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Ted and Julie

Ted and his wife, Julie, are a very striking couple that enjoy a strong and adventurous sexual relationship. Julie and Ted were always game for new ideas to keep sex fun. Ted really enjoyed playing the role of a submissive and Julie enjoyed the power it gave her. It was not until recently that they discovered the power of enforced chastity. Prior to chastity, Julie had dominated Ted, forcing him into very submissive outfits such as little girl dresses, high heels, adult disposable diapers, maid's uniforms and other kinky clothes. Ted was often left at home dressed up with a diaper locked on while Julie shopped or hung out with her girlfriends. Once Julie arrived home, she and Ted would proceed to have a very sexually charged evening. It would often start with Ted being reprimanded for not cleaning enough and most especially for wetting his diaper like a baby. Since Julie would be gone for so many hours, it was inevitable that Ted would need to relieve himself despite his attempts and eagerness to stay dry. A problem arose when on occasion; Ted could not wait for Julie to come home and would relieve himself sexually. That made Julie furious since it took away from Ted's interest in pleasing her once she arrived home and gave up some of her control. In the few times she came home and found that Ted had lost his spunk, she would not release him from his diaper and forced him to stay in the same diaper until the next morning or spank him.

One day after coming home to find Ted had been especially bad, Julie found a company that offered secure male chastity devices and although they were expensive, decided to order a metal one that offered numerous options. She measured Ted and placed her order. The day it arrived, Julie had Ted stand up handcuffed and blindfolded. She attached it to him and let him see his new gift. It fit perfectly and although she said she was not going to leave it on for long, decided to let him get used to it for a while. The idea of being locked up caused Ted to become very aroused but to no avail as he was unable to get an erection. To make matters worse, he soon realized that he had to sit like a girl to go to the bathroom. Julie let him walk around the house in just his chastity belt for a few hours to get him used to it. After a while, she told him that if he were good, she would let him loose so they could have sex. He could not wait, nor could she and soon they were in bed with him performing oral sex on her to numerous orgasms. Julie told him she needed to be taken by him and had Ted stand before her so she could unlock him from the device. To his surprise, the keys did not unlock the lock. She tried to open it but they would not work at all. Ted got very scared and upset with Julie and yelled at her for not trying the lock before she put in on him. Little did he know that she had tried the lock and replaced the good keys with a set of fake keys. She tried to calm Ted down but she knew she had him right where she wanted him. She told him she would call the company and have them send new keys. Ted, while not thrilled with the idea, had no other choice but to wait.

The next morning she advised Ted that she had called the company and that they would send a new set of keys right away. She then told Ted that despite his condition, she was very excited and needed some sexual relief. She told him to put on one of his frilly dresses, stockings, heels and all and come downstairs to her when he was dressed. A few minutes later he came back downstairs in a baby pink dress, with pink stockings and white high heels. Even though he knew he could not have relief, he was still so excited he was eager to please her.

This one sided sexual relief continued on for about a week with Ted getting more excited by the day. Julie could not have been more satisfied. Each day he would wait by the mailbox hoping for the key to arrive. When the key had not yet arrived by that Saturday, he asked Julie to call the company again to find out were the keys are. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Ted answered the door and found the postman there with a box for Julie. He thanked him and then ran to Julie, as he knew for sure that based on the plain markings on the box, it was the keys. Julie had a big smile on her face, as she knew what was in the box. She told Ted to get undressed and to meet her in the bedroom.

While he was getting ready, she took out two pairs of handcuffs and walked into the bedroom. There she found Ted on the bed and told him that she really did enjoy the control she had over him and that to ensure she got it back on him, he needed to be tied up. He unwilling agreed as she handcuffed him to the bedposts. She opened the box in front of him and to his horror, saw that the box contained a lifelike dildo and no keys. Julie, playing the part so well, acted surprised and said that it must have been a mix up in the order and that she felt so bad for Ted. As she inspected the device she had secretly ordered, she told Ted with surprise that she thought that this dildo attached to the front of his chastity belt. Ted wanted nothing to do with this and was totally embarrassed when she attached it to him. It looked like a giant penis, except it was not his. Julie said she was so excited she needed "him" and told him to play the part as she straddled and mounted him. Even Ted could not resist the urge to participate in having intercourse with his wife and she clearly was enjoying herself. Ted could not have been more frustrated but for some reason was very satisfied and relaxed. As she uncuffed him from the bed, she told him that she felt so bad for his situation but would make it up to him and gave him a nice massage.

The next Monday, Julie called Ted's office and left a message with Ted's secretary, also a friend of Julie's, that the keys needed to be specially made and are on the way. Ted was excited about the news but then wondered if his secretary knew he was locked in a chastity belt. He knew it was impossible to notice under his clothes but what if Julie was telling everyone about it behind his back. Once he got home, he spoke to Julie about it and was very annoyed with her as he thought for certain that she had told all her friends. Julie got very upset with Ted and told him that she was in charge of his sexual releases from now on and that he better learn his place in her pack. She then told him to get undressed right there in front of her as she grabbed her wooden hairbrush. They had played spanking games before but this was for real, she put him over her knee's and laid into his rear with the hairbrush, reprimanding him for accusing her of telling their secrets and for being fresh to her. He started to tear up and begged her to stop. She continued on and told him that she has had the keys all along and they are locked up in a safe place and unless he agreed to obey her, he would be locked up for a good long time. He agreed and she stopped spanking him. She stood up and told him to go get ready for bed. Even though it was not even 6pm and they had not eaten dinner, he went up to their room and put on his pajama's. He came down stairs and found Julie starting to make dinner. He said he was sorry and does she need help with dinner. Julie accepted his apology and thanked him for the offer but since he has been bad, she intended on sending him to bed early as punishment. She took Ted by the hand and walked up to their room. She told Ted to get into bed and went to the closet, returning with a disposable diaper. She pulled down Ted's pants and put the diaper on him. As she tucked him in, Ted was shocked but knew he better not even open his mouth. She kissed him on the head and turned off the light and left. After she ate her dinner, she came back in and found Ted was still awake. She handed him a baby bottle full of milk and said that after he finished his bottle, he should go to sleep and not get up for any reason until the next morning. He drank the milk and drifted off to sleep.

He awoke the next morning to get ready for work. Julie had already gone out but left him a note that said he was to wear some ruffled silky panties she had left out under his suit to work. He put them on and they felt great. As he was making his breakfast, Ted noticed on their calendar that Julie was hosting a girl's only party at their house on Friday night. He remembered that she had mentioned it a while back and was not surprised when he noticed it. Normally those are the nights that Ted had to be dressed as Julie's maid and clean the house while she was out at someone else's house until late at night. He used to love those nights as they always ended in some very steamy sex except for the times when he had masturbated himself to orgasm prior to her coming home. He knew that was what precipitated this whole chastity device in the first place. Ted left for work and still did not know for sure if anyone else knew the situation he was in but just before he left, he took off the panties and put on his normal underwear. He was concerned someone would notice the ruffles under his pants.

That evening he brought Julie home flowers and two tickets to a show she wanted to see. Julie was very excited to see Ted was so attentive to her and showered him with love and affection. She was thrilled to go be going to the show and told Ted that since he had come around, she had a treat for him. He could only hope for one thing, release! They went up to their room and threw him down on the bed. She showed him the keys and said today is your lucky day, you have finally learned who is boss. He then remembered that he took off the panties before work. As she pulled off his pants, Julie noticed it also. Disappointment was an understatement. Julie told Ted how upset she was as she mounted herself over his mouth. She told him to bring her some pleasure and as he did, she told him how close he had come to getting free and for an orgasm. When she was satisfied, she reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer to reveal the dildo attachment. She attached it to him and then mounted him, putting a pillow over his face so she could enjoy the moment without thinking about how Ted disobeyed her. Once she was satisfied, she removed the dildo and put Ted in a diaper with another diaper on top of the first one. She offered Ted the option; either stay here and tied to the bed or wear the diapers to the show. Ted did not want to have to go to bed two nights in a row hungry so he agreed to wear the diaper. She got up off of him and said he should wear his suit from work. The suit jacket offered little concealment of his expanded rear and hips. The giveaway was the rustling of the diapers as he walked.

The show was great, they had a nice dinner and returned home. Julie was so tired when she came home, she told Ted to clean himself up and come to bed. Ted rushed, as he knew that he might be able to save the night but Julie was sound asleep when he got into bed.

The rest of the week was very much the same, Julie having her way with Ted. Ted was wearing what Julie told him to wear and did what she wanted. On Friday he came home and Julie asked him to help her get ready for her party. Ted helped and when it was all ready, asked her if he could go out with his friends like he usually does when she has her friends over. She thought about it for a minute and said she had another option for him. She said that if he stayed upstairs tied to the bed, quite as a mouse until the party was over, she would release him or he could go out with the guys and take his chances.

It had been so long since he had an orgasm, he knew that he did not want to risk missing out. He agreed to stay home. A few minutes before the party was about to begin, she told Ted to promptly put on his maid's uniform. Ted got scared; did this mean he had to serve her friends as her maid? Without even asking, he went upstairs and put on his maid's uniform. He heard the door open downstairs and a few minutes later heard Julie call him to come downstairs. Not knowing if someone else was there or not, he went downstairs and was relieved to find that Julie had just been outside and nobody else was there. She made Ted something to eat and drink and then suggested he get upstairs before anyone came over. He was so relieved and excited that he was not going to be Julie's maid in front of her friends.

Julie secured him to the bed spread eagle in his maid's uniform. She said she would not be back for a few hours and did he think he would need anything. He said he would be OK but she suggested a diaper just in case. As she secured it on him, the doorbell rang. She quickly put a blindfold on him and put a pacifier in his mouth, telling him they better both be on him when she returned. She took out her Walkman CD player, put the headphones on him and turned on the music. He could not see or hear anything as she kissed him goodbye to get the door.

He did not know how long he had been there when he was started as the pacifier was removed and a baby bottle put into his mouth. He finished the bottle of sweet tea and started to speak just as the pacifier was put back into his mouth. He could only hope that this was Julie and that she took a few minutes from her friends to give him a drink. Within a short while, Ted needed to pee and had to use his diaper despite knowing he would rather be dry. Ted drifted off to sleep and was awoken by someone rubbing his body, stocking clad legs and high-heeled feet. His petticoat was lifted up and then felt his diaper being rubbed. He spit out the pacifier and whispered Julie's name in hopes that is was she. He felt a finger on his lips sealing his mouth closed. The finger was then put into his mouth for him to suckle. Ted was so excited and was sure that the party had ended and Julie was making good on her promise. The pacifier was put back in his waiting mouth and the wet diaper was removed. He was cleaned up and then felt power being sprinkled on him. To his surprise, a new diaper was fastened around his waist and his dress laid down over top. He then felt a knee on the bed next to his head and then another knee on the other side of his head. The pacifier was removed and to no surprise he was face deep in pussy. Was this Julie, if not who? He wondered if this was a trade to some unknown stranger for changing him. He performed the best oral sex that he had ever done in the past. The knees got up and then he was alone again.

Within a few minutes he felt someone checking out his dress, then his diaper and then his chastity belt. Again, he was face deep into pussy. He worked even harder to please her. Ted wondered if he had been discovered by Julies friends and was now the evening's oral attraction. The third visitor had found the dildo and attached it to him. He was hoping it was Julie but was not sure. Ted had numerous mystery "visitors" follow that enjoyed oral sex and his constantly erect attachment. None let him speak or spoke to him.

After what seemed like hours of being a sexual toy, his dildo was removed, his diaper refastened, his face washed and the pacifier put into his mouth. Ted was so sexually charged but felt so used that he could not stand it anymore. Shortly after the last visitor, Ted was just about to call out to Julie when the headphones were taken off and Julie asked how he was doing. Ted said he was fine as he got his first look at his wife in hours. He was very happy to see her. She said that her party was over and that she needed Ted in the most sexual of ways. Ted was untied from the bed and his chastity belt removed. He touched himself and could not believe how good it felt. Ted and Julie had the most explosive orgasms that night.

When they were done, Julie asked Ted if he had enjoyed the last few weeks.

She said it was all a game and that nobody knew about his chastity belt or submissiveness and that she just wanted to push the envelope a little with him. He could not believe she could be so demanding and creative. She asked Ted if he would like to be put back in his chastity belt again and under her control or if he had enough of it for a while. He thought for a moment and said he would like to be chaste again and Julie was excited that he said yes.

As they were cleaning up getting ready for bed with Ted locked up tight, Julie asked him "Why is there a baby bottle in here and who moved your dildo next to the bathroom sink?" This can't be good thought Ted...

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