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Ted is a hard working blue-collar worker, constantly out there making a buck whenever he can, not even taking a vacation in years. His wife Julie was also a hard worker but enjoyed taking time off and relaxing. She had wanted to get away for some time but Ted was always pushing off vacations in search of the extra buck. One day Ted returned from work and walked into the kitchen covered in the filth of the day and with some mud on his shoes. Julie was in the kitchen cooking and stopped him in his tracks. She told him that he was too dirty to even come in the house like that so she told him to strip his clothes down right there. He protested and said he would change in another room but she insisted that he get undressed right there under her supervision. He stripped down to his underpants but she told him to take them off too. Ted was a little surprised at her firmness and became a little embarrassed to be naked in front of her in the kitchen.

Once he was naked she grabbed him by the hand and led him down the hall to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she turned on the bath water and filled the tub with bubble bath soap and warm water. As the tub was filling up, Julie told Ted he was in trouble for being so messy. She sat down on the toilet seat cover and quickly pulled him over her lap. Then without warning, she spanked him with her wooden hairbrush. He was mortified and in pain as his ass was paddled but he could not escape her grip. Despite the pain, he did start to get excited and it became obvious to Julie as she felt his cock press against her leg.

Julie scolded Ted for being so bad and also for getting excited while she was spanking him. She told him that he was very bad for not being grown up enough to at least take off his shoes when he came into the house and for not treating her to a break from all of her work. She spanked his ass with all her might and once his ass was good and sore, she told him to get in the tub and get cleaned up.

As he sat in the warm water and he felt the sting of the water on his freshly spanked bottom. Julie left the room for a few minutes and returned with a blind fold. She then kneeled next to the tub and began to wash off Ted from head to toe. She then rubbed his penis, bringing him to the brink of an orgasm and then stopping numerous times. She then put the blind fold on him and she planned her next torturous move.

Julie thought that Ted needed some prolonged punishment. After all, she spent prolonged amounts of time cleaning up after him, didn't she? She had Ted stand up in the bath while she drained the water and toweled him off. Needless to say, Ted had a raging hard-on but she paid no attention to it. She took him by the hand and instructed him to lie down on their bed for a moment. Ted didn't need to wonder what she had in store for long as he detected odor of baby powder in the air. Julie powered him up and securely fastened a large disposable diaper to Ted. She then snapped on a new pair of hot-pink plastic panties over the top. She put a collar on him with a leash attached and then led him down the hall and downstairs to their finished basement.

It seemed that Julie had had a lot of time on her hands while Ted was busy working and she had used this time to outfit a portion of their basement with the latest in baby-fetish accessories and toys. Ted was led to a very large adult sized crib and was placed comfortably inside on a super soft mattress. Julie then removed his leash but left the collar and secured the locking lid of the crib in place.

Ted tried hard to figure out where he was and what Julie had been fiddling with. When she had her back turned, he pulled down the blindfold and was shocked to find that he was locked inside a crib! Julie told him that although he didn't seem to mind taking an occasional break, it was not cool with her so she was forcing him to slow down by trapping him here. She then shut off the lights and walked upstairs.

Ted sat in the dark and called out to Julie but she paid no attention to him. He tried to figure out what she was up to upstairs from the sounds he heard coming through the floor. Finally, he just relaxed and gave up hope of breaking free anytime soon. Being the busy kind of guy he was, he soon became bored and looked around. Julie had placed a bottle on a table that he could reach if he put his hand through the bars of the crib. It appeared to have juice in it. As Ted was thirsty, he had a drink. While drinking, he absent-mindedly stroked his penis through his diaper and noticed it felt pretty good! Julie had also left out a large pacifier. When he finished his bottle, Ted looked at the pacifier, listened to see if Julie was coming and since he didn't hear her, put it in his mouth, laid down and played with himself outright. He was so turned on to begin with that after a little rubbing and sucking he quickly brought himself to an intense orgasm. After the orgasm, he became tired of the diaper game and wanted to get out of the crib but since it was locked, he had no choice but to relax and take a nap.

Ted was startled when a light snapped on a short time later. Julie marched down the stairs wearing a sexy pair of high heels and a cute negligee. She told Ted that she was aware that he had been very bad while she was gone. Ted protested that no, he had simply hung out here waiting for her. Then he realized that Julie had passed him by and gone to a stuffed bear in the corner of the basement. She turned back around to show him the bear had a remote video camera that was trained on him and told him that she had just watched his every move on the TV upstairs. She let him know she became so turned on that she had masturbated while watching him play with himself. Despite the good show he put on, she wanted more. Julie unlocked the crib, made him crawl to where she sat on a low chair, and insisted that he eat her out to redeem himself. Ted very willingly satisfied Julie's pussy and ground his diaper-clad penis against the bottom of the chair. Julie told him that bad babies don't get to have sex with their caregivers but that he could cum in his diaper. It did not take long for both of them to climax.

Once Ted had reached an orgasm, he was eager to take off his diaper and pants but Julie told him not so fast. She took him by the hand and led him back to the crib. She patted the cover with her hand in a gesture to get him to lay down on it again. He lay down in the crib and she told him to put his hands through the bars above his head. As he placed his hands through the bars, Julie tied them off to the bars of the crib. She then put the blindfold back on him and told him he needed to be punished for his bad deeds. She removed his panties and his diaper from his waist and then put the pacifier in his mouth. She then proceeded to tell him that bad boys that are being punished for acting like a baby do not have pubic hair. He felt her trim his pubic hair with an electric razor and then remove the rest with hair remover. She put some lotion on his balls and all around where he had previously had hair. She then powered him up and put on a new diaper and a pair of locking vinyl panties. As she secured the lock, Julie told him what a baby he was for being spanked, in a crib, shaved and in a diaper. He was so ashamed but excited at the same time. He was starting to enjoy her control over him. She closed up the crib so he could not escape and then untied his hands and removed the blindfold. She told him it was his bedtime and that she would be watching him on the camera. Ted asked how long he was going to be in the crib and she said until the morning, telling him that babies sleep in a crib. Julie gave him two sleeping pills and held out a bottle of milk for him to drink. She turned off the lights and went upstairs for the night. As she went up the stairs, she told him that if she found any signs of an orgasm in his diaper, he was going to be rolled outside in his crib the next morning. Ted responded with a sincere "I love you Julie" which made her smile.

She could not believe that she had been so bold but was excited to think that she had her husband so under her control and he was not working. She left the house and went to an adult bookstore in a different town and picked up some erotic videos and a vibrating dildo. She was able to few the video camera in the bear over her wireless phone in real time. While Julie was in the store, she glanced at her phone a few times and saw that Ted was playing with some toys she left in the crib! She showed the image to one of the checkout girls and asked if they had any other toys her baby might like. The checkout girl was amused and offered Julie some mittens. She explained that once the mittens were put on and secured, the wearer could not remove them or remove their clothes or their diaper. Julie added that and a few more interesting items to her basket and checked out. When she returned she checked in on Ted who was asleep in his crib, she took some pictures of him and went back upstairs to her room to watch the videos.

Each video was hotter then the next and she used her new dildo to bring herself to numerous orgasms. She fell asleep totally satisfied with the dildo still wet and insider her. During the night, she felt the vibrator turn on and it brought her to another long lasting orgasm that lasted for what seemed like an eternity as she drifted in and out of sleep.

She woke up around nine the next morning and was a little worried about Ted in his crib. She went downstairs and found that he was already awake and was complaining that he had no choice but to wet his diaper. She told him that was OK and that is what his diapers are for. Julie explained to him that she was going to the "big persons" bathroom and intended to take a nice shower but would be back in a few minutes to change his diaper. He said he was a little tired being in a diaper. Ted asked about getting out of the crib but she laughed and said that he was going to be in it for a while and left him there while she got ready for the day.

When she came back she teased him about his situation and then made him beg her to change his diaper. The whole time, taping him with a handheld video camera. She told him she would give him a new diaper and the keys but only if he would do one thing for her. He said he would do anything as his diaper was very wet. She held out her new dildo and told him to put it in his mouth and suck on it. As he began to place it in his mouth she told him to deep throat it. Once it was well into his mouth, she told him what she had done with that dildo and how it replaced having her man around the house.

Once she was satisfied with his dildo sucking abilities, she handed him a new diaper, some wipes and the key through the bars of the crib. She told him that he needed to change his own diaper this morning and that she would let him have two more diapers that day, including the one he would have to wear to bed that night. He could not believe what he was hearing and started to complain. Ted rocked the crib's bars and demanded that she let him let him out. She told him that he better quit his tantrum and that his little outburst just cost him one hundred spanks with her hairbrush. Quickly she told him to put his hands through the bars and to turn on to his stomach. He refused to do it so she unlocked the crib's wheels and moved it towards the basement door. He knew the crib could easily be pushed through the door and out to their yard. As they approached the door, Ted said he was sorry and asked if she would please not push him outside of the house. She asked him what he wanted her to do. He sheepishly replied, "please change me into a new diaper". Julie scolded him for not going with the flow and the she was in charge this weekend. She then tied his hands to the crib and unlocked it. She removed his vinyl pants and the diaper. Without warning, she lifted up his legs and spanked his ass firmly with the hairbrush, making him count a hundred blows to his reddening ass. She then put another disposable diaper on him and some new pink plastic pants. She tossed in a matching pink shirt and closed up the crib. As she untied his hands, she gave him some pieces of fruit and two bottles of juice and told him she was going shopping and not to get into any trouble. She said if he needed a new diaper, there was a spare in his crib. She handed him a cordless phone and said he could call 911 in case of an emergency. Julie told Ted to put on the pink shirt and that he was free to have as many "adult accidents" as he wanted in his diaper. She gave him the TV remote so he could watch TV and told him to relax and enjoy the day. As she left she told him "Keep in mind that I can see you on my cell phone from the video camera over there so be good and relax, you deserve this vacation."

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