Jady, "I managed to find some that would fit Sam, and look, I found these too, aren't they adorable?" Sam couldn't believe what he was seeing, Miss Jady was holding a pair of clear plastic baby pants.

"Oh, they're so cute!!" said Miss Sharp as she took hold of them in her hands, "They're so soft too!!" she said, as she placed her hands inside them and ran her fingers over the thin plastic, "I have proper nappy pins too" said Miss Jady excitedly, "pink ones look".

Miss Sharp smiled as Miss Jady reached into her bag and placed a pink nappy pin in her hand, "Well I think it's time that baby Sam was put into them don't you?" exclaimed Miss Sharp, "NO MISS PLEASE!!" cried Sam in sheer desperation, "PLEASE DON'T PUT THOSE ON ME, I DON'T WANT TO WEAR THOSE PLEASE MISS PLEASE!!" Sam kicked and fussed but his protests were ignored as both women went to work on him. Miss Sharp opened a pot of baby powder and sprinkled a liberal amount all around Sam's privates while Miss Jady folded one of the cloth nappies into shape, Sam's whimpering grew louder as Miss Jady placed the nappy under his bottom.

Miss Sharp smiled at Sam and in a real babyish voice said.

"Baby Sam's going to look so cute in his new nappies, now hold still while I put these on you!!" and she took the plastic pants and, opening the leg holes guided Sam's feet through leaving them around his ankles, Miss Jady then pulled the nappy up between his legs and pinned it in place, making sure it was nice and tight. Tears began to run down Sam's face as Miss Sharp slipped the plastic pants up his legs, he could feel the softness of the plastic on his skin as she pulled them up. Then she eased them over his bulging nappy, snapping the elastic down on his skin, "There, baby's all done" she said as she began to push in parts of the nappy that were poking out from under the elastic.

"Don't want you leaking do we"?.

Sam's shame and humiliation became too much and he started to cry, he tried to close his legs but it was impossible, these nappies were even more bulky than his disposable ones, his plastic pants rustled softly as he fidgeted and wriggled on the changing mat, the white fluffy nappy and pink nappy pin clearly visible underneath them.

"Ahh, he looks so cute" cooed Miss Jady, as both women began to fiddle with his nappy, running their fingers over the plastic pants and tucking his nappy under the elastic.

"I think baby Sam needs his dummy Tina, would you get it for me?", said Miss Sharp as she gave Sam's nappy another squeeze. Miss Jady popped the dummy in his mouth and sat him up, and said.

"I think we should put him to bed too, it's nearly 4 o'clock".

The next morning Sam woke up really early, he wasn't used to going to bed in the afternoon, and again just like the day before he woke up feeling the need to pee. He thought to himself that yesterday he'd got away with just one nappy change, maybe he could do that everyday. So he resided himself to concentrating on not wetting his nappy and sneakily using the toilet again.

But it was a long time before his bedroom door opened, and so he spent a good couple of hours wriggling and trying to squeeze his cock, which was difficult because his nappy was too thick and his fingers kept slipping on his plastic pants. But eventually the door opened and in came Miss Sharp.

After she had unbolted the bars of his cot, she led him downstairs for his morning bottle, "How's my little baby this morning?" she cooed as she sat him on her lap on the sofa, She pulled Sam's legs apart and examined his nappy, slipping her fingers under the elastic and probed between his legs, "Still not wetting your nappy at night? Don't worry, you soon will", she said as she picked up the bottle of milk and pushed the rubber nipple into his mouth.

After Sam had finished his bottle she placed him in front of the TV again and told Sam that she was going to have a shower. Once again Sam waited until he heard the bathroom door close before he crept into the toilet, flushing it as soon as he finished. He turned around to leave, and came face to face with Miss Jady. Sam stood there motionless with fear, his face as white as a sheet, there was Miss Jady, standing in front of him, hands on hips and giving him a very disapproving look.

"Looks like someone's been very, very naughty!!" She said, starring at Sam with a face like thunder, Sam couldn't speak, he new he wasn't going to get out of this one, he'd been caught red handed. Just then Miss Sharp appeared, "Well well!!" she scowled, "I knew that you'd disobeyed me. When I had a shower yesterday the water went suddenly cold, and there's no way you could go all day without me needing to change you!!" Sam's insides were knotting up, "Can I spank him first Jane?" said Miss Jady eying Sam's bottom like a cat eying it's prey, Miss Sharp looked at Miss Jady, smiled and kissed her gently on the lips and then said.

"Of course you can, but lets get ready first, did you bring your outfit?"

"Oh yes" replied Miss Jady with an evil sort of smile.

The next few minutes went like a blur for Sam, he was led into the living room and was sat in a large toddlers pushchair, and secured to it with straps, then the two women left the room and went upstairs. Sam's heart was pounding hard in his chest as he sat there awaiting his punishment, the straps around his ankles and wrists were quite tight and he wriggled nervously, wondering what was going to happen to him.

A few minutes later Miss Jady and Miss Sharp walked into the room, Sam's eyes nearly popped out of his head, both women were wearing very short skin tight black shiny PVC mini dress's, black stockings and black PVC gloves that went right up to the elbows. Miss Sharp began to untie Sam from the pushchair while Miss Jady knelt down in front of him, and leaning forward so her face was just inches from his said.

"I'm going to put you across my knee and give you a damn good spanking", Sam's heart was pounding so hard in his chest that his whole body seemed to shake as Miss Jady continued, "And then Miss Sharp is going to spank you even harder, and you can cry and scream as much as you want, no one's going to hear you". And with that she reached forward and gingerly slipped her gloved fingers under the elastic of his plastic pants and very slowly pulled them down to his ankles revealing his white towelling nappy. Sam felt his nappy loosen as she nimbly unclipped the pin and removed it, then she took hold of his hands and pulled him out of his pushchair letting his nappy fall to the floor, then she took hold of the baby pants and began to pull them back up, "I want you to wear these while I spank you", she said softly, and she pulled them all the way up before sitting him back into his pushchair.

Sam's heart was really pounding with nerves as he sat in his pushchair in just his baby pants his cock clearly visible through the clear plastic. Miss Jady then leaned forward and gently kissed him on the lips, Sam could taste her pink lipstick as she slipped her tongue into his mouth, crushing her lips against his. He felt waves of pleasure pulse through his body, he felt his cock begin to rise up, pushing itself against his plastic pants as it rose. Miss Jady pushed her tongue deeper inside his mouth swirling and licking, Sam moaned gently as her tongue continued to swirl inside his mouth like a sweet tasting eel, Sam responded by sucking at her tongue as if he was sucking his dummy. After a few seconds Miss Jady broke away, as she did, she looked down and saw Sam's cock standing up rigid inside his plastic pants, they were quite baggy now without the nappy underneath, Miss Jady grabbed hold of his throbbing cock encasing it in the plastic and slipped her mouth over it, his baby pants rustled softly as she slowly sucked him off through the material. Just as Sam thought he was going to explode she pulled away and grabbing his wrists pulled him out of his pushchair.

"Right then, time for your spanking" she said as she led Sam over to the waiting chair, Sam tried in vain to pull free, "NO, NO PLEASE MISS NO!!", he cried, as Miss Jady sat down on the chair, "DON'T SPANK ME PLEASE MISS, I'LL BE GOOD HONEST!!". Miss Jady, ignoring his desperate cries pulled him forward placing him across her lap, Miss Sharp knelt down in front of Sam and tied his wrists together with some soft cord before moving round and tying his ankles together the same way.

"NO PLEASE MISS!!" Sam continued, his cries becoming louder and more desperate, "I think baby Sam need his dummy don't you Jane"? Said Miss Jady keeping the struggling boy on her lap. Miss Sharp reached down and placed the pacifier into Sam's quivering mouth as Miss Jady began to run her fingers over Sam's bottom, his plastic pants softly rustling as her fingers reached between his bum cheeks, then she slipped her fingers under the elastic and probed his bottom, Sam could feel the cold PVC of her gloves on his bare skin, he could feel her middle finger snaking it's way towards it's target, his breathing became heavy in anticipation, Miss Jady pushed her finger slowly up his bottom right up to the knuckle, Sam feeling a mixture of pleasure and shame whimpered softly and sucked on his dummy as Miss Jady's finger began to rotate and move in and out, Sam wriggled and writhed on her lap as she continued to frig him, he tried to open his legs a bit wider so she could penetrate him deeper but his ankles were tied together. Then Miss Jady removed her finger and pulled his baby pants up really tight so that the plastic was stretched tight across his bottom and began to spank him. SMACK!!. SMACK!!. SMACK!!. SMACK!!. SMACK!! Hard stinging blows echoed around the room, Sam, still sucking his dummy began to cry, tears running down his face, his legs wriggled and kicked as Miss Jady continued to administer his punishment. SMACK!!. SMACK!!. SMACK!!.

SMACK!!. On it went, slowly, and rhythmically Miss Jady's hand rained stinging blows to Sam's reddening bottom. He tried desperately to wriggle free but Miss Jady held him down as he squirmed and struggled against her grip, SMACK!!. SMACK!!. SMACK!!. SMACK!!. Sam's cries were almost drowned out under the loud slaps of Miss Jady's gloved hand as it came into contact with Sam's plastic pants stretched tight over his bottom.

It seemed an eternity before Miss Jady stopped. But eventually Sam was lifted off of her lap, his stinging bottom red with marks as he stood there by the chair. Miss Jady got up and Miss Sharp took her place, sitting down in the chair, her PVC mini dress shining in the light, Sam had a glimpse of her black stockings as she took hold of his hands and pulled him forward onto her lap. There was no rest for Sam this time, Miss Sharp immediately began spanking him with the same ferocity that Miss Jady had done. Sam was distraught, he pleaded for the spanking to stop but on it went, SMACK!!.

SMACK!!. SMACK!!. Miss Sharp's gloved hand slapping his already sore bottom harder and harder, her left hand pulling on his plastic pants keeping them tight.

A few minutes later and the spanking had stopped, Sam was still laying across Miss Sharps lap, his dummy still in his mouth, his face wet with tears and his stinging bottom covered in red marks. Suddenly he felt his ankles being untied, and his plastic pants being pulled off, the air rushing to his bottom as the plastic pants were pulled down his legs and over his feet, he caught a glimpse of Miss Jady walking off with them, her shiny PVC mini dress stretched tight, he could just see the tops of her stockings as she walked over to the changing mat, she put the plastic pants in the laundry sack and picked up a large pot of cream before walking back.

Miss Sharp opened the pot and dipped her gloved fingers into it and proceeded to smear Sam's bottom with the soothing cream, running her hand gently all around, every now and again she would venture between his buttocks giving him a twinge of pleasure before applying more cream to his sore cheeks. Miss Sharp's fingers started to get more daring, slipping deep between his legs, Sam's cock began to harden again as her fingers started to search out their target, Miss Sharp dipped her middle finger into the pot of cream once more and with her left hand stretched his bum cheeks apart while slowly inserting her middle finger into his bottom. Sam opened his legs a bit wider, his cock now rock hard against Miss Sharps PVC mini dress, his breathing becoming heavy once more as her searching finger pushed in further, her other hand continued to smooth cream onto his cheeks. Miss Sharp started to twist her finger inside him, the black PVC glove making it easier for her to slip in and out as if she was fingering a girl, Sam moaned with pleasure as she gently pushed her finger all the way in. Sam squirmed and wriggled as Miss Sharp continued to move her finger in and out.

"You like that don't you"? She said, softly, pumping her finger a bit faster, "Yes Miss" said Sam, taking the dummy out of his mouth, "Well lets see what else you like shall we"? Said Miss Sharp, and with that she pulled out her finger and stood him up. Sam stood there totally naked, his cock standing proudly to attention. Both women took a hand each and led him upstairs to the main bedroom, once there they laid him on the bed, Miss Jady went over to the dressing table and returned with a strange looking devise, it looked like a soft rubber penis, but quite thin with a wide short handle at one end and a small rounded ball shape on the other.

Suddenly both women then took hold of Sam's ankles and began tying them to a bedpost at each corner of the bed spreading his legs wide, Sam looked around desperately trying to see what was going on. Miss Jady then produced a pacifier and placed it in his mouth and told him to suck on it while Miss Sharp placed two disposable nappies underneath Sam's bottom, but before putting them on him she opened the pot of cream and began to smear some on the rubber penis, Miss Jady placed her fingers between Sam's bum cheeks and pulled them apart, Sam tried to wriggle free but he was tightly bound to the bed, Miss Sharp took the rubber penis and slowly started to push it up into Sam's bottom, Sam whimpered and sucked hard on his dummy, he could feel it slowly sliding in, Miss Sharp twisting it as she slowly and carefully pushed the penis all the way in to the handle.

"There" she said.

"Now you're to keep that in until we decide to take it out"? And with that she took hold of the nappies and pulled them up between his legs and secured the tapes at the side making them nice and tight while Miss Jady untied his ankles. Then they proceeded to put silky mittens on his hands, "This is to stop you playing with yourself while you watch us" said Miss Jady tying the mittens to his wrists so that he couldn't take them off. They were pink and very padded, almost like boxing gloves. Then they picked him up and placed him in his cot, which had been brought in from his bedroom and positioned right by the bed. Sam lay there sucking his dummy looking up at the two women smiling down at him, he could feel the rubber penis inside him as he wriggled on his mattress.

"Seeing nappies on a teenager really makes me feel horny" said Miss Sharp looking down at Sam, "I know what you mean", replied Miss Jady, "He looks so cute in them, the way they bulge between his legs". Sam felt himself go red in the face while the two women stood there examining him, "I like putting him in girls clothes too", continued Miss Jady, "He looks really pretty in stockings and a mini skirt, and skimpy satin panties, and I think he likes it too" she said, looking at Miss Sharp, "He had a real 'hard on' when I dressed him up last time".

"I like you in stockings too" said Miss Sharp taking a step closer to Miss Jady, "You've got a gorgeous figure, and your hair is so pretty", Miss Sharp ran her fingers through Miss Jady's fine blonde hair, then pulled her close and kissed her full on the lips, Miss Jady responded and the two women began to kiss passionately their arms locked around each other, Miss Sharp slipped her tongue into Miss Jady's mouth as they kissed. Sam couldn't believe what he was seeing, both women continued to kiss, their hands all over each other, feeling each others PVC clad bodies, Then Miss Sharp broke away, she took off her own gloves and sitting down on the edge of the bed started to undo Miss Jady's mini dress before pulling it off, then, leaving Miss Jady's stockings and panties on pulled her forward and started to kiss and lick her naked breasts, Miss Jady leant her head back letting her long blonde hair fall down her back. Sam was watching every move from the confines of his cot, his erection pushing up a visible bulge in his nappy, he tried to touch himself but his silky mittens prevented him which he found incredibly frustrating. Miss Jady was now lying on the bed, Miss Sharp lying on top of her, their stockinged legs wrapped around each other, their lips locked together, tongues flicking and licking, hands caressing and fondling, the sounds of panting and heavy breathing filled the room as they rolled around on the bed together in an orgy of lust. Sam felt as though his cock was going to burst, he was getting more and more frustrated trying to touch himself, but his silky mittens couldn't grip the shiny fabric of his nappy, which rustled loudly as he desperately tried to undo it. Miss Sharp was now strapping on a dildo to herself, Miss Jady opened her legs in readiness, Sam sucked hard on his dummy his own legs opened wide, he could feel the rubber penis inside him as he writhed in his cot, Miss Sharp pushed the dildo into Miss Jady's wet pussy and began to thrust in and out, Miss Jady ran her hands over Miss Sharps smooth pert bottom, feeling her satin knickers, she pulled Miss Sharp closer, letting her penetrate her deeper and deeper, Miss Sharp thrusting harder now reached forward and began to suck and lick Miss Jady's firm breasts while continuing to fuck her. On it went, Miss Sharp thrusting hard, Miss Jady rolling her head from side to side, her face contorted in the throws of an explosive orgasm. Then Miss Sharp pulled away, the dildo sliding out from inside Miss Jady's wet pussy, Miss Jady leaned forward and took the dildo in her mouth and sucked at it, tasting her own juices, then she pushed Miss Sharp down on the bed and pressed her lips to hers, letting Miss Sharp taste the juices from her tongue.

Sam remained in his cot for quite a while, the two women falling asleep next to each other on the bed after their steamy session of lovemaking. Sam had drifted off too and was now gently waking from his slumbers just as Miss Sharp came in to unlocked the bars of his cot and take him downstairs, Sam could still feel the rubber penis inside him as he waddled into the living room. Miss Sharp went over and sat next to Miss Jady on the sofa, "Sam, come and sit on my lap please!!" instructed Miss Sharp, Sam did as he was told and hoisted himself onto her lap, his nappy rustling and crinkling as he shifted around to get comfortable.

"Now I hope you have learned from your punishment Sam" continued Miss Sharp as she began untying his silky mittens, "I won't stand for any more disobedience is that understood"? Sam looked down and nodded slowly, "So from now on we will change your nappies whenever we want to whether you're wet or not. Now I have to tell you that there is a second part to your punishment", Sam looked up nervously as Miss Sharp removed his mittens and continued "Claire's mother phoned me just now to tell me when they're going to Tenerife" Sam looked up at Miss Sharp his eyes widened and his heart began to beat very fast, "And I told them that you won't be going with them, so they're going to take one of Claire's other friends instead"

"WHAT MISS"? Cried Sam not really believing what he'd just heard "You're not going with them", said Miss Sharp "You're going to stay here with us and continue to be our baby"

"NO MISS NO!!" he cried "YOU CAN'T, THAT'S SO UNFAIR!!" Sam was distraught he looked desperately at Miss Sharp looking for any sign that she would change her mind, "That's enough Sam, I've made my decision, you're to stay here, babies need looking after", "BUT I'M NOT A BABY!!" cried Sam, "I DON'T WANT TO BE A BABY!! PLEASE MISS, PLEASE LET ME GO PLEASE, PLEASE!!" begged Sam, his eyes welling up with tears, "Sam, you're not going and that's the last word on the matter!!" snapped Miss Sharp, "BUT WHY MISS, WHY CAN'T I GO!!"? he continued "Because you're a baby, and babies don't go away on holiday", she replied getting rather angry at Sam's constant protests.

"BUT WHY!! IT'S NOT FAIR MISS PLEASE, PLEASE, I REALLY WANT TO GO!!" Sam was getting more and more agitated and desperate, "I think baby Sam needs his nappy changed don't you Tina"? Said Miss Sharp, ignoring Sam's cries completely, Miss Jady went over to the changing mat and got two disposable nappies out and placed them beside the mat while Miss Sharp took Sam's hand and led him over to it. Sam was still crying and protesting as Miss Sharp laid him down on his back and began to undo his nappy, "NO MISS PLEASE!!", said Sam, kicking his legs in sheer frustration, "PLEASE LET ME GO MISS PLEASE, IT'S NOT FAIR, I'M NOT A BABY, I DON'T WANT TO WEAR A NAPPY PLEASE MISS NO!!" but his cries fell on deaf ears as Miss Sharp carried on with his nappy change. She unfastened the tapes and pulled it away from between his legs, then she carefully pulled out the rubber penis from his bottom before administering lots of baby cream to the area.

Miss Jady popped a dummy into Sam's mouth and then handed the fresh nappies to Miss Sharp who lifted Sam's wriggling legs and placed them underneath him, then she lowered his legs and brought the nappies up between them, fastening the tapes, Sam felt the nappy tighten as she pulled on the sticky tapes and sealed them on either side.

Sam just couldn't believe what was happening, all through this punishment routine was the thought that for at least one week he would be free from the confines of his life as a baby, and now it had been cruelly taken from him.

Sam was put into his playpen still crying and snivelling, Miss Jady gave him a teddy bear and told him that if he continued to cry he wouldn't get any supper. Sam took the dummy out of his mouth and looking up at Miss Sharp said.

"Please Miss, please let me go on holiday, I'll be good I promise, I won't complain about wearing nappies honest!! I'll go to bed whenever you tell me."

"Sshh", interrupted Miss Sharp looking down at Sam with her arms crossed, "Sam, if you carry on whining I'll put you across my knee again, you're not going and that's final, we will continue with your baby punishment until we decide otherwise, now sit there and be quiet!!". Sam sat there in his playpen dressed just in his nappy, utterly miserable and defeated, tears running down his cheeks, then Miss Sharp reached into the playpen and picking up his dummy said.

"And since you don't want this I suggest you suck your thumb like a real baby". Sam looked up questioningly, "Sam!!" snapped Miss Sharp again, "Suck your thumb, and don't take it out until I tell you to!!". Sam put his thumb in his mouth and began to suck on it while the two women stood there looking at him.

"I think he's tired" said Miss Jady "shall we put him to bed"? "Yes" replied Miss Sharp, "But let's give him a bottle first". And with that the two women left and went into the kitchen.

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