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Part 4

When the first day of July arrived the sun became hotter still, the house became like an oven, which didn't bother Sam that much because he was dressed in just a nappy most of the time, he never wore socks or t-shirts or anything else for that matter. It was on one such day that things changed slightly. He was sitting in the garden playing with some toys one morning when Miss Sharp came over and said.

"Time for your nappy change Sam", and she took his hand and led him into the house, then she said."We've got a treat for you today Sam, we're taking you out for the day", Sam was horrified, the thought of leaving the house dressed as a baby was too awful to comprehend, "No I don't want to go out dressed like this Miss please" he cried as he was led over to the changing mat, "Don't worry, we're going to put some clothes on you" said Miss Sharp reassuringly, Sam looked down at Miss Jady who was kneeling down by the changing mat laying out some clothes, to his horror he saw a little pink dress and some white socks and sandals on the floor next to Miss Jady who looked up at Sam and said.

"You're going to be a little girl for the day". Sam nearly fainted on the spot, and cried out in disbelief, there was no way he was going outside dressed as a girl, but Miss Sharp informed him that it was either that or go out in just his nappy. Sam soon realized that he had no choice. He protested bitterly as he was laid down onto the changing mat, "Please Miss no!!", he cried but it was too late, it was already happening, Miss Jady was pulling his plastic pants down over his white towelling nappy, he heard the familiar swishing sound as the plastic pants were pulled all the way down his legs, over his bare feet and then off. Then she unpinned his nappy and removed it, applying plenty of baby powder between his legs before putting a couple of disposable nappies on him, making sure that the tapes were done up nice and tight. Sam was then stood up Miss Jady slipped her fingers under the elastic legs and adjusted his nappy making sure it was a nice snug fit.

"Don't want you leaking do we"? She said as she patted his bulging nappy making it rustle loudly, then she picked up the pink baby dress and placed it over his head, feeding his arms through and pulling it down to his waist, it stopped just inches from the bulge of his nappy. Then she put the socks and sandals on him before doing up his hair and applying a little makeup, just to make his transition complete.

"Ahh, he looks so cute" said Miss Sharp, "He really does look like a little girl", Sam's face couldn't have been any redder, he felt totally shamed and humiliated, "I'll go and put his pushchair in the car" said Miss Jady excitedly, and she scampered off in the direction of the garage, "Please Miss, I don't want to go out like this please!!" cried Sam pulling his dress down as far as it would go, trying to hide his nappy, "It's either this or you go out in just your nappy" said Miss Sharp sternly, "Which is it to be?", Sam's heart was pounding hard in his chest as Miss Sharp stood there waiting for an answer, finally Sam gave in and he was led out to the car and strapped in.

The two women loaded picnic things into the car before finally setting off, Sam had no idea where he was going but he was praying that there weren't going to be many people there.

It was about half an hour later that his worst fears were confirmed when they pulled into the underground garage of the city airport. Miss Jady took Sam's hand and the three of them walked into the main terminal, Sam tried hard not to waddle too much, every now and again when he was sure no one was looking he would reach down and squeeze the bulge between his legs making his nappy narrower, but although it reduced the 'waddling' effect, it also made the nappy bulge lower, so it showed more from under his short dress, this meant that he was constantly pulling on his dress trying in vain to cover it up which earned him a telling off from Miss Jady.

The airport was very busy, Sam felt incredibly self conscious, and avoided eye contact with everyone, but not many people were looking at him, a few people stopped and stared at him but on the whole they were all too busy checking in their luggage to notice him, also, although he was sixteen he was very small and had a very feminine face which made him look almost like a ten year old, and Miss Jady had done such a good job with his hair and makeup that he went almost unnoticed as he walked around the airport departure lounge hand in hand with her.

After a few minutes Sam's curiosity got the better of him and he asked Miss Sharp what they were doing at the airport.

"I've brought you here to show you something", said Miss Sharp mysteriously, "As part of your punishment for your disobedience" and before Sam had time to react Miss Sharp let out a yell, "And there they are!!", she stood there pointing at a large queue of people waiting to check in. Sam looked over to where Miss Sharp was pointing, he looked along the line of people and then. suddenly he gasped as he recognised someone in the crowd, it was his girlfriend Claire and her parents and they were in the queue for the Tenerife flight. Sam stood there dumbstruck as if someone had slapped him across the face, his girlfriend looked really pretty, she was obviously excited about going away, she was holding onto her suitcase and was smiling and laughing, and there, standing with them was Philip Lawrence, a boy from Sam's school, he was obviously the one who'd taken his place. Never before had Sam felt so utterly cheated, the total unfairness of it was too much to bare, he felt like running over to them and demanding to swap places but how could he, he was dressed as a girl in a short dress and nappies.

Sam was made to stand there watching them in the queue until they had all put their luggage through and had walked off towards the departure gate, Miss Jady held Sam's hand as they followed them, Sam was in a constant state of fear in case they spotted him, he didn't want his girlfriend to see him dressed as a girl, especially wearing a nappy. They followed them through the terminal and watched as they went through the departure gate, Sam felt like he was going to cry as he watched his girlfriend disappear into the crowd, off to enjoy her holiday without him while he was having to endure a life of nappy changes, spankings and 4 o'clock bed times. But Miss Sharp, had one more cruel trick to play on him before they left the airport, she opened up her bag and pulled out a couple of disposable nappies, then she took his hand and with the nappies clearly visible in her other hand led him through the crowds, towards the nearby toilets and heading for a door marked 'Baby change room'. Sam seeing the sign on the door tried desperately to break free from Miss Sharp's grip, "No Miss please not here!!" he wailed, trying not to be heard, but Miss Sharp would have none of it, she led him across the terminal, nappies in one hand and him in the other and opened the door. Inside was just like a toilet except for a large changing table in the middle of the room, a lady was just walking out with a baby as Miss Sharp led Sam over to the table, "Hello" said the woman to Miss Sharp "Having trouble with this one then"? She asked, noticing the way Sam was struggling, "Yes", replied Miss Sharp, "Certainly today", the lady shook her head and tutted at Sam, and then noticed his nappy poking out from under his dress, "Is she still in nappies"? Enquired the woman "Yes" Said Miss Sharp, "We're having a few problems with this one, so she's being punished". Sam was wishing the floor would swallow him up as Miss Sharp lifted him up onto the changing table told him to lie down, "No I don't want to, please Miss!!" cried Sam, his face glowing red with embarrassment, "If you don't want me to spank you you'll do as you're told young lady" snapped Miss Sharp angrily, "Here, do you want this" said the woman offering Miss Sharp a baby's dummy, "That will keep her quiet", "Thank you" Said Miss Sharp, taking the dummy and popping it into Sam's mouth, Sam squirmed and wriggled and kicked his legs in frustration as she pulled his dress up and began to take his nappy off.

"Do you have trouble finding nappies big enough for her"? Asked the woman as she watched Miss Sharp rip open the tapes, "No, I know someone who can get them for me" replied Miss Sharp pulling the nappy away and reaching in her bag for the baby powder. Sam was almost crying with shame and humiliation as he lay there naked on the changing table, the woman with the baby stood and watched as Miss Sharp rubbed baby powder all around his nappy area and placed two fresh nappies under his bottom before pulling them up tightly between his legs.

"This must be part of his punishment too then"? Said the woman pointing at Sam's dress, "I like it, he looks nice as a girl", "Yes he does look pretty", replied Miss Sharp as she finished changing Sam's nappy. Sam was then lifted off of the table and the three of them made their way out, Miss Sharp holding open the door for the woman as they left.

The walk back to the car felt like a nightmare for Sam, he couldn't stop thinking about his girlfriend going off on a holiday that he should have been on, but instead he was being made to walk through a busy airport sucking a dummy, and wearing a little summer dress which was so short that you could clearly see his white bulging nappy between his legs as he walked.

The cruelty and unfairness of his punishment was so strong in his mind that he wasn't aware of the people staring at him as he made his way through the terminal and back to the car.

A short while later they were back on the road, the sun was beaming in through the car windows as Miss Sharp drove along the winding country lanes, "We're going to have a lovely picnic Sam" Said Miss Sharp as she turned the car into a the car park, "It's a beautiful day for it" Said Miss Jady as the car came to a stop.

They seemed to be right in the heart of the countryside, there were no other cars around as far as Sam could see, they were surrounded by rolling hills and fields, the sun continued to blaze down on them as the two women gathered up the picnic things. Miss Jady got the pushchair out of the car and told Sam to sit in it, while Miss Sharp took off Sam's socks and sandals and put them in the car, then they headed off, Miss Jady pushing Sam in the pushchair and Miss Jady carrying the picnic things.

They stopped in the middle of the meadow under the shade of a huge tree and put a blanket down on the soft grass, Miss Sharp helped Sam out of his pushchair and stood him on the blanket, "

"I don't think you need this on now, it's really hot today" Said Miss Sharp reaching round and undoing the buttons on Sam's dress, Sam protested bitterly but it did no good, Miss Sharp pulled the dress up over his head and placed it in her bag. Sam stood there on the blanket in just his nappy, the hot sun beating down, he looked around nervously to see if anyone else was around while the two women began to fiddle and adjust his nappy, running their fingers over the plastic outer layer making it rustle loudly, Miss Jady slipped her fingers under the elastic legs of his nappy and pulled the nappy down a bit making the bulge between his legs that much bigger, Miss Sharp on the other hand was concentrating on the top part, she was pulling his nappy up and straightening the thin plastic edge at the top, making sure it wasn't tucked in, then she tugged on his nappy making sure it was tight enough before finally patting his well padded bottom.

"There" she said, giving his nappy another pat, "Now you can go off and play, but don't go too far, we must be able to see you ok"? Sam was mortified, as if he was going to walk about in a public place dressed only in a nappy, Miss Sharp then reached into her bag and produced a colouring book and a pack of colourful crayons, "Now take these with you, I want at least four pages coloured in before we have lunch!!"

"Can't I just do my own thing Miss"? Complained Sam. Miss Sharp looked up at him with that familiar disapproving look, "How about I take your nappy down and spank you right here in the park!!", she said, Sam not wanting to face another of Miss Sharps spankings reluctantly got up and took the colouring book and went off a short way, all the time looking out for anyone around.

After a couple of hours Sam had finished his colouring and decided to just sat in the sun and relax for a while, Miss Jady called him over and they all had lunch on the blanket. After lunch Miss Sharp decided that Sam needed a rest, so she put him in his pushchair, placed a teddy in his lap and popped a dummy in his mouth, "Now sit still and rest for a while" she said as she fitted a parasol to the pushchair to provide some shade.

Sam sat there in his pushchair feeling that his life was pretty much over, he felt that he had lost control of everything in his life, everything was done for him, he couldn't even go to the toilet by himself, every last bit of freewill had been taken away from him, he had no life of his own no control over anything, it was time to face facts, he was now officially a baby, it had taken a few weeks but in the end Miss Sharp had got her way, it was no use fighting it, Sam could feel the willingness to resist fading away, what was the use, there was no way he was going to win, he might as well give in.

Sam sat there thinking things over in his mind, maybe things could get better he thought, maybe if he accepted his new life he would start to be able to find the whole experience easier, maybe he could even get used to living life as a baby, after all, he would never have to worry about anything again, he would never have to do anything because everything was always done for him, and the summer holidays were not going to last forever, Miss Sharp would have to let him go sometime, if he could just bide his time he would get through it, all he had to do was get through another month or so and he would be free, he would be off to college and never have to wear a nappy ever again.

Sam had been sitting in his pushchair thinking these thoughts for a while when he started to notice that he needed to pee, and the thought of having his nappy changed outside in public did not please him at all, especially now that a few more people had arrived in the park for a picnic. He tried to concentrate by wriggling his legs together but the thickness of the nappy between his legs prevented him from doing so, he tried to squeeze his penis but he couldn't get a grip on it through the padding of his nappy. His determination turned into frustration as he became aware that he was fighting a loosing battle, as he fidgeted and wriggled in his pushchair his nappy crinkled and rustled loudly in his vain attempts to stop the inevitable. After a few more minutes of wriggling his legs the feelings became stronger and stronger, a couple of times he'd felt the pee work it's way to the end of his cock and he'd managed to keep it at bay, but it took a lot of concentration, and then finally he had to give in, he felt the pee work it's way back as he let go, he felt a mixture of relief and dread, relief in the fact that it felt good to finally let it go, and dread that he would have to endure a nappy change in a public park. Sam's nappy began to rustle as it stretched soaking up his warm pee, he could feel it gushing out of his cock which was enclosed in his soft warm nappy, he looked down and saw the nappy gradually turn yellow, felt the warmth as it soaked up more and more, the nappy felt warm and hard when he touched it, becoming solid between his legs, he felt a small dribble of pee run down between his butt cheeks the nappy obviously becoming heavily saturated. Sam wondered if he might be able to stay wet until they were out of the park, but then he remembered what Miss Sharp had said to him on his first day, that if she discovered that he was wet before he had asked her to change him he would be spanked, so reluctantly and with his face glowing red with embarrassment he called out for Miss Sharp, "Yes Sam what is it"? Asked Miss Sharp softly, "I need my nappy changed Miss", replied Sam the humiliation washing over him like a waterfall.

Miss Sharp came over to him and slipped her fingers under the bulge of his nappy, "My, you are wet aren't you"? She said pulling her finger out from between his legs, "Well lets get a nice clean nappy on you then" she continued, and with that he was lifted out of his pushchair and placed on the blanket, Sam looked around him to see if anyone was looking, a few people were sitting nearby but didn't notice as Miss Jady and Miss Sharp began to change him.

"Shall we put him in real nappies"? Asked Miss Jady, "Yes, why not" replied Miss Sharp as she took Sam's wet nappy off, "Do you want to get two out Tina"? She said "We'll make it nice and bulky for our trip home". Miss Jady pulled two towelling nappies out of the 'baby bag', two pink nappy pins and a pair of clear plastic pants while Miss Sharp rubbed baby powder around Sam's exposed bottom. Sam screwed his eyes tight shut, hoping that no one could see his nakedness as he lay there on the blanket in the midday sun, he felt the cold air on his skin as Miss Sharp spread his legs apart and applied some more powder to his nappy area, then he felt his bottom being lifted up as the nappies were placed underneath him, Miss Sharp pulled the two nappies up between his legs which were so bulky and thick she had great difficulty in pinning them on. Sam felt the soft fluffy nappies pressing tight against his skin as she pinned them in place, then he heard the plastic pants rustle as Miss Jady shook them out before placing them over his feet and guiding them through the leg holes, Sam felt the soft plastic slide up his smooth legs as Miss Jady pulled them up and stretched them over his bulging nappy, the clear plastic stretching tightly over them, his white fluffy nappy and pink nappy pin clearly visible underneath.

Sam lay there on the blanket, the two women fiddling and adjusting his nappy as usual, tucking in the towelling nappy under the plastic where it was poking out, his legs spread wide by the thickness of the nappy between them, he could feel the plastic against his inner thigh, the bulge between his legs was so wide that the plastic pants were stretched tight across it.

"There!!" Said Miss Sharp "Baby's all done", Sam was stood up while Miss Jady put a t-shirt on him which was quite short, and only just came down to the top of his nappy, "Please Miss" said Sam pulling his t-shirt down trying to cover his nappy, "Do I have to wear this, people will see", "Yes Sam" said Miss Sharp, "You look so cute in nappies it would be a shame if no one saw you in one", and with that they packed up the picnic things and headed back to the car, walking past some of the other people there, Sam found it really difficult to walk without waddling, his huge bulging nappy swinging behind him, the soft plastic of his baby pants slipping and sliding against his inner thighs as he walked, then he was strapped into the car and they set off for home.

When Miss Sharp pulled into her street Sam saw that a lot of his friends were all out playing football in the park right by the house, and seeing them made him feel really trapped like he was a prisoner, "I think it's a bath and early to bed for you young lady" Said Miss Sharp ushering him inside, "Oh, why miss? Please let me stay up, it's only 3 o'clock" Complained Sam, Miss Sharp gave him a look of disapproval as she took his hand and led him upstairs towards the bedroom.

"Please let me stay up Miss, I don't want to go to bed" continued Sam as he was pulled up the stairs and into the bedroom, "Sam if you continue to complain I'll let Miss Jady spank you before putting you to bed" Said Miss Sharp, " But if you're quiet you can have a treat after your bath", reluctantly Sam did as he was told and Miss Jady began to undress him, she removed his t-shirt and then told him to climb up onto the changing table and lie down on it while Miss Sharp left the room and began to run a hot soapy bath. Sam climbed onto the changing table, the plastic cover was cold against his bare back as he laid down, Miss Jady then popped a dummy into his mouth before pulling off his clear plastic pants, Sam looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror above the changing table, he saw Miss Jady's delicate fingers nimbly undo the pink nappy pin and pull his towelling nappy open, Sam felt the air against his cock as she pulled the nappy away leaving him naked and sucking his dummy on the changing table. Miss Jady picked him up and carried him into the bathroom and the two women went about washing him all over, the bath was lovely and warm and had lots of bubbles. The two women seemed to enjoy washing him, they soaped him all over paying particular attention to the area between his legs, Sam felt his cock begin to stir as they're fingers became bolder.

"I think baby Sam likes bath time don't you"? Said Miss Jady looking down at his rapidly growing cock poking up through the mountain of bubbles, Sam began to moan softly as she slowly began to rub her soapy fingers up and down the shaft, Sam opened his legs wider inviting Miss Jady to carry on, almost begging her to quench his sexual frustration, but as if to punish him further his wish was quickly denied and he was lifted out of the bath, dried and taken back into the bedroom, within seconds he was back on the changing table and was being put into a disposable nappy, his erection pushing up a bulge under the shiny white plastic. Miss Jady then lifted him off, and, sitting on the bed placed him on her lap, "Now you've been a good girl today Sam so I think you deserve a treat" said Miss Jady, and she began to undo the buttons of her blouse, Sam wasn't sure where to look as she undid the buttons and took off her blouse, then she reached round behind her and unclipped her bra letting it fall to the floor exposing her gorgeous firm breasts, Sam's heart was pounding like a jack hammer as she put her hand behind his head and gently pulled Sam's face up to her bare breast and said.

"Baby can suckle on these if she likes", Sam was shaking with nerves as Miss Jady put her hand under his chin and guided his mouth onto her waiting nipple, Sam took it between his quivering lips and began to suck on it. With one hand she supported his back, pushing him closer to her as he continued to suck on her nipple, and with the other hand, reached down and unfastened the tapes of his nappy letting it fall open, Sam's cock immediately sprang up from it's plastic prison, Miss Jady wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock and slowly began to masturbate him, Sam was moaning with pleasure as he continued to suck and lick Miss Jady's erect nipple, his nappy rustling as she masturbated him with her slender fingers, Sam wriggled and squirmed on her lap as she began to bring him closer to climax, sliding her fingers up and down his cock, "Jane"? She called to Miss Sharp, "I'm going to need the funnel for Sam's baby milk", Sam sighed and moaned louder, Miss Jady let go of his cock and pulled him away from her right breast and pressed his mouth onto the left one before continuing with his masturbation, Miss Sharp entered the room with a funnel in her hand, Sam's squirming became more intense as Miss Jady expertly began to bring him to orgasm, "It's time for baby to have her milk I think" said Miss Jady, and she pulled him away from her breast and laid him down on the bed, Miss Sharp grabbed his ankles tightly and pulled them over his head, Miss Jady popped the funnel into Sam's mouth, placing the other end in front of his cock while she carried on masturbating him, "Now baby's to swallow every drop or she'll be spanked!!" ordered Miss Jady pumping his cock faster and faster, Sam kicked and wriggled against Miss Sharps grip, tossing his head from side to side as the orgasm came upon him, Miss Jady pushed his cock into the funnel and Sam shot his load into it, he felt the cum slide into his mouth, he swallowed hard just as another load shot into it, Miss Jady then reached down, placed her lips over his cock and licked the rest of his cum off with her tongue.

A little while later, after Sam had been put back into nappies the two women put him to bed, Miss Sharp went over and closed the curtains to his room blocking out the mid afternoon sun leaving the window open so that the noises of his friends playing outside would echo around the room, "Sam"? Said Miss Sharp looking down at him, "I've got something to tell you", Sam looked up at her wondering what punishment he was going to have to endure this time, "Well," she continued, "You know that your parents are holidaying in America? Well that isn't exactly true". Sam looked at her questioningly as she went on, "For reasons that are too complicated to explain, they are not able to come back for a very long time, maybe even never at all, so your old house has been sold and your father has turned the money from that house over to me so that I can look after you". Sam's mind was spinning with confusion as she continued, "So I decided to quit my teaching job and become a fulltime nanny for you, so you can be looked after and pampered all day everyday, and I've cancelled your college application so that you can stay here with us and live here permanently and continue to be our baby girl. I've thrown away all your old boys clothes and tomorrow we're going to take you into town and buy you a brand new wardrobe, a whole new set of clothes, girls clothes of course".

"We're going to buy you new dresses, lot's of new nappies and sometimes when you've been extra good, we'll let you be a grown up, lot's of fine silky lingerie, stockings and panties etc" Said Miss Jady smiling down at him with excitement in her voice, "And we'll get you lots of nice make up to make you look really pretty", added Miss Sharp, "So go to sleep now because we've got a long day tomorrow", and with that the two women left the room closing the door behind them and turned out the light, Sam lay there silently not able to take in what he'd been told, the only sound he heard was the sounds of football from outside and the rustling of his nappy.

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